May I Borrow Some Salt Please?

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“May I borrow some salt, please?”

Bianca Jackson pulled up to the cabin. As she turned off the engine she leaned back and closed her eyes briefly, allowing the silence to speak. With a sigh she finally stirred from the vehicle. It was late afternoon, about three o’clock, yet there was a nip in the air. It was always like this at Holywell National Park located high in the hills above the city of Kingston. The forty five minute drive had been a breeze as usual. The last time she had been here was just a few weeks before with a group of rambunctious grade ten students for a study weekend. It was very rare that she ended up being here on her own. She had been coming here for years now and had always been promising herself a getaway outside of her job. Finally she was now able to fulfill said promise. She walked to the trunk and popped it open. She lifted out her suitcase first of all, lugging it to the front door of cabin three. She then went back for the box of food supplies she had stopped to get in Liguanea. She knew that she would be going back with at least half of it when the week was up but it was always good to have more than less.

She slammed the trunk down before hefting the box into her arms and placing it beside the suitcase. Her final trip to the car was to retrieve her laptop and purse as well as the key she had collected from the ranger station at the front gate. The brief exercise caused her to break into a light sweat in spite of the chilly temperature. She fanned her face briefly, tossing her black, waist length box braids behind her in the process. She took another moment to lean against her car and take in the view beneath her. Her light brown eyes had a hint of sadness about them as she lost herself for a few moments. She pulled her jeans jacket a little closer around her as a strong gust of wind whipped her hair around. Her eyes contrasted perfectly with her light brown skin which was often said to be the shade of French vanilla. She was an average person with average weight and height. She was no raving beauty to write home about in her opinion. But others saw a curvaceous buxom woman who looked at least ten years younger than her actual forty.

With a sigh she walked up the steps to the cabin once more and opened the door. With much effort she got her belongings in and proceeded to unpack. She stocked the kitchen as well as set up her laptop. Wireless was non-existent but she had taken along several movies to keep her entertained. She looked around at the open space in the loft like layout of the cabin. Yes. This would suit her for the week. Up here there was no one to look at her pityingly, no one to tell her that she was better off without him, no one to tell her that she should pick up her life and move on. Up here she could just be herself, wounded and limping. She could cry if she wanted to and there would be no one around that she would need to hide it from. She glanced at the fireplace and realized there was no wood. Roger had told her that if she needed she simply had to come by the station and get some. The walk and exercise would do her good anyway. She locked up the cabin and began the five minute walk to the station. ***

Derron Williams frowned as he saw the car in the shared parking space. He had been looking forward to having the property all to himself which was one of the reasons he had opted to check in during the week. He brought his pickup to a stop as close to the door of Cabin two as was possible. He took a deep breath in before he got out and started to unload. He was a lanky fellow just a little over six feet. His complexion was almost the shade of charcoal and bore evidence to his maroon heritage. The most striking thing about him were his grey eyes which contrasted sharply with his complexion. He slammed the door shut as he retrieved his belongings and headed up the steps to the front door of cabin two. This break was a long time coming. The funeral had taken place over two weeks ago but with all the things to be sorted out among he and his siblings he had only just managed to slip away for the well needed solitude.

At age forty two he was the youngest of his mother’s six children yet somehow the brunt of the burden of the past two months had fallen on him. He had shouldered it like the man he was and his mother was buried and at rest. To hell with the rest of his deadbeat family. They thought he was a veritable gold mine because he was the most educated and had the best of jobs among them. He thought that family was family and should stick together through thick and thin, no matter what. The last straw had been his brother hinting at the fact that he had little need for any part of the insurance money which had been left in the will and they could just split it five ways. He had seen red and simply taken his share and kicked them out of his house where they had all been staying. Holywell was his oasis. He had been coming here since he was a child and could still remember the first time he had spent the night camping.

He sighed again as he lugged his things into the cabin. Immediately he plugged in the refrigerator and gave it a few minutes before loading it with the supplies he had brought. He was demetevler escort anxious to take a quick walk along his favorite trail before it got dark. With that being said he locked up the cabin and headed down the trail that started below cabin three.

