The Night of the Party Ch. 03

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A few years has past and Nancy and I are closer than we ever has been. Of course we have had our ups and downs like any relationship but we are strong enough to get through it all. We are careful enough to not get caught and even went as far as seeing other people but that really wasn’t fair to anyone. It was the final few weeks of college, before finals. We had a plan to move away and start a life where we would not have to hide as much and we were eager to start a new chapter in our lives.

Nancy had her eyes squeezed shut, mouth open, and her breath ragged. She was on all fours concentrating on her impending orgasm. I had a fist full of her red hair, slamming my dick into her pussy and it gripped and massaged me.

“Pull harder and fuck me…” Nancy gasped

I pulled until I thought I was going to hurt her neck and her head was as far back as it could go. I began to fuck her faster and harder. Smacking noises began to fill my tiny dorm room. I could feel the sensation in my cock of an imminent explosion and I began rubbing her clit with my free hand.

“I can feel you getting harder… just let it go… I can’t cum until I feel you pulsing inside of me!”

I felt all of my seed race up my cock and out of the warm, sensitive tip and into my sister’s womb. It immediately felt slightly warmer and a lot slicker as I pumped seven or eight spurts into her.

“uuuuuhhhhhhhhh!” she cried as her orgasm hit her tingling pussy and traveled through her body.

Her pussy clamped around my dick like a vise and trapped me deep inside of her. I released her hair and she collapsed onto the bed and I rolled off as soon as I could as I felt the beginnings of a cramp tighten my left hamstring from my efforts. We lay breathing heavily for a moment then she put her head and my chest and cuddled up to me. My cock was still rock hard a pulsing in time with my heartbeat. It glistened with our combined juices.

“You don’t get soft right away, like other guys” she giggled.

“That’s because it wasn’t just in any other girl. It was in my sister.” I grinned.

“That’s sweet. I want to fall asleep but I had a study group I’m going to be late for” She sighed.

She jumped up and threw her clothes on, gave me a kiss and ran out the door. Soon after I was out like a light. The growling in my stomach woke me up an hour later and I needed to take a shower. I looked down at my sister’s dried cum on my cock and I thought to myself that it looked like I just fucked a glazed donut. Soon I was out of the shower eating some ramen and studying for finals. I couldn’t wait to get out and get a high paying job so I would never have to eat ramen ever again!

My phone beeped and I could see it was a text from Nancy. “Some of us are getting a drink. Want to meet us?”

As much as I wanted a beer I really needed to study. “I think I’m in for the night. Don’t stay out too late!”

“Suit yourself! BTW I can feel your cum leaking out of me and into my panties! It feels so dirty! I love it! ;)”

“Lol! I’m glad you like it!”

“Too bad we have to go back to condoms for a while :(”

“I know… not for too long I hope!”

My sister was going to stop using her current birth control until she could find another type due to the headaches she was experiencing. We used the spray and pray method a few times in high school but we’ve been careful since then.

“Have fun but don’t stay out too late!”

“I won’t! Love you! :)”

“I love you too”

Soon I was asleep. Over the next week I didn’t see Nancy much but we would text a lot. Mostly stuff to do with finals and our parents coming for graduation but I would wake up to a sexy pic from time to time. It was a good thing I never let anyone see my phone! Soon finals were over and it was three days before graduation. Nancy and planned on moving out west to LA and starting a life together out there. I couldn’t wait! We had a lot of family and friends that escort kartal wanted us to stay nearby but were tired of sneaking around.

I woke to the sensation of suction on my dick and hair tickling my lower stomach. I raised my head and grabbed two handfuls of red hair so I could see Nancy’s face.

“Ooohhh, Nans…” I moaned

“Mmmmmm” she moaned. She pulled her mouth off of my cock and let some saliva drip onto it as she cork screwed her hands up and down.

“I missed you, brother” she smiled as she licked the underside of the head of my prick. She stared directly into my eyes as I propped myself up on my pillows and elbows. She knows how much of a turn on for me it is when she does that. She buried my cock in mouth until her nose was touching my stomach.

Bang! Just then someone pounded on the door. I nearly jumped out of my skin! Nancy was clearly startled as well.

“Robert?! Are you in there?!” My mother called out.

Nancy was jumped out of my bed and onto the chair at my computer. “Yeah! Just a second, Ma!” I yelled.

“Great!” I thought. Almost busted by my parents getting the blowjob of my life! I quickly threw on some shorts and opened the door.

