A Dog on the Beach

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As I was kneeling there, my knees, feet and hands plunged in the burning sand butt naked, I was suddenly awakened from my dreamy state by the pulling noose around my neck. It was Sandy of course pulling me by the dog collar that was around my neck and yelling at me in a firm voice: “What were you dreaming about you stupid useless piece of shit! I must have pulled at your chain 20 times now!” Oh fucking God I am screwed. I thought. 20 fucking times! Where has my fucking head been? “I am really, really sorry. I must have dozed off for a second or 2. I am really sorry dear Venus -that’s what she made call her, for a real God to me she was. Actually my one and only God- let me make it up to you.” That was all I could mutter as an excuse for my unforgivable misconduct. Doze off for a few seconds? Jesus now in retrospect I could understand the gravity and stupidity of my excuse! “You must have what?!” Replied the light of my life and my only reason to be with an incredulous look that I still can picture clearly now 20 years after that episode. The look on her face seemed to indicate that the words that have come off my mouth at that moment were the most sinful words ever uttered by a man and I knew deep down that they were.

I knew that my lame excuse was going to cost me dearly and Gosh cost me dearly it did! Under all the pressure of the situation, and the furious stares of my Goddess that was looking down upon me from her beach chair recliner under her beach sun shade I tried to figure out what must have just happened. I guessed it must have been the stupid burning sun that I have been basking beneath for several hours now while my mistress was covered from head to toe by her parasol keeping me ever close to her by holding loosely to the chain that was attached to my dog collar. I was obediently lying there wearing -proudly I must add- nothing but the collar around my neck. It must have been the Goddamn sun and the heat coming off the hot burning beach sand that must have sent my head into that incomprehensible state of mind where I couldn’t respond to my mistress’s call instantly and gave me the audacity to respond to her in the way I did. An audacity that I knew instantly was going to cost me dearly.

I awaited there silently waiting for my inescapable punishment. I knew very well that I’ve earned it and I almost started wishing for it to start sooner rather than later because it was the fear of the unknown that was the most unbearable part of it all. Or so have I thought! I couldn’t urla escort bayan have been more wrong. As Mistress Sandy sat there in her Godly pink summer dress staring down at me I started crawling towards her until my head was just beside her feet. I started kissing and licking her toes almost mechanically as was my habit as if to plead for forgiveness. My tongue was savoring the holy taste of her feet albeit mixed with the saltiness of the burning sand. At first she seemed amused by it as I noticed from the slight moaning sounds she was making. Man look at how good I became at this now! I reflected proudly. Practice really makes perfect! I guessed.

And I guessed wrong. For about 30 seconds into the act Sandy took out her feet from my mouth and kicked the living hell out of my face knocking the wind out of my chest: “You useless piece of shit! What are you trying to prove with this?! Do you think I am enjoying this? Do you feel proud when you hear my fake moans and made up pleasures? Do you like being lied to? Do you think yourself worthy of licking my feet after all you’ve done today? Oh God, what insolence! Lay there in the sun you useless piece of shit! Roll over your back and lie down like the useless piece of shit you are!” I knew that I must have messed up really bad this time for the look on her face couldn’t be described by words. Oh no it couldn’t! No words could describe her anger and none could give an honest representation of the fear that was taking hold of me! My heart was pounding really hard as I laid their on the burning sand feeling the burn all over my back and waiting for my mistress to make her next move.

When I had established myself in my new position I saw my mistress stand up and take a few lazy steps towards me and then started covering me with sand! She continued doing so and asked me to lay still as a rock if I wanted this to end quickly. I didn’t see what other options I had so I obeyed religiously. After she covered my whole body and had my head protruding from the sand she moved towards my face towering above it with her delicious godly legs blocking the sun from my view. It was the only shade I have received in several hours. I couldn’t move one finger for the layer of sand under which I laid my naked body must have weighed a ton! A few seconds later my real punishment would start taking place. I started feeling dirt and sand being kicked at my face and my heart froze in my chest. My mistress was burying me alive! I knew escort urla deep down that I deserved it but I started begging for my life anyway getting more sand into my mouth and making me choke on it so I shut my mouth instead until all my face was covered by sand and I couldn’t breathe. I was suffocating but I knew damn well that I deserved every single thing that was happening to me. I tried to keep myself calm and to hold my breath as long as I could. About a minute later my benevolent merciful Goddess dug a small hole around my mouth and nose so that I could breathe. Oh how unworthy of such kindness was I!

