The Long Weekend Ch. 10

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Chapter 10

Late Saturday Morning

She withdrew the vibrator from her quivering vagina, and fantasizing it was Jr.’s cock, ran her fingers over it to collect the dampness, then slowly licked her fingers. She willed herself to stand up and tucking her naked breast back in the top, began putting things away.

Checking out the options, within Barbara’s closet, was sliding mirrored door that seem to close off a separate area. She had trouble opening the door but finally pushing it closed, the catch let go and it sprung open. She gasped as she took in the aroma of sex and a sight of debauchery.

Corsets, sheer nighties, short skirts, flowing see-through robes, fish net stockings, were all hung neatly. Underneath were boots and shoes with five, six and seven inch heels. Some in vinyl, some in leather. On a wall mounted bar hung, belts, chains, leashes, ropes and colored sashes. On hooks above the bar hung: steel and leather handcuffs, velcro restraints, leather studded collars, whips of all sizes, riding crops, fur and feather ticklers. In a bin on the floor were clamps of all sizes and materials. There were lead weights of different sizes. OMG, she exclaimed silently, there was even a tray of vibrators, butt plugs and penis sleeves, sitting on a box of pumps and batteries with various electrical leads coiled up neatly. Behind the hanging clothes were about a half dozen dildo harness in various shapes, sizes and lengths, pinned to the wall.

Unbelievable, she thought as she felt a new flush coming to her body and perspiration building up on her forehead. Until yesterday when she saw the dildo harness, she had not felt like this for years. The memories from boarding school came flooding back. But this was way beyond anything she had ever experienced or even come across.

To be safe, she felt she had an hour before the men came up for lunch. So little time and so much to do she thought. She stripped off her clothes and left them in a pile on the floor. She tried on various pieces of clothing, but like Brice had said about his wife, she was a big lady. Most of the corsets and bustierres fit nicely around her large breasts but were too long. Barbara was obviously very tall. Finally settling on a sheer cover-up that on Barbara probably came to her hips, but on Annie it clung like cling wrap to her bum. Remembering the exquisite orgasm from the car, she took a long chain with clips on the ends and fastened it to her nipples. The heavy weight of the metal hanging chain pulled at her breasts as they squeezed the engorged nipples.

She continued looking through the clothing and found a tight pair of black leather shorts with a large zippered pouch. Feeling its smoothness and she brought it to her nose. This must be Bull’s she decided. She caressed the large empty pouch, thinking of the package that it has to hold back. She opened and closed the zipper a few times to hear the sound that it made before hanging it back up.

She took a leather riding crop and snapped at her palm a few times. Ouch, she thought, that smarts. So, she ran it down her stomach until it found her clit and she flicked it softly. Much better she noted. She ran the leather tip up and back over her prominent mons and swelling vulva. Her clit began to break free of its soft fleshy enclosure. It liked the feel of the leather.

She walked out into the other room and took the dildo harness out of the suit case. She stepped into and cinched it up. The tight leather straps fit into the recesses of her hips while the rear strap molded to the crevasse of her ass. The protruding dildo pushed the cool metal rings into her labia.

Walking back to the closet, she stopped to look at herself in the mirrored door. Shoes, she thought, escort bostancı I need shoes.

She looked at the shoes and tried on a pair with very high heels. She remembered how to stand boldly and walk confidently in them. She liked the feeling. It was so different than being a submissive to Sr. and Jr. Not better, not worse just different. If Barbara could have church and dominatrix personalities, couldn’t she be both submissive and dominant?

Nervous about the time and getting caught, she took off the items and put them away. She quickly slipped on her top and pants without either the bra or the thong. She began putting the balance of things in the suitcases away, when in the outside pocket of one of the bags she found an album.

Sitting on the bed she opened the cover to find a collection of pictures that took her breath away. There was Barbara in a corset, thigh high boots. There was Bull with a collar and leash kneeling at her feet. There were two woman servicing Bull’s enormous cock. There was an older man bowing to Barbara. There was an older woman going down on an older man. There was tall slim woman standing naked with arms overhead trapped in a spreader bar. There was a young man licking an older woman. A staggering variety of people, outfits and positions were recorded. The sitting area at the top of the stairs had obviously been used as a play area and the downstairs was an adult dungeon.

