My Fantasy with Natalie

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The following is transcribed from Facebook Messenger. It’s my fantasy of what I will do when Natalie (name obviously changed) finally submits to the fact that we are sexual soul mates.


Me: You want to hear what I thought about?

Nat: Yes

Me: So first I would tell you how to dress, nothing crazy but cut offs, a tank top (or tight t-shirt), and flip-flops. No crazy makeup I love your face it’s so beautiful and exotic/ sultry, but your fingers and toes have to be painted a bright slutty color like red or bright pink.

Even if it’s too cold to be comfortable just to test you, and no bra.

Then the location changes but today it was a motel somewhere kinda seedy where people who see you would be wondering your intentions. As soon as the door closes I push you up against it, picking you up and kissing you. Pushing so you can feel my cock hard against your pussy.

Then I’d carry you to the bed my tongue fighting with yours the whole time, with my hands under your arms so I can throw you the last 5 feet to the bed.

Nat: WOW.

Nat: I have no words other than that.

Me: escort ataşehir Then if you followed my directions you’d get a reward. A long slow full body massage where I’d first strip your clothes off like you were a goddess in the flesh. Before rubbing from your neck down to your feet, slowly sensually like pleasing your body was the only thing that mattered to me.

If you didn’t follow them then you would get punished

I would make you bend over face down ass up and I’d spank you (and this teacher has a metal ruler) in the middle of the bed making you thank me and count after every hit.

Either way when the massage (that I would do naked so you could feel my thick cock between your ass cheeks, teasing you as I rub your back and spine) or the punishment were finished I’d sweetly kiss up your spine (Ok prolly start at your asshole) to your neck. Moving along I’d nibble your ear and when you are the most relaxed I’d grab you by your head and pull you off the bed right down to the floor on your knees and make you worship my manhood with your tongue and those movie star lips. Slapping kadıköy escort your face with my cock call you a few pre approved names before letting you do your thing. I’d rarely be fucking your mouth or pushing my cock down your throat just enough to let you know who was in charge (mmmm maybe you can be the first to make me cum with your mouth).

Mmmm next? Push you down so you suck and and lick my balls. Look down right at you making eye contact as you lick lower, rimming my ass like the naughty little slut you are.

God, I wouldn’t last long! I would have to fuck you, maybe just right there on the floor or I’d pull you up to the bed, push you down on your back

Next, using my legs to push your long sexy legs wide open, half forcing myself onto you half sliding. Kissing your from your breasts up to your lips so I could see the pleasure im your face as I finally fill you.

As you get aclimated to my size I’d want more my slow shallow strokes get deeper. When your moans let me knke you can take more I’d grab your legs one at a time. Kissing you from your knee down to your perfect feet, maltepe escort bayan licking from yout ankle to your arch, sucking each of yo

your toes like little cocks as I put your legs on my shoulders so I can just slam into you.

Grabbing your hair tight with one hand and kissing you, my other hand mauling your tits as I pound that milf pussy deep.

Sliding forward rolling you like a pretzel, reaching down and using your wetness to lube my finger I tease your ass while fucking your pussy.

Until finally I couldn’t hold it anymore and I push into you so hard it almost knocks the wind out of you. As deep as I can get inside that wet milf pussy I’d give you all of my cum.

I’d switch gears back to kissing you softly down your body with a few little nips down your stomach to your cum filled pussy and start licking that creampied pussy and that tight little asshole until you beg me to stop.

… that was what I thought about.


Nat: I am in the bathroom and I can’t be in here forever lol but i, want to be

Nat: This is the best thing I’ve ever read in my life

Nat: Lol

Me: : -)

Me: I love that you think that and reacted that way. I was on pins and needles waiting for your response.

Nat: I’m sorry it takes so long.

Nat: Believe me I’ve been thinking of you.

Nat: Like every min lately.

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