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It was a warm and sunny day. Agla had been up hiking in the mountains, enjoying the quiet and solitude of the hills. She loved the atmosphere, being all by herself, letting herself be drawn in by the majestic presence of the age old monuments of earth’s history. Silent, powerful, jagged, a times even a hint of threatening, and always making her feel a little humble.

Nothing but silence, apart from the occasional scream of the jackdow, or the whistle of marmots who, always watchful, seemed startled (and perhaps a little pissed off) at the rare appearance of a biped, racing for cover in their hidden refuges in the ground.

Shade had been scarce, and Agla felt hot, sweaty and dusty now. She needed some refreshment, and she knew a hidden spot where she was certain to get it. That was where she headed right now.

She descended into the forest, and there it came into sight: A small lake, partly hidden by the shrubs around it, most of the lake’s shores covered by the cool shade of the surrounding forest.

With a sigh, Agla dropped to the ground by the lake, working to get off her hiking boots. Her feet seemed even hotter than the rest of her body, so she dipped them into the ice cold water, letting her legs follow all the way up to her knees, while she lay on her back, enjoying the cool that crept up from her feet and legs slowly until it started to cool her down altogether.

The water felt deliciously soothing, like being covered in ice cubes, so Agla decided to treat her entire body to the refreshment. As she knew that this was not a highly frequented spot, she decided to just go naked. She took off her clothes and left them by the lake side, barely hidden beneath a bush.

Not that she really thought that someone might come along and steal her clothes, but you never knew what creatures were hidden in the woods, she thought, and she laughed at herself at her vivid imagination.

She couldn’t help feeling a little like an elf, standing here in the middle of that silent, solitary forest, all naked by the lakeside, and she smiled at the thought of hobbits or trolls secretly watching her (perhaps even getting a little turned on), and she flaunted her body to any real or imagined spectators hidden in the bush.

The lake’s bank was fairly steep, and she sat down and slowly lowered her body into the ice cold, clear water, that immediately reached up to her chin. Being a strong swimmer, she wasn’t really worried, so she dipped under and started to swim with powerful strokes, until she had reached the middle of the lake. There, she just let her body float, immersed by the refreshing cold, the air clear, cool and fresh, and she inhaled the scent of the forest and the warm, humid earth.

When Agla looked back towards the shore, much to her surprise, she noticed a shape approaching the lake. She didn’t really believe that the figure would turn out to be an elf or other mystical inhabitant of the forest, so she decided to swim back to the shore. She was curious to find out who else had found their way to this hidden spot.

As she was close to the shore, the mysterious figure had almost reached the place where she had left her clothes. Suddenly Agla recognized him.

“Aloha, oh mighty Jason, king of the woods,” she called out.

Jason, for it was indeed him, shaded his eyes, apparently looking for the origin of the voice. Oh yes, he recognized that voice, and he remembered only too well in what kind of sweet, delicious trouble that had gotten him before. Agla, still in the water, waved, and now he saw her.

“Well, if that isn’t Agla, one of two sassy Sirens,” Jason exclaimed, laughing. “What on earth are you doing here? I thought the sea was your main hunting ground! Didn’t know that you’d extended your reach as far as the mountains forests to lure poor souls to their peril.”

He stretched out his hand to help Agla out of the water.

Agla laughed her charming and bewitching laugh.

“When resources are scarce, you have to be flexible, you know,” she replied with a grin.

Taking Jason’s hand, she helped herself out of the water, dripping, her nipples small and stiff from the cold water.

She hugged him.

“And what are you doing here, crossing the Sirens’ path again?”

“Oh, I just decided to take advantage of a beautiful, sunny day and go for a little walk. Of course I was expecting to bump into a naked woman in the woods, that was actually the whole idea of it,” Jason answered, unable to take his eyes off Agla, and having to restrain himself to keep his hands off her.

Agla had picked up her t-shirt to rub herself dry. She noticed Jason’s stare.

“Why don’t you join me and take off your clothes?” she invited him with a smile.

Jason looked at her.

“Where’s your companion?” he asked suspiciously.

Agla laughed. “Thel? Oh, don’t worry, she’s gone hunting in the city for today.”

“Good,” Jason replied with obvious relief, “I just wouldn’t want to be surprised by someone jumping on me, pinning me down and finally strapping me to escort kartal a tree, so that you two could have your wicked ways with me again.”

