Mindy’s Massage Ch. 17: Naked at the Door

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Mindy got into a leisurely bath and shaved her long gorgeous legs, her beautiful underarms, and little, smooth pussy mound, before spending a time soaking in the tub. She was just stepping out of the bathtub, her hair was wet and she was completely naked, when she heard a knock at her door. At first Mindy decided to ignore it, but whoever it was, was very insistent, and kept knocking, louder and harder. She finally decided to just see who it was. She wiped her still damp hair straight back and wrapped her towel around herself, and padded barefoot to her door. She opened it a crack and there stood a cable service man.

He asked, “Cable trouble, ma’am?” He was older than her, about thirty five maybe, and gorgeous. He was a tall, dark skinned black man, with a runner’s build but very muscular, with black hair and piercing black eyes, a square jaw and angular face. Mindy looked at his hands and noticed he had long, thick fingers and big hands. She immediately wondered how they would feel all over her. He and Mindy started talking about her cable service, as she explained that she wasn’t having any trouble and looked him up and down. admiring his long legs, tight, high butt, and wide shoulders above a flat stomach and narrow waist, and she started to feel some tingles. She couldn’t help but tease a little bit, so she let the door swing open to reveal her in only her towel, bare legs and thighs exposed along with her shoulders and down to just above her breasts. Mindy could see his eyes moving over her body, and she could tell he was very interested. She started flirting with him, smiling and joking a little about him catching her naked.

When she said “naked” his breath caught. He was in typical cable guy garb, blue jeans, a cable company shirt and heavy boots but he didn’t have his tool belt on. She said something about thinking guys in tool belts were hot, and he offered to get his. They both laughed and she told him that he was hot enough without it. Then she realized what she had said and blushed, not believing she had said such a thing.

He made a comment about liking girls in towels, but liking girls out of towels better. She looked him in the eye, and slowly pulled the towel loose to let it fall just inside her door. There she was, standing totally naked in her open front door, letting the cable guy look to his heart’s content. She didn’t realize that it was the second time he had seen her naked at her front door.

He checked out the fullness of her breasts, with the pink nipples starting to harden under his gaze, then down her tummy, past her navel, to the bare skinned, smooth little mound of her sex, as she became more aroused by this sudden and unexpected situation that was occurring.

“See anything you like?” she asked, and he nodded, his breaths coming heavy and fast. “Anything you’d like to do about this?” she asked, and he stepped forward to slip his arms around her and lean down to kiss her. Mindy felt his tongue slide between her lips and against her tongue as they began to play together, their lips pressed tight to each other. She felt his hands on her smooth skin, sliding up and down her back, then lower to caress her tight, full buttocks, as they kept making out. Then his hands wandered to her front, first lifting and caressing each of her full, taut, heavy breasts, which were aching for his touch. He fondled them, touching them all over. He broke their kiss to lean down and begin kissing her body, going all over her front, and using his lips and his tongue to stimulate her.

Mindy found herself very eager to have this gorgeous black man. He raised up to kiss her again, and after a couple more minutes, she slowly sank to her knees before him, and reached to unzip his jeans. The zipper went down and she reached into his fly, pulling down the waist band of his briefs, and then reached in to grasp him, and pull him out into her view. He was large, both long and thick, uncircumcised, and getting very hard as his excitement mounted. Mindy used her hand to slide up and down his thick hard shaft a few times, before leaning forward. She placed a kiss right on the purplish end of the head, right on the slit, which offered a drop of pre-cum to her taste buds, then opened her mouth. She slowly skinned the foreskin back, baring the full, swollen crown, and then closed her mouth around the head, swirling her tongue around the flared edge. She used her tongue and hands to inflame him with even more passion and excitement. She slowly lowered her head onto him, letting his fully hard, thick long cock slide all the way through her mouth and begin reaching into her open throat.

He put both hands on her head, tangling his fingers in her damp hair, as she used all her oral skills on him, getting him more ready and even more excited. He was grunting and gasping with unbridled passion as she worked on him. She slid him to the back of her throat then back until only the head of his cock was left inside her hot wet mouth, then dove again for the base, letting her tongue tickle his shaft as she reached for the hairy base of his penis. bostancı escort bayan He responded by starting to move his hips a little in time with her strokes, fucking into her mouth as she continued her soft, oral assault on his most tender of places.

