Meet Grayson, Your Loving Boyfriend

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It’s 5 p.m. but you’re still stuck at work. The office has been slammed with orders this past week, and the entire staff has been worked to the bone.

“Why the fuck couldn’t I have taken a job literally anywhere else?” You mutter to yourself as Creepy Carl from two cubicles down stops by to attempt chit chat again.? “One hell of a week, isn’t it?” He says cheerily.

“Yeah, it’s been pretty crazy,” you say without looking at him. This is the third time today he’s tried hitting on you. You do your best to keep focused on your work, but you can feel his unnerving gaze crawl all over your body. Some guys just can’t take a hint.

“So what do you think of—” he goes on, but you plug in your earbuds and completely ignore his every word. You have other things on your mind.

For the past three hours, your boyfriend Grayson has been texting you, and a good fuck is just what you need after a day like this. Your eyes begin to unfocus from the page in front of you while you daydream of his gentle hands running through your hair and massaging your breasts, his cock growing hard, throbbing for you while you feel his chest. The thought of him pulling your hair…

“Hey, I need that report finished ASAP, I’m paying you for this overtime, remember? …Hello?!” You suddenly jump when you realize your boss was standing behind you.

“Oh shit, sorry Dave. I just zoned out for a second, I’ll have on your desk by 6, I promise,” you manage to spit out, but he’s already on his way to reprimand the next employee.

That’s Dave, always barking out orders and never doing anything himself. You’re so much smarter than that idiot, and he knows it. It’s ok, though. The faster you finish this, the faster you can finally release some stress with Grayson.

It’s 7:13 when you finally clock out. Christ, what a waste of time. But oh well. It’s Friday, and you’re finally going to have a weekend all alone with your lover.

You’re in your car driving home on the freeway. At this point, you’re so exhausted and annoyed from work that all you really want is just to collapse into bed and have Grayson hold you while you fall asleep, your head on his chest, listening to his heartbeat… okay maybe while he’s holding you, you reach down and feel he’s already hard. Maybe you start stroking the shaft and kiss him sweetly. He tells you how much you mean to him and how he’s been looking forward to this weekend for a long time…

SHIT! You almost hit the center divide! Fuck, that was close. You manage to veer back into the fast lane and almost miss your exit. What a hot mess.

It’s 8:22 and you still haven’t eaten dinner. You’ll probably just heat up a TV dinner and go to sleep at 9 or something. But you were not expecting what was on the other side of your apartment door.

The apartment has an open concept layout, with a dining table at the center of one large room. The kitchen lines the sides of the place, and a small couch lies opposite a flatscreen TV. You often cuddle with Grayson on that couch and watch Netflix. Ah, Grayson. He’s the first thing you notice.

He’s standing there, back turned from you, dressed in a full suit at the kitchen sink making a drink. You’re about to start walking towards him sincan escort when you notice something is different. The lights are dimmed, and the kitchen table is set. The light of a single candle is reflected off of the silverware that frames two plates heaped with freshly made food.

“Well you’re here a little late, but I think it’s still warm,” he says, turning to you with that smile you can never resist. The built up stress from the day and his unexpected sweetness reach a breaking point. You tear up and your throat chokes on something between a laugh and a sob.

“Sweetie, what’s wrong?”

“It’s nothing, work was shit and you’re just the best boyfriend ever,” you manage to get out while hugging him. He looks down at you and brushes the tears from your cheeks. You look up and kiss him passionately before you see the food out of the corner of your eye.

“God, I’m fucking starving” you say. He made your favorite meal for you, prepared just the way you like it. You begin to scarf it down and have your cheeks filled when you notice Grayson staring at you. You both lock eyes for a second before bursting out laughing. You finish the meal then hold hands while walking to the bedroom.

There’s just something about him. You felt like shit all day, but everything seems to disappear when he’s around. You feel calm, happy, safe, at peace.

You sit down on the bed while he begins to take off his shirt, standing at arms length across from you. You start to bend over to unbuckle his belt, but he pushes you back. You start to say something along the lines of “what?” but he silences you with a kiss and then starts nibbling on your ear, sending chills all over your body. “No, tonight is all about you, babe.”

He lifts your blouse over your head and starts to suck on the right side of your neck while the fingers of his left hand pull your hair. His right fingers caress your left earlobe before a single one traces a line down your spine to unhook your bra. Every touch, every movement excites you. Your heartbeat accelerates, and you are paralyzed in anticipation.

The sudden release of your breasts jolts you. You can see a bulge starting to form underneath his pants. God, you wish that cock were already inside you, and he knows it. But he keeps taking his sweet time.

He throws the bra across the room. Your nipples are already completely erect, and you can feel your hot juices begin to glue your panties to your skin. You reach down towards your clit, but he grabs your hand and pins it to the bed. He lays you on your back and kisses you slowly, gently biting your lower lip.

You feel a single touch of pressure on your shoulder. Every inch of your body is hypersensitive. His finger traces a line down your arm, across your stomach, then towards your left breast. It makes a circle around it but never touches the nipple. The suspense just might kill you. Your eyes were closed and you didn’t even notice he stopped kissing you. You gasp and shiver in pleasure when his tongue gently brushes across its surface. You grab the back of his neck and squirm beneath him while his tongue makes swirling motions.

