Much Better Than The Gym!

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As I steered my Audi into the car park a small, trim, mature-looking lady was walking out of the gym and I stopped the car to let her walk across the road.

She gave me a very pleasant wave and smile as a ‘thank you’ and, as I admired her very large looking bust which was only emphasized by how petite she was, I waved back and nodded in acknowledgement. Her pink t-shirt and the sports vest she was wearing over the top were both figure-hugging and in profile the outline of her breasts looked even more impressive. As she walked on away from me I then appreciated how cute and pert her backside was, also clearly defined by the figure hugging leggings she was wearing.

Disappointed that this sexy lady wasn’t going to be in the gym, as a pleasant distraction from my work-out, I drove on and pulled into a free parking space only for the same woman to get into a top of the range BMW parked directly in front of me. The lady again smiled and I pretended to get something from the glove compartment just so I could watch her a bit longer.

She dumped her sports bag onto the passenger seat, pulled down the sun visor to check her self in the mirror, ruffled her from-a-bottle-looking blonde, shoulder-length hair and then appeared to put the key in the ignition. Aware that it was probably now obvious I was looking at her I reached round to pick up my own bag and as I turned round again the BMW literally jumped forward and knocked into the front of my car.

The lady looked horrified and after a brief pause jumped out of her car.

“I’m so, so sorry,” she gushed, as I got out of mine and moved round towards her.

“It’s my stupid husbands, stupid car, I’m only using it because mine is being serviced, and I’m not used to the gears, I really thought it was in reverse.”

“It’s OK, it’s OK”, I tried to calm her down, “these things happen, are you OK?”

“Yes thank you,” she unsurprisingly said as it had been such a minor ‘accident’!

“Well, that’s the main thing,” I reassured her “and it looks like it was just bumper to bumper so I expect it is all fine. Why don’t you reverse back slightly and we can just double check?”

As the lady got back into her car, I moved round to her door which was still open and asked smiling, “is it definitely in reverse this time?”

“I think so, but I thought that last time.”

She paused and looked apologetically up at me, “would you mind just checking?”

“Of course, no problem…excuse me then,” I said leaning forward and reaching across her, adding; “these manual gears can be a bit tricky.”

I could feel those magnificent breasts very lightly brushing against my back and she must have had a shower after her work-out because she smelt gorgeous. After fiddling briefly with the gear stick, I confirmed, “Yes that seems to be it.”

I somewhat reluctantly started to ease myself back up and away from her but, as I did so, I struggled to find somewhere for my left hand to rest to push myself up. I did, honestly, try to place it on the seat but it came to rest on her slender left thigh.

“Whoops, sorry,” I said, turning slightly to face her, but actually leaving my hand where it was.

“No problem,” she smiled nicely, repeating my line as we then just looked straight at each other, our faces close enough that I really had to resist the temptation to simply fall onto her wide, alluring mouth.

A man then appeared from what seemed out of nowhere and as he walked on past I pushed myself fully back up and out of the car, thinking he’d probably saved me from making a fool of myself and possibly getting a slap in the face into the bargain.

“Go on then, give it a go,” I encouraged.

The woman playfully crossed her fingers and proceeded to successfully move the car back a few feet.

When she got out I was already kneeling down looking at both the cars. She knelt down with me, I did think a little closer than would be normal as I pointed at a slight mark on the BMW’s bumper. “There, that’s all there is, nothing to worry about at all.”

“Oh you don’t know my husband, he’ll go on and on about even that. All he’s really interested in is his cars and his golf.”

As we both stood back up, I answered; “Are you joking?” looking her up and down. “He must be mad.”

This had been an automatic, honest reaction but I did fear that such an obvious inference might well now make her cut and run.

The lady must have been in her mid to late 40’s, whereas I was 32, but she looked remarkably trim and toned. She had on a little too much make-up for my normal liking but with those big tits and small waist she was certainly very sexy. I’d always had a ‘thing’ for older women but never had the opportunity to be with, or even flirt for a while, someone like her.

There was a definite pause as the woman seemed to be taking in what I’d said and, just as I feared the worst, she then smiled in a sort-of bashful way and said, “why thank you.”