A few seconds later she uncovered my eyes and the first thing I was able to visualize was her body completely naked towering in front of me. Her marvelous huge tits hanging in front of me as I laid there unable to move. “Do you like what you see you stupid piece of shit?” (I guess this must have been my new name now and I was starting to like it for a useless piece of shit I really was.) “Yes mistress!” I answered quickly. She then started squirting oil all over herself until she was shining in the bright sun. Oh God was she beautiful. There hasn’t been a time in my life where I wished I could lay my hands on that hot body of hers more than that moment. She started rubbing her thighs and feet and then turned around to show me her godly piece of ass soaking wet with hot oil. “Do you like what mommy is doing?” I nodded as best as I could my head still buried almost completely in the sand. “Well let’s see how much you really like it.”

What would come next would stay with me for the rest of my life, a constant remainder of my stupidity and my inferiority. As I laid there motionless my mistress decided to bend over my face her pussy now almost touching my face and sending shivers down my spine. That was the only view I had of the world at that moment. A few seconds later I felt a gush of air over my private area. At first, I thought my mind was playing tricks on me but then when I felt my penis getting wet I understood what was going on. My rock hard dick was now in my mistress’s hand and she was rubbing it playfully my face and my penis being my only two organs exposed to the sun. I felt my dick grown hard and harder and she was now massaging it with both hands. My life could have been worthless but the only positive attribute that I have had was probably my huge penis! Tons of women have complimented it before but that was probably the only thing that they urla escort ever complimented. As my mistress started stroking it faster and faster I started moaning with pleasure. I was about to explode and as she felt my testicles tense she stopped abruptly leaving me there in the sand with my huge erection.

I was left there for probably 30 minutes not able to finish myself and having to stare at my Goddess’s body not able to move my head away. The 30 minutes felt like eternity and my dick was still rock hard. I felt like all blood of my body was concentrated in the nine inch organ that was my dick and felt ready to die there and then. That’s when I noticed a smirk being drawn on my Goddess’s face “It seems like your dick is gonna save you once again. I wonder what would have become of you if you didn’t possess such an amazing tool!” A tool she called it and she couldn’t have been more accurate for a mere instrument to her pleasure is all what my existence really was. She started digging me out of my grave. It took her about a minute before she was able to pull me by my neck and ordering me to fuck her while she laid there on her knees, her elbows and head lying over her beach chair. Being the good dog I knew I was I put some saliva over my hard penis and introduced it in one fluid motion into my Mistress’ wet pussy. Gosh was it great! I started pounding that godly vagina of hers and she started screaming on top of her lungs. She was screaming and moaning until the whole island was filled with her pleasured voice. “Faster you piece of shit, faster, oh please don’t stop! PLEAAASE! KEEP GOING! PLEASE I BEG YOU!” A few seconds later, her body went into full spasms, her face was flushed.

Again trying to rectify my unforgiveable mistake that day I grabbed her and made her lay over her back on the sand that I was buried in only a few minutes earlier. In a moment I was inside her again lying on top of her and fucking her as hard as I could feeling my erection getting even bigger than it already was. She was shaking, I couldn’t tell if it was with pleasure or disgust but hoped to God it was the former. A moments later she yelled at me almost running out of breath “I want you to cum inside me do you understand you useless piece…” And before she could finish her sentence I was already there spraying gallons and gallons of semen inside her and her body went into spasm again before we were both released from the tension that’s been building up inside of us for what seemed now like an eternity.

Two minutes later we were in our original position me burning naked in the sun and she basking in the shade holding me by my dear collar both knowing that it was going to be a long time before I deviated from my mistress’s orders again! Or maybe not so long after all…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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