Bianca huffed and puffed as she made the trek back to her cabin with an ample supply of firewood in tow. She had managed to work up a sweat and had since removed her jacket to reveal her well toned arms. The jacket tied around her waist managed to emphasize her tiny waist and broad hips which swung with each step she took. She breathed a sigh of relief when she saw the cabins come into view and got a new burst of energy. She just wanted to get into her cabin. She frowned briefly as she passed the truck that was now parked next to her car. So she was going to have a neighbor after all. Well no biggie. As long as they didn’t get into her space she would be fine. She climbed the steps and dropped her load rather unceremoniously in front of the door. She quickly opened up and with some effort managed to get the logs inside. Just as she was closing the door she heard footsteps. The sound seemed to be getting nearer and nearer so she stepped onto the veranda waiting expectantly, thinking it was one of the rangers who usually came to check up on her. As the figure rounded the bend she opened her mouth in greeting. It froze on her lips as the person she came face to face with was certainly not a park ranger.

Derron felt as if the life was coming back into his body. The short walk had done him good and he was feeling revived. He rounded the corner of the trail back up to the cabin and made eye contact with one of the most gorgeous women he had seen in a long time. She was absolutely stunning. She looked to be about five feet six or so and was curvy in all the right places just as he liked them. Her skin was light which was further emphasized by the black tank top she wore. He felt her eyes on him as he approached. She was standing on the verandah of cabin three so she must be the neighbor. As he walked by he lifted his hand in greeting.


“Hello.” She abruptly turned and walked inside the cabin, waiting until he had passed by completely before closing the door.

Derron frowned briefly then shrugged. It seemed as if his neighbor wanted her privacy as much as he wanted his. He made his way up to his cabin and entered quickly, closing the door behind him as his neighbor had done. ***

With the dark came the chill typical of the mountains and chilly it was indeed. Bianca had showered just as the sun started to set and padded around in sweats and socks. She had the oven going as she made macaroni and cheese from scratch while the stove top sizzled with four pieces of chicken. She had a bottle of Smirnoff Black Ice chilling in the freezer and some R and B playing softly from her lap top. She hummed along with the tunes as she lifted the chicken out of the pan and put it to drain. Her Mac and Cheese needed about five minutes more. Her stomach rumbled in anticipation. She went over to the fireplace to start the fire in the meantime and had a blaze going by the time the oven timer went off. Just as she pulled the Mac and Cheese out of the oven and sprinkled extra cheese just the way she like it she heard a knock on the door. She glanced at her watch. It was after nine. Only the rangers would be patrolling at this time. She anticipated that either Roger or Donovan was checking up on her. She flung the door open with a grin, preparing to share an extra plate for her visitor. The smile slid from her face to be replaced by bewilderment as she recognized her neighbor.

Derron stood looking down at the woman who was even more beautiful close up. He could smell a slight hint of cherries and could only surmise that it was the scent of her body wash. Her brown eyes stared up at him questioningly.


“Hi again. I’m really sorry to bother you. I just realized that I came all the way form Kingston with not a pinch of salt. Do you have any that I could borrow maybe?”

“Ummm sure. Come in and close the door please. I just got the fire started.”

Derron stepped in and did as instructed. As he waited by the doorway he took in the cabin. The layout was similar to his with the exception of the partition between the bedroom and the living space in his. This was an open floor plan. He sniffed the air and felt his stomach rumble. He had fallen asleep earlier and had awakened just a few minutes before to find the cabin in cold darkness. The quickest thing he could think of was rice with something out of a tin. In his rummage he had realized that he was lacking the one essential ingredient necessary to every kitchen. Now having a neighbor would come in handy after all. And here he was.

Bianca sneaked looks at her neighbor as she looked for the salt as slowly as possible. Up close he was drop dead gorgeous. Those eyes! It had been a total shock to see him up close. Finally she located the extra packet that she knew she had brought ‘just in case’. She walked over to him and stretched it out.

“Thanks ummm…” he paused waiting for her to fill in her name.


“Thanks escort demetevler again Bianca. I’m Derron. By the way, where did you get the firewood? I don’t see any in my cabin.”

“I went by the ranger station earlier when I got here. I could give you a few pieces if you like.”

“I would certainly like. I think I’m going to have to drag a mattress to the fireside later. I’d forgotten how chilly it can be up here even in the summer.”

