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I was 19 and lived in a small village near Cambridge. I’d left school, and after deciding to take a year out, had started to work at a farm near my village. Working on the farm meant my days were full during the week and I saw little of my friends who’d remained in the village. The work was hard but rewarding, not only spiritually but physically. I’d always been muscular, but now my arms and chest started to swell and after a summer in the hot sun, I had a great tan.

After a hard weeks work, I enjoyed my weekends. These always started with Friday night in the village pub. It wasn’t exactly a swinging spot, but all the farm hands went there and often my friends from town as well.

It was the first Friday of November and I was preparing at about 8 o’clock to head for the pub. I studied myself in the mirror and decided that after all the dirt had been washed off, I was looking alright for a night in the local. I stood about six foot one, shaved dark hair, wide chest and shoulders, and larger thighs from years of second row rugby. I never really fancied myself as a real looker but I found that my charm and quick tongue got me through. I had been with several girls since the start of the summer. None of them had been awful, but I just found them a little dull. I was thinking about maybe looking for an older woman, someone with a little more experience and a taste for experimentation.

I got into the bar just after half past and started the usual chat with the boys. We played darts and pool, downed a few pints and talked about the day’s work and our plans for the weekend. I glanced over from the bar to the pool table to see if it had become free again and my eye fell on a table of girls between the pool area and myself. I recognized one immediately as Elly, the daughter of one of the senior farm laborers. I’d always thought she was fine since I’d met her years ago, however nowadays she was getting a reputation for sleeping around, and I steered clear.

Two of the other girls I didn’t recognize, but the fourth after a second glance I did. Her name was Amy Lewis, she had lived down my road for several years, but had been living with her dad for the last few months and I hardly recognized her.

She must have been abroad because skin had tanned quite dark and her brown hair was highlighted slightly. She also looked a lot more confident than the quiet girl I had known before the summer. She was probably about five nine, with shoulder length brown hair. She always used to tie it back, but now it was loose round her neck. She was very slim with a completely flat stomach and small breasts. Even from the other side of the bahis firmaları room, I could make out her nipples through her pink vest top. She wore tight blue jeans than highlighted her long legs. Like the rest of her, her legs were slender and her ass had always been extremely tight. When we used to go to school together, she had been in the year below, and I’d often eyed her from behind, wondering what her ass would look like naked.

Someone had told me once that she had let slip that she shaved and I had fantasized about running my tongue over the tight firm skin above her pussy, whilst I fingered her hot ass.

I decided that I wanted at least a chance to chat to her, and I she was not up for much, I might get the lowdown on Elly’s latest exploits which were always funny. Making my way towards the pool table, trying to look as if I was off for a game, I made my way across the room. As I passed the girls table, Elly called out, “Tables full Rob.” Pretending to have only just seen her, I said hi and she invited me sit down on the seat next to her.

She introduced me to the two girls I didn’t know, but I soon forgot their names. I said hello to Amy and asked her how she was. She said she was doing ok, but she seemed a bit restless. Elly then engaged me in a long conversation about one of the other farmhands she had her eye on and probed me with questions about him for twenty minutes. Amy interrupted her though and announced that she wanted to go home. She said that she felt tired and explained to me that she’d just flown back from Florida that morning and still felt a little lagged. The other girls said they were going stay, and Amy got up to leave. Is topped her and said, ” You can’t walk home in the dark, I’m on my way soon anyway, shall I walk you home?” I kicked myself when I had said it, realizing how obvious it looked and how stupid I would look if she said no!

Fortunately she smiled and said yes and we left to whistles from Elly and her mates. The rest of the lads were plying pool and were too busy to notice. I breathed a sigh of relief as I did not fancy taking stick on Monday for walking off with a younger girl.

As we left the pub, Amy slipped her arm round mine and we walked closer together. A moment later she told me she was cold. I made fun of her for wearing a vest top in November and she laughed and pulled my arm round her waist. She slipped her arm round my waist and we walked on. I felt her tuck her thumb into the waistline of my jeans and her fingers run up under the edge of my t-shirt and over my skin. Carefully, I did the same to her. She didn’t make any protest and in fact her whole kaçak iddaa hand slid under my shirt.

