The Lost Weekend

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Kirsten Channing grinned in surprise and sat upright in her lawn chair, nearly spilling her wine cooler. “Did you see how Alex was checking you out?” she said in an excited voice as she turned to her left.

“You’re out of your mind,” Erin Armstrong told her friend “more likely he was checking you out.” She twisted in her seat and demurely pulled her light green mini skirt down towards her knees.

“No, I’m not. But I guess I can’t blame him for looking when you’re sitting there with no bra wearing a tight tank top and that short skirt.” Kirsten countered with a chuckle.

Erin laughed. “So it’s my fault for being braless then?”

“No. All I’m saying is that a guy would have to be blind to not notice you right now considering what you’re wearing, and your brother is no different.” Kirsten explained as she looked down at her friend’s chest and grinned. She had always been envious of Erin’s full breasts, and then there were times that those feelings had strayed towards lust, but she was always reluctant to act upon those urges. Instead, she masked it as envy and admiration.

Erin took a gulp of her wine cooler and slid down in her chair next to Kirsten’s. She didn’t want to sound too defensive or continue the conversation because she knew that Kirsten was right. For a little over a year she had noticed that Alex had begun to look at her in a way that she assumed brothers don’t normally look at their sisters. It was more than looking. Actually more than often it was blatant leering. At first Erin told herself she was imagining it, but shortly after Alex turned eighteen his furtive glances at her turned into lingering stares — especially as she bent over in front of him, or when she wore certain tank tops or short skirts. She could no longer fool herself into thinking anything other than she was the object of Alex’s lust. At first this realization upset Erin and made her very uncomfortable. After all what was happening was incestuous, and forbidden by any the status quo of any civilized society. Soon she consoled herself by rationalizing that Alex was simply looking, and it was perfectly normal for teenage boys to look at girls, perhaps even their sisters. At that stage in their life (if not well into adulthood) they are ruled by their hormones and not always in control of their lustful tendencies she reminded herself.

“No way,” Kirsten continued “he was definitely gawking at you. Besides, Alex doesn’t like blondes. He likes brunettes with big boobs, like you.”

“And just how do you know what my brother’s type is anyway?” Erin asked with a nervous laugh.

“Randy told me.” Kirsten explained.

Intrigued, Erin sat her glass on the table between the chairs and turned to face her friend. “Okay… and just how does your brother know this?” she demanded.

Kirsten gave Erin a smug grin as she brought her glass down from her mouth. “He told me about a conversation he and Alex had a while back. He knows I think Alex is hot, and he said I’d stand a better chance if I dyed my hair brown… and padded my bra.” her voice faded out as it filled with regret.

“Oh, don’t listen to him,” Erin said, trying to sound reassuring “you’re plenty big up there,” She took a quick glance at her friend’s chest and lowered her gaze to her glass on the table, then picked it up “what does Randy know about what’s in your bra anyway?”

“Plenty. He’s seen them.” Kirsten divulged without couching her words, not daring to look at Erin.

“What?” Erin exclaimed, incredulous “He’s seen your tits?”

Instead of replying Kirsten simply gave her friend an embarrassed smile and took another drink of her wine cooler.

“Holy shit, Kirsten! I can’t believe you just told me that!” Erin blurted out, wide-eyed.

Kirsten shrugged and forced a smile. “It’s no big deal. It’s not like we go all the way or anything. It seems kind of natural really. Just don’t tell anyone I told you though, okay? Promise?”

Erin nodded, still quite unable to digest her friend’s sudden revelation. If she were to be perfectly honest she would have admitted that there had been times when she wondered what it would have been like for Alex to feel her. She knew from the look on his face as he stared at her that he wanted to, and there were times when Erin had considered letting him. Still, society’s mores had prevented her. As her brother’s leering had grown more overt Erin found herself enjoying it. She loved the attention and the power it gave her. Soon she began purposely wearing clothes while at home that Alex seemed to enjoy seeing on her, especially tops and skirts that showed more of her body than she would normally feel comfortable displaying in public. She began dressing provocatively in hopes of enticing her younger brother, especially when their parents weren’t around — taunting him in hopes he might escalate their game to another level — something she never dared do.

“You mean you and Randy mess-around?” Erin asked, seeking clarification and hoping to hear some titillating accounts from Kirsten.

Kirsten escort bostancı shifted in her chair feeling uneasy “Ah… yeah… I guess… just touching… you know. Nothing major.” she explained.

