The Naughty Boy

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John had been a naughty boy, a very naughty boy indeed.

He had been cheeky to his mother so she had put him over her knee, pulled down his shorts and spanked his bare bottom until he cried.

He was now naked and tied spreadeagled to his bed with a silver vibrator forced up his bottom.

He had already cum twice but he was still hard from the little blue pill his auntie had given him.

He sobbed quietly and remembered how this had all started.

His parents James and Janet were constantly arguing.

Sometimes it was about money and other times it was about sex. His mother accused his father of having an affair because as she put it ‘you never touch me these days.’ His dad used to tell her she was stupid and often stormed out of the house and went to the pub.

One night in particular it had been an extremely heated argument and John rushed downstairs from his bedroom when he heard his father slam the front door shut after he’d gone out.

He saw his mother was fuming with rage and she had a strange look on her face.

She glanced up and saw John standing, looking at her.

She rose to her feet and walked over to him before dropping to her knees and with a swift tug pulled his shorts to his knees. She took hold of the stunned boy’s cock and started to stroke it.

‘M…Mum. What are you doing?’

‘If that bastard is fucking about somewhere else I’m having my fun at home!’ With that she started to suck her eighteen year old son’s cock making him groan.

With all the noise of the slurping and groaning they didn’t hear James return to retrieve his wallet.

‘What the fucks going on here?’ he demanded.

His wife sneered at him.

‘What does it look like. I’m sucking a cock. A cock twice the size of yours!’

By now John had pulled away from his mother and dragged up his shorts. He ran over to his dad.


James backhanded his son across his face and ordered him to his room.

When John was in his room he could hear more loud shouting from both his parents then heavy stomping up the stairs and his parent’s bedroom door flung open. Cupboards and drawers were opened and slammed closed then footsteps descending the stairs.

More shouting and the front door was once again opened and slammed shut.

The house seemed eerily quiet and as John was about to see what had gone on his bedroom door opened and his mother barged in.

She took hold of her son and threw him on the bed.

John was a slim young man. Only five feet seven tall and no match for his five ten mother.

She held John’s arms above his head with one hand while the other pulled down his shorts.

She straddled her son, laying across his body.

‘Mum what are you doing?’

She said nothing but just kept him pinned to the bed as she moved her arm between them to grab his cock.

‘What are you doing? Why are you playing with my cock?’ he gasped.

Janet kept on wanking his hardening cock.

‘Mum, why are you doing this? Why are you trying to get me hard?’

His mother whispered in his ear.

John groaned.

‘No you can’t rape me. Oh my God you’re going to rape me.’

By now he was rock hard, his eight inch cock at full mast.

Janet lifted her hips and hiked up her skirt. He realised she must have taken off her panties before coming up the stairs.

She rubbed the head of his cock between her pussy lips to get it nice and wet.

‘Mum, please don’t rape me. You can’t rape me!’

Suddenly his mother slipped the head into her pussy and sunk down on his throbbing cock.

‘Oh my God you are raping me. Stop, you must stop. Oh my God!’

‘Listen you little shit. Things are going to change in this house from now on. Unless you do as you are told you can pack your bags and leave.’

John knew that wasn’t an option as he was at college and didn’t have any money.

His mother continued.

‘From now on your job is to pleasure me when I want it. You will not complain and you will do everything I tell you to. Do you understand?’

John was panting intensely and could only nod his head yes.

He was on the verge of telling her he was cumming when she squealed and reached her own climax seconds before he shot his load deep into his mother’s pussy.

John’s life centred around college and pleasing his mother. Sometimes she would be sitting watching the television, drinking a glass of wine when she’d look over at her son and order him to strip. John would sigh and do what his mother told him to do.

Naked he would stand awaiting her next command.

‘Come here and kneel between my legs.’

As John knelt his mother would grab his hair and force his face onto her wet pussy.

‘Lick me and make me cum!’

John would do his best to bring her to orgasm and after a lot of encouragement and guidance from his mother she would shriek and cum all over his face.

‘Drink it boy. Drink Mummy’s juices.’

Sometimes she would masturbate him as a thank you, having him lie kartal escort bayan down on his back on the floor. She seemed to take great enjoyment out of making him spurt all over his own body.

