The Boarder Ch. 02

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Thanks for all the advice given in the last submission!

Warning, this piece contains incest, mind control, lesbianism, and other mature content. If that’s not your cup of tea, yea be warned.

If you are under 18, then reading erotic literature is bad and you should feel bad. Please, leave now.

If you are over 18, then thank you for reading my erotic literature.

Thanks to plaidbear for his help!


I lay on my bed, teasing myself thinking about the fun I’m going to have. My fingers gently run over my breasts. Up every curve, down my cleavage, occasionally giving my nipples a quick flick. I can feel my juices leaking out, coating my inner thighs.

“Not yet,” I think, moaning softly as I give my right nipple a hard pinch. “Not yet…”

I hear movement through the walls, Joanna finishing up the last of her chores and heading to her bedroom. A little later, I hear Jacob finish his shower and enter his bedroom.

I kept teasing myself as the hours passed in silence. Eventually, I sensed that the time had come. I checked the clock.

2:55. The ritual was at hand.

I slipped out of my bed, naked in the moonlight. My nipples, already swollen, hardened as the cold air struck them. My skin seemed to glow in the dim light, my power building with every step.

Silent as a cat, I snuck down the hall and into Jacob’s room, stopping to loom above his sleeping form.

“Jacob…” I croon, “It’s time to wake up…”

He shifts around, groaning at the disturbance. Turning to the direction of my voice, he opened his eyes.

“E-Emily? What are you doing here?” He gazes down at my chest. “And why are yo-“


He moves his mouth in reply, but no sounds came out. As the realization dawns, his eyes widen in fear.


His body tenses, unable to move without my signal.

“Jacob…” I leaned my body close above his, “Get up, and take off your clothes.”

My green eyes flashed with satisfaction as he slowly lumbered out of bed, fear and confusion dancing on his face.

Struggling for a moment, he pulled his undershirt off in a single sweep of his arms. Avoiding my gaze, he then took off his pants and boxers, kicking them to the side. Fully nude, his semi hard cock came into view. Hairy around the balls, it was a good six inches in length.

“Jacob, sit.”

He sat çankaya escort down on the edge of his bed.

“Now Jacob, when you wake up in the morning, you will think of this as a vivid dream. For now, you will not struggle against anything I tell you to do, and you will not try to escape. You will answer all my questions honestly and completely.”

His controlled mind and body nodded in agreement. A soft smile spread across my face.

“Now, follow.”

I turned around and left the room, knowing he wouldn’t be far behind. Wordlessly, we both crept down the hall towards the master bedroom.

I cracked the door open, spotting the alarm clock she kept by the bed.

Three am. I always did have perfect timing. Beckoning Jacob to follow, we approached the bed.

Lying still under the covers, Joanna appeared for all the world the world to be in deep sleep. In one deft movement, I pulled the blankets from her, exposing her to my greedy eyes. Even in the dim light, she looked stunning. Dressed only in a white nightie, her large and creamy breasts filled and pushed against the thin fabric, straining the material.

I climbed up onto the bed, hands trailing up her legs. Grabbing her thighs, I shifted her legs apart, divulging her silk panties.

Turning my attention back to Jacob, I ask “Jacob, have you ever thought about your mother in a sexual fashion?”

He looks at me, then at Joanna.

“No. Never.”

“Then look at her now, and do so.”

I mentally reached out and probed his mind. Instantly I saw visions of his mother flooding his addled head. Fantasy after fantasy played out in his imagination, his cock now hard and throbbing. Innocent memories of past times became colored with stripes of lust.

I licked my lips. I so loved the next part.

“Jacob,” I commanded, “Kiss mommy.”

Jacob swallowed, and made his way towards the bed. Climbing up, he crawled towards her sleeping face. Leaning in, he lightly brushed his lips against hers, then delicately he began to kiss her.

Their illicit kiss started very slowly, as Jacob platonically let his lips hover on hers. He wet his lips, and began the kiss chastely. He was still shy. Slowly though, as the mental fantasies of his mother built up his mind, he became more passionate, deepening the kiss. Without needing my instructions, escort çankaya he began to insert his tongue, wrestling with hers

A moan escaped Joanna’s lips as Jacob began kissing her deeply. Her mouth moved up to meet his, her body acting on subconscious urges.

