The Tell Tale Phone

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In the busy early morning hubbub around the house, as the kids get ready for school, and the wife and I shower and dress for another day of work, sometimes things get a little weird, kinky even.

This day was unlike any other so far, and probably the most enjoyable, if not the most guilt ridden of day in my life. My daughter Jessi just turned 18, and has everything a girl of her age would have: attitude problems, body image issues, the constant tug of peer pressure, and the hormonal pull of her lithe developing body.

On this day, after her little brother Troy had caught his bus, and her mother had already left, Jessi walked half way into the master bedroom and proclaimed that she was running late and had missed her bus and was going to need a ride to school. This was not a conversation that I wanted, or needed to hear right now.

During this economic downturn my employees were job scared, sales were down substantially, and we had a conference call at 9am with my Chief Financial Officer, who was surely going to give me the kind of news that I dreaded to hear: layoffs were a certainty, and the cuts would have to be severe. Couple this with my little bitchy teenaged daughter spending 45 minutes in the bathroom putting on makeup and fixing her hair when she could have been walking to the bus stop. I became angry.

“You what?” I asked her as I pulled my necktie around my neck.

“Daddy, I need a ride to school I missed by bus,” she said with that spoiled look that tells me she expects to be the center of every bodies universe.

“Well what the hell were you doing in the bathroom for 45 minutes then? We all have to be somewhere this morning Jessi.”

I straightened my tie in the mirror and then turned to look at her. She had that freshly made up look, her green eyes sparkling through heavy eyeliner, dark eye shadow, and that shiny pink lip-gloss that all the kids seem to wear these days. Her young breasts rested high on her thin frame with her nipples clearly visible under her tight bright yellow tank top. She was wearing a cream colored mini skirt about mid thigh and high heeled sandals on her feet. She was beautiful and oh so very sexy. As I looked at her she could clearly recognize the frustration on my face. She flipped her long blonde hair back and looked at me like- what the fuck, I have to go now.

“I’m ready now daddy.” She said as if that’s all that mattered.

“I have a lot better things to do then be dragging you all over town cause you have no sense of time little girl.”

“Daddy!” she whined. “I have a biology test this morning!”

“And I have a conference call that I’m going to be late for you little bitch.” The angry words spilled from my lips before I could stop them. She looked at me and blinked, I’d never called her any name before, let alone that one. Her mouth hung open, her lip-gloss making her mouth look like a shiny pink O.

“Well fuck you Daddy! I just call Jason. He’ll come right over and get me then.”

Jason? My mind raced through all the names and faces of all the tomcats that hang around the house these days. Having a pretty teenaged daughter is like a social experiment in the young male youth of the day, and if the sample that I’ve been seeing is any indication of the future of our country and culture, then we are in bad shape indeed.

“Jason? You mean that older biker boy? That tattooed dropout? No fucking way Jessi! You’re not riding on the back of a Harley with that no good thug. Don’t even think about it!”

“He’s the only one who could come Daddy since he’s not in school and YOU wont take me!” She pouted and started digging through her purse for her cell phone. I strode quickly across the room.

“Give me that phone!” I tried to snatch the phone from her hand but it tumbled to the floor and fell open. I leaned down to pick it up and evidently my thick fumbling fingers pressed some button, and by the time my eyes focused on the phone I was in her picture library. Lo and behold there’s my sweet little girl in all her naked glory, smiling at the camera topless. I just stared pendik escort at the pic in shock.

“What the hell is this?” I looked at my daughters beautiful breasts in the pic, she looked so happy. She was smiling and looking back at the camera, her hands cupping her nice young full breasts.

“Nothing Daddy. Give me that!” she reached out for the phone but I kept it from her, turning away and flipping through more pics.

“Daddy! That’s private!” she whined in that squeaky protest that she’s perfected.

“Doesn’t look very private to me Jessi.” I said as I looked at her sitting with her legs spread wide, her shaved smooth pussy fully exposed, and a devilish look of a siren on that once sweet and innocent little face.

“Who took these pics Jessi? Who are you showing these to?” I had a million questions but I settled on those two.

“Daddy,” she tried to calm her voice and said in a reassuring tone “I took them myself. I was just messing around. That’s all. Now can I please have my phone back?” She held out her hand with her palm up. I looked in her eyes seeing her a bit differently now, not so much as a daughter but as a sexual being, which something I wasn’t fully prepared for quite yet.

“Messing around?” I flipped through more pics then turned the phone to face her and showed her a picture of herself, two fingers pushed deep into her bald pussy, and a large cock in her mouth. “So this is just messing around too?” She looked at the pic and turned ashen, clearly she had forgotten that pic was on there.”

“I…um…. I’m sorry Daddy.” She said very quietly as she looked down in shame.