Erin nodded as she listened and thought of her own brother feeling her. She could feel her clit twitch and began getting wet at the thought of Alex running his hands over her willing lithe body.

“You must think I’m a horrible slut.” Kirsten mumbled as she stared at the glass in her hands.

“NO!” Erin exclaimed “I’m surprised, that’s all. But I don’t think badly of you, honestly, kirst!”

Kirsten gave Erin a relieved smile.

“Besides, Randy’s really cute. I can’t blame you.” Erin added with a giggle, trying to reassure her friend.

“Well, so is Alex,” Kirsten countered “What would you do if he tried to feel you?”

Erin stared off at the setting sun over the river and contemplated her answer. For a long time she had known that if her brother had crossed that line she would not stop him, but admitting it out loud to someone was difficult.

“I don’t know,” she mused “I might let him. But that’s just ’cause I’ve had too many wine coolers.”

The girls laughed aloud in unison at Erin’s reply, then gave one-another a serious glare.

“Really — you’d let him?” Kirsten queried.

“I don’t know,” Erin explained “you’re right about how he looks at me, and I’d be a liar if I said I’d never thought about it…”

“So…?” Kirsten prodded.

“I just don’t know, Kirst. What if I’m wrong? What if mom and dad catch us? It’s not something you jump into, you know?”

Kirsten gave her friend an empathetic nod. “I know,” she began “but you don’t have to worry about whether or not he’s interested. I’ve seen how he looks at you, and I bet you have too. You know he’s interested, Erin.”

Erin nodded in agreement.

“So,” Kirsten continued “just be careful so your folks don’t find out. When will they be back?” “They’re in Vermont celebrating their anniversary. They’ll be back on Tuesday.” Erin explained.

“Then that gives you three days,” Kirsten told her “that’s more than enough time.”

“For what?” Erin asked.

“To have some fun with Alex!” Kirsten declared.

“Oh geez, I dunno, Kirst,” Erin countered “this seems so sudden.”

“Sudden? How long has he been looking at you like that?” Kirsten inquired.

“I don’t know — a year, maybe more.” Erin answered.

“So what’s sudden about that?” Kirsten explained “I say you should make the most of this weekend.”

Erin shrugged as she pondered her friend’s advice. She took another drink of her cooler and brushed her long brown hair away from her face as she stared out at the setting sun.

“Maybe.” she told her “Hey, how about another cooler?”

Kirsten nodded in agreement and followed Erin inside to the kitchen. She retrieved two more bottles from the refrigerator and handed one to Kirsten.

“Cheers — here’s to you and Alex getting it on this weekend!” Kirsten exclaimed as she knocked her bottle against Erin’s.

Erin gave a bemused smile as she took a drink. “I’m not so sure about that.” she countered.

“Maybe not now, but wait till the next time he looks at you, horny as hell.”

Erin laughed at her friend’s remark and rolled her eyes. “Feel like watching some tv, it’s getting cold outside.” Erin replied.

Kirsten nodded and followed Erin into the living room, sitting beside her on the sofa. For the next few hours the two friends watched television, commenting frequently on the programs, but much to Erin’s relief the conversation never returned to her brother or his lustful feelings for her. It was close to 11 pm when they heard a car come into the driveway and the sound of a door closing.

“That must be Alex…” Kirsten announced.

Erin nodded, not taking her gaze from the television. Some time ago she had realized she had drunk more wine coolers than she should have. She knew she was drunk, but had tried her best to hide it from Kirsten. The sound of the back door opening then slamming shut made her nervous. She knew that Alex was home and wondered what might happen upon his arrival — especially since Kirsten was there.

“Hi, Alex.” Kirsten said in a pleasant tone as he entered the room. She glanced at Erin and waited for a reply, then frowned after not hearing one.

Alex smiled at Kirsten and his sister and settled down in a chair adjacent to them. He directed his attention at the television and forced himself not to steal a glance at Erin. He had immediately noticed her as he entered the living room. He thought she looked sexy in the short skirt and tank top she was wearing and surmised that she must not be wearing a bra.

Erin slid down in the couch and watched Alex from the corner of her eye. It had been somewhat of a relief for her to have confessed to Kirsten about Alex’s apparent feelings towards her, and now she regarded him differently than before because of the conversation earlier. Now ümraniye escort that things had been voiced openly it changed her perception of the situation.

