A Clutch of Mermaids

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A bespoke story, written for an individual with their own dreams and fantasies.

May you enjoy it as much as they have.


Rachel Monk looked up over her books strewn over a table in the library.

“Hey! Where’ve you been?” she asked her best friend, roomie and study-mate, Sarah Suomi. “I thought we were supposed to be studying for that Economics final tomorrow.”

“Sorry,” Sarah replied. “I got hung up looking over the displays in the student centre job office. Sometimes they post stuff there before it goes on the net.”

“Any luck?” With graduation rapidly approaching and no jobs in sight, both of them were getting worried about their prospects.

“Nothing useful, mainly McJobs,” the petite blonde said, pulling books out of her pack. “There was one sort of weird one looking for mermaids or something.”


Rachel, a head taller than her friend, raised her eyebrows in disbelief.

“Mermaids,” Sarah affirmed. “Look, I’ve got the info in my purse. Let’s talk about it tomorrow, after the exam, OK?”



The exam had been a tough one and both women left the room exhausted. On the other hand, both sensed that they had passed, had probably done better than just squeaked by.

Moreover, it was not only their last exam of the term, but also the last of their school career. Assuming that they’d passed it and the other exams they had taken in the past couple of weeks, they would graduate in a couple of weeks.

The two friends decided to celebrate with a drink at the campus student bar. Neither of them was in any mood to do anything but relax and, thankfully, the normal music had not yet started.

The girls slumped in their chairs and, when the server arrived, ordered a favorite cooler. When the drinks arrived, they sat up and, distaining the waiting glasses, clinked bottles.

“So,” Rachel said.

“So, indeed.”

The two just sat there for a few minutes, small smiles of satisfaction on their faces.

For no apparent reason, the smiles suddenly got much brighter. The two whooped almost in unison.

“We made it!”

“Watch out, world! We’re coming for you!”

The two fell into a long, strong hug.

It had been a tough go for each of them. Personal issues, money, boyfriend troubles, struggling with courses — none of it was in any way unusual for university students, now or in generations long gone, but each of us has to find our own path, find our own solutions.

It helps, of course, when you’ve got somebody solid by your side.

The two had met as freshmen when they were paired as dormitory roommates and had formed the most solid of friendships.

Releasing each other from the hug, they sat back and simply looked at each other. Both women were athletes, their bodies honed by grueling hours under a relentless — and highly competent — coach on the varsity swim team. Both had very long hair, Rachel’s a medium brown and Sarah an ash blonde. Rachel towered over her petite friend but both were a bit jealous of each other’s beauty. One thing they had in common was a magnificent bosom, to the point where each had seriously debated giving up competitive swimming.

Rachel however was much shyer, much more reserved, much more easily embarrassed than her friend. Sarah was the ebullient one, the one constantly daring her friend to push the envelope. It had been Sarah who’d first lost her virginity, Sarah who’d had the first hangover, Sarah who’d dared Rachel to go skinny dipping. The tall brunette on the other hand was the keel to Sarah’s sail. The calm, sensible member of the duo, she kept her friend from going too far, talked them out of trouble when it came and in return was helped pushing her own boundaries and enjoying life to its fullest. While neither was a brilliant student, both were solid scholars; it helped that each was able to coach the other in various subjects.

The two made, in other words, a good team.

The girls sat in the cool dimness of the pub, at peace with themselves and the world. Eventually, Rachel caught the attention of the server and two more coolers arrived.

“So,” she said. “Mermaids.”

“Yeah, can you believe it? It’s a posh resort in the Caribbean looking for girls to get dressed up as mermaids and swim in a pool.”

“That’s it?”

“Apparently. I did some research and it seems to be all legit. It’s not a bordello or sex club, although things are, shall we say, ‘relaxed’. It’s just something that they’re pushing, an image or marketing thing – their guests being able to swim with ‘real’ mermaids.”

“Any ‘mermen’?”

“Didn’t see any mention of it.”

“Too bad. How’s the money?”

“Not great, but not bad, either. Room and board are included, so it’s better than it looks at first glance.” Sarah pulled out her laptop and soon had the resort website up. The two pushed their chairs together and began scrolling through.

“The summer season is coming up soon and, look, here’s the hiring page.”

“Available May to October – check. Good swimming ability a must bursa escort — check. Passport — hey you do still have yours, right”

“Uh-huh. Got it renewed it for that trip with the team last year.”

“Is there a photo gallery? There!”

The two watched as the gallery opened.


