Margie Ch. 02

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You know how wonderful the feeling is when you are first gaining consciousness, that floating on a cloud feeling of such delight and wonder. That is how I gradually awakened the next morning.

The first sensation I had was the wonderful smell of a sensual female, the next one of softness and warmth, and then the sensation of touch.

Being eighteen and male my cock had already awakened and was yelling to my brain saying, “Hey wake the hell up!!! You are sleeping next to a naked girl, you can sleep when you are old!”

I began to stir as I woke up and Margie snuggled back against me with her scent and bare, soft and supple butt keeping me aroused. What a way to wake up! I could really get used to this and fast!

I had one hand over her arm cupping her right boob and the other arm was under her head draped over her left boob.

She turned her head and said, “Good morning sleepyhead.”

I kissed her and said I really enjoyed waking up in her bed holding her.

“Really? I could hardly tell,” she said laughing as she wriggled her butt against my hardness.

She raised her leg and pushed back as I sprung against her wet muff and slid inside. Margie slowly moved off and then back on my cock as she engulfed me. I was in heaven. We began a rhythm that felt so good as we slid together then apart making those sexy squishy noises.

I was building to a powerful orgasm when Margie got up and said, “I’m hungry, come on lets go have some breakfast,” smiled and walked off to the kitchen leaving me hard and coated in her juices.

I collected myself and followed her seeing her mother at the stove cooking as bare as the last time I saw her.

Margie was giving her a hug from behind and as I got closer saw she had each of her mother’s boobs in her hands and was teasing and pulling the nipples. These two sure did like to play.

I walked up behind Margie pressing my wet cock against her ass and took her boobs in my hand and rolled her nips. She responded by pushing back with her butt and rising up on tiptoe so I could slide in. God was this a great family or what?

In a few strokes we had reestablished the rhythm from the bedroom and as before she suddenly moved and spun away pushing me against her mother’s bare butt.

Ann responded like Margie and lifted up I was in another very wet pussy with two handfuls of very nice tits.

Ann turned her head to me and smiling said, “I like how you greet me so early in the morning. I could get used to this.”

All I could do was smile and keep pumping.

Ann felt so good surrounding my hard dick all smooth and wet. I was close to cumming and was really pounding into her bare pussy and rolling and pulling her big nipples.

“That’s mine Momma! Said an indignant Margie and she pulled me back until my wet cock was again waving in the air. She dropped to her knees and in one motion swallowed my cock to the root. Her mouth felt wonderful, so warm, wet and such an active tongue.

I reached over to Ann and slid two fingers over her bald mound into her wetness and used my thumb on her clit so she would have some fun too. She leaned back against the counter and opened her legs to give me better access. Her hands went to her breasts and nipples and in no time two of us were moaning.

The combination of surprise and Margie’s tongue and sucking mouth pushed me over the edge and I held her soft hair as I began to shoot spurt after spurt into her waiting mouth.

God did that feel wonderful!!! She definitely knew her way around a cock. Seeing me spurting in her daughter’s mouth set Ann cumming on my fingers. I could feel her muscles twitching around my fingers as they got coated very liberally with her sweet juices.

As I began recovering from that wonderful cum Margie got up licking her lips and I got kissed from both sides and was told to sit down and eat my breakfast, as I would most definitely need the strength before the day was out!

I had a wonderful breakfast of eggs, bacon, sausage, OJ, coffee, biscuits and gravy. And to top it off served by two of the sexiest women I had ever met.

Even with the activity so far there was still a very real sexual tension in the air as we talked about visiting the farm. Ann had grown up there and Margie had been born there. Her mother had died a couple of years ago and now only her Dad lived there. It keçiören escort was a small farm with a few outbuildings and some fields surrounded by woods. Of course there was a farm pond for the cattle.

We finished breakfast and Margie drug me off to the bedroom to get ready to go. I did not have any trouble dressing as I only had my jeans, shirt, socks and shoes from last night.

Margie opened her closet as I lay on the bed watching the nude creature move around her room. Margie selected a pair of overalls, a flannel shirt and pulled on socks and hiking boots. I asked her if she ever wore anything under her clothes and she just looked amused and said why bother it took too long to undress as it was. That sounded good to me.

Soon we were in the car and on the way to the farm. Ann had me sit between them and they both told me many stories of visiting the farm and of Ann growing up there.

They told me this time of year it’s a different experience with the winter woods and cold temperatures.

In the summer there are fields and woods to explore, horses to ride and the pond to swim in. Margie told me she really likes the hammock in the yard on a hot day too. With her smug smile I imagined lying naked with her in the hammock and immediately tented my jeans.

I asked them if the farm was like their house as far as nudity was concerned and they said in summer the entire place was open to explore naked and in winter only the house if it’s warm enough. Farmhouses are not known for insulation. Now I was really looking forward to summer.

It was only a couple of hours away so we arrived before lunch and I met Margie’s granddad. He was a very healthy farmer with dark suntanned skin rough hands and a wonderful warm smile. He welcomed me and we all went in the house and headed for the kitchen and the wood cook stove.