Alex was a good six inches taller than Erin, reaching nearly six feet, and in contrast to her long brown hair his was black which he kept short. Blue eyes were the one trait they had in-common, and she had peered into his quite often. Many times when Erin had caught her brother’s eyes focused on her she would simply smile at him. This always seemed to make him nervous and he would soon find an excuse to leave the room, often much to Erin’s disappointment. As she sat on the sofa she concluded that somehow she must find a way to reassure him that she wasn’t bothered by him looking at her the way he did.

“I bet you’d love to hook up with someone who looks like her, huh, Alex.” Kirsten announced suddenly as she pointed to the woman on the television screen.

Erin rolled her eyes and was filled with a sense of dread, wondering just what her friend was up to. She kept quiet and stared straight ahead at the television.

“Ah, yeah… she’s hot.” Alex replied, somewhat surprised by Kirsten’s comment.

“Nice tits, huh?” Kirsten added.

Alex gave a wide grin but never replied.

“Think she’s as hot as Erin?” Kirsten prodded.

Erin shifted uncomfortably in her seat and wished Kirsten would change the subject, but knew that wasn’t going to happen.

“Geez, Kirsten, I don’t know. Erin’s my sister. She doesn’t count.” Alex replied, feeling very nervous.

“But, if she wasn’t your sister — what would you think?”

Both Alex and Erin were now quite uneasy with where the conversation was going and they quickly exchanged nervous glances. Erin was a very sexy young woman, but Alex was not about to admit to thinking that about his own sister. Erin watched her brother as he shifted in his chair and nervously ran his fingers through his dark hair as he contemplated a response. Erin couldn’t suppress a smile as she watched him. She felt bad for his predicament, but at that moment she also found his shyness cute. Now she too was anxious to hear his answer.

“I don’t know,” Alex stammered “she is, so it doesn’t matter.”

“Well, maybe this will help you to decide.” Kirsten exclaimed.

Maybe it was because Erin had too much to drink, or maybe it was the swiftness of Kirsten’s actions, but Erin was totally unprepared for what happened next. Without saying another word Kirsten turned towards Erin and deftly hauled her tank top up over her breasts so it was around her chin — exposing her completely to Alex who sat wide-eyed, staring at his half-naked sister with a mixture of shock and amazement on his face. It was a matter of moments before Erin realized what had happened. She struggled against Kirsten’s grip and eventually pulled her top back down to cover herself once again. But it was too late. She saw the expression on her brother’s face as he stared at her agape while Kirsten’s gleeful laughter over what she had done filled the room.

“Damnit, Kirsten, have you lost your mind?!” Erin spat out “What the hell did you do that for?”

It was a few seconds before Kirsten could quell her laughter and reply. “I thought that might help Alex decide whether or not you’re as hot as the girl on tv.” she said with a smirk. She took another drink of her cooler and glanced over at Alex who was obviously uncomfortable

“It’s getting late. Why don’t you just go home?” Erin told her friend as she stood before her, her hands on her hips and a look of anger on her face.

Kirsten realized the angry expression Erin’s face was genuine and that she had gone too far. Feeling sheepish she made her way to the back door, followed by Erin.

“I know you’re really mad at me right now, Erin,” she offered as she stood in the porch by the back door “but some day you’ll thank me. All I was trying to do was sort of break the ice between you and Alex.”

“Don’t you think you went a little too far though?” her friend replied.

Kirsten shrugged and gave her a smile. “Maybe, but I couldn’t resist. Besides, you know what — you’ve got a really nice rack, Erin! I wish mine looked like yours.”

Erin smiled at Kirsten then noticed her staring at her chest. She had thought she had caught Kirsten staring at them earlier when they were outside, but convinced herself she was imagining it. Now it was obvious she was and Erin felt herself getting wet.

“Thanks.” was all Erin was able to say after a few seconds of awkward silence.

Kirsten raised her eyes up to meet Erin’s and returned her smile. Then without another word Kirsten slowly reached out and gave Erin’s right breast a gentle squeeze, cupping as much as she could in her hand, her slender fingers wrapping around it. Erin gasped slightly and looked down at her friend’s hand on her, then back up to her face. Kirsten smiled at Erin as she toyed with her hard nipple. Then she reluctantly withdrew her hand.

“You were looking at them this afternoon, weren’t kartal escort bayan you?” Erin asked.

Kirsten gave her a shy nod.

“I thought it was my imagination.” Erin told her with a laugh.

“I wasn’t.” Kirsten replied.