“Talk about fancy!”

“Are there photos of the mermaids?”

Eventually, the found photos of the pool. Sarah grinned at Rachel’s blush.

Not to put too find a point on it, many if not most of the mermaids were topless. Some had a pair of large shells over their nipples, worn like a tiny bikini top, but they were the exception.

All wore a long mermaid tail reaching down from their waist, brightly colored and made to look as if covered in scales.

A short video showed them sunbathing by a large pool surrounded with palm trees and chairs. Some were swimming in the water. The video cut to the inside of a dark room, obviously a bar or club. The camera turned slowly to reveal a large window behind the bar.

Actually, ‘aquarium’ might a better term. It took but a moment to realize that the window was part of the pool. Two ‘mermaids’ swam up to the window, hair drifting around them as they paused and peered through the glass at the bar. One of them was topless, the other wore the shell bikini top.

“Wow!” Sarah breathed again.

“No way,” Rachel said, flatly. “Paid to sit around and have some jerk perv out over me. That’s sick, Sarah.”

Her friend thought for a minute.

“Listen to me, Rache. First off, it seems to be reputable. It’s listed on the usual booking sites and it’s had some good reviews. I’m not seeing anything really pervy about it.

“Second, you don’t have to go topless. Look at those other girls with a top on.

“Third,” and here she grasped her tall friend by the forearm and squeezed, “you’ve got nothing to be ashamed of, girl. Tall and really pretty and a great figure — jeez, you turn the head of every boy on campus.”

“But…” Rachel started to interrupt.

“But nothing and don’t interrupt! Here’s the fourth thing, Rachel.” Sarah’s voice turned flat. “We’re broke, kid. We’ve both been looking for jobs for what – six weeks? We’re about to graduate and our student loans are about to come due. Neither of our families can look after us and the economy around here sucks.”

The small blonde girl looked her friend in the eyes. “I don’t want to live on the street, Rachel and I’m not hooking to stay alive.”

Rachel sat with her eyes closed.

“Promise me you’ll at least look at it, Rache,” Sarah continued.

“I don’t know, Sarah. It just seems…” Her voice trailed off.

“Look, what harm can there be in just looking, talking to them?”

The brunette thought a moment. She knew to the penny what was in her bank account — and it wasn’t enough to cover her first student loan payment, let alone rent.

“OK, but we’re just looking.”

Sarah hugged her before turning to her laptop and starting to type.


Sarah woke her up the very next morning.

“C’mon, girl. Get up! We have an interview in two hours.”


The tall woman started to drift back to sleep, but Sarah kept shaking her shoulder. Eventually, the sound of the coffee maker brought her awake. Her roomie sat cross-legged beside the bed, a steaming cup in her hand.

“Timezit?” Rachel mumbled. Of the two, she was not the early bird.

“Nine, Princess. Nine o’clock on a bright, sunny day! And there’s a text response from Pirate’s Cay resort. They want to interview us online at 11 our time.”

Sitting up and taking the coffee gratefully, Rachel shook her head as if to clear it.

“Did we really agree to this, Sarah?”

“We agreed to talk, girl.”

“OK,” Rachel said. “I guess.”

The two had a quick shower. Back in their room, they nibbled on some dried fruit and bagels while drying their hair.

“Where’s the interview, Sarah?”

“It’s online, a Zoom interview. We can do it from here.”

“Oh.” She looked around, started to tidy up.

Sara took her by the arm, pulled her around so they were facing.

“Relax, Rache. It’s just an interview. You Skype all the time with your parents.”

“Yeah, but… Oh, heck. Fine.” Rachel’s shoulders came back, as if she was about to face a firing squad with dignity. She did however turn back to tidying up the dorm room.

“What are you going to wear?” she asked Sarah over one shoulder as she worked.

“Um, yeah. About that…” came the reply.

Rachel’s problem-radar started beeping in her head. She’d heard that tone from Sarah before and it generally meant something was up. She turned to her friend.

“‘About that’, what?”

Sarah looked away, took a deep breath. “Well, it’s a pool job, right? They want to interview us dressed in bikinis or swimsuits.”


Sarah, hands on her hips, turned to lock eyes with her friend. “Bikini. Put it on. Now, Rachel!”

“Like hell! What kind of unprofessional bullshit is that, demanding job hunters interview wearing bursa escort bayan fuck-all?”

That the tall girl had slipped into very uncharacteristic profanity was clear evidence, Sarah knew, of how upset she was. She realized that she would have to tread softly.