She was speechless. Although her arousal began to grow, she remembered she was supposed to be getting some sun so she put the album in a bed side table drawer.

Picking up her bra and panties, she returned to her room, recalling that Jr. had strongly urged her to wear her two piece bathing suit. She took off and folded her clothes and found the small aqua suit. Putting it on she notice how excited her nipples were and how swollen her vagina remained. Settling it low on her hips, the thin spandex suit hugged her curves, it fit her perfectly. She had brought a robe with her, but she knew that Brice wanted her to see everything and would know she found the closet. He wanted her to understand what he had meant about activities beyond those acceptable at the club. She wanted to let him know that she found everything and liked what she saw, so she went to Barbara’s closet and took out the sheer top she had just hung up. Covering her bum it was a perfect cover up.

She retuned to the kitchen and was putting on the kettle for tea, when Jr. came up the stairs. He stopped in amazement, a couple of steps from the top, as he saw his mother’s stunning body in a small bikini. He silently watched her as she moved about. The sheer robe flowing and exposing the two piece suit that was covering only a small part of her fabulous body. He did not know what had excited his mom but he could tell by the flush to her face and the swelling to her nipples that something had. Jr. subconsciously rubbed his cock through his jeans as the lust built up in him. “You look fabulous, mom. Did you get a lot of sun?” he asked as his eyes sought to see all of her through the sheer top.

“No, by the time I put everything away I just had time to change into the suit you wanted me to wear. Are you hungry I could make us all some lunch?” Annie inquired as she walked to the top of stairs. When she got to Jr., her large breasts were at eye level, his lips only inches away from the peaking nubs pushing out the cups of her top.

“No, Jake’s dad gave us money for burgers. We are going into town to pick some things at the lumber yard. Jake is waiting for me downstairs, I just wanted to make sure you were OK and to say good bye. Mr. Lumley should be up in a couple of minutes.” he added.

“I’m right behind you Jr., carrying ümraniye escort the tray of drinks so don’t turn around quickly.” came a booming voice from the stairs. Brice had been concerned about asking Annie to unpack, but he could usually read people pretty well. He was not disappointed as he saw Annie wearing a top that he had seen many times.

Leaning over to give Jr. a peck on the forehead, her nipples were inches from his lips. “See you later, and get some sun mom.” Jr. called out as he turned carefully and passed Brice on the stairs. With nothing blocking his view, Brice was left to look up at Annie’s crotch and then her breasts inside a very small bikini top. His bull like cock began to twitch.

Hearing the car drive off, Brice said wearily, “I think the real reason I sent them into town so I could get a rest and some sun. I’m not as young as I think I am. I think I’ll take a sandwich upstairs and lay on the chaise lounge, the sun is a little better up there. Do you want to join me, Annie?”

“Later Brice. I think I’ll finish my sandwich and tea here, then come up in about 10 minutes or so.” Annie offered as she strutted over to the dining room table.

About 20 minutes later she went upstairs and found Brice sun tanning on balcony in the black leather shorts lying face down. Annie in the stunning bikini and high heels came out onto the deck carrying some things in the hands, including a large towel. He’s got a cute round butt, she thought as she dragged a chair over near to the head end of the chaise then sat down. She slid down in the chair so her crotch was on its leading edge, she splayed her legs open and adjusted the cover-up so that her magnificent breasts are perfectly featured.

“Brice” He raises his head to welcome her only to see the camel toe of her swollen vagina and stunning tits barely trapped in spandex. His eyes widened in amazement as a smile came to his lips. Annie stroked her thighs, in a series of compelling motions that took his breath away. “Do you like what you see” she asked firmly as she let the shoes fall off as she raised her feet to his face. Placing her toes against his mouth, she says one word — “LICK and no hands!”

Brice opens his mouth and uses his warm moist lips caress her toes individually and collectively. He licks each toe, between each toe. He takes each toe in his mouth and sucks it like it’s a cock. Annie’s arousal is heightening but she knows how to control the situation. She pushes her toes hard into his mouth forcing his head back. Brice strained to catch his breath.