I was aware of the blood now surging into my cock ataşehir escort bayan and the lady clearly dropped her eyes down to see the obvious erection now sticking proudly out of my shorts.

I suddenly felt some-what uncomfortable, standing there in a very public place whilst wearing a pair of flimsy sports shorts and experiencing what felt like the biggest, hardest erection I’d ever had, and so I moved my hands round to try and cover my embarrassment.

Raising her eyes, I was sure there was just the merest hint of a grin on her face as the woman continued; “well he’s away on one of his many golfing trips at the moment, so that’ll give me a chance to get it touched up before he gets back and he need never know anything about it.”

She paused and, moving slightly closer into me, reached out and rested her right hand on my arm.

Looking straight up at me, she then breathed in a husky, firmer voice; “Speaking of ‘touching up’ and things that ‘he’ never need know about, you’ve been so very kind about all of this, and I’ve taken up a lot of your work-out time, I’d really like to say ‘thank you’ properly……”

She was still staring right up at me and I became aware that her fingers were lightly kneading my arm and my cock was now literally jerking in excitement.

Smiling in the most seductive way I’d ever seen, with her hand moving up my arm, she then moved even closer into me, her body gently pressing into mine. “I only live about 5 minutes away and I’m sure I could give you a much better and more enjoyable ‘work-out’ than you’d get in the gym.”

All her fluster following the accident had gone and now she seemed totally confident and assured making her appear, if anything, even more sexy to me.

For the second time in only minutes I really didn’t think I would be able to fight the urge not to just fall onto her mouth and to grope her trim figure and those large tits there and then but, at least this time, I knew that I wasn’t just imagining the sexual tension.

I was, however, conscious of the fact there were now several other people around in the car park and so, gathering myself, I was pleased with my reply as I said; “Well I’ve checked the cars over but I suppose I really ought to check that you’re OK as well…”

“Good,” she grinned, “follow me then.”

As she slowly turned back towards the BMW I moved my hands away from the front of my shorts and she took the opportunity to quite subtlety let the fingers of her right hand trail across the bulge sticking out as she lowered herself into the driving seat.

“Well ‘he’ seems more than ready for a really good work-out,” she smiled up at me as I held the door for her.

I couldn’t think of a clever answer and so just nodded, smiling, and then pushed her door to and quickly jumped into my car before following her out of the car park, trying desperately to concentrate on my driving.

The drive itself certainly seemed to take longer than 5 minutes and I was relieved when I finally followed her up a long, private driveway to a very large, modern house, well away from any prying neighbors.

The lady parked the BMW in front of the double garage and motioned for me to park alongside another outbuilding on the other side of the house. As I got out I saw that it was a large indoor swimming pool but my real attention was on the lady as she walked across to the front door, unlocked it and then turned to motion to me to follow her before she stepped inside out of view.

I quickly walked across to the door, which she’d left ajar, looked around and then stepped inside myself.

The house had a massive hallway but my sole focus was once more on this sexy lady who was stood in the middle of the room, looking straight at me.

“Nice place,” I said, hesitating, wondering if she wanted to make the next move.

“Are you here to check me over or the house?” she said, smiling, tilting her head slightly and placing her hands on her hips.

I was aware that the obvious bulge in my shorts was a clear answer to that question but just paused to look at her, enjoying the anticipation and tension for a moment longer, before pushing the door shut and walking slowly towards her, looking her straight in the eyes all the way.

I was sure as I neared her I saw disappointment on her face as, rather than simply pulling her into me, I moved round behind her.

She partly turned her head and, as I was standing so close to her, our mouths were once more just inches apart. I could hear and see that she was breathing heavily and then as I lightly placed my hands on her upper back and then ran them down to her sides she let out a sigh and a definite shudder.

“Well, this all feels fine,” I breathed into her ear, trailing my hands round her slim hips and that cute back-side, before down and round to her upper legs and then thighs.

“But I think,” I continued moving my hands up to cup those large breasts, “I need to check these out much more closely.”

As escort kadıöy I kneaded her breasts and squashed them together she let out an even louder sigh and pushed herself back against me.