“Honey, it’s a job for girls dressed as mermaids. Even if you wear those shells, they still want to see what we’re going to look like in our mermaid costume. That’s not perv, that’s good business sense.”

“It’s illegal, Sarah!”

“Maybe here, Rache, but not there, I’m thinking. The Caribbean is a bit more relaxed.

“Anyway,” she continued, “I can adjust the camera here so it’s just our faces showing until you’re satisfied it’s OK.”

She looked up at her friend, took another breath.

“Rachel, you know I love you, dear, but grub comes first. I know that I’m broke and this looks like it might buy me some breathing room.

“I’m going to take it, Rachel,” she continued determinedly. “I really hope you consider it, but I need the money. It ain’t hookin’ and it pays money. Please!”

Rachel closed her eyes, considered the situation. It was her turn to take a deep breath.


“Great! What are you going to wear?”

“My team swimsuit?”

Sarah rolled her eyes in disgust. “No way! That one-piece thing? Girl, you’ve got a great figure and now’s so definitely the time to show it off. You’re wearing that red thong you got last summer.”

Rachel blushed. Yes, she knew she looked good in it and she knew that hundreds of strangers had watched her on the beach in it last year, but still…

“Good, then,” Sarah said. “It’s settled.”


The man on the screen was in his early 50s, darkly tanned and speaking with a slight British accent. He introduced himself as Karl. Beside him was a woman who Karl introduced as Kami, his ‘HR department’. Slightly younger than Karl, she too was deeply tanned. Her grey hair was cut quite short.

“We’re pleased to meet you two,” she said. “We’ve been hoping to fill a couple of positions here and your message, Sarah,” she said, looking at Rachel, “came at just the right time.”

“Actually, I’m Sarah,” the blonde girl said.

“Oh, sorry. Anyway, we do have some positions open if everything works out.”

“Could you go over our duties, please?” Rachel asked, softly.

Karl answered. “To be honest, you’re mainly there to be decorative. I know that may be a blow, but the image Pirate’s Cay had built up is of a tropical paradise, an adult resort where people can blend into their fantasies about, well, pirates and white sand, and…”

“And mermaids,” Kami said, cutting him off. “It’s our branding thing. Pretty mermaids by the pool all day.”

“And nobody…” Rachel began to ask.

“Ah, the elephant in the room!” Karl smiled.

Kami took it from there. It was apparently a common question. “Just being ornamental, dear. Although we encourage a relaxed atmosphere, this isn’t a cat house or a sex club. We have a topless-everywhere dress code for those guests who so wish and one of the beaches is clothing optional. But the bottom line is that nobody touches you without your permission. That’s a hard limit and here’s no expectation of sex, ever.”

“Some of the patrons,” Karl continued, “like to have their photos taken with the mermaids. It’s a club tradition, I guess you could say. But they have to ask first and I assure you that there’s no penalty for declining.”

Kami nodded in agreement, smiled reassuringly. “That’s so. And there’s generally a generous tip for that. But your core job is, well, spending 10 hours a day, six days a week, doing what every girl just loves to do — sit around in the sun and relax. You can swim whenever you want. Actually, we expect you to swim a fair bit, mingle with the other swimmers. Oh, and we need you to dive down by the bar and wave at the customers a lot. It’s long hours, but it’s easy work, just working on your tan.”

Karl spoke up. “There’s also an outdoor bar right next to the pool. Some of the girls act as waitresses, bringing the guests their drinks by swimming them across the pool. Not a biggie, but it’s there.”

“Sounds pretty good,” Sarah said, as much to Rachel as the older couple.

Ever the cautious one, Rachel continued. “And our contract?”

“If we’re in agreement, we’ll email it to Sarah. You can fill it in and send it back to us, along with a standard medical check, including a couple of inoculations if you don’t already have them.”

“I think the student medical centre can handle that,” Sarah said.

“And, forgive me, but the pay?” her friend asked.

“Room, board, plane fare and…” Kami named a modest sum, payable on completion of the four-month contract.

“And tips,” Karl added. “There’s no house cut on tips.”

“In reality, ladies,” Kami said, “you’re being paid to go to the beach and sunbathe.”

The two girls looked at each other. Rachel overcame her initial reservations and nodded. Sarah took that and, turned to the camera. “Yes,” she said, speaking for both of them.

“There escort bursa are a couple of other things first,” Karl said. “How well can you swim?”