Mindy reached up and unfastened his top button on his jeans, then pulled them and his briefs down to his knees, giving her access to his entire crotch, fondling him with her fingers as she thrilled him. Then she reached under to tickle his heavy, full, swollen balls with her tongue, before pulling first one, then the other into her mouth, rolling them around and sucking on them like they were chocolate tootsie roll pops. She held each one for a few seconds, using her tongue against it, before pulling off them with enough suction to give him a shudder as it happened, and he moaned in excitement. She licked all over them, reaching way under them to lick the area just behind his heavy ball sack. Then she slowly drug her tongue up over his balls and up the long hard underside of his penis until she could once again let his hard cockhead slide deep into her throat, He groaned in total ecstasy as her hot, wet sucking mouth and gentle fingers on him drove him crazy with pure animal lust.

Mindy stood up and pulled him inside her home, letting the door swing shut before they got even more serious. She started helping him slip off his shirt, by unbuttoning it and pushing it off his shoulders. She couldn’t resist sliding her soft hands all over the bulging muscles in his shoulders and back as his bare, dark skin was exposed to her. He stepped out of his heavy boots, and in just a moment, he was as completely naked as she was. They were only a couple of steps from her sofa, and he guided her backward over to it, kissing her with his tongue in her mouth, and he laid her down and knelt on the floor between her wide open thighs. Her head was spinning at the speed this was happening, and then she felt the exquisite sensations of his hot breath on the bud of her little clit, making it rise and get harder.

Then his tongue began to gently and softly caress and stroke her hot little pussy, as she quivered all over. He was making her tingle deep inside. She felt the heat of her desire and her response increasing and then she felt fingers inside her tiny pink slit, as well as his oral caress and gasped for air as he thrilled her. The combination of his efforts was making her gasp and shudder in passion. Her whole body was flushed with desire as he worked. Then suddenly, he was gone, and rising over her. Mindy felt the hardness of his throbbing, smooth skinned and large veined cock pushing into her, and making her gasp even more. It felt so good, as they began to move together, and she wrapped her arms around him and her legs around his taut, tight, muscular ass as he began moving on top of her.

She was making little noises of excitement and shaking against his hard male body as she felt his whole hot body touching her as he thrust deeply into her. He worked on her, driving her ever higher and giving her pleasure all over her body. His mouth was locked onto hers, tongues tangling, his hands were squeezing her breasts and pinching her nipples, and he was pounding hard and deep into her with long strokes of his throbbing, jerking, pulsating penis. Even her toes were tingling as the two bodies moved together, lost in the passion and throes of sex. It continued until he began to move harder and faster, fucking her like a jackhammer, with faster, deeper, and harder strokes and she felt herself being swept away by a rushing thrill all through her body. Her climax came just ahead of his, and she felt her whole body explode in sensations of ecstasy, then felt and heard him following her to his peak. He thrust hard one last time into her, burying himself and pounding into her cervix, then held himself buried in her as he emptied the white, sticky, flowing ropes of his passion into her. She was swept away in a cloud, fully accepting all he had to offer, and completely swept up in the moment.

She lay there completely relaxed, enjoying his weight lying on her and his kisses against her throat. She was lost in the afterglow of glorious, amazingly passionate and anonymous sex as he kissed her one time on her lips, rose and got dressed, then thanked her and left through the front door. He didn’t leave her his number, and while she knew he had said his name when she opened the door, she couldn’t remember it. She couldn’t believe she let this one slip away. Oh well, she thought, he was sure fun while it lasted…

Mindy had two appointments later that day, one in the afternoon for an hour with a regular client, and the other in the early evening for two hours with a new guy, so she was going to get a hotel room to use for both of them. So after her new, nameless friend left, leaving her feeling fantastic, she was back in the bath, soaking and thinking. She thought about what she had just done and how most people would think she was crazy for taking that kind of chance, and she realized that ümraniye escort they might be right. But she had found such an amazing release in how she lived her life and all the adventures; even though they weren’t always perfect, they were great memories. She knew her lifestyle would be judged badly by most people, and she wondered sometimes what had happened to the old, conservative, quiet, sexually inhibited Mindy.