“Did I say stop licking, lick my toes” Annie ordered as she lay back enjoying the feel of his tongue. She began to torment him by running one finger slowly along her camel toe. The glistening juices gushing out of her vagina had soaked her suit, right in front of his eyes. “Slide your shorts down for me.” she ordered.

Still sucking the soft toes in his mouth he reached down and she heard the sound of the zipper being lowered. He wiggled his hips and slid out down the soft black leather shorts. She saw a black jock with the two straps on either side of his firm ass. Yes, she thought, that does permit easy access for the strap on. “Roll on to your back and take off your shorts but don’t touch yourself.” she ordered.

What she saw was impressive, the black jock with its huge bulging pouch was holding back something of impossible size. Lying on this back and looking up at Annie, his eyes were now pleading, “You can’t let Jake know” he beseeched.

“If you are good, I won’t” she said and she bent over hanging her breasts in his face. He reached to touch but she slapped his hands down. “NO, no touching!” she stated. His cock jerked in response to the kartal escort bayan demand.

She reached out and played with his nipples and she continued to dangle her tits into this face. She continued working her small hands down his body and began to lift the jock’s wide waist band. She let it snap back. Keeping her hands on his hips she slid off the chair and sat on his face.

“Worship me!” she demanded.

He ate with abandon and tried to get his tongue under the thin gusset to make real contact. He licked her tasty creamy juices off her thighs. He sucked the soaking wet gusset and savored the taste. He got his swirling tongue under her suit and slid it into her. He explored her juicy cunt with his nose pressed against her ass as he probed her depths. He sucked the labia and then when she readjusted her position, he licked her ass through her suit. She pushed down on his mouth.

She lay over his body, assuming a 69 position as he gripped her clit with his lips. She tantalizing traced her fingers over the biggest cock she could imagine. She wanted it badly but instinctively knew what he craved and it was too early for that. He liked someone else in charge and she like the feeling of being in charge. She slid his jock down, exposing the most amazing and largest cock she had ever seen, even larger than what she had seen in the bathroom window the other night. Still soft, it was curled over and the removal of the tight jock allowed it to swing down to the side. The head of Bull’s cock stopped falling when it hit the chaise. It began to lengthen and uncoil as the huge mushroom head rose up to meet her.

She ground her cunt into his face with a fury, she bent over and sucked and nipped his nipples. Reaching back to her chair, she took the leather riding crop that she had concealed in her towel and began to run it up and down his cock. Every now and then slapping against his testicles. He gave a spasm, and his cock twitched as it grew longer.

She sat up, snapped the head of monster phallus with the crop and suddenly stood up and went to the balcony rail. Facing away from him, she looked out at the lake. Spreading her legs she looked back, “Now my ass, Bull, lick my ass now!’

Bull, on his hands and knees crawled over to her. “Take off my suit.” Annie demanded. Brice peeled down her suit as she leaned into the rail and supported her self with her hands. Her juices were running down her legs. He started licking at her knees and didn’t stop until his tongue swept her swollen cunt. He pulled her cheeks apart and buried his face. His tongue swept over her rosebud and tickled the hole to gain entry. He licked it up and down, working his mouth and his nose into the sweaty furrow. He licked every crevasse as he pushed in to meet her pushing back.

She saw Jr.’s truck approaching but continued to lean out. Her heaving breasts were barely contained by her top and spilled over the rail. She pushed her ass back harder into Brice as she waved to Jr. and Jake.

The boys saw two huge tits barely held in the bathing suit. They did not see Bull, on his knees behind the balcony railing.

She was on the edge, She turned around, her back to the boys, to look down at the man servicing her. Thrusting her pelvis out, “Now, make me cum.” she commanded. He was kneeling with a rock solid cock almost coming up to his sternum. She put her foot on the top half of his obscene weapon and curled her toes over the head. She felt the slick discharge of his pre-cum between her toes. His cock was hers anytime she wanted. Leaning her elbows on the handrail, she put her legs over his shoulders, gripped his head with her wet slimy thighs and presented her wide open cunt to let him. “Eat me and hurry. The boys are back.” she instructed.

He was good, not as good as Maggie, but she pushed herself into his face and sprayed all over it.

“Hand me a towel and get back to work” she said, as his eyes pleaded with her. His balls were aching for relief but he did what she said.

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