We stood there for a few moments, me massaging and groping at her tits and her pushing back and rubbing herself against my erection, harder and with more and more urgency, telling me all the while how “good” it felt.

I kissed at her neck and shoulders before she turned into me and pulled my face down onto her welcoming mouth, her tongue instantly darting and probing as I now pulled her onto me by her bum cheeks.

We were like a couple of horny teenagers, rubbing against and at each other as she then pushed me back against the nearest wall for support as we continued the most urgent, wet and frantic kissing I think I had ever experienced.

She was literally grinding herself against me, making louder and louder grunting noises through our kisses, as I breathed; “Fuck…you’re so…fucking…gorgeous…I need you…so much.”

This only seemed to make her even more frantic and she quickly dropped to her knees and in one movement yanked my shorts down to my ankles and engulfed my prick fully into her warm, wet, soft mouth, causing me to groan and moan at such a glorious sensation.

As I looked down I wanted to savor the sight of her sucking quite frantically and firmly, back and forth on my dick and I gently eased her hair away from her face as she, anything but gently, gobbled up and down.

Having initially been concerned that I found this lady such a turn-on that that I might come very quickly, I realized that my cock felt so much harder and more erect than it ever had done before and that the foreskin was so fully pulled back that I actually felt quite in control and unlikely to just suddenly feel myself coming unexpectedly. I was confident I could have stayed like this for ages, just enjoying watching and feeling this mature woman, whom I had only met less than half an hour beforehand, and whom I still didn’t even know her name, seemingly desperate to lick and suck my cock for all she was worth.

Suddenly, however, she let my prick pop out of her mouth and just as I was feeling disappointed at no longer feeling her soft but firm lips sliding back and forth along me and her tongue lapping and slurping at my shaft and helmet, my cock jerked again in excitement as she said, in-between kissing her way back up to my mouth; “I need…you to…fuck me.”

She then led by the hand and I somewhat awkwardly kicked off my shorts and then my trainers and socks as we went.

I momentarily felt a little stupid walking whilst bare naked from the waist down and with a bone-hard erection sticking out in front of me but completely forgot that when the lady turned to me once more and grinned as she kissed me;

“In fact…I need…to fuck…you,” as she then pushed me back onto a very large leather couch that looked just made to fuck on.

We were now in a big lounge with a massive stone fire-place but I was focused on her standing right in front of me as she quickly kicked off her own trainers and socks, then pushed in one motion her leggings and panties up and over her hips and down her slender, toned legs.

As I drunk in the sight of her neat, hairy pussy she straddled my lap and promptly guided my enlarged purple helmet back towards her entrance.

The first touch of her cool fingers on my cock made it jump and I watched transfixed as I then felt the tip of my prick nuzzle momentarily against her pussy lips before she impaled herself downwards onto my cock.

She had closed her eyes as she slipped down me, as if just wanting to concentrate fully on that sensation but now she opened them again and her look of lust and contentment was a massive turn on.

I started to move my face forward to fall once more onto those red lips but she beat me to it, leaning down to me, pushing her tongue firmly and deeply into my mouth as she started to grind herself down against me.

I just held myself there, enjoying her pulling my face onto hers whilst feeling her flex and contract her cunt muscles against my rock-hard cock and then start to slide herself up and down, faster and faster. Slurping noises confirmed how wet she was getting and, although her snatch felt warm and tight against me, she was now easily slipping up and down. I just held her lightly by her slim waist to offer support as she fucked herself more and more urgently on me.

She was throatily telling me how “good it felt,” so “hard and deep” inside her as she supported herself on my shoulders and really thrust up and down until she arched her head back as she grunted and swore, “fuck yes…oh, yes…oh, yea…oh, yeeaaaaaa” as she obviously came, long and hard.

I leant forward to firstly kiss all around her exposed throat, then down to her slender shoulders and lastly at those large breasts before reaching underneath her to knead and massage her small buttocks as she fully maltepe escort rode out her orgasm.

As she started to calm I simply held her up off me slightly by the buttocks, supporting her so that none of her weight was pushing down onto me and began to push myself up into her. By holding her off my lap, as I pushed up into her before easing myself back down, I could feel her pussy lips sliding all along the length of my shaft, like being caressed by a snug, velvety glove.

