My First Frat Party

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Chapter 1 – The Debate


When you attend college at a private Christian college in a small rural town, wild parties are not exactly a part of the social life. That’s not to say all the girls are nuns! In fact, I’ve several friends that are quite conservative on campus but once away from school they can get pretty freaky. Sometimes when we’re out for pizza or just hanging around together they like to talk about their little adventures. I’ve never told any of them about my experiences so they like to think they’re exposing me to the “real world”. Truth be known, I think that I could’ve taught most of them quite a bit!

One thing they discussed that caught my interest were the frat parties at the OSU campus in Columbus. I’d been to a few sexually-oriented parties during the past summer but those were actually quite disciplined and managed. Nobody got drunk or overly obnoxious and the since the only intent in going was to have sex, the entire atmosphere was different.

From what my friends described, the frat parties were as different as night and day from my own experiences. Just as my best friend Beth nagged me back home about going to parties with her, my friends at school had been asking me to go with them almost since school started. Two of the most insistent were Mary Beth and Tammy. They were always together and not a week went by it seemed that they weren’t off partying somewhere. Actually, in watching them closely, I couldn’t help but wonder just how close they really were. Although such “deviant lifestyles” were strictly against the “rules” at my school, I had a sneaky suspicion that they were a little more than just friends.

As I debated whether or not to accept their invitation, I asked several people whether they thought I should go, including a couple of guys I chatted on-line with. Without exception, all of them warned me NOT to go, saying they were just drunk-fests and that all the guys wanted was to molest the girls – and not always nicely at that.

Based on their advice I found excuses not to go to the parties although it seemed when my friend’s came back they always claimed to have had a great time. They never said exactly WHAT happened though and I found my curiosity level raising, especially when one time I saw Tammy’s hand planted firmly on Mary Beth’s cute ass when they thought nobody was watching!

Finally I decided the heck with it, why not go? So the next time they invited me I surprised them and accepted. It was still a couple of weeks away from Thanksgiving and almost six weeks since Parent’s Weekend when I last had sex with my dad so you can imagine how horny I was!

Chapter 2 – My Roomie Karen


The evening of the party I showered and stood stark naked in the middle of my dorm room trying to decide what to wear. It was an important decision because whatever I wore would tell a lot about me – not to mention my expectations and intentions.

The more I thought about the party the more I could feel the itch in my pussy getting started. Closing my eyes, my hands seemed to have a mind of their own as they started to wander over my boobs and then down to my crotch. God I wanted to be fucked! No… it was more like I NEEDED to be fucked. Since I’d lost my virginity when I was fourteen, I’d never gone more than a week or two without sex so going six weeks was becoming unbearable.

Just then Karen, my straight-laced virgin roomie, came in the room unexpectedly and saw what I was doing. Her mouth dropped open as she stood there staring at me like I was some sort of alien.

“Kelly!” she exclaimed, “What in the world are you doing?”

Unlike my roomie from last year who I slept with and even had sex (with her AND her married brother), Karen was a total prude. She was always going on about “saving herself for marriage” and was the first girl I’d ever met who said she didn’t masturbate – and actually didn’t. (I know, lots of girls say they don’t but we know they really do.) Karen was a gorgeous blonde – homecoming queen, head cheerleader, blah blah blah so it seemed a shame to waste all that beautiful youth but it was her choice and I respected her for it, even if I didn’t understand her.

The only real problem I had with Karen was that she was totally up-tight over nudity and just about anything sexual in nature. For instance, I’d been sleeping nude since I was twelve. It had nothing to do with sex, I simply enjoyed sleeping that way. Our first night together I didn’t even think about it as I stripped down and started to get into bed. Well, I thought Karen was going to have a stroke! She didn’t say anything but I could tell she was really upset and at first I didn’t even realize why. Seeing her staring at me I soon figured it out. We had to live together for the school year so I didn’t want to get off on the wrong foot with her. As a result, I’ve been wearing shorts and a t-shirt to bed. It seems a bit strange pendik escort to go to college and have to be more conservative than you are at home!