She would spank him for no reason until his bottom was bright pink. It wasn’t long before more abuse of his arse began in the form of dildos and vibrators.

His mother loved to have him tied face down on his bed while she fucked his bum with a six inch vibrating dildo. She enjoyed watching him moan and squirm on his tummy as she milked his prostate.

She moved things on by thrusting a larger vibrator up her own pussy as she abused her son’s arse and would only stop when she had at least three orgasms.

John would groan every time she led him by his hand up the stairs to his room and proceeded to strip him naked before tying his wrists together then his ankles. Again she would have him face down on the bed as she then tied his wrists and ankles to the metal framed bed.

One of the things she liked to do was strip down to her suspenders and stockings and lie on top of him, face down towards his feet. This allowed her to wrap her thighs around his neck and rub herself off on it as she fucked his arse with her favourite shiny silver vibrator. The feeling of his mother’s breasts rubbing over his back kept his cock hard as she came.

They did have normal sex but she favoured him in bondage tied spreadeagled on his back as she rode his always hard cock.

John realised he was just a toy boy for his mother’s sexual satisfaction.

It wasn’t too difficult as his mother was still very attractive.

She had long black hair that fell over her shoulders which sometimes she tied in a bun to look more dominant, big blue eyes and a full mouth.

Her breasts were large and her hips curvy and for a forty one year old lady she could still turn heads.

As things moved on Janet became even more demanding and kinky. She bought a seven inch strap-on with a black life like rubber phallus shaped like a penis.

That night she had her son tied face down then placed a couple of pillows under his hips to raise up his bottom.

John gasped as the first lubed up finger went into his arse.

He let out a long moan when she added a second and crooked them to stroke his prostate. She teased him like that for minutes before adding a third to stretch his anal ring.

She then lubed up the fake cock and kneeling behind him on the bed she eased the head of the cock past his sphincter.

This was larger than anything he’d endured before and he begged his mother to stop. This turned Janet on even more so she pushed harder until she was fully inside him.

‘Oh yes. Mummy is really going to fuck her baby boy.’ she said as she pulled out then thrust back in. She fucked him for nearly twenty minutes before she came with the nub of the cock rubbing on her clit.

Her favourite position though was to have him tied on his back with pillows under his hips and force the strap-on into him as she looked at his face for signs of pain and pleasure.

‘Do you like this baby? Do you like Mummy fucking your tight little hole? Oh, I think you do Johnny boy. Look how hard your cock is!’

John took his eyes away from his mothers swaying breasts with their rock hard nipples to see his cock swollen and rock hard.

‘Be a good boy and stroke it for Mummy but don’t you dare cum!’

John lightly edged his cock moaning now that the pain had gone, replaced by pure pleasure. He looked into his mother’s eyes and saw a look of triumph in them. He knew she had him and what his new role was.

Janet began to fuck her son harder as her orgasm built.

She knew she was about to cum so she batted John’s hand away and took hold of his cock, wanking it furiously.

She pushed hard, fully into him one last time as her orgasm overwhelmed her and she could feel his cock expand.

John howled as his bowels were filled by his mother’s cock.

He could feel her juices escape past the harness when they ran down her thighs onto his and he felt his cock erupt with a force he’d never experienced before.

One day she told John that they were going to spend a few days with her sister Joan who lived on the South West coast.

When John complained he was told that his Uncle Joe was going away and Joan wanted company plus neither of them had seen each other in a couple of years although they spoke regularly on the telephone.

Aunt Joan was similar to her sister Janet. She was as tall with the same large breasts and curvy hips but where Janet was dark Joan had mousy hair that had been dyed blonde. She was also two years older than John’s mother.

Uncle Joe had already left on his business trip by the time they pulled into Aunt Joan’s palatial five bedroom house overlooking the sea in Lynton, Devon.

Joe ran a series of successful businesses from an office on the outskirts of town.

The sisters embraced and Joan hugged John to her chest causing his cock to stir.

They had escort maltepe drinks on the terrace at the rear of the house then John disappeared to his bedroom to play on his phone.

After a few drinks Janet told her sister about James leaving and how it happened. She went on to tell her what she was doing with her son and that she’d never been as satisfied by a cock before.