“Who is that?” I asked pointedly.

“Jason.” She said in a whisper

“Jason? So you blow 23 year old thugs now?” my voice rising in anger.

“He’s not a thug Daddy. I love him and were going to get married when I turn 20!”

I turned the phone back to her and showed her a pic of herself with a spent cock in her grip and cum dripping down her smiling young face. “Is this love?” I asked her. She looked at the picture, a slight smile coming over her freshly glossed lips.

“Well, you and mom fuck!” she blurted out, ” I’ve heard you”

“Your mother and I are in our 40’s and married! Fucking slut!”

She gasped audibly. “I’m not a slut Daddy, please! I told you we are in LOVE!”

“This looks like love huh?” I showed her another pic, this one obviously at a party, tomcats standing around with beer in their hands, smiling as my sweet daughter and another girl kissing topless with hands on each other’s breasts.

“Daddy give me that!” she tried to take the phone away from me and I boiled over. I grabbed her hands and wrenched them up high on her back painfully. She shrieked in pain and bent over to relieve the pressure on her shoulders.

“Awww Daddy Oweee, your hurting me! Stop it!”

I just laughed at her, “Being a slut hurts sometimes, huh slut?” I started yanking off my necktie and quickly tying her hands behind her back with it. She shrieked and struggled trying to get her hands free. I grabbed her by the shoulders and pressed her against the wall and kept flipping through the pics on her phone.

“Here’s Jessi sucking cock. Here’s Jessi kissing a girl. Here’s Jessi with a big cock in her bald cunt. Here’s Jessi slutting around again, and again, and again!” I looked at her; tears were streaming down her face. She bit her lip and looked at me through her tears still tugging, trying to get her hands free. “If your mother saw these it would kill her you know that?” she looked at me in shock then down at the floor.

“Please don’t tell her Daddy. Please?” She looked up at me, the tears have always come easily to her, and she has gotten away with a lot over the years because any dad hates to see their baby girl cry. But this time I didn’t see my baby girl, I saw a fucking slut. I grabbed her by the arm and pulled her over to the computer where I started downloading the pics to her amazement. “Daddy no! Daddy please! What are you doing? Please don’t tell mom. You’re not going to show her those maltepe escort pics are you? Oh god, Daddy PLEASE?”

“What am I supposed to do, keep this a secret? Don’t you think your mother needs to know just what kind of girl you really are?” The pics downloaded quickly, and I started flipping thru them on the bigger screen catching every minute detail. The setting, the people in the room, the way her little cunt lips rolled out when she gets excited. Her brassy sexuality as she smiled in the camera while performing sexual acts that I didn’t even knew existed till I was in my late 20 at least.

“Daddy I’m begging you!” she screamed out loudly pleading and sobbing as I looked at her pics.

I know. I know. I should have probably called a therapist and let her work through the reason that she was acting out sexually, involved her mother in a session with a certified family therapist, and tried to find out the answers to all the questions that were racing through my mind as I looked at her pics. In hindsight there’s a lot of things I probably should have done to make the situation a teachable moment, but I was not prepared for the next thing she blurted out.

“I’ll suck you Daddy!” I turned and looked at her, my brow furrowed in anger

“What did you say?”

She had a devilish little smile in her eyes, “I will suck you off Daddy, please? Just don’t tell Mom okay?”

I could not believe my ears. I cocked my head to the side and looked at my daughter. A rush of memories flooded through me. Her first steps, family vacations, dance recitals, the first time a boy broke her heart, her first period and now this, she’s offering to suck my cock to keep me quiet. She stood next to me with her hands tied behind her back, the tears were flowing freely down her beautiful cheeks, and her nipples were alive in the moment. It was a beautiful sight to see her powerless, looking up at me through her tears, and begging to suck Daddy’s cock.

“Your goddamed right your going to suck my cock you fucking slut!” I grabbed her arm and yanked her to me, roughly spinning her around and swatting her tight little butt with my big hand. She squealed at the stinging slap. I flipped up her short skirt and gripped her panties and yanked them up in her cunt crack hard, she danced around on her tippy toes.

“Ohhh Daddy!” The sound was not of protest but of exclamation. I looked down at her pussy, a cute little camel toe appearing on her shaved smooth pussy as I kept the panties yanked up hard.

“I think its time you learned how a real man treats a little slut like you!” SWAT! On her bare butt this time. She let out a low groan as my handprint quickly developed on her tight young pale white asscheek. Dragging her panties further up her cunt crack it opened her lips that were now separated by the thin strip of her pink thong.