“I never knew you were like that… you know.”

“I’m not, really.” Kirsten replied “I guess I was always sort of curious. They really are nice, Erin.”

Erin smiled at her friend, then glanced down at her chest. “Ya, I guess.”

“So you’re not mad at me?” Kirsten asked “I mean for what I did in the living room, and just now…?”

Erin gave Kirsten a warm smile and shook her head. “No. I guess I’m just surprised, that’s all.”

“At what?”

“Mostly you feeling my boob…” Erin’s voice faded.

“Sorry,” Kirsten offered “I won’t ever do it again. I promise. I just hope we can still be friends.”

“I never said you couldn’t do it again.” Erin retorted with a smirk.

Kirsten laughed and placed her hands on Erin’s sides and pulled her closer, then ran one up her waist to cup her left breast. She squeezed it, harder this time, and ran her thumb over the hard nipple. Erin watched Kirsten’s hand manipulate her breast for a while then slowly pulled away.

“I should get back in there before Alex comes out.” she said.

Kirsten nodded. “Call me and let me know how the rest of the weekend went.” Kirsten said.

“I will, and don’t worry… we’re still friends.” Erin reassured her.

“Good!” Kirsten said then opened the door to leave.

Erin locked the door and leaned against it. Her mind was in turmoil and she dreaded facing Alex. It was only when she looked up that she discovered that he had followed her out into the kitchen to make sure Kirsten had left. He was leaning against the counter in the entranceway smirking.

“There’s two wine coolers left. You want one?” she asked her brother as she looked in the fridge.

“Yeah, I sure could use one.” he replied as he reached out for the bottle in his sister’s hand.

Erin returned to the living room and fell into the couch. She took a big gulp from her bottle. Alex sat down beside her, staring at the floor.

“The coolers were Kirsten’s idea. Usually I drink vodka and orange juice.” Erin explained, hoping to break the uneasy silence.

“They’re not too bad.” her brother replied as he read the label in an effort to avoid looking at her.

The siblings sat silently for close to two minutes until Alex spoke. “Just what the hell was that all about anyway? What’s with Kirsten?” he demanded.

Erin shrugged. “I don’t know. I guess she wanted to mess with us or something.” she said as she quickly glanced to her brother then back towards the television.

“You two never planned that?” he asked.

“No!” his sister spat out with anger in her voice as she whipped her head around to glare at him “I was as shocked by it as you.”

“I just thought that you two might have wanted to yank my chain some; have some fun at my expense.” he explained.

Erin gave her head an emphatic shake “No way. Do you really think I wanted that to happen?”

“I don’t know,” he countered “It all happened so fast. I thought maybe you guys planned it before I got home.”

“Well, we didn’t, okay!” his sister spat out in a defiant tone.

“Okay. You didn’t.”

Alex eventually gave his sister a slight smile and lowered his eyes briefly to her chest. Her nipples were hard and he immediately felt his cock responding. Erin’s eyes followed her brother’s and she felt her clit twitch to life.

“I saw you guys in the porch…” he told her.

Erin was afraid that her brother had been standing there long enough to have seen Kirsten feeling her, and his admission made her blush. “Kirsten had too much to drink.”

“Well, you didn’t seem to mind.” he countered.

“Damnit, Alex, just drop it. This evening has been fucked-up enough as it is.” she hissed.

Alex jumped at his sister’s outburst and put his bottle down on the coffee table with a loud bang. “Fine. I’m going to bed.” he barked then marched out of the room and up the stairs to his bedroom.

Erin heard the slamming of his bedroom door upstairs and settled back on the couch with a sigh. She ran her fingers through her hair as she collected her thoughts. She didn’t know where to begin sorting out her feelings about the night’s events and decided that a good sleep might help.

Alex awoke early the next morning and quickly took a shower then got dressed. He was hoping to be able to leave the house before his sister got up so he could avoid another confrontation with her about the events of the night before. Thoughts of his Erin’s bare breasts still consumed him, and despite having jerked off twice after going to bed he was still aroused by the images of her that filled his mind.

As he was cooking a breakfast of bacon, eggs, and toast for himself he heard the shower running and knew that Erin was up. He resigned himself to having to face her afterall and continued cooking.

“So, what’s for breakfast?” Erin asked a while later as she entered the kitchen.

Alex looked up from his plate to see his sister standing there dressed in only a blue plaid flannel shirt — his shirt, that he had been looking for recently.

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