Matty Meets Kimmy Ch. 08

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We landed in MIA yesterday. Kim and I were staying at her folks’ house till we found a place of our own.

“Hey babe, you ready?” Kimberly asked as she walked into the guest room, although Kim’s parents offered no protest to her and I staying in her room, we decided it would be respectful if I stayed in the guest bedroom.

“Yup, just need to slip on my shoes,” I replied.

I stood up and Kim tossed me the keys to her dad’s car. My car was being shipped down and wouldn’t be here for another couple days.

“Why don’t you drive, you already know where to go,” I stated.

Kim refused to take the keys back from me,

“You have to learn, you’re a South Floridian now, the more you drive the more you will get a feel for the place,” she reasoned.

I smiled and nodded, she was absolutely right. Kim and I stepped outside and hopped into the car.

“Guess I’m gonna have to get used to this warm weather,” I commented.

“That’s right, and you’ll also have to get used to short skirts and short shorts,” Kim smiled in reply before slowly rubbing her exposed thighs.

We laughed and I started the car, we were off the meet our real estate agent.


After a day of driving around Miami and seeing numerous apartments, townhouses , condos , and houses with our real estate agent, Gertrude, we decided to call it today.

“I’ll have a couple more places lined up for you two tomorrow,” Gertrude informed as we said our goodbyes.

“So did you like anything we saw today?”

Kim looked over to me as I drove,

“No, not one,” she dejectedly stated.

“That’s okay sweetie, we’ll find something,” I tried to console, at the same time trying to raise my own spirits.

We stopped off and had a quick bite for dinner then headed back to Kim’s parents’ place.

Kim and I were exhausted. We showered and found ourselves curled up on the couch in the living room. The television was on but we weren’t watching. I was gently running my hand through Kim’s hair as we spoke, her head resting comfortably on my chest.

“Did Adam call you?”

“Yeah, this morning,” I replied.

“How’s their home search going?” Kim asked.

“About the same as ours I guess, but he did mention they might have found one this afternoon,” I informed.

“That’s nice; remind me to give Summer a call in the morning.”

We laid there a few more minutes before Kim turned her face to me,

“Come to bed with me,” she whispered.

“I wish I could baby.”

“You can, they’re not going to mind,” Kim insisted, referring to her parents who were upstairs in their room.

“But I will Kimmy, we’re in a serious relationship and I know that they know that, but we’re still an unmarried couple staying at your folks’ place, and it just feels like it would be disrespectful to them,” I tried to explain.

“I just miss being next to you,” Kim responded as she pressed her forehead down on my chest in defeat.

“I know baby, me too, it won’t be for long, I promise.

I kissed Kim on the head and we laid there for a little while longer. Eventually we both retired to our rooms.


The next morning it was the same routine, Kim and I were up early, had a quick breakfast together, then set out to meet Gertrude.

By lunchtime, Kim and I were beginning to feel despondent again; the places we’d seen just didn’t speak to us, that was until Gertrude took us to an apartment building in North Miami Beach. The building was a four story located in a somewhat quiet suburban area. Gertrude led us up the elevator to the third floor, then all the way to the end of the maroon carpeted hallway. We stopped at “315” and the red haired Gertrude fiddled with the keys. She swung the door open and Kim and I walked past her. We rounded a short corner and entered a living room area. The area was pretty spacious; in the foreground off to the left was the kitchen, separated from the living room by a long black marble island countertop. The kitchen seemed a tight fit, but came with all stainless steel appliances. To our left, right at the entrance was a doorway that led to one bedroom. Kim and I explored. The first bedroom seemed big enough to just be comfortable, a good guest bedroom perhaps. The sliding door in the bedroom led to the bathroom, which was spotless, it almost looked brand new. Back out in the living room, Kim and I walked out through some glass sliding doors to the balcony, which since we were at a corner apartment, wrapped from one side of the building around to the other. From our vantage point we could see the ocean in the distance and had a nice view of the park across the street. Gertrude led us back into the living room and into the master bedroom. The room was very spacious, well lit by two windows, and had large walk in closets. The bathroom was large as well, fitted with a luxurious tub in the corner as well as a separate standalone glass paneled shower.

“So what do you guys think?” Gertrude asked, “It’s right in your price range too,” she added.

Kim and demetevler escort I looked at each other and smiled.

“Do you mind if we take a minute to discuss?” I asked.

“Of course,” Gertrude replied and excused herself.