“Yes, you did really seem to mind it that last time, Jason.” Agla’s smile was more than a little mischieveous. “But I can assure you, you’re in no danger whatsoever. Trust me!” she whispered, while she started to unbutton Jason’s pants.

Jason felt a familiar twitch in his middle while Agla slowly undressed him, without further ado. When she had managed to rid him of his pants, she pressed her body against his, rubbing herself against his middle.

Agla was still cool from the water. Jason drew her closer and let his hands glide over her back, enjoying the touch and feel of her bottom’s soft curve.

“Are you cold?” Jason whispered. “I can help you to get, you know, warm. Not to say hot.”

Agla looked up at him and smiled. “Aren’t you hot? Still standing there in half your clothes…”

With that, she proceeded to pull his T-shirt over his head, snuggling her upper body against his bare chest. Jason felt her still hard nipples brushing over his belly, and the feeling turned him on, more than slightly.

“You are not being very helpful,” Agla scolded him mockingly, proceeding to take of the last bit of his clothes, exposing his lust fully into the open.

“Er …” was all Jason managed to say under the circumstances.

He was still gently stroking Agla’s back, and he wasn’t sure if her goosebumps and hard nipples were still due to the after-effects of her swim, or if it was his touch, which Agla did seem to enjoy more than a tad.

She pressed herself against him again, enjoying the feeling of Jason’s hard cock pressing against her belly, while she caught herself rubbing her pussy against his thigh. Her lips touched his belly, and she kissed him upward all the way to his nipples. There her lips lingered until she felt his nipples becoming as hard as her own.

Jason moaned slightly. His hands reached over Agla’s butts, gliding over them, and one hand finally found its way between her thighs, the other hand still touching her buttocks.

“You do seem very hot,” Agla whispered coarsely.

“It is a very hot day, indeed,” Jason nodded, attempting to draw her even closer.

With obvious effort to overcome her own desires, Agla unwound from Jason’s hug.

“Take off your shoes, and socks, for that matter,” she ordered him, grinning in a mixture of lust and wickedness.

Jason, his cock fully erect, looked down at his shoes sheepishly.

“Oh!” he said, a little embarassed, and knelt down obediently to do as he had been told.

When he had removed his shoes and socks, he was ready to proceed. Agla, however, had walked near the shore of the lake.

“Er, what are you up to now?” Jason asked.

“Catch me if you can,” Agla replied with a cheeky little grin, and with a splash she had jumped off the bank, and started to swim with powerful strokes.

Jason hesitated, a little flabbergasted.

Agla waved at him from the middle of the lake.

“Come on in! The water is superb! What are you waiting for?” she exclaimed.

Jason knew that this little Siren was probably up to some sort of mischief, but despite, or maybe because of that, he wouldn’t be told twice. He took a deep breath, ran toward the edge and, without hesitating further, jumped into the water.

He had been following Agla blindly. Big mistake!

“Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!” he screamed while his body tried to cope with the shock of being suddenly and literally thrown into the just-above-freezing cold of a mountain lake’s waters, “You little bitch! This is liquid ice! Why didn’t you warn me?”

Agla couldn’t help laughing.

“Well, you looked like you needed a little cool-down,” she managed to say, giggling at Jason.

He was pedalling wildly, in part attempting to not turn into an ice cube, and in part attempting not to drown his face still grimacing at the icey water.

“Wait till I get hold of you!” He threatened in between moans, this time of pain, as he tried hard to catch up with Agla.

Agla, still laughing, looked at him. She almost pitied him, so she waited until he had caught up with her.

“Are you all right?” she asked considerately.

“Am I alright?” Jason groaned. “I probably froze my fucking cock and balls off!”

“Oh no, we sure don’t hope so, do we?” Agla said, her voice resonating with slight concern. “Wait, I’ll make sure everything is ok!”

She took a deep breath, and before Jason could protest (he was a little worried about what she would be up to now), she had dived down, holding on to his legs with one hand to steady herself, and then he felt her other hand gently massaging his balls. And then his cock was surrounded by warmth, as he felt her mouth gently enclosing him, her tongue tenderly playing with his head.

“Yes,” Jason said to himself, “feels like everything’s still alive after all.”

It was a strange, but extremely pleasant sensation to have his cock suddenly maltepe escort treated to the soothing warmth of Agla’s mouth, while the rest of his body was immersed in cold water. Unfortunately, this treatment didn’t last long, as Agla’s head emerged from beneath the water’s surface all too soon.