She puzzled over how she had changed, and why, but she realized that she was happier and was always excited to get up in the mornings now, compared to when her life was more drudgery and less thrilling excitement. She got out of the bath, slipped on a cute bra and a tiny g-string, and sat down on her bed with her laptop and got on to a discount booking site. She found a room at a four star hotel, in a very easily accessed part of town, and booked a room. Then she emailed both her clients with her hotel location and her “work” phone number.

Mindy kept a phone just for her clients, so that they wouldn’t be calling her on her regular phone line. She did have a few clients who had her real number, but they were guys she trusted to respect her privacy. Soon, she was driving to her location, stopping to grab a quick meal at a small salad and sandwich shop. Once she was at the hotel, she checked in with her little carry in bag, and got her room number. She went up to the room, and got in the door, then got out of her street clothes and into a very nice, expensive little camisole set that made her look incredible, and went into the bathroom to brush her teeth again, and use mouthwash, then touched up with a light application of lotion all over to be sure she was very touchable.

She turned the bed back and stretched out and used the remote to turn the TV on while she waited for her first client. It was very unusual for her to see more than one guy in a day for work, but occasionally it happened and she was fine with it. She wondered sometimes, just how many guys she could fuck in a day and be able to handle it. She knew she could do way more than she had ever done. It always amazed her that guys thought women were so soft and fragile, when they were really tougher than men in a lot of ways. She knew her little pussy lips might get sore, but if she was well lubed, she thought she could handle a lot of men in a short time. She shook her head, and cleared it.

Mindy thought sometimes she really had some weird thoughts. She really didn’t want to find out that number, just like she didn’t like to think about the total number of men she had had sex with. It was a number that she didn’t want to know.

About that time, the knock came on the door, and Mindy jumped up, switched the TV off, checked her looks in the mirror and stepped over to the door, to peek through the peephole. It was Chuck, her client, and she stepped back and opened the door quietly, staying behind it, and letting him step in. He stepped in and she closed and bolted the door, and then turned and stepped to him, while they smiled at one another and said their hellos.

Chuck pulled her to him to kiss her, pressing his mouth to hers and pushing his tongue into her mouth. They made out like teenagers for a moment, then Mindy led Chuck over to the bed. They lay down beside one another and continued their kissing and holding one another until they finally stopped to allow Chuck to get out of his clothes.

While he was doing that, Mindy slipped her cami off and her g-string down to be completely naked for him, while they talked and Chuck eyed her amazing body. Soon he was all over her again, his hands, his mouth and tongue devouring every inch of her beautiful body as he moved over her and his cock grew to full erection. He had a very average penis of a little over six inches and average girth, which throbbed in excitement in anticipation of sex with this beautiful young girl. He slid down her prone body to begin kissing her tummy then lower…

For the next hour, Mindy was wrapped up in Chuck and his needs, allowing him total access to her fabulous body and thrilling skills, making him a happy man as he came inside her mouth once and once inside her hot little pussy. When he was done, she let him out, then sat nude on her bed to count the bills he had given her. It was seven hundred dollars, more than her fee, and she smiled as she put it away in her purse, then got into the tub, to be clean and ready for her next client.

About two hours later, with Mindy in a different, more baby doll nightie outfit, and looking her absolute best, the second knock came at the door. This was a new guy, one who had come to her from the screening website she used. He had scheduled two hours, and had seemed very nice in his emails to her. He had said he was thrilled to death to get to see her. She looked out through the peephole to see a guy standing at her door. She opened it and again, stayed behind it while he got inside.

Once she closed the door, she turned to him and while they said hello, took him in. He was a short guy, slender built, with escort kartal an average face and body shape, but seemed very nice and also very intimidated by her beauty. He was no taller than she was, and probably didn’t weigh much more either. Mindy stepped up to embrace him, and hugged him before pressing her lips to his to kiss him. She kissed him gently as he was almost acting scared of her.