“Karl,” Kami cut in, “look at their application. They’re both varsity there.”

The man’s eyes flickered to one side for a moment. He nodded. “That right for both of you?” he asked.

The two girls nodded together.

“OK, sorry. One last thing then. We need to confirm how you would look in a mermaid costume. Would one of you adjust the camera, please, so we can see more of you?”

Sarah looked at Rachel, who nodded. Reaching out, the small woman fiddled with the camera. Taking her friend by the hand, she stood up and stepped back to bring their whole bodies into the picture.

“Impressive,” Kami remarked.

“Very much so,” Karl added. “Please turn around slowly, ladies.”

The two did so.

On the screen, Karl looked at Kami. The two nodded in agreement, turned back to the girls.

Kami smiled. “OK, you’re hired. I’ll send you flight information once I get your signed contracts and medical chits. Can you be here by Wednesday next?”

The two girls thought, nodded.

“Good,” said Karl. “We’ll see you at the airport then. Do either of you have any questions?”

“Um,” Rachel asked carefully, “I notice that there seem to be, um, two styles of mermaid costumes.”

Karl and Kami both laughed. “Oh, yes!” she said, giggling. “There are indeed! But it’s perfectly up to each of you to decide whether or not she goes topless.”

“There is a pay differential for that, of course,” Karl said. “We can talk about that once you get here. I take it you’re open to the idea?”

“Well, I certainly am,” Sarah said, giggling herself. She thought for a moment, reached behind her neck and pulled on a bikini tie. The garment fell away, letting the girl’s opulent breasts fall free. She put her hands under them, lifted them for inspection before doing little pirouette for the camera. “How’s this?” Her breasts swayed a little as she came to a halt, again facing the camera.

“I think I’m as impressed with those as you’ll be as impressed by the pay raise,” Karl said, dryly. Beside him, Kami laughed.

He turned to Rachel. “From your expression, I can see you’re still thinking about it, young lady.”

“Still thinking,” Rachel admitted.

“You do that,” Kami said. “We’ll see you at the airport.” Her hand reached out and the picture on the screen died.


As promised, Karl was waiting for them when they landed. There was a short taxi ride to a second, private airport and Karl was soon helping the two stow their bags in a bright red, one-engined float-plane. The girls watched as he did a quick but thorough inspection of the aircraft.

Inside, the little aircraft was very clean and surprisingly roomy, with seats for eight people in addition to the pilot and co-pilot. Karl seated them in the back, made sure they were buckled in and handed each of them a bulbous set of earphones, each with a built-in microphone.

“Don’t talk until we’re airborne,” he directed. “If there’s a problem, life jackets are under your seats.” That apparently comprised the entire flight safety briefing.

The growl of the engine filled the compartment and the earphones were soon filled with concise but, to the girls, incomprehensible messages, directions and instructions. The little craft taxied out into the channel; the engine roared into full power. It sped up, bounced once or twice and was very quickly airborne.

Once the little aircraft had taken off, the radio chatter died away.

“How’s that?” he asked.

“Amazing!” Sarah replied. “I can’t believe you flew all the way just to get us.”

“I like to fly,” he replied. “And there’s really no other way to the island except for the weekly supply boat.”

“What kind of airplane is this?”

A low chuckle came over their eyephones. “It’s a de Havilland Beaver,” he said. “This one is older than the two of you put together, but it’s been properly maintained and Viking Air did a major rebuild before I bought it. Not too fast, but safe as houses.”

Turning around, he looked at the two girls. “Either of you care to come up front for a bit? We’ve got about an hour’s flight.”

Predictably, it was Sarah who popped forward, beaming.

Once she was buckled in on the righthand side, Karl began to point out the various islands and, occasionally, large boats below. There seemed to be a fair number of sailboats and the occasional large passenger liner.

Rachel was seated by a fair-sized window and had a good view of a mass of tiny islands below, all seeming to float on a crystal-blue sea. The view was entrancing.

Up front, Karl looked at Sarah. “Want to try flying?”

The girl’s eyes turned to him in amazement. “I… I don’t know how to fly, Karl.”

“Not a problem. Put your hand on the stick — lightly. I’m still in control; you’re just following along. OK?”

“Yes.” The girl’s voice was uncharacteristically timid.

“OK, now look out the window to your right. At the far end of the wings are the ailerons. When we move the stick from side to side, we move the ailerons, which makes one wingtip go up and the other go down. It makes the aircraft bank a bit, which is mainly how we turn.”

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