“Not to worry,” she declared, gasping for breath. “Looks as if everything’s still working!” she added with a grin.

“Er, could you do me a favour and double-check? Just to make sure, you know,” Jason pleaded.

Agla looked at him sternly.

“Ok, but I won’t be able to give you a fully blown … blow job. I don’t know if you are aware of this, but I cannot breath under water.”

“Oh!” Jason replied in apparent astonishment. “So you’re not a mermaid?”

Agla giggled. “No, as a matter of fact, I’m not. Which is just as well. Because if I was, you couldn’t do this,” and she took one of his hands, leading it between her legs and onto her pussy’s lips.

No, this didn’t feel like a fish tail indeed. Jason’s hand was ready to explore a little more, and – just to make sure that Agla was really not a mermaid, but a woman from head to toe – he slipped his hand a little deeper, until he felt the contrast between the cold water of the lake and the warmth of her pussy.

“Yes,” Jason said, as Agla began to emit little purring noises, “this doesn’t feel like the cold skin of a mermaid. More like the soft, warm flesh of a siren.”

Agla moaned a little more.

“And apart from having to miss out on being touched like this,” she purred, “a mermaid wouldn’t be able to breathe under water, either.”

“Oh, I see,” Jason said, unwillingly withdrawing his hand.

“But I’ll go and check again,” Agla grinned, and she took a deep breath once more before she disappeared under water.

Again, Jason felt the sweet sensation of Agla’s hands cupping his balls, while her mouth engulfed his cock with warmth and extremely pleasant licks.

“Ahh!” he sighed, not sure if Agla was able to hear him as long as she was under water. “This is good!”

He wished that Agla would never stop what she was doing right now, his urge being greater for knowing that she could not stay under water for ever. He savoured it as much as he could while it lasted. Before too long (which corresponded more or less to Jason’s feeling of “way too short”), Agla came back to the surface, panting.

Jason wasn’t sure if her breathing was heavy because she had been holding her breath, or because she was getting worked up, too. He was, of course, hoping for the latter.

Agla held on to him.

“Hmmmm,” she purred as her arms reached around his back, while her lips were searching for his ears and gently nibbled his earlobes, “I could have gone on like this forever! I love licking and sucking your cock, you know? The feel of your hard dick pulsating in my mouth drives me crazy,” she whispered coarsely. “And tasting you is an unbelievable turn-on for me,” she added.

“Hmmmm, so that makes two of us,” Jason sighed, and he realized that he wasn’t feeling that cold anymore.

He pulled Agla up closer and held on to her firm little buttocks, massaging them. Then his fingers slid down in the middle between them to carefully finger her little butthole, a touch which invariably led to Agla moving up still closer to him, while she emitted little moans. She felt his hard cock brushing against her lips and felt an unsatiable desire to feel him inside her.

She wrapped her legs around him.

“I want to fuck you so badly,” she whispered into his ear, “now!”

“Here?” Jason asked, a little aghast.

“Right here, right now!” Agla demanded, and she positioned herself so that her pussy was just above Jason’s cock.

“But it’s cold in this water!” Jason protested feebly, his own hornyness beginning to carry him away.

“Don’t worry, your cock will be in a hot place,” she assured him with a little grin as one of her hands reached down to guide his cock into her pussy, slowly gliding up and down his shaft.

“I know that, but what about the rest?” Jason moaned, as he was thrusting against her, finding his way into Agla.

She moaned as he entered her, her back arching and her hips moving towards him, inviting him to explore her in more depth. Agla felt warm and incredibly wet. She shivered as their bodies melted to become one and she felt Jason penetrating her deeper.

“We’ll get the water heated in no time,” Agla whispered, as she was holding on to him with both arms, her legs wrapped around him.

Their bodies moved as one as Jason pushed deeper into her wet, hot pussy, withdrawing only slightly every other moment. Agla had been right. He didn’t feel the cold anymore. In fact, he was getting hot, and the cold water made for an almost soothing contrast.

He looked at Agla’s face which was twisted with lust, her eyes half closed, her lips slightly parted, as she tried to take in as much of him and the entire sensation as possible. Not only feeling but also seeing her lust turned pendik escort bayan him on oeven more.

Agla started to ride him faster now as she followed the urge of their bodies. Her lips wandered from his ear to his shoulder, biting him passionately, making Jason moan in a mixture of lust and pain.