So anyway, seeing Karen’s shock at what must have looked like her roomie was masturbating in the middle of the room (which WAS what was happening), I pretended I’d just undressed and was scratching an itch (which I guess you could say was true!) and quickly reached in my dresser drawer to get some clothes.

Rummaged through my things I found a pair of white cotton panties and a bra which I thought looked so school-girlish. Then I picked out some really tight jeans – the ones I call my “weight check jeans” because if I gain so much as a pound I can’t get them on. To finish it off I pulled out a tight belly tank top with spaghetti straps that didn’t cover my bra straps and exposed about three inches of my tummy. All in all I thought it was a great outfit to go tease a few college boys!

Karen was keeping a close eye on me the whole time. So far in school I’d always dressed fairly conservatively – it was the dress code so I didn’t have much of a choice, so putting on a semi-slutty outfit like this one was something new to her.

“Oh my goodness Kelly,” she said with her hand to her face, “Are you really going to go out in public wearing THAT?”

As much as I tried not to, I couldn’t help but giggle just a bit. I really didn’t want to annoy her but she sounded so incredibly innocent and naãve at that moment.

“Don’t worry Karen, I’m a big girl and I can take care of myself.”

Karen didn’t seem to know what to say so she just gathered up her stuff and headed out to the lounge in a huff. When I’d finished dressing I headed out to meet with the girls, wearing a coat that hid my top so none of the RA’s would see what I was wearing. Tammy and Mary Beth were waiting impatiently for me in the lobby and we were off!

Chapter 3 – The Party Gets Started


Tammy drove and Mary Beth was in the front seat so I jumped in back. During the hour or so it took to get to the frat house we chatted about school and traded gossip. It was fun to talk to some girls away from campus that weren’t all stressed out over trying to appear so prim and proper. Now I love my school and most of the people there, but so many girls were putting on such acts that it just gets tiresome at times. If there was one thing that I took notice of, it was that Mary Beth and Tammy didn’t talk about any of the guys – just the girls. Hmmmmmm!

When we arrived it was already after 10:00 PM. The first thing I noticed was this was unlike any party I’d ever been! Oh sure, I’d been to plenty with alcohol and music but this was up another notch for sure. It seemed like EVERYONE was drunk or at least working on it. The music was blaring so loud I was surprised the cops weren’t already there.

Most of the people there were guys and most of them looked like typical college dorks. Obviously the majority were there with fantasies of finding a drunk girl who would make their every masturbation dream come true. It was just as obvious that they’d be going home alone as usual with a hangover. I mean really, what girl wouldn’t be turned-on by a drunk idiot with acne slobbering over her with beer breath while they try to grope her? Yeah right.

There was probably a dozen or so girls hanging around. A few looked like little prudes trying to prove to their friends that they were partiers but it was clear they were in way over their heads. At the other end of the spectrum were the standard college whores. They were practically throwing themselves at the guys, boobs popping out and hands all over them. Compared to them, I was dressed downright conservative! It seemed sort of ridiculous actually. Some of them were already topless and a few were flashing their asses and pussies to the delight of the dorks.

The rest of the girls were like the three of us – decent to good looking, dressed a bit provocative, willing to keep an open mind should something positive come up (pun intended!) but there primarily to have fun teasing the guys. At least that was my intention at the moment.

From the moment we arrived the guys kept trying to give us drinks in obvious hopes to get us drunk so we would do god only knows what for them. Tammy and Mary Beth evidently liked beer so they took a cup each. Personally I hate beer and never have been a big drinker period so I scrounged around and found some cans of Diet Coke in the kitchen. I’d heard enough horror stories about girls being drugged at these parties from spiked drinks so I felt more secure drinking from something that was sealed when I got it.

For the first hour or so we just hung around and watched the “activities”. Guys were chugging beers and having them poured into their mouths with funnels. Some of the girls were dancing and guys were trying to hit on them constantly. Needless to say we weren’t immune to such maltepe escort attacks ourselves. Like, I’ve never had many guys grabbing my ass before – they were positively shameless! I really didn’t mind it all that much so I just smiled at them and moved on. Eventually I had to use the restroom so I told Tammy I’d be right back.