“You want to be a fucking slut? FINE!” I screamed at her. “As long as you know how sluts get treated around here!” I pushed her down to her knees in front of me with a thud. She looked up at me wide eyed and then focused on the bulge in my pants from looking at her incredibly sexy pics. I could have sworn I saw a little smile creep across her lips as I freed my hard cock just inches from her face. I gripped her by her long blonde hair and yanked her head up.

“Here’s how you keep this a secret, slut. You suck this cock. You fuck it. You give me that pussy every Thursday night while your mother is at her sister’s house, and I wont tell a soul what a fucking cockhound you are. Do you understand?”

She bit her lip and tried to nod, but my grip in her hair was so tight she could barely move. “Now open that fucking slutty mouth and SUCK!”

On command, she opened wide and took my big hard daddy cock into her mouth and sucked. God, the sight of that pretty little girl with a mouthful of hard cock was one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen. I became overwhelmed with lust. I gripped her head tight and started pumping my hard cock into her mouth deeper and deeper. She gagged and retched on my cock but I didn’t kartal escort care. I just laughed with each heaving gag.

I held her head still and fucked her face in long slow deep strokes. Tears poured down her cheeks as I pushed my cock in deep, banging against her tight little throat opening. Mascara running down her cheeks, drool pouring from her chin. I leaned down and lifted her tank top up over her titties, grabbed a pink nipple, and twisted it around cruelly. She let out a yelp as I held her nipple tight and jerked her perfect little tit around by it. Then I released it and slapped her tit hard. She winced at the stinging slap on her tit, her squeals muffled by the thick hard cock in her mouth so deep.

“That’s right you fucking slut, make a mess all over yourself. Let that spit flow, that’s what Daddy likes you fucking slut!” I smirked down at her and she let her spit flow freely. Thick stringers of throat spit cascaded from her chin and flowed between her breasts. I smeared her drool all over her beautiful tits and slapped them around.

Each stinging slap elicited a low guttural groan from her. Her beautiful breasts were now pink and stinging, marked with Daddy’s handprints, and shiny wet with drool and cockspit. Through my aroused eyes the little girl in front of me was no longer my daughter, just a slut to abuse and fuck. I kept my hand in her long blonde hair and wagged her head from side to side, stretching her cheeks out with hard cock, making her grunt like a little fuckpiggie on her knees in front of me. She was drooling, sucking, and retching on hard cock. I snapped my tie clip on her tight pink nipple. Jiggling her tit around so it would bite even more. Sneering down at her.

“Suck it you fucking slut!” I gripped her by her hair and ram fucked her mouth deep and hard laughing at each heaving gag. Her little eyes looked up at me adoringly. She loved the hard abuse and her eyes begged for more. But I was too aroused, and as I pulled back to regain my composure my cock popped from her mouth and she looked up at me, gasping in air, drool hanging from her tongue, and said the words that every man loves to hear.

“Cum on my face Daddy.” she said, and with one quick pump of my fist on my thick cock, I exploded in thick ropes of spurting cum all over my darling daughter’s face. She opened wide and tried to catch as much as possible of my spurting cum. It draped over her cheeks and pooled in her mouth. She looked up at me so happy as I flooded her young face with hot cum. Over and over my cock spilled semen on her in thick creamy jets of cum. She held her mouth open wide so I could see the pool of daddy cum in her mouth. And then as I watched, she closed her cummy lips and swallowed every last drop. Then she opened her mouth wide to show me that it was all gone. With a sly smile she looked up at me and winked.

“Yummy Daddy.” I milked the last of my cum from my spent cock onto her wagging tongue. She held her tongue out lewdly for the last few drops and then savored the taste. That sly sexy smile crept back on her lips.

“Thank you Daddy.” She said softly as she swirled my cum around in her mouth and swallowed again.

“Jesus fucking Christ Jessi!” I said as I rubbed my cock head all over her cummy face. My cum drained from her mouth and dripped onto her red and stinging tittles. I stepped back and looked at her, so pretty and so slutty. Her perfect makeup now destroyed with eyeliner running down her cheeks and her lips gloss smeared all over her face and my cock. She looked so happy, as if the feeding was just what she needed. She squirmed her shoulders.

“Can I have my hands back please Daddy?” I leaned down and untied her hands and without hesitation, she spread her legs and started rubbing her pussy fast and furious. She worked her clit in a frenzy until she had a shuddering trembling orgasm right in front of me on the floor.

“Ohhh Daddy…ohhh Daddy” she said as she bucked and convulsed in orgasm. “That was the best ever!” she said breathlessly. I smirked down at her, leaned down, and kissed her forehead lovingly.

“Our secret right baby?” I said softly, “At least until next Thursday, right?”

“Yes daddy. I can’t wait till Thursday night,” she giggled. And I knew my life had changed completely, and so had my little girl’s.

End of part one

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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