As much as the sight filled me with pleasure, I had more planned. I walked around the bed, close enough that I can tap his shoulder. Reluctantly, he broke off the kiss, starting wistfully down at Joanna before turning his eyes to me.

“Jacob, have you ever seen a naked woman?” I ask.

“Just you, and in porn.” He whispers.

“Why don’t you strip mommy then? Slowly. Make sure to see her in all her glory.”

Even before I had stopped talking, Jacob was already moving his body into a better position. He sat between her thighs and lifted her gently into a sitting position. Grabbing the bottom of her white nightie, he brought it up slowly inch by inch, all the while drinking in the pale beauty of Joanna. Soon he lifted it up past her taut stomach, leaving it scrunched just underneath her perky breasts. Grabbing the sleeves, he pulled it up and over her head. Johanna’s D cup breasts jiggled beautifully as they fell from the constraints of her shift. Her nipples already beginning to harden from the cold and the excitement of Jacob’s kiss.

With only her panties remaining, Jacob gently let Joanna lie back down and brought his hands to her crotch. He gently brushed his hands up and down the sides of her silk panties, his brain trying to figure how best to remove them. When he slipped his fingers underneath the hem, I stopped him.

“Use your teeth.” I commanded.

He nodded, bringing his teeth down on the top hem of her panties. Grabbing her hips, he tore the panties away with a quite thrilling savagery. They could both see Joanna’s pussy now. It was a nice, soft pink, neatly trimmed, with a small patch of black fuzz above her clit.

I drank in the sight, my pussy burning from excitement. Casually, I brought a hand down towards it. I started rubbing my pussy lips and clit, feeling the heat on my fingertips from my sopping wet sex.

“Jacob,” I moaned, “Why don’t you see if your mom’s pussy is wet?”

He dipped a finger into her waiting slit, making Joanna squirm in her sleep-like state. He stuck it in as far as it would go before bringing it out. His finger glistened from her çankaya escort bayan juices.

“She is.”

Giggling, I brought my head down beside hers, so that my lips were beside her ear.

“Ooh you naughty slut,” I whispered into her ear, “I bet you’re enjoying this. With your own son too, you pervert!”

Though she didn’t respond vocally, I knew it was working. They were both beginning to see each other not just as mother and son, but as so much more. I just had to keep giving them a push.

“Jacob, why don’t you have a taste? Go on, don’t be shy. Fuck her with your mouth until she cums.”

Instantly, his head disappeared between her thighs, filled with an unbridled eagerness to taste his mother’s juices. His tongue worked her pussy from every angle, attacking her clit with enthusiasm. As he ate her out, I grabbed his hands and guided them up to Joanna’s exposed tits.

“Go on, massage her boobs while you eat her out. Roll them in your hands. Knead them, squeeze them, play with her nipples. Feel them up to your hearts content!”

Beneath his arms, Joanna was squirming from the sensations. Her hips bucked, squeezing Jacobs head with her thighs. Breaking out into a cold sweat, her hands alternating between forcing Jacob’s head deeper into her pussy or grabbing his hand, guiding his nimble fingers on her breasts. With every squeeze, pinch, nibble, and lick, she was left gasping and moaning.

I watched her orgasm build, and with hers, mine. I began fingering myself harder, trying to stay with her as the pleasure built. Finally, she began gasping like crazy, then she gave out a long, drawn out moan. I let my orgasm peak and joined her, our bodies shuddering as our orgasms washed over us. After, she went completely limp. Having given her an orgasm, Jacob peaked his head up from her pussy. I motioned for him to get off the bed and come to me.

“Jacob, go to bed. For the rest of the night, dream of your mother. You will awaken feeling very refreshed.”

Nodding, he looked over his mother’s sleeping form, wet with sweat and juices, and walked back to his bedroom.

I looked back to Joanna, watching her breasts still heaving up and down. I gathered her nightie and the ruined panties from the floor and put them away in a hamper. Lightly, I pulled the blanket back over her sleeping form.

“Joanna,” I whisper, “You will remember this as the single most erotic experience you’ve had in years. Now, go back to sleep, and dream of you and your son having sex again and again. Tomorrow, you will awaken feeling quite refreshed.”

I lingered for a moment, then slunk back to my room, closing the door behind me.

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