My Frisky Neighbors

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This is the greatest welcome party I’ve ever had.

I read online that this apartment building was friendly and open-minded. That was an understatement.

I wasn’t completely surprised when all ten of my neighbors greeted me the day I moved in. I was flattered that they all called me beautiful. I was a little off-put when they asked about my relationship status (single, at the moment), but it’s no secret that neighbors can be nosy. I appreciated the fact they invited me over for dinner. I accepted, but then I sort of regretted it when they told me to “wear something that’s easy to take off.”

Now it’s after dinner, and they’re taking their clothes off.

I’ve only known these people for a week, but none of them seem self-conscious undressing in front of me. Their boobs and balls and penises flop around while they all neatly fold their clothes and put them in cubbies. One neighbor — an older woman in her sixties — gestures to the empty cubby next to hers. That one’s mine, apparently.

The host dims the lights, and then they all stare at me, buck-naked and smiling.

The young accountant who lives next door to me shrugs. “Now you know our secret. Do you want to join us?”

They couldn’t have asked me before I saw all of their genitals?

Another ataşehir escort bayan neighbor — an empty-nester — lobs a dad joke at me. “We don’t kiss and tell.”

I sheepishly laugh.

But I’m only going to stay here for a year. I’m saving up for a condo in a nicer part of the city.

I shrug and smile. “Sure.”

My neighbors rejoice in their own particular ways (one shouts “Whoop, whoop!”, but she’s super hot, so I forgive her), and then they walk toward me. The host reaches me first. My body stiffens when he runs his hand up my cheek, but it relaxes when he softly kisses me.

He easily takes the lead in our kiss. He slips his tongue between my lips and gently plays with my tongue. I jump when a foreign hand brushes my back, and that makes him smile. He continues to smile and kiss me while someone slides their hand up my shirt and squeezes my breast. More hands pull my shirt over my head, and once it’s tossed onto the floor his mouth is on my neck.

My knees buckle from the barrage of hands on my skin. The host holds my waist while the hands fondle my breasts and pinch my nipples. They indulgently run up and down my curves. Some even slide down my stomach to the button on my jeans.

Delicate fingers undo my escort kadıöy button and pull down my zipper. I gasp when they slide down my panties and press my clit. They slowly rub it while other fingers hook over my waistband and pull my jeans down my hips. My legs give out again, so now the host holds all of my weight in his arms. He’s still lightly kissing me — all over my face and neck — and smiling.

Other hands slide off my shoes, and then they pull my jeans off with them.

I shout when someone presses their face between my legs. They lick my wet panties while the other fingers rub my clit. When the person whose head is between my legs moans, my body jolts into a fit of tremors.

Hands remove my bra and lower me to the carpet, and then my neighbors’ silhouettes lean over me. My eyes droop from the sensations between my legs. Someone is still licking my panties, and when I moan, they spread open my legs wider.

Now lips, and teeth, and tongues explore my skin. Two people suck my breasts into their mouths. When their tongues flick across my nipples, my body trembles with another orgasm. I whine and twitch when someone nips my belly, and soon my entire body arches and squirms from everyone’s attention. Heat simmers in my skin. My panties maltepe escort are soaked with my sweat and arousal. Long nails roll them down my slippery legs, and then a wet pussy sits on top of mine.

The woman lifts my leg and slowly scissors her soft folds against mine. When she glides against my clit, I cry out and shake again.

I don’t know how long she grinds on top of me. I get lost in everyone’s touches and kisses and my moans that fill the room.

Cool air sweeps across my sensitive pussy when the woman lifts off me. A pussy sits on my face shortly afterward. I’m not sure if it’s her pussy or someone else’s. Whoever’s it is, I worship it. I pull it to my lips and lick every part of it. I suck on the dangling skin and glide my tongue everywhere else. I press my finger to her clit and she tremors on top of me, just as someone presses a vibrator on my clit. I shout, muffled by the woman’s pussy on my face.

Some man slides his glorious dick inside me. My eyes roll into the back of my head when he starts a sensual rhythm. Fuck, I love penises. I love how they fill me and reach the deepest part of me. I love how my pussy clenches around this one while the vibrator teases my clit. The fast and slow rhythms around and between my legs labor my breath. My chest heaves until my hips buck, and then every part of my body devotes itself to my euphoric orgasm. My neighbors pet me and watch me convulse until I’m completely spent.

Everyone moves away to give me air to breathe.

One says, “We do this every Wednesday.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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