“What were you two doing?” My father asked.

“Nancy just woke me up and I hadn’t quite rolled out of bed yet.” I answered

“Well, get freshened up and lets go to breakfast” my mother smiled.

Everyone hugged and greeted one another and my sister gave me a look as if to say sorry before I left the tiny dorm room before I plodded off to get ready for the day.

Soon we were eating and discussing school, summer plans, and our move to California.

“I don’t know why you have to move out to LA when there’s plenty of jobs back home. It’s like you’re trying to get away from everyone.” My father stated.

“Their young and want to see and experience the world while they’re young.” My mother responded.

“It’s not like we can’t visit each other” I said. My father just snorted and began stuffing pancake into his mouth.

We spent the rest of the time going out, showing our folks around, and taking photos. It was great seeing our parents but we couldn’t get any alone time and they were always up at the crack of dawn to collect us for the day’s activities. We looked like a typical modern day family driving down the road. Nancy and I were in the back seat on our phones and our parents chattered away in the front seats.

Bing! My phone alerted me to a text. “I want to fuck your brains out” Nancy messaged.

“The feeling is mutual” I replied.

“Once graduation is over lets sneak away. I need it soooo bad! I want you to cum all over me!” She texted.

“You’re getting me hard lol”

“Want an HJ? :P”

“I wish! LOL! We would get caught for sure!” I laughed as I hit send.

My father glanced at us in the rearview mirror then back to the road. It was definitely scandalous texting dirty stuff to my sister who was right next me but I was very turned on. Soon precum was going to start leaking out of my dick.

I glanced at Nancy and saw her hand was slowly snaking toward my leg. My eyes immediately shot towards our parents and adrenaline shot through my body. My armpits were instantaneously dampened with perspiration.

“You’re crazy!” I texted.

By this time her hand was barely on my leg inching closer to my crotch. My cock was straining against my jeans and felt like it was going to snap.

With her free hand she texted. “And you’re not?”

She squeezed the head of my cock through my jeans. Instead of jacking me over my jeans she just squeezed and released, massaging my dick. I think it was because it would’ve drawn the attention of my parents if her hand was going back and forth. The head of my cock began to swell as I was about to fill my boxer briefs with cum but we turned into the parking lot and Nancy’s hand quickly went back to her side. I could feel maltepe escort slimy precum soaking through my jeans as I adjusted myself and immediately went straight the restroom to clean myself up. When I got my sister alone I was going to blast her mouth, face, and tits with a gallon of cum.

The rest of the night was fairly uneventful until I was able to get back to my dorm room and get some release. I got online and reserved a hotel room to prevent any unwanted disturbances after our graduation celebration, and then went to bed but sleep did not come quickly. Graduation was tomorrow and it was like trying to sleep on Christmas Eve when I was a kid. Eventually sleep finally came to me but it was far too short.

Graduation was finally over and everyone went out to celebrate. My parents and various other family members went back to their hotel rooms as Nancy and I went out to celebrate with our friends. All night we casually flirted and eyed each other and around midnight we quietly excused ourselves and hopped in a cab. We were all over each other the minute the cab pulled away from the curb and by the time the cab finally reach our destination the back windows were fogged over. We quickly went to our room and began peeling each other’s clothes off.

“It’s been a long week… I’m going to fuck you all night.” Nancy said between kisses.

“I know. I’m about to explode.” I replied.

“Don’t explode before you put your dick inside me.” Nancy giggled.

I started sucking her nipples as she ran her fingers through my hair and caressed the back of my neck. She soon dropped to knees and unbuckled my belt and unbuttoned my pants. She pulled my pants down to my ankles and pushed me backwards onto the bed. I pulled my shirt over my head and threw it across the room. Nancy looked up at me as she swirled her tongue around the head of my cock and sucked it into her mouth. Her cheeks collapsed as she sucked me into her mouth as deep as she could take me. She gagged a little as she pulled my dick out of her mouth. She then started to stroke my saliva coated cock as she licked my ball sack. She spit on me prick as she continued jerking me off.

“Do you want to shoot your cum all over my face?” She asked as she squeezed the head between her thumb and index finger. She licked up the precum that she had milked out.

“Or do you want to make me swallow it all?”

“Uuuhhhhh” is all I could reply.

“Lay back.” She commanded.