She broke the kiss and led him over to the bed, where she had him sit down and kneeled in front of him. They talked for a while, as she sat in front of him on her haunches, letting him look and hoping he realized she was just a girl, nothing to be scared of or nervous about. She noticed his eyes wandering all over her as they talked and he began to seem much more relaxed and eager. Mindy rose up on her knees in front of him and again leaned in to kiss him. This time, he kissed her back, his tongue reaching for hers, and they began to hold each other, his arms around her, touching her smooth back and arms, and hers hugging him to her. Then she leaned back down to help him out of his shoes, and socks, before pushing him back on the bed and unfastening his belt and unzipping his zipper.

His pants came down and his briefs with them, leaving him naked from the waist down, his dick sticking straight up from his crotch, above his two balls that hung in his sack between his opened thighs. His penis was of less than average length, and about average in girth, at least in Mindy’s experience. He was circumcised, and the head was red, full of blood and came to a sort of a point rather than being rounded. The edge of the head flared out and the shaft was bent a little to the left and covered in big veins that were full of blood.

Mindy slipped out of her baby doll, and g-string there on her knees and pitched them away, then eased up between his open thighs and put a forearm on each one, as she leaned over him to open her mouth and let his hard dick slip in. Due it’s short length, she was easily able to completely engulf it and began making strokes on it, using her tongue to tease and to swirl around the head, ticking that prominent edge ridge and then sliding under it to tease the loose skin at the bottom of the head. She slid it into and out of her mouth, sliding up and down on it, her mouth snug around it but not tight and her tongue constantly moving against it. She used her hands on his balls, and tickled them with her fingers as she sucked him. It was only a few seconds, maybe a minute, and suddenly he was gasping for breath, trembling and tensed up all over. Almost in panic, he cried out, “I’m going to cum!”

Mindy looked up at his wide eyed, wild expression and just sucked him more fervently, sliding up and down in gentle rhythm and using her tongue and fingers more as his penis began to erupt into her hot oral cavity, throbbing, spurting and shooting long strings of hot sticky cum into her mouth and throat as she sucked him. He was flouncing around all over the bed as he let go in the soft, wet, hot confines of her busily sucking mouth. He shot several times before beginning to come down off the thrill of his orgasm and his spurts became weak dribbles of what was left of his cum into her mouth. Mindy swallowed his ejaculate and kept gently sliding up and down the softening shaft and licking around it as she continued loving on his manhood.

He was ecstatically happy and laughing in thrilled completion as she finished him. Once he was done, she got him to sit up and took his shirt off, then, completely naked, he lay down on the big bed. The beautiful naked girl crawled up beside him to lie beside him, and cuddle with him, her head against his shoulder, her arm across him and her thigh resting on his thighs. The top of her thigh was bumping his balls and the still half hard head of his partially deflated cock, the remains of his fluids leaking out onto her smooth, silky skin. Mindy cuddled with him, loving on him, kissing his face and lips and talking softly to him, telling him how hard he was and how good he tasted to her, and about how much he had cum in her mouth and how good it was to swallow it all.

He looked at her, almost star struck by the fabulously beautiful girl telling him how much she liked all the things they had just done. They lay together talking, then began to play together again. His name was Ken and as she whispered his name, Ken began kissing her all over, first her backside then her front, ending up between her open thighs, licking and sucking the little slit and love button until Mindy had a strong, wonderful orgasm. Mindy thought as she lay there recovering that he was an amazing pussy eater, and she told him so. He was thankful to hear it and even blushed from the praise she gave him.

Soon after, she was sucking him again, and he was as hard as a rock and throbbing, before she straddled him, and let his bare, hard cock slip into her sweet little, hot, wet pussy. They fucked with her on top for a while, then changed positions to let him be on top of her, stroking his length in and out of her wetness, while he kissed her and then licked her hard nipples as she closed her thighs and legs around his pumping hips. He came that way, emptying his balls again, deep inside her open, hot, wet, soft cunny, crying out in pleasure and tensing and driving into her over and over as he came.

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