A Slightly Dirty Sex Story

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Terry Johnson was a rather plain young man. He was not too skinny, not too fat, not too tall, not too small and not too tan. His facial hair kept neat and his hair just below the neck, he was the type that anyone could forget. It was likely because of this that he never had any luck with women.

When he was younger he would ask a girl out and always “NO” was what they would shout. It was likely that which led him to doubt. Till the point when he said, “I will never ask another girl out.”

Now here he was a virgin and alone. In his small apartment which he called his home. The neighbor he liked just a door away, but that was the way things would stay. At least that was what he always thought, as he would think of her while rubbing his cock.

One day as he was going out, he took a glance through her window and with a quick look about. That was when he saw her fully exposed, he could not believe she was wearing no clothes. He could not help it even if it meant being late to work, he pulled at his cock and began to jerk.

Not a moments hesitation or thought in his head, escort ataşehir until he saw her and was filled with dread. She ran to her door and opened wide, but she called him in to his surprise.

She said, “Come on in and we can play.”

But he hesitated, “I have work today.”

She smiled for a moment at his nervous reply. “Come on in and don’t be shy.”

How could he refuse such temptation. After all he was a man and he had been waiting for this sensation.

The problem was he did not know how to begin, “What do I do, should I just stick it in?”

She laughed and smiled at him. “What have you never had sex before?”

He just looked embarrassed as he headed for the door.

She stopped him as he reached out his hand, “Just your imagination and I know things will be grand.”

This required only a little thought as he had imagined and imagined quite a lot. He decided to start with a kiss, but it obviously did not impress this miss. It was too delicate even for this flower, it needed courage and power. He knew exactly where it went wrong, kadıköy escort bayan but if he could not fix it he would not be there for long.

With all his courage he went to his knees, he decided he would do as he pleased. He put his tongue to her clit, over this she moaned a bit. Now he was on the right track, but he wanted more so he laid her on her back.

He saw the pink he was after, he did not care if it became a disaster. He mouthed whole with pride, as he slipped his tongue slowly inside. But another hole was there as well and he had noticed it pulse and swell.

Licking a little further south he heard an “Oh” come out of her mouth. It seemed this lady approved and that was getting her more in the mood. Still he thought conditions could be better, he heard of girls who had gotten wetter.

Switching tactics he went back to the lips, while pressing a stiff dong to between her hips. It was not much no longer till she was ready to receive and it felt better than he could believe. It was wet and moist the walls inside. It was too much for him and he released escort bostancı the tide.

It left him feeling tired and slightly out of breath. She gave him a look like she wanted to set him on fire and burn him to death. However he was ready again after one minute, he was going to let that little bit end it.

Besides he noticed she was not as into from the beginning, he needed something different for the second inning. This time he slammed it up her butt, which was tight up to his left nut.

She seemed quite ecstatic as his pumping became more erratic. This time he would last much longer, he would finish stronger. He waited till he felt her orgasm, and then he let his dick go into a mighty spasm.

Her ass felt too good and he did not wish to pull out. When he got yet another urge, he was unsure about. Still though he was not quite of his normal mind, so he let go and peed into her behind.

She felt it but it took her second, till she realized and accepted. As soon he finished she went to evacuate his pee, which felt like it took an eternity. He had taken a massive piss, but that was what impressed this little miss.

After all was said and done, they stuck together. It was true love for Terry and his partner Heather. Of course truth be told I could be wrong, it could have been true sex that helped them get along.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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