Memory’s Friday Night Out

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It’s Friday night and I get a call from one of my girls, sounds like another night of burning up the dance floor. I slip into my little black dress that stops mid-thigh along with my gold strappy fuck me heels. We get to the club and the beat is pumping. I head over to the bar and down a shot of potency and tequila then to the dance floor and get lost in the music.

I feel a presence behind me as I sway my hips to the music, a hard body pressing up against my back, moving to my rhythm. I grind my body against yours feeling your hands move down my waist to rest on hips pulling me closer to you. I can feel your cock hardening. You move your hand to my stomach and hold me tight against your body as we move to the music your other hand cups my tits squeezing them tight.

I moan feeling my pussy juice start to flow soaking my tiny black thong. You lean in and nibble my earlobe dipping your tongue in my ear only to whisper, “I’m Barry. I’m gonna fuck your pretty pussy raw… and you’re gonna beg for it.” I shudder from those words and reach back and cup your dick in my hands. You grab my hand and lead me off the dance floor. We end up in a small room with just a table.

You ataşehir escort push me up against a wall lifting my leg around your waist as your other hand moves between my legs to rip my thong from my body, you run your finger up and down my slit only to sink it deep into my pussy. I grind against your hand trying to get your finger deeper into my pussy. I tilt my head back, my mouth slightly open as I stare into your eyes.

You pull your fingers out and run them across my parted lips. I take your hand in both of mine and slowly suck your fingers clean moaning as I taste myself on your fingers.

I undo your pants as I slid down your body till I’m on my knees. I pull your cock out and run my tongue around the head getting a taste of your precum while I stroke your length in my hand.

Hmmm you taste good. I take more of your cock into my mouth running my hand down to cup your balls as I feel you hit the back of my throat. I’m about to pull back but your hand pushes my head back down forcing your cock down my throat. You release me and I pull back to take a deep breath. I carry on stroking you in my hand as I dip down to lick your balls while I kadıköy escort rub my clit with my other hand.

I start to stroke faster and squeeze your balls hard. You grab my hand and pull me up against the wall, your hands move under my dress pushing it further up. I feel my pussy lips part as you lift my leg and run your cock up and down my pussy teasing me, the word leaves my mouth before I’ve realised it, “Please.”

“Please what?” You say in an even tone while you push the bulb in only to pull it out just as quickly

“Please fuck me ha…” You ram your cock into my pussy bottoming as I feel you stretch me to the limit. You wait for me to relax and start to slowly pump in and out of my cunt. You pick up your pace as I start moving my hips meeting each thrust, “harder, fuck me harder!” My body is being crushed against the wall with each stroke.

My pussy starting to tingle as your cock moves in and out my body. My pussy starts to spasm as I come all over your cock, my pussy juices running down your balls. I slump forward exhausted. “Oh no we’re not done yet.” You let my leg down and pull me forward only to have me bend over the table. You pull bostancı escort bayan my dress off and drive back into my pussy.

You spank my ass, fucking me furiously, my nipples scratching against the cold metal of the table as you push deeper and harder into my pussy. “Whose pussy is this?” you ask as the pace quickens even further.

I arch my back and scream “Yours Barry all yours,” as my second orgasm tears through me. I feel you thrust one final time and hold me still me as you empty your cum into my pussy. I can feel your cock pulsing and each spurt filling my cunt. It’s seems so hot it could scald me.

You release me from the table and hand me my dress. You pick up my thong and put it into your pocket. “I think I’ll keep this as a memento.” You say and you walk out the door.

I lean against the table getting my breath back and trying to compose myself. Your cum begins to leak out down my thigh. I slip my finger into my pussy and bring it out covered in your cum and my pussy juice. I lick it off. I could get used to the taste easily.

I wipe of your cream out of my pussy with a spare tissue. I slip my dress on and try to arrange my hair so as not to appear conspicuous. I open the door and walk casually into the bar. There is a huge explosion of applause and hollering and “You go girl!” I turn to see that the huge flat screen TV that normally plays music videos is showing a small room with just a table…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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