As Gertrude stood on the balcony and closed the doors, I turned to Kim,


“I love it,” she quipped.

“I do to,” I replied.

Kim’s face lit up,

“Are you sure? You’re not just agreeing because I like it?” she asked.

“No, I really like it’s just big enough for the both of us, and seems like a really nice neighborhood.”

Kim wrapped her arms around me and we hugged.

“I take it we’ve found our place,” Gertrude interrupted as she re-entered the living room.

Kim giggled as she spun round,

“Yes, we love it, we’ll take it,” she excitedly chirped.

“Wonderful, well, let’s head down to the office and get started on the paperwork, you’ll be able to pick up the keys tomorrow,” the woman explained, “I’m so happy for you two,” she added.

After taking a few quick pictures, Kim sent them off to Summer and then we made our way down to the real estate office. We signed the necessary paper work and Gertrude explained to us all the amenities the apartment building offered; pool, security, parking, cable TV, etc.

When we got home there was more good news, we were notified that my car and the rest of our stuff would be arriving tomorrow. Kim immediately called the shipping company and gave them the new address. That evening, we were excited to relay the news to Kim’s parents. They seemed genuinely happy for us. Kim and I went to bed early that night; we were so excited to start moving in to our new home.


Kim’s dad drove us to the new place the next morning. Gertrude was waiting for us and handed over the key. Kim was overjoyed to give her dad a quick tour of the place and get his approval.

“You guys did great,” he complimented, “Really wonderful place.”

“Thanks daddy,” Kim replied as she smiled and the two hugged.

Kim’s dad waited downstairs with us till the shipping company showed up, then took off for work. We signed the papers from the shipping company and they proceeded to take our stuff upstairs.

It was midafternoon; Kim and I were sat on the floor of what was our new living room after just having completed lunch, some subs I picked up down the street. We were surrounded by boxes, it seemed a daunting task but Kim and I were excited to take it on. After lunch, we made a quick trip to Home Depot for a couple items. Once back at the apartment, Kim set about cleaning the kitchen before unpacking all the kitchen stuff. I began my task of changing the locks and swapping out the toilet seats with new ones we bought at Home Depot; I personally didn’t mind using the old ones but Kim had insisted.

Once done in the bathrooms, I wiped my brow and joined Kim in the kitchen. She had just finished packing away the cutlery. I chugged my bottle of water and helped to fold up some empty boxes.

“Ughh, I feel like a mess,” Kim groaned.

I smiled at her, her hair was all frizzy, her skin damp with sweat, and her white tank top and blue frilly summer skirt stained by a day of cleaning,

“You look beautiful babe,” I whispered as I held Kim’s hand, “Come on, let’s go out on the balcony for a little air.”

We stepped out onto the balcony and were immediately refreshed by a cool breeze. The sun was out, but luckily the positioning of the balcony was such that it was shaded. Having not set out any furniture yet, we sat on the floor, resting our backs against the glass sliding door. From our floor position, we didn’t have much of a view, except for the sky, since the balcony was surrounded by a stomach high concrete wall. This also meant that we were hidden from view. I placed my hand on Kim’s waist and gently pulled her, motioning for her to sit on my lap. Kim straddled me and looked around, weary of being seen.

“Don’t worry, I think we’re safe,” I assured her.

She smiled and turned to me. I held my hands behind her back and she clasped hers around my neck.

“Do you think we’ll be able to sleep here tonight?” she asked.

“I don’t see why not, the bed’s all set up, that’s all we need,” I replied before leaning in and kissing Kim’s neck.

Kim held my face against her body and I slowly kissed my way up to her lips. Her lips felt so soft and inviting, her tongue warm and wet. I could still taste the tangy remnants of Kim’s sweat from her neck as we explored each other’s mouths. We separated our faces and Kim lowered her hands to her waist. I resumed kissing Kim’s neck as she unzipped the side of her skirt and pulled it off her. Kim now began work on my shorts. I had to pull my face away to let Kim get a view of what she was doing. She quickly undid my zipper and I lifted my body as she slid my shorts and boxers off. We took our seats again, Kim sitting her soft butt cheeks on my lap. I looked down at the lime green lace thong she had on, escort demetevler then we resumed kissing.

I slid my hands down Kimberly’s back, all the way to her ass. She moaned into my mouth as I massaged her tender flesh. I felt my cock surge to attention as it pressed against Kim’s stomach. She must have felt it too because she lowered her hand and began slowly stroking me. I had worked my hand between Kim’s but cheeks now, and was rubbing the crinkled skin that surrounded her warm asshole.