“Oh? Do you come here often?”

“I used to come at least twice a year but then I’ve gotten a little busy. I made up my mind that I was taking this break for the week though. I needed it.” There was a tinge of sadness in his voice that tugged at Bianca who was always ready to empathize.

“I come her e a few times per year myself. I’m a teacher and I find that it’s a good spot to have study weekends with my kids. I was here just a few weeks ago actually. Like you, I decided that I needed some time alone.” She couldn’t help the sadness that was now evident in her voice.

Derron looked down at her and saw his pain mirrored. Without thinking the next words flew out of his mouth.

“That chicken sure smells good. It beats the rice and tinned mackerel I was about to whip up.”

Bianca looked up at him with a slightly amused roll to her eyes. She knew a hint when she heard one. She cocked her head to the side and looked him up and down. It couldn’t hurt. Company would be nice.

“I do have enough for four . I was planning to warm up for lunch tomorrow. You’re more than welcome to join me.”

“Do I have time to grab a quick shower? Less than five minutes. I promise.”

“Sure. I’ll set the table in the meantime.”

Derron dashed out of the door and into his cabin while Bianca made ready for her surprise dinner guest. As promised he was back in five minutes, showered and bearing a package. He entered to find Bianca putting the platter of chicken in the center. She also had two bottles of Smirnoff ice out in a bowl with ice. He placed the package on the counter carefully and Bianca looked at it enquiringly.

He smiled and she felt her heart somersault. “Dessert.”

They ate in relative silence as the immediate need was to assuage the physical hunger. It wasn’t until sometime later that they sat in the living area by the fire. Derron had cut brought over two huge slices of cheesecake and they dug in happily. The conversation flowed as they shared a bit about their backgrounds and professions. Derron was the first to break the ice when he spoke about his mother’s death. Bianca then felt obligated to share regarding her recent divorce. It was nearly one in the morning before they called it a night.

And thus it went on for the next couple of days. They shared meals cooked by one or the other and took hikes along the many park trails. Bianca’s laptop came in handy for the rainy afternoons as they entertained themselves.

One afternoon in particular it had been raining quite heavily and they had been caught on a trail in the downpour. They had hightailed it back to the cabins and had piled into Bianca’s. She had immediately started stripping out of her wet clothes and was almost on the verge of ripping off her tank top and sweats before she remembered that she had a guest. She had apologized and grabbed some dry clothes from her suitcase and headed to the bathroom. It hadn’t been soon enough as Derron had already caught sight of the pink thong she was wearing. He felt his cock lurch in response as he took a deep breath.

“Down boy. This is not a playground.”

He sighed as he stepped back onto the verandah and ran over to his cabin. He too needed to get out of his wet clothes. As he undressed he realized that the damage was done as he had a full blown erection. He had known that he was flirting with danger the more time he spent with Bianca. She oozed sex appeal although she seemed strangely unaware of it. The ex boyfriend had really done a number on her self esteem. He headed to the shower, not bothering to turn on the heater. The cold water did the trick. As he stepped out of the shower he heard her calling across the clearing. He went out on the verandah to see her standing on hers wearing nothing but short shorts and another tank top. She seemed to have a mother lode of them.

“Who’s cooking tonight?”

“I am. What do you want?”

“That depends on what you have. Anything other than tinned mackerel and rice please. I’ll bring the drinks and the dessert.”

“See you later. I’m going to take a nap.”

“Me too.” And with that said she disappeared into the cabin.

A few moments later Derron did likewise. The rain continued on into the evening and the result was a night that was cooler than usual. That morning Derron had driven over to the ranger station and had gotten enough firewood for both cabins while Bianca had prepared breakfast. As a result he had a roaring fire going by the time she came over for dinner. He had decided to go all out tonight and heed her request to stay away from rice and mackerel. He had potatoes baking in the oven and ripe plantains fried up and demetevler escort bayan waiting. He had steamed two huge fish and the scent warmed the cabin. As soon as he had gotten the table set there was a knock on the door. He turned off the oven and stove.

“It’s open!”

Bianca entered the cabin and sniffed the air appreciatively.