Joan gasped and asked her to repeat some of the things that she did to him. It was turning her on so much her pussy was dripping wet.

‘Joe is screwing his twenty two year old secretary!’ stated Joan.

‘What? Really?’ gasped Janet. ‘How do you know?’

‘I hired a Private Detective and he gave me incriminating photographs of the two of them in their hotel room. It’s happening fairly regularly too. He’s not touched me sexually for months.’

‘Aren’t you scared he’ll divorce you and run off with the girl?’ asked a concerned Janet.

‘Good God no. With the information I have as well as owning half of the companies he would lose a fortune. No I will just pay him back by playing the field.’

‘Well be careful sis. He might hire a private eye on you too if he suspects anything.’

That night Joan went to bed and took out her favourite vibrator and brought herself off to a gut wrenching orgasm thinking about her sister fucking her young nephew with a strap-on.

The few days passed by quickly and quietly. John was pleased to have a rest from his mother but soon they were heading home.

As they said their goodbyes Aunt Joan took her young nephew in her arms and hugged him tight to her chest. One hand sneaked down to his bottom and as she squeezed it she said, ‘See you soon little Johnny. Oh but I heard you’re not that little anymore.’

John gasped.

That night Janet fucked her son for two long hours enjoying many pleasurable orgasms.

A week later she received a phone call from Joan. They spoke for about ten minutes before ending the call.

Over dinner that night she told John that his aunt was coming to stay for a little while.

Joan told Joe that she was going to stay with Janet as she was still upset at James leaving. He readily agreed to it as he mentally made plans to fuck his young secretary every day his wife was away.

Joan duly arrived and settled in with her sister and nephew.

On Joan’s second night after dinner Janet took her son upstairs to his bedroom and secured him on his back to the bed. He was already naked and his mother was stroking his now hard cock.

‘Are you going to be a good boy tonight for Mummy?’

John nodded between moans.

‘Good because Auntie Joan is coming in to see you and I want you to do everything she asks.’

John groaned at hearing that.

Janet met Joan on the landing.

‘He’s all yours darling, enjoy yourself.’

‘Oh I intend to.’ smiled Joan.

She entered John’s room to see him naked and bound with his hard thick eight inch cock twitching.

‘Oh Johnny you do seem pleased to see me,’ she said as she started to undress.

First came off her tight black pencil skirt to reveal a black silk suspender belt that held up shiny seamed black stockings and tight shiny black silk knickers..

Next she unbuttoned her black silk blouse showing John her large tits encased in a sexy black silk bra.

Looking at his sexy statuesque Aunt dressed in her shiny bra, silk stockings and suspenders, black silky knickers and her four inch shiny black heels he was sure his cock grew harder.

Aunt Joan walked up to the bed and bent over at her waist so she could take her young nephew’s cock into her mouth. With one hand caressing his balls and the other sensually sliding up and down his rod her mouth felt excruciatingly wonderful. Too wonderful as he felt his cum surge up his cock.

He cried out to warn his Aunt but she seemed to suck harder and lock her mouth over his tool.

‘Oh fuck!’ screeched John as he unloaded his cream into his Aunt’s mouth and down her throat.

After making sure she’d milked him fully with her mouth she moved away and licked her lips.

‘Mmmm, I haven’t had that much boy cum in my mouth for a very long time. Now you won’t cum as quickly I’m sure you are going to satisfy your old Aunt.’

She undid her bra letting her huge breasts fall free. Not having had children they didn’t droop very much at all. John noticed her inflamed nipples sticking out proud.

She hooked her fingers into her panties and shimmied them down her thighs showing him her shiny bald wet pussy.

Climbing onto the bed John thought she was going to fuck him but she crawled over his body so her knees were either side of his head.

‘You mother said you were very good with your mouth and tongue young Johnny. Time to prove it,’ she said as she lowered her dripping cunt onto his waiting mouth.

John used all the skills taught to him by his mother to bring his Aunt to a sensational orgasm. He wasn’t surprised when she squirted her juices onto his face.

Once she’d recovered pendik escort she moved back down towards his groin and his thick cock easily slid into her wet tight sleeve.

