Merry Xmas

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It was cold and windy outside, the low hanging clouds looked laden with snow to add to the already snowy city. They where not snowed in yet, but with another couple of inches of snow it might be possible that all the busy activity around him came to a sudden stop if the sky would fulfill it’s promise. But he didn’t worry about that too much, it was Friday, the weekend lay ahead, and it was Christmas eve. The present he had bought for her was safely tucked in his pocket and he could hardly wait for her to open it in the morning, well, depending how things might go he might even give it to her tonight. Just as he was turning the last corner to get to their apartment it started to snow in big, heavy flakes.

He ran up the stairs, shaking the snow from his hair and coat, and by the time he got to their apartment he was hardly out of breath. Fumbling with the key he let himself in. The place was warm and inviting and it smelled of freshly baked cookies. Smiling he took his jacket off, hung it up in the hallway and walked in the kitchen. There he found her decorating Christmas cookies. She turned around and flashed a brilliant smile at him, not knowing that she had a big smudge of red frosting on the tip of her nose. He laughed, bent over to kiss her deeply on her mouth and with a flick of his tongue licked the tasty frosting of her nose. She started to laugh with him and told him she had a hot bath waiting for him and dinner was on the stove waiting for him when he was clean and warm.

After his bath, they had a quiet dinner and then spend a lazy, comfortable evening, laying on the couch in the living room, watching old movies on TV. Since they both had to work that day they went to bed early and fell asleep snuggled close to each other spoon-fashion. Her head was resting against his back, her arm thrown around him, feeling his chest and before she fell asleep she was placing small kisses on his back. Thinking that tomorrow was Christmas and the surprise he had for her, he slowly drifted off to sleep, a slow smile on his lips.

When she woke up the next morning, he was still asleep and snoring softly. She quietly got out of bed, closed the door behind her and went into the living room the prepare the last of his Christmas gift for him.

About half an hour after she had woken up so did he and was surprised to find her already gone. He had wanted to give her ataşehir escort bayan her gift in bed. She was probably in the kitchen preparing breakfast. So he got up, put on his bathrobe, slipped the small box that contained her gift into one of the pockets and went to find her.

Finding the kitchen empty he walked into the living room. When he did he stopped in the doorway, surprised what greeted him sitting in front of the Christmas tree. She was sitting there, with a red camisole on, red sheer stockings and red high heels. A red ribbon was around her slender neck and another red ribbon was in her hair with a small piece of mistletoe tied to it. He thought he was getting a nice present for her, but he had never suspected something like that and she had completely taken him by surprise. His gift for her all but forgotten, he went to her and kissed her deeply. After all she had a mistletoe in her hair and when you are under a mistletoe you are supposed to kiss each other.

He was kneeling in front of her, gently kissing her and breathing in her soft scent. She was in his arms and grinning up to him, slowly he picked her up and carried her to the bedroom to properly open up his Christmas present. He deposited he gently on the bed, standing in front of her and looking down at her, admiring her looks, all in red just for him. Taking his time he peeled the flimsy garment over her head, seeing the red bra and garter belt that held her stockings.

She lay back against the pillows, watching him play with the snaps of her garter belt, slowly rolling the stockings down her shapely legs. He took them off and then threw them carelessly behind him on the floor, where they joined the camisole and the heels he had already taken off. Finally he figured out the snaps and he took the belt of her, looking at her laying in front of him just wearing the red lacy bra and the red silky panties. Slowly he unwrapped the last of his present and she lay in her nacked glory in front of him, her hair fanned out behind her on the pillow, just wearing the satin ribbon around her neck. She looked and him, he was still wearing his bathrobe, so he quickly took it off, just wearing his boxers now but they soon came off too.

He lay down beside her, taking her in his arms, kissing her deeply, letting their tongues play the age old game, licking her lips, gently sucking on escort kadıköy them and drawing her tongue out to play with him as well. His hands where playing with her hair, when he found the ribbon with the mistletoe, he took it out and lay it on the nightstand next to him. Slowly he moved down her body, kissing, feeling, licking.

He cupped her breast in his hands. rubbing his thumb across her nipple and watching it harden instantly. When he touched the nipple with his tongue he could feel her suck in her breath, he kept on teasing it with his tongue, slowly moving over to the over one and pleasuring it as well. Her hands where buried in his short hair to keep him right where he was at, she didn’t want him to move anywhere and he could keep this up all day long. He knew she loved it but he also knew what she loved even more and so he kept steadily moving down her body. Spreading her legs with his own, he kissed the inside of her silky tights, blowing gently across her curly hair.

She arched her hips up to him, but he just moved down her legs, kissing them and hearing her soft moans for him to stop and move back up. He was thoroughly enjoying playing with her body, making it ache for him and getting her aroused. She pulled him up to her, so she could kiss him and give him some of the pleasure back, he was giving her. Her hands where running up and down his back, feeling his muscles ripple under her fingers as she traced his shoulder blades. Her body was pressed close to his and she could feel him throbbing against her stomach, hard with desire for her.

He smiled and gently unwrapped himself from her, it wasn’t her turn yet, he was going to enjoy her first. He kissed her tenderly and ever so slowly made his way back down her body, in between her legs. She opened them back up willingly for him and with a groan he buried his face on her most intimate part. At first he kissed her gently, tracing her with his lips and tongue, but as her breathing got faster, so did his movements. He was nibbling, kissing and licking her, her back was arched high and her hips where pressing against his face. Her hands where groping on the sheets of the bed, finally clutching them in her hands, not wanting to hold back any longer.

He slowed himself a bit, softly massaging her with one of his fingers, slipping it inside for just a fraction and then pulling it back out bostancı escort while kissing her stomach and thighs. She was almost panting with passion now and begging him to continuous licking her to give her the release she was seeking. Giving in he bent his head back down and thrust his tongue back into her, circling it around her sensitive peak while still moving in and out of her with his finger.

She was moaning his name, her body moving in the same rhythm as his tongue and finger, and just as she was about to climax he stopped. Shocked she looked at him, but he just pulled himself on his knees and with one single thrust of his narrow hips slipped deep inside her. She cried out loud and almost the same instant he entered her she climaxed quickly. He knew that was gonna happen, but he kept on moving till she had calmed down and matched her movements to his again. Grinning he looked down at her, knowing she had not expected that, but neither had he expected to get a gift like that.

Settling back into a more comfortable position she wrapped her long legs around his waist and reached up to him to pull him down further so they could kiss. They kissed long and hard, till they where both almost out of breath. He wandered down her neck, to nibble her ears softly and whisper softly in her ear that he loved her. She turned her head to him and told him she did too. They moved in a slow, almost lazy pace, taking their time, kissing and feeling each other. His hands moved under her hips and with one quick movement he had rolled over so that she was lying on top of him now.

Slowly she sat up, keeping him still within her, and started to move up and down. He reached his hands up to feel her breasts and run his hands over her stomach. She grabbed one of his hands, licking his thumb and then guiding it back to her breast so he could run it over her nipple, making it even harder. She leaned forward to kiss him deeply and when she did, his hands came down to grab her bottom to keep her in place, while he started moving his hips as well.

With him holding her down she had to move to his pace, which had fastened. Their sweaty bodies moved almost as one as both where trying to reach their goal. Faster and faster they went, in and out, up and down. Finally with a huge thrust of his hips and a load moan he climaxed and only seconds after him she came with a loud cry herself, calling out his name. Breathing hard she lay on top of him and while trying to catch her breath he kissed her gently and pulled her down beside him. He cradled her in his arms and while he did, she looked up at him and smiling she wished him a
Merry Christmas

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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