She had her eyes closed once more and was moaning and groaning in unison to my movements and then as I started to increase the pace and pressure of my thrusts she opened them again and urged me on; “that’s it…fuck me…fuck me…fuck me hard.”

It didn’t take very long at all for me to feel my balls tighten and then, as I ‘warned’ that I was, “going to come…going to come,” for her to encourage; “come inside me…come deep inside me…I want to feel you come deep inside me.”

With her words ringing in my ears I virtually cried out as it felt like my cock then literally exploded, spurting a massive pump of come up into her followed, after a moments pause, by more pump-loads than I’d ever experienced before.

Although I’d not really put any effort in, and although we’d only been fucking for a few minutes, with the sheer release of my pent-up desire and having experienced my most intense orgasm ever, I suddenly felt quite shattered.

I rested my head back on the couch, half-closing my eyes and sighing, as I held her by the waist and breathed; “thank you…ohhh, thank you.”

“You’re more than welcome,” she smiled nicely at me, making no move to get off my lap.

“Are you OK?” she then asked, leaning forward to gently kiss me.

“Oh god, more than OK,” I replied, as she leant back again and I ran my hands lightly up her sides.

“It’s just that you’re so fucking sexy and I just didn’t want this to stop, especially not even having played with these magnificent tits,” and I moved my hands up to hold her breasts.

“Oh, don’t you worry about that,” she smirked, moving forward to lightly kiss me once me more, “I haven’t finished with you yet…I mean saying ‘thank you’ yet,” she laughed.

My limp prick twitched slightly in excitement at this news and as I responded to her kiss, I smiled; “I’m Dean…by the way…how do…you do.”

“Well…as introductions go, Dean…that was…the best one ever…I’m Suzanne.”

As she was speaking, she’d moved her hands up inside her t-shirt and then round to her back. She was then obviously unclasping her bra before leaning back away from me and dropping what looked to be quite a substantial sports-type bra down onto the floor. Suzanne then slowly, very slowly, eased both the left straps of her t-shirt and sports vest away from her slender shoulder and down her arm.

I sat transfixed as she then did the same to the right, revealing the most inviting, deep cleavage I’d had the good fortune to witness — certainly from so close. My flaccid cock was now stirring and I was sure that Suzanne could feel this as she started to wiggle slightly on me at the same time as lowering the material of her tops away from her left breast to reveal a large, erect, most perfect looking nipple.

“Oh, my god,” I murmured, “your tits are just the best I’ve ever seen” and I could feel my prick growing even more as I moved my hand up to roll my finger-tips lightly over the nipple and then tweak and pull at it. I then leant forward to firstly lick and gently lap at the nipple, before clamping my mouth around it as I moved my left hand up to simultaneously grope and massage her right breast.

“I like feeling you grow inside me,” she sighed, pulling my face to her and then arching her back as I buried my face into her cleavage before moving across to her right tit and nipple.

“That’s it…suck them…suck them hard,” Suzanne encouraged, as she pushed down onto my lap as I continued to gorge on her large, heavy tits.

I could have continued to do that for ever but the urge to fuck her again proved even stronger and, although Suzanne initially let out a moan of disappointment as I maneuvered her up and off me and down into a lying position, she quickly looked pleased again as I shifted myself up and round and on top of her.

She pulled me down onto her lips and I ran my hands all over her, enjoying the sensation of lying on top of such a sexy, petite woman and feeling nearly every part of my body pressing down onto some part of hers.

As I writhed on top of her my cock seemed to just naturally nestle at her entrance and without actually meaning to once more I slipped into her.

Suzanne grunted in appreciation and, as our tongues still probed, I felt my cock slip all the way back up her, feeling as though I was filling her to the hilt. She ran her hands round to my bare arse cheeks and pulled me down onto her, starting to grind herself into me. She obviously liked to be in control, which was fine by me, but I did move up from her to kiss and suck at her tits.

Suzanne then lifted her arms up to push back down against me using the arm of the couch and also wrapped her legs tightly around me, clamping me to her and making it feel as though I was reaching even deeper inside her.

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