I moved to the middle of the bed and laid flat on the bed. She pushed her panties down, climbed onto the bed, and knew what she had in mind as she straddled my face. I began eating her pussy as she went down to continue sucking my dick. At first it was hard to concentrate as her tongue swirled around the tip on my cock and licked the underside of the shaft as it began to disappear again into her mouth. I spread her ass cheeks apart and began to lick her clit and suck on it. I was rewarded with moans instantly. I used my thumbs to spread her pussy lips apart and lick the inside as she became increasingly wet. The more I licked and sucked the more aggressive I became with it. Shaking my from side to side and then up and down. Soon I couldn’t take anymore! I needed to be inside of her!

“Climb on my cock!” I gasped as I pulled my head away.

“I was beginning to think you would want to finish like this.” She giggled.

She got off of me and spun around and straddled my hips and began rubbing the head of my dick along her pussy lips. We didn’t even think about using a condom. She looked so sexy on top of me that I probably could’ve came then if I wanted. Then she began to speak in a low, sultry voice.

“Remember this, brother. This is the last night we’ll have to sneak around but we both know you shouldn’t be fucking me. Four years ago you seduced me and now I can’t get enough. Is this really what you wanted? To fuck your own sister and make her yours?” She put pendik escort bayan and emphasis on fuck.

“Yes…” was all I could manage.

When I first began to fantasize about fucking my sister I never thought about the possible outcomes, just that it was something I desperately wanted to do.

She slid slowly down my cock, using her hips to slowly move up and down. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was open, silently relishing the sensation of her own brother’s dick being inside of her. She began gently massage her tits and moans quietly. I placed my hands on her hips and began to feel her rhythm. She was so wet I could tell it wasn’t going to be much longer before she came. Nancy began to speed up and with her right hand she began rubbing her clit and she leaned forward and placed her left hand on the pillow, next to my head.

Now I’m like most guy and can’t tell always tell when a woman cums but I could definitely tell this time. Her moans became louder, her body began to spasm, and liquid began drenching my dick and balls.

I wasn’t far behind but I knew she didn’t want to chance getting knocked up by her own brother, again. My cock was beginning to expand and get harder. I began to lift her off of me but she pushed my hands away.

“No, it’s ok. If you really want to cum inside of me then do it.” She said raggedly

I think I actually began cumming before my orgasm but I couldn’t say for sure. When my orgasm took place it hit me like a bolt of pure ecstasy. I could feel waves of heat and pleasure start in my loins and ripple out up my abdomen and into my chest. The experience was similar to the first time I had ever ejaculated. My dick was throbbing and pulsing more intensely than ever before.

“I can feel you! So warm! You’re filling my womb!” My sister screamed.

All I could do is moan and grunt. After what was actually only 15 or 20 seconds my orgasm subsided and I realized I was holding Nancy down, impaling her on my cock as deep as I could. She looked down at me and grinned, biting her bottom lip. She began squeezing my sensitive cock with her pussy muscles, making my abs clench and tense up.

“I can still feel you throbbing. That was intense!” She giggled

“I know. I can’t believe you let me cum inside of you again.” I smiled.

“It always felt better when it’s risky, besides I think you secretly want to plant your seed in me.” My sister teased.

“Me or you?” I countered.

“I gave you the choice and you didn’t pull out…”

I didn’t have a reply because she knew if given the choice I almost never pull out. I also just wanted to take in how beautiful she was.

“Let’s test this theory. If you want make a baby with your own sister get hard again.”

It was strange because something inside me clicked and I went from semi hard to a full on rager again after only a few seconds.

“That’s messed up. Sexy but messed up.” I laughed.

I rolled her over and kissed her long and passionately. After she brought her legs up and rested her heels on my hips to give me a better angle then she used her finger to trace the edge of my face. We stared into each other’s eyes without talking for a few seconds.

“I love you.” I said.

“I love you too. Now let’s see if you make your sister a mommy tonight.”

I was so turned on that I didn’t care if I impregnated Nancy or not. We went three more times that night and woke up in a sore heap. Our family helped up pack up for our trip out to California the next day. It was pretty easy since we didn’t keep very many possessions. Once we got there we stayed for a few months and we asked ourselves why not go further? So we ended up in Australia. Once we got there Nancy found out she in fact was carrying my baby! We got married in secret but it was tricky explaining the pregnancy to our parents without revealing who the father really was. They were disappointed with many of the decisions we had made but they got over them. The real challenge was when we had two more children and they all looked like me in one way shape or form. We led a highly erotic but normal (or abnormal), happy life and it all started the night of the party back when we turned 18.

The end…

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