When he transitions to sucking on your right breast, his right sincan escort bayan hand makes its way along the left side of your body. Always the one finger touching you. Christ, he’s good at this. There is now a visible dark patch on the crotch of your skirt, but you don’t care how soiled it gets now.

He suddenly pulls you against him, and you lock in an embrace with such passion that all time and space seems to stand still for just a fraction of a second. You’re gasping for air as you realize you have been holding your breath. How does he do this to you? He’s such an incredible man…

You open your eyes and can see the thin fabric of his suit pants barely restraining the massive hard-on within. You go to reach for his manhood, but he pushes you back again. He unzips your skirt and pulls it down your legs. Your panties remain, clinging to you, soaking wet. He comes close, but stops just short of a kiss. The passion and lust palpitate in the air, synchronizing with your escalating heartbeat. You can feel the heat of both of your bodies emanating, collecting in the air and swelling with the beads of sweat beginning to form on both your faces. You want to move in to kiss him, but the intensity of the moment somehow stops you in your tracks.

You feel his hot breath and the warmth of his face against your own when he slides his hand underneath your soiled panties. You let out a long moan when his fingers glide over your clit, it having already been profusely lubricated by your own fluids.

Your whole lower body is throbbing. You didn’t know your nipples could get this hard, but you are reminded of this when his other hand begins to massage your breast. He treats you so tenderly, so expertly, so confidently, doing this all for you.

He slides two fingers into your pussy. It could have been an accident, you’re so wet. But now that they’re in there, you don’t want them to leave. It couldn’t have been an accident, no, not the way he’s massaging the upper wall of your vagina. The pleasure grows inside of you, warm, throbbing, swelling, and sending waves all through the rest of your body. You can’t help moaning, whimpering desperately when the frequency of his motions increase in intensity.

His fingers exit you, and he brings them up to his nose, inhaling deeply before tasting them. He exhales in satisfaction before peeling your panties off you and spreading your legs. You hear a slight crackle at the sound of your pussy juices squishing together. This is the moment you’ve been waiting for. You finally get to see that rock hard cock.

But instead, he kneels down and pulls you to him. He kisses your belly, then your inner thighs, and then lightly on your clit. You gasp in joyful ecstasy when his tongue begins to ravage your clitoris and his fingers find their way to your G-spot once again. With his other hand, he squeezes your breast and rolls the nipple in between his fingers. You cry out in pleasure as everything builds up inside you. You can hardly take it anymore, you just want to be filled up. You squirm feverishly, but he holds you down with his powerful arms. You let him. It’s too late to resist at this point.

The hot friction caused by his tongue escort sincan sends electric shocks through the thousands of nerve endings on the most sensitive part of your anatomy. Your whole body vibrates in unison as you approach climax. Your back and toes curl involuntarily and your peripherals go dark when your vision fades. You’ve closed your eyes and all you can feel is the searing ecstasy of orgasm.

When you open your eyes and return to Earth, Grayson is standing before you fully unclothed. His long, thick cock is oozing precum and visibly throbbing for you. You gaze up and down his magnificent body. His chiseled abs, his powerful arms and chest.

You are still gasping for breath when you feel him enter you. You shudder in weakness and lose control of your limbs from being so sensitive after cumming. He only put in an inch or so, but you feel as if you almost blacked out. He slowly penetrates farther. You can feel how hard he is, how strongly the blood is pulsing through his veins, engorging that beautiful cock.

He thrusts deeply. So deeply, he is fully inside of you now. His cock pulses and throbs within you. It’s hot, and its just waiting to release the cum that’s been pressurized in his balls for what seems forever. You experience chills with each thrust, inch by inch that cock keeps causing waves of pleasure.

You are embraced together in missionary, kissing, holding one another in a passionate act of lovemaking. As the thrusts pick up in pace, you hear him grunting. You let out a loud moan. The thrill of the lust between you is intense, almost too intense. You can’t take it and finally get on top of him and ride him with savage intensity.

He overpowers you and flips you over onto your stomach, grabbing two handfuls of ass, savoring your flesh. He penetrates you again, this time at such an angle, so deeply, that you could swear the head of his cock reached your cervix. You sigh out a moan of deep satisfaction because you know your whole womanhood is being filled to the brim.

He repositions and begins to fuck you doggystyle. The beast within him takes over, and his low grunts and thrusts become more powerful, more forceful, more desperate. He fucks you with bestial intensity, each one stronger and harder than the last. You feel his balls slapping against you. Oh God, it feels so good.

His thrusts have grown so strong, they are pushing you forward, up against the head rest of the bed. you squish up against it and keep knocking into it, but you don’t care. This is the best fuck you’ve ever had in your life. You gasp out when he pulls your hair then grabs your tits from behind before throwing you back down and grabbing you by the waist with both hands. You know he’s close.

He keeps pounding, harder, faster, uttering more and more guttural sounds until he lets out one very loud one. He explodes inside you, his hot cum filling the gaping hole he has formed inside you when he withdraws. He re-enters you a few more times just to make sure you’ve had your fill. You both let out moans of deep satisfaction as the cum oozes out of your pussy, dripping onto the sheets.

You reach down and scoop up what semen you can. It’s still warm, and you don’t want to miss a drop. It tastes sweet. You suck his cock a bit to make sure you got every last drop.

Then you lock in a last passionate embrace, holding each other and cuddling, both exhausted, until you fall asleep together and spend the night, knowing you’ll be up to do the whole thing over again the next morning…

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