Their entangled bodies danced in the water, driven by lust. Agla’s lips continued their journey and slightly brushed over Jason’s neck. She tasted the salt of his sweat and licked her way up to his face. Then her lips searched his, opened up and his tongue penetrated her, eager to be sucked.

Although their bodies were almost perfectly united now, there were still parts left to explore, and Jason decided it was time to finger Agla’s little ass again. She reacted instantly.

“Oh god, Jason! This feels … ohhh … I’m just gonna come if you’re not careful,” she moaned, trying to slow down, but Jason wouldn’t let her.

“I want to feel you come, babe,” he whispered, holding himself back as good as he could.

Fingering her butt was as much of a turn on for him as it was for her. Carefully, he pressed his finger against her anus, taking her movements as clue for how much further he could push. Agla was near ecstatic as she tried to simultanesously move in perfect synch with Jason, his dick touching and rubbing in all the right places, and to relax her butt so that his finger might penetrate her a little deeper.

As he exerted a tiny bit of pressure, Jason felt that she started to widen just a little, and gently he moved his finger into her, not much further than its tip, and let it rest, savouring the feeling of penetrating this excitingly tight space.

Agla’s body began to twitch.

“Everything ok?” Jason asked her quietly.

Agla nodded, unable to speak. Judging by her movements and by how hot and wet she was, she seemed close. Jason nudged his finger a little deeper into her butt. Feeling and seeing Agla’s excitement, listening to her moans and moving inside her was almost too much for him now. He moaned, his movements became faster, and finally he started to finger-fuck her butt, which had opened up wide enough, its muscles relaxed.

Agla panted. Her nails dug into his back (thank god they were trimmed short, Jason thought), and her movements increased in speed and intensity. Jason felt her pussy twitching, close, but not quite there, and he fought to hold back his own lust.

For a moment, they remained almost motionless, as if the world itself had stopped turning. They were in the eye of the hurricane before they would be drawn to its edges. They savoured the magic of the moment, at the climax of lust, and Agla and Jason tried to extend the span they could remain at its very height, before the quake would set in.

And it did so with powerful force. As Jason felt Agla cum, she moaned loudly. As the orgasm shook her body, Agla’s pussy gripped and squeezed his cock tightly, in three or four pulsating waves, leaving him without the trace of a chance to hold back any longer. With an intensity mirroring hers he exploded, feeling not as if he was in a cold mountain lake now, but as if he was in the midst of a hot, erupting geysir (or, more precisely, he felt as if he was the hot, erupting geysir). Their bodies throbbed together, Agla’s pussy still milking his cock, which in turn seemed unable to stop squirting.

At last, Jason felt Agla’s tension ease as her body relaxed around him.

“Oh my god!” she panted, still gasping for air. She kissed him, her lips passionately enclosing around his. Their tongues teased each other playfully.

Carefully and slowly, Jason withdrew his index finger from her butt. He gave her an underwater slap which Agla hardly felt.

“Did the lake move for you, too, hun?” she asked him, her face beaming with post-orgasmic glee.

“Oh boy, did it ever!” Jason grinned. “I felt like a volcano beneath an iceberg. I’m actually surprised that there’s any water left. By how I felt, it should have all evaporated!”

“See?” Agla grinned at him. “I told you you wouldn’t be cold for long. But,” she continued, as she started to unwrap herself and slid off him, “we’ll be cooling off now. Let’s get to the shore.”

Jason nodded. “Yes, and I think by the time we’re out of the water, I’m ready for a little, er, warm up.”

He looked at her with a lustful grin.

Agla laughed.

“A little warm up, eh? Allright then, you shall have it. You deserve it,” she added.

Indeed, they did begin to feel the cold now that their bodies were no longer fueling each other’s heat. So they hurried to reach the lake’s shore, ready to warm each other once again.

Much later, after they had warmed up (and cooled down) again, they moved to a sunny spot at the other side of the lake to enjoy the last of the afternoon sun, before it would hide behind the mountain’s ridge. Jason’s head rested on Agla’s belly. Her hands were playing with his hair, while his hand stroked along her legs.

“Hmmm ….”, Jason purred. “I am almost perfectly happy now!”

Agla stopped caressing his hair.

“Almost? What do you mean by almost? I mean, what could be more perfect than resting at a perfectly idyllic spot in the perfectly warm afternoon sun with a perfectly sweet girl, after two perfectly great orgasms?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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