In answer I slipped my hand right up her top and up to her breast. I could feel her nipple through the thin lace on her bra, and I gently squeezed the breast, rubbing the nipple with one finger till it was rock hard. Just then, we took the right up a small path to Amy’s front door. I retracted my hand from her top as she reached for her key and unlocked the door. I gauged from the lack of any cars in the drive that her house was empty and I followed her in without a word. Closing the door behind me, I watched her walk down the hallway, flicking on lights as she went. She asked me if she’d ever shown me round her house and I replied no.

For the next ten minutes, Amy led me on a tour of her house, which as I had hoped ended with her room. It was small and square, with her bed against one wall and a chest of drawers on another. She sat down on the bed and I sat next to her. We chatted for a while about Elly and her men. Then Amy got up and walked to the chest of drawers opposite the bed. She surprised me, by stripping off her vest top and slowly opening a drawer to put it away. I took this as a come on, and walked up behind her. Slipping my arms round her slim waist, I kissed the back of her neck while I gently massaged her breasts again. Then undoing the strap on her bra, I slipped it off and reached round again. This time I took each small breast in a hand, and tweaked her nipples until they stood out hard.

She reached behind her back and deftly undid the button on my jeans and unzipped the fly. Reaching in my boxers, she pulled out my now very stiff cock. I was surprised by the skill she touched it with and even more surprised when she slipped her hand down onto my balls then reaching as far as she could, down to my ass. I felt her slip her finger a little way into my anus and rub my passage gently. I moaned and squeezed her breasts a little tighter and faster.

I saw her other hand reach down and undo her jeans and I removed my hands from her breasts and slid them over her tight and down into her knickers. I knew the talk was true, because I felt no hair, before my fingers reached the soft skin that covered her clit. I pulled it back and massaged her already enlarged clit then as I felt her start to buck her hips, I slipped my finger down and into her wet hole. She moved her hips forward so my finger slid right into her. She continued to squeeze my dick, whilst I explored her pussy.

Then I couldn’t take it any more. I had to see her ass. I moved my hand from her knickers and stepped back, pulling my penis from kaçak bahis her grasp. I could see my pre cum shining in her hand, but my attention was straight back on her ass. I knelt down, so my face was level with her ass cheeks. Pulling her jeans and cute white thong down to her ankles, I studied her buttocks, whilst she freed her ankles.

She had a perfectly tight ass, with a thong tan line, that drew you attention down her ass crack. Her cheeks were permanently pulled slightly apart, and gave a great view of her anus.

Putting my face between her cheeks, I ran my tongue down her crack till it rested in her sphincter. I enjoyed the bitter taster of her anal skin and ran my tongue as far in as I could. I left enough saliva in her asshole on the way out, to leave it wet. I then slipped my index finger slower in, watching her anus stretch to engulf it and hold it tight. When I had the first third in, she rammed her ass back, so my finger sank as far as it would go. She moved back and fourth, fucking my finger and I could feel her sphincter tighten round my finger as each wave of pleasure came.

I was so busy watching her ass that she had to thrust the bottle of oil almost in my face to get me to notice it. I grabbed it and after slowly pulling my finger from her anus, I poured a small pool into my palm. Rubbing the oil onto Amy’s ass seemed to make her even hornier. She bent further over and moaning, asked me to spank her. I sat down on the edge of the bed, and pulled Amy over my knees so her ass was pointing up. I gave her ass a firm slap, but her firm cheek barely moved. I slapped her harder and then again, this time crowning the slap by firmly pushing two fingers into her brown back passage.

After several more slaps, she couldn’t last any longer. ” Take me now Rob,” she begged. I stood her up and she bent over again. This time she held her ankles so her ass was right open. I oiled my now throbbing cock and aimed it for her sphincter. Pushing hard, I slid the head in and watched as her anus tightened around it. Then I pushed again and slipped my cock down to the hilt. The inside of her ass, felt so tight and hot, I had to be very careful not to cum straight away. I managed not to and slowly fucked her ass. Building up speed, I could hear her start to cry out in pleasure and I could fell her anus tighten. After a few more thrusts, she came loudly and I could see the juice running out between the lips of her pussy.

I let myself go then, and with one more push emptied my load of hot cum, into her asshole. I pulled out, and she turned round and stood up. She kissed me hard on the lips, then knelt down and licked the cum and sweat off my dick, seeming to enjoy the taste of her own ass.

After a long bath together we crashed in her bed for the night. I decided I wasn’t going to go for older women. Some younger ones were just fine.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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