When I finally found it the bathroom was a disaster! Fortunately I was pleasantly surprised to find that it had a working lock which I double-checked it to make sure nobody could come in while I was in there. The place was disgusting with used condoms on the floor and, well, I didn’t want to even think about what was all over the sink. Thank goodness the toilet still flushed and I did the best I could not to touch anything.

When I left the bathroom I evidently made a wrong turn and ended up where the bedrooms were. I heard some sounds coming from one of them and I peeked in one to see what was happening. It was crazy! There was a guy and a girl both naked in bed who were fucking each other while a crowd of people stood around watching. Several people were taking pictures and one guy even had a video camera! The two of them were going at it like they were really enjoying it – as they probably were. Now I love an audience when I have sex as much as anyone but the cameras and video recorder were not something I would’ve wanted if I were in her shoes, especially with the way this stuff tends to get on the Internet these days.

Chapter 4 – Tammy & Mary Beth Put On a Show


Eventually I found my way back to the living room where I saw Tammy and Mary Beth on the couch sitting next to each other. They had their arms around each other and were kissing! I wasn’t really surprised as I suspected they were a couple, nonetheless it was still hot to see two of my classmates going at it.

I mingled with the gathering crowd and watched along with everyone else as they began started to put on a bit of a show. The drunk guys in the crowd – which meant almost all of them, kept yelling for them to strip and do nasty things to each other but they just ignored them and went along at their own pace. They controlled the show and from the smiles they flashed to the people in the audience now and then they knew exactly what they were doing. I was curious as to how far they would go and it didn’t take long to find out…

First let me say that both girls had fantastic figures with Tammy having the larger breasts but both of them were very well endowed. They each had long brown hair which they wore straight down to the middle of their backs. Mary Beth had a darker complexion, almost olive compared to Tammy’s lighter skin tone such that the two of them looked hot together. They were both taller than me by a couple of inches with most of the extra height apparently in their incredibly long legs. Each had tight low cut jeans on with Mary Beth wearing a tight strapless tube top and Tammy in a thin cotton tank top. Not exactly ‘regulation” back at school, that was for sure.

Mary Beth seemed to be taking the lead. She and Tammy were kissing each other like two lovers, licking and tonguing erotically. They were obviously more than just two girls kissing, for fun; there had to be something between them that went beyond a typical friendship. Mary Beth began to run her hands over Tammy’s tank top, circling her fingers around her nipples which were poking through the thin material and then cupping them in her hands. Tammy responded by running hands over Mary Beth’s bare shoulders and then around her face and through her hair. Eventually her hands moved down to Mary Beth’s breasts and both girls were fondling each other through their clothes.

Mary Beth then moved her hands down along Tammy’s torso, teasing her and tickling her until finally she reached her jeans and then her crotch. She took her finger and pressed in against where Tammy’s pussy was hiding and began to rub her through her jeans. Tammy stayed on Mary Beth’s boobs, massaging them and playing with her nipples. Tammy pushed down the material until Mary Beth’s beautiful breasts were exposed. A few whistles came from the crowd as everyone appreciated how full and firm they were – without any silicone I might add! Her dark and large nipples were very hard at the moment thanks to Tammy’s attention. Tammy’s small hand could barely hold one as she cupped them and toyed with them.

Mary Beth was still working on Tammy’s pussy but evidently decided what was good for her was also good for Tammy and she reached up to pull Tammy’s tank top upward to show off her breasts. The whistle and shouts came again as Tammy’s boobs popped out, even bigger than Mary Beth’s had been. Tammy laid back in the couch then as Mary Beth started to kiss her neck and then moved down to her nipples, sucking them like a baby on a bottle. Tammy moaned and arched her back upward as Mary Beth kissed and sucked on her sensitive kartal escort boobs.

Mary Beth’s hand moved back down and this time stopped at Tammy’s jeans where she unsnapped and then unzipped them while she kept sucking Tammy’s boob. Tammy reached down and helped pull off her pants, revealing a sexy red thong which barely covered anything. Mary Beth rubbed her through the thong as she alternated her mouth between Tammy’s breasts. Finally she slipped the front of the thong over to reveal Tammy’s pussy. Tammy was shaved for the most part with just an inch-wide stripe of trimmed pubic hair running up the center of her crotch for about two to three inches.