“Mhmm, that feels so good baby,” Kim whimpered as she pulled her lips from mine.

I groaned as Kim let go of my cock. She raised her hand to her mouth and spat into it, before lowering it and began stroking me once again.

“Hold out your hand for me,” Kim instructed.

I pulled my fingers from circling Kim’s asshole and held my palm open. Kim smiled at me devilishly before spitting into my hand.

“You’re such a dirty girl,” I chided.

“Mhm hmm, I’m your dirty girl Matty,” she whispered in reply.

We kissed again and I reached behind and began rubbing Kim’s asshole once more, smearing her saliva on her tightest of openings. About a half a minute later, Kim ceased her stroking and held my cock steady. I felt her raise her body slightly and position my cock at her asshole. With her eyes shut tightly, Kim began to lower herself. I could feel the head of my cock very slowly pressing into her. I slid in almost millimeter by millimeter, till finally I was about one third of the way in and Kim’s anus sucked my shaft in whole.

“Fuck, that feels good,” I moaned.

“Mhmm, it sure does,” Kim replied as she began rising and lowering her body.

I joined Kim, slowly thrusting to meet her rhythm, my cock sliding in and out of her heated anus.

Kim began to whimper and she pressed her lips against mine. I wrapped my hands around her back and held her body tight. As we increased the pace, I felt Kim snake her hand between us, lowering it to her pussy. I pulled my face from hers and watched as she rubbed her pussy furiously. Kim was now slamming her ass down hard on me and I could feel my climax building in me. I latched my mouth onto Kim’s neck and licked her skin. She threw her head back and softly cried out. It was then I felt Kim’s anus contract over and over again. Kim cried louder and began to shiver,

“Mhmmmm hahhhhh fuck baby, mhmmmm,” she moaned as she worked her hand faster on her clit.

I could feel Kim’s juices leak onto my abdomen as I continued to plunge up into her wonderfully snug asshole.

“Oh god yes baby, yess, fuck yess!” Kim cried.

Right then, I felt my body go tense and then, an amazing rush of passion.

“GHhhhhhahhhh fuckkk Kimmy,” I grunted as I pushed hard into her.

My cock spasmed and I felt myself spewing cum into Kim.

“Mhmm, that felt nice,” Kim moaned as she licked her fingers.

I was still dazed from my orgasm, Kim’s anus still contracting every few seconds around my shaft. Finally, I began to soften, and Kim lifted herself off me. I held Kim’s body and sat her back down on my lap. We kissed and I could feel cum from inside Kim’s ass drool onto my leg.

We sat for a few minutes then Kim began to get up,

“Come on, let’s go get cleaned up and try to finish up unpacking,” she instructed before helping me to my feet.

I couldn’t help but smile at the sight of a trail of cum on the back of Kim’s thigh as I followed her into the bathroom.

We resumed our work unpacking. Kim was busy in our bedroom, trying to make it as homely as she could. I on the other hand, was in the living room, running cables and wires to set up all the electronics; television, game console, stereo etc.

Kim’s parents came by in the evening. They brought pizza and were a huge help in finishing off the unpacking; they picked up the pace at a time when Kim and I were really getting tired. At around eight pm, we all sat in the kitchen, around our humble dining table and ate dinner.

The place was now fully ready; the only thing that needed to be added was a living room couch. Kim and I thanked her parents and said goodbye. We were excited to spend our first night in our new home. I showered and crawled into bed in my grey cotton boxers. Kimberly emerged from the bathroom a short time afterwards, a cloud of steam marking her entrance. Her hair was up and she was wrapped in a white towel. I watched as she walked her petite frame over to the dresser drawer and bend over to search for some sleepwear. Kim’s towel rose as she leaned over and I was treated to view of the lower half of her perfect little butt. Kim turned around and smiled at me, as if feeling my eyes on her.

“See something you like?” she giggled before giving me a little wiggle.

Kim finally retrieved a pair of yellow cotton panties and slipped them on. After putting on one of my t-shirts, she joined me under the covers. As she had her hair up, I was able to nuzzle my nose against the back of her neck as she pressed her back demetevler escort bayan against my chest,

“Mhmmm, you smell nice,” I whispered as Kim squirmed and giggled against my ticklish touch.

She finally turned over and we smiled at each other. Kim rubbed her nose against mine and we kissed briefly.

“Feel at home?” I asked.