“Smells like someone put on the bells and whistles.” She sidled over to the counter to relieve herself of her burden. She had whipped up a chocolate mousse for dessert along with a pineapple upside down cake from a box. Given the limitations of the cabin something was better than nothing.

As she reached out to put the mousse down it slipped slightly. To prevent it from falling she clutched it and inevitably left a smear on her t-shirt. She looked down at it in dismay, holding the sticky fabric away from her.

“I gotta go change. Be right back.”

“Why bother. I can lend you one of my shirts if you don’t mind.”

“I don’t mind.”

He led her behind the partition to where he kept his suitcase and rummaged in it for a suitable shirt. He handed it to her and left her to get changed. As she took off the shirt she realized that some of the chocolate had already soaked through to her bra. That had to come off as well. She changed quickly and came back to the dining area.

Derron looked up as she came around and he felt that familiar twitch in his groin yet again. Not only did she look spectacular wearing his shirt, he could tell that she wore nothing but his shirt by the unmistakable jiggle of her chest. He swallowed hard and tried to concentrate on everything but the somersaults his cock was hell bent on doing. Somehow he managed to get dinner on the table and they ate in relative silence. After dinner they retired to the fire which he had started. As they sat sipping and talking there was a strange sound. Before they knew it there was a loud crash and then darkness. The unmistakable sound of rain began to beat on the roof. The summer freak storm was not unusual. But having it at night was a bit inconvenient. The light from the fireplace illuminated the space.

Bianca started to tremble. “I really hate the dark.” She breathed deeply as sense of panic started to sweep over her.

Derron slid over to her. “It’s okay. I’m here.”

She turned and gripped his arm tightly. “Please don’t leave me.”

“I won’t. I won’t. Let’s get closer to the fire.” He stood and helped her to her feet. The mattress that he had placed there since his arrival now came in rather handy as they sat. instinctively he put his arms around her and she snuggled a little closer to him, breathing deeply. He rubbed her back comfortingly and she closed her eyes to revel in the feeling.

Derron felt her begin to relax and sighed. It had been a long time since he had had a beautiful woman in his arms such as this one. He shifted slightly so that she could lean into his embrace. He sat perpendicular to her and opened his arms. She leaned into him like a homing pigeon finding home. He felt her unrestrained breasts press against his chest and his cock responded yet again. He swallowed hard. He was fast approaching a point of not caring what happened next.

Bianca felt herself begin to let go of her shyness and inhibitions the moment she leaned into Derron. He felt so good! She sighed deeply as her cheek pressed against his chest. Slowly her hands crept around his waist and she felt the arms with which he held her tighten imperceptibly. She heard him swallow and looked up at him in the flickering light. He was looking down at her wit h those eyes of his.

They couldn’t be sure who had made the first move. But a few moments later their lips met. Bianca sat up on her knees as Derron leaned forward to deepen the kiss. She leaned back slowly, taking him with her until they were lying on the mattress. Her thighs parts of their own volition and she groaned as she felt his weight settle between them. She gasped at the unmistakable evidence of his arousal which pulsed against her belly. She felt his hand creep up underneath the shirt she wore and unerringly find a swollen nipple. He squeezed it gently and she gasped as her pussy began to flutter in response. He pulled back just long enough to tug the shirt over her head along with his. He pressed his bare chest to hers as he found her lips once more. His tongue pressed urgently against hers as their moans began to fill the room. She rolled her hips slightly and felt him press into her in response. Again he rolled away. This time to relieve her of her sweats and panties. He disrobed likewise before pressing his body onto hers yet again. He bent his head and took one hard nipple into his mouth, causing her back to arch. His hand traveled down her belly to the juncture of her thigh and found her swollen clitoris begging for attention. He stroked it gently and heard her moan loudly and roll her hips, begging for more. His fingers slipped lower and found her pussy wet and running over with her juice. That was his undoing. He had wanted to go slowly but he had to have her and he had to have her now. He rolled back between her thighs and with a trembling hand placed his cock at her entrance. He pushed in slowly. Fuck! She was so tight! Instinctively Bianca spread her thighs even wider, pulling up her knees in the process. He slipped in further. She lifted her legs and wrapped them around his waist to pull him fully into her. She gasped as she felt him fill her completely. He was so big!

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