‘Oh God Johnny you really are a big boy.’ she said as she started to rise and fall as if she was riding a horse. Slowly she walked her way to a trot and by the time she was in canter mode she had already cum twice more.

‘Fuck me Johnny darling, fuck your Auntie and give me your load in my pussy.’

John bucked back in time to her movements and soon both were moaning ready to cum.

John was the first and as his cock expanded it shot rope upon rope into his aunt. She cried out and flooded his thighs with her secretions.

Joan dismounted and flopped beside him on the bed.

‘Oh my darling boy I am so going to love living here with you and your Mummy. There is lot’s of things I want to do to you and I know you are going to be a good little boy and make the move worthwhile.’

John didn’t quite understand but decided to keep quiet and just smile.

After she had dressed Joan went back downstairs to where Janet was sitting sipping a glass of chilled white wine.

‘Well?’ Janet inquired.

‘Exquisite!’ was all Joan said and both women laughed.

Janet went upstairs to see her son totally shattered after his bout with her sister.

‘Ah well,’ she thought. ‘My turn tomorrow night.’.

She untied him, told him to shower, put his pajamas on and go back downstairs for a hot bedtime drink.

With the addition of Aunt Joan things got even more kinky for John.

He’d be forced over the arm of the sofa with his mother’s thighs around his neck, eating her pussy while Aunt Joan plundered his arse with the strap-on.

One time they had him on the bed naked and bound on his back as Aunt Joan sat on his face facing his feet and his mother fucking him with her strap-on. Both ladies leaned forward kissing open mouthed with tongues battling each other while Aunt Joan masturbated her nephew and his mother fondled his balls. When his mother sank her sharp manicured fingernails into his scrotum and his aunt wanked him harder he cried out in passion as rope after rope exploded from his cock. This caused his aunt and mother to orgasm groaning into each others mouths.

Then came the flogging.

John was tied to his bed face down with a vibrator in him as the two women stood either side of his bed and rained blows onto his arse and balls with their floggers. They loved to see him squirm on the bed until he’d shot his load onto the towel beneath him.

Another tease was to tie him face up, again with the vibrator inside his arse, and flog his cock and balls until he came. The sight of two tall statuesque women wearing only black satin girdles, shiny silk stockings and shiny black high heels flogging his hard cock soon made him spew his spunk all over the place.

One day a few months later he came home from college in a bad mood. The girl he was sort of seeing had dumped him for someone new.

Unfortunately his mother started to order him around and he gave her some back chat. He was extremely rude but regretted as soon as he had said it,

Before he could apologise his mother had slapped his face, dragged him over her knees and spanked him until he cried.

She then dragged him upstairs and tied him spreadeagled on his back before shoving a silver vibrator up his arse..

He’d already cum twice but his cock was still hard from the little blue pill his auntie had given him.

Then he heard the click clack of high heels on the wooden floor of the landing. His bedroom door opened and in walked both his mother and his aunt.

Not saying anything they started to slowly undress.

His aunt in her yellow summer dress peeled it off to reveal a tight cream corset holding up shiny cream stockings that complimented her cream high heels.

His mother removed her tight red silk blouse before easing down her tight black pencil skirt to reveal her shiny red corset with red fishnet stockings and red heels.

Both corsets came to just below their breasts and neither wore a bra. Their full breasts swayed as they moved closer to John.

His mother sat in a chair that faced the bed as his aunt climbed on and straddled his thighs.

‘Now Johnny. This is one way you can make it up to us for being rude earlier.’

With that she mounted him and sunk her wet pussy down over his throbbing cock before starting to fuck him. She started slowly, almost letting him fall out of her before slamming herself down on him again and again. Her first orgasm came quickly so she decided to tease her prone nephew. She would ease off until just the crown of his cock was inside her pussy and use short jabbing strokes on its exposed head. This caused John to beg his aunt to fuck him and make him cum.

After a while she could feel her orgasm approaching so she resumed her hard and fast fucking.

Soon both were crying out in ecstasy as they came at the same time. Aunt Joan’s juices running down her nephew’s cock as he shot rope after rope into her..

She pushed off him and clamping her pussy closed she crawled up the bed and sat on his face.

‘Lick me boy and make me come again but this time I want your mouth open so when I do you can taste my juices.

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