Mary Beth cupped her crotch in the palm of her hand and rubbed her with her entire hand. Tammy moved one of her hands to her own breasts and started to play with it as Mary Beth licked the other. As Mary Beth rubbed Tammy her middle finger began to press down more and work its way between her pussy lips until her clit was exposed and she began to run her finger around it. Tammy moaned again and began to move her hips upward against Mary Beth’s hand. Mary Beth’s fingers moved around her pussy, spreading her pussy lips apart as she pushed one finger inside of Tammy. She pushed it all the way in and then began to stroke in and out of her like she was fucking her with her finger. Tammy was obviously liking it as she began to buck her hips up and down in time with Mary Beth’s finger motion.

Mary Beth moved her mouth slowly from Tammy’s boobs down to her stomach where she licked and kissed her belly button briefly before continuing down to between her legs. She went past Tammy’s pussy and kissed and licked the inside of Tammy’s upper thighs, working her way ever slow back to her pussy where her finger was still fucking Tammy. Finally her tongue met Tammy’s clit and Tammy let out a load groan as Mary Beth’s tongue flickered over it. Then Mary Beth licked her whole pussy crack, lapping it like a dog, running her mouth up and down Tammy’s wet pussy.

Tammy was holding both of her breast now with her hands and moaning more and more as Mary Beth attacked her smoldering pussy. If I was any judge I would’ve said Tammy was about to have an orgasm and sure enough, in a few more minutes it looked like that was the case. Tammy grabbed Mary Beth’s head with her hands and held her head tightly to her pussy. He eyes were closed and she kept moaning continuously. Suddenly her back arched up higher than ever before.

“Oh god I’m cumming… Don’t stop!!” she cried. Her hips started to buck into Mary Beth’s mouth and she kept moaning over and over. “Fuck me Mary Beth, oh yeah fuck the shit out me!”

Tammy’s orgasm lasted for several minutes as Mary Beth kept her right on the edge. Finally Tammy collapsed back in other couch, breathing heavily from the exertion. The room was eerily quiet as everyone was mesmerized by Tammy’s performance. It didn’t take long though for the buzz to start anew though. Mary Beth got up from and took off her clothes. Her face was still wet from Tammy’s pussy but she made no effort to wipe any of it off. When she was naked she straddled Tammy who was still laying back on the couch, feeling the aftershocks of her orgasm. Tammy moved up until her pussy was in Tammy’s face. Tammy smiled and started to lick Mary Beth as Mary Beth moved her hips around Tammy’s face. Mary Beth rubbed her breast as she rode Tammy’s face. Tammy’s legs were still spread open and you could see her open pussy which was still wet from her orgasm.

After a while Mary Beth turned around and leaned over as the two of them assumed a hot 69 position. Mary Beth’s ass was poking upward and I thought what a shame it wasn’t getting more attention!

Chapter 5 – I Join In With Tammy & Mary Beth


As I stood there watching them I could feel myself getting warmer and it wasn’t the room temperature that was doing it. As I watched I cupped one of my boobs in my hand and started to rub it without even thinking about it. The two of the looked so hot and I was reminded of all the times I watched my mom and aunt in this position – only these girls were twenty years younger!

As always it felt good to rub myself and my nipples were getting harder. I was lost in a big crowd so I reached down and undid my jeans, lowering the zipper an inch or so to loosen them up. The jeans were so tight that there was no chance of them falling down. With so many people pushed up tight against me, nobody could see me very easily so I let the spaghetti strap on my right shoulder fall to my arm so just my bra strap was showing. The tank top was so tight it didn’t really need the strap anyway. I let the bottom ride up to expose more of my flat belly. It felt really hot to be in the middle of a crowd and half-undress myself! Everyone’s eyes were stilled riveted on my friends as they stayed in their 69 position on the couch.

I was getting more turned on by the minute and finally couldn’t take it anymore. I’ve always loved be watched so I figured what better opportunity! I moved out from the crowd up to the girls. Mary Beth looked up at me and smiled.

“Mind if I join in?” I asked with a seductive smile.

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