Kim smiled and nodded. She turned over again and we returned to me spooning her.

“This will always feel like home, “she murmured.

As I clasped my hands around Kim’s stomach, I could feel her wiggling around,

“Getting comfy?”

“Yeah,” she giggled.

I waited for Kim to settle down then kissed the back of her head.

“You know, we can fool around if you want to,” she offered.

I tightened my grasp around Kim and held her close to me,

“This is just right, I can’t think of a better way to spend our first night in our new home than with you in my arms,” I replied.

The next morning when I awoke, the warm sun peeked in through our window, through the gap in the curtains Kim and her mom put up the day before. I looked to Kim, she was still sound asleep. I snuck out of bed and headed to the bathroom, and then the kitchen. After a glass of juice and a bagel, I returned to the bedroom. Kim was still asleep.

I mischievously pulled the covers off her; she did not stir. Staring at her wonderfully smooth and bare legs, a delightful thought entered my head. I thought back to all those mornings when Kim woke me up with amazingly tender blowjobs, I figured I’d return the favor. As I hooked my fingers into Kim’s yellow panties, I kept my eyes on her face. My actions were slow and careful. I tugged gently and the soft cotton garment slid from Kim’s body. Smiling, I guiltily pressed Kim’s panties to my face and felt her warmness. Her aroma was intoxicating, a scent I was now pavlovianly programmed to be aroused to. I rested Kim’s underwear on the bed, and after making another check to see if she had awoken, I lowered my face between her thighs.

The sight of Kim’s pussy had always taken my breath away; it really did look like a delicate flower. Her outer lips were plump and wavy; beautifully light pink and soft to the touch. I extended my tongue and lightly licked the length of Kim’s slit. Her lips were so smooth; I licked up and down over and over again. It was now that Kim began to stir. As I pressed my tongue between her folds and into her warm opening, I kept my eyes on hers, waiting for them to open. Kim began to moisten as I slowly moved my tongue in and out of her. Her juices, a familiar taste to me, were heavenly. After about a minute, I pulled my tongue from Kim and went back to licking her length. Her lips were so slick now, my tongue glided with ease. I held Kim’s lips apart with my fingers and stared at her arousing pinkness. It was when I pressed the tip of my tongue against Kim’s emerging clit that I heard a soft whimper. I quickly focused my eyes up and watched as Kim slowly came about.

Her eyes slowly opened and I began rubbing my tongue around her slippery nub. As we stared at each other, I couldn’t help but smile against her pussy. Kim ran her hand tenderly through my hair and I resumed swirling my tongue around her clit. I could feel Kim pressing her hips against my mouth and I latched on to her clit, sucking on it hard. Kim’s whimpers grew louder and I began to slide a finger into her. Her opening was so tight, but I managed to work two fingers inside her and began thrusting my hand. Kim’s whimpers had turned to high pitched cries now, as her body writhed around on the bed. I took delight in sucking on her clit, slurping on the juices that flowed from her, and pumping my fingers in her treasured paradise. Kim was thrashing about now, and her moans told me she was close. I held her clit between my lips and flicked my tongue back and forth as fast as I could.

“Ahhhhh fuck Matthewww!!”

Kim’s cries were loud and carnal. She grasped tightly to a patch of my hair and pressed her hips hard against my thrusting fingers. Soon, I could feel her body shiver as her pussy convulsed right before me. I continued lapping away at her hot sticky folds as I slowed the movement of my fingers. Kim’s body shuddered then finally came to rest on the bed. I pulled my slick fingers from her cunt and planted a gentle kiss on the hood of her clit. Kim’s body continued to twitch every few seconds. I smiled up at her as I enjoyed the view of her pulsing vagina. After licking my fingers, I crawled up to Kim. She was breathing heavily, but managed to lean over and kiss my cheeks,

“Is that gonna be an everyday thing now that we have our own place? Because I can certainly get used to that.”

I smiled and just lay silent with Kim.

After Kim’s breathing became lighter, I rolled over and kissed her.

“What do you want for breakfast?” I whispered.

Kim pulled on my lower lip with her teeth and smiled as she let it loose.

“How about French toast? Your French toast is amazing,” she beamed.

“You got it sweetie,” I replied, “Wait right here, I’ll be back in a jiff,” I instructed before planting a kiss on the tip of Kim’s nose and rolling out of bed. As I turned my head before leaving the room, I saw Kimberly smiling and staring at the ceiling. I scurried off to the kitchen and began whipping up Kim’s breakfast.

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