That was the neatest room. So warm and homey and after we peeled off the coats and hung them up Margie sat in my lap and cuddled as Ann and George caught up. I was not all that surprised when Ann started unbuttoning her shirt and stripped naked while talking to her Dad and I wasted no time in unbuttoning Margie’s overalls and her shirt to get at her body.

She returned the favor and was soon firmly planted on my lap hiding a very hard cock that wanted entrance to her very warm pussy.

George undressed as well and I noticed his tan was allover attesting to the summer dress code. His cock was very nice sized and I wondered if any of the local ladies were getting any of that. I also noticed he was a smoothie like Ann. It definitely looked different bald then with hair.

Soon Margie was wiggling around on my lap trying to maneuver my cock between her legs without being obvious about it.

Ann looked amused and continued talking with us. Well we weren’t holding the conversation very well as you might imagine.

Margie finally managed to capture my hard on and was gently rocking back and forth on my lap when her mother said, “Margie, why don’t you take David on a tour of the house, show him around?”

George laughed and said maybe we should start upstairs in Margie’s room.

Guess she wasn’t as discreet as I had hoped. Maybe it was the hard nipples and glazed look in our eyes. Oh well no matter the cat was out of the bag and I could now look forward to playing with her openly again.

Margie got up and my wet cock was evident to everyone. They just smiled and said I had better hurry and not miss any of the tour.

I caught up to Margie as she was climbing the stairs, God I could follow that bare ass anywhere… what a sexy creature.

At the top of the stairs we turned into a very small but nice bedroom and Margie climbed on the bed on all fours and wiggled her butt at me. I needed no further invitation and slid right back into her from behind taking those ass cheeks in my hands to massage and play with.

She moaned and we were slamming our bodies together with urgency until I could hold back no longer and shot a stream of cum in her draining my balls.

As I began to cum it triggered Margie’s orgasm and we were both moaning and gasping for breath.

As I stopped stroking Margie spun around and lay on her back, reached around and grasped my butt cheeks and pulled me over her head where she took my tired cock lovingly in her mouth at the keçiören escort bayan same time opening her legs in invitation to my tongue.

I love a creamy clit and lips and wasted no time in attaching my lips to her nether ones. It was fun to be standing in this position and play. Every position with Margie was fun and exciting. Soon we brought each other to another climax and we pulled the quilt down and crawled under and snuggled falling asleep happy and naked.

Ann calling to us from downstairs to come down to supper awaked us later. Now this family knew how to live, sex, sleep and food, in vast quantities. I loved it.

We headed down the stairs hand in hand kissing and smelling the wonderful scents from the kitchen.

Ann and George had been busy it seemed and they were both moving about the kitchen happy and smiling. When we walked in George said it looked like I had gotten a good tour and hoped I had enjoyed the house.

Before I could think of a reply Margie said she only got to show me her room and later would take me on a tour of some more of the house.

She asked her Mom is she had been busy touring herself and was rewarded with a bright red blush from her Mom.

Dinner was excellent, a hearty country meal with roast beef, mounds of creamy potatoes topped with fresh butter, vegetables, fresh biscuits with apple butter and wonderful cider. For dessert we had chocolate cake and ice cream.

I was stuffed past full and shortly after dinner Margie and I climbed the stairs together hand in hand and actually got in her bed under the covers snuggled to warm up the bed and promptly fell asleep. I woke sometime during the night with Margie tight against my body my stiff cock pressed between those sweet cheeks.

There is nothing like waking up to a warm naked woman. I inhaled her female scent and began lightly rubbing her body all over. Her boobs in my hands felt so damn good. Those nips jumped against my palm as I massaged her full breasts and teased her nips. Margie sighed, opened her eyes and asked if I ever got enough. I told her not yet but if I do I will be sure and tell her. She giggled and ran a hand down my chest to encircle my shaft and gently stroke it.

We leisurely made love. Savoring every moment and exploring everywhere. Margie was a very energetic woman and very much enjoyed sex play but she also enjoyed slow relaxed lovemaking.

And that is what we did that night. Quiet, gentle, sensuous lovemaking. She rolled me onto my back and straddled my body playfully bobbing those bare boobs over my face while sliding her lips back and forth over my shaft. She knew how to drive a man mad.

Finally she slid up farther and shifted so I was positioned at her very wet hole and in one motion slid down to the root.

Margie sure knew how to ride a cock, changing the motion to keep it interesting and exciting. In no time she was draining me yet again into her delicious body.

After I had filled her and my cock was deflated she turned around offering me her cream pie.

She leaned down and sucked my wet cock into her mouth and ran her tongue all around the shaft and head.

As I gazed up at her I asked if she had considered going bald like her mother and George. She said yes but hadn’t dated anyone that liked smoothies.

I told her I thought she would look lovely bald and we made plans the next day to shave her smooth as well as myself. As we drifted off to sleep again we heard the muffled noises from downstairs that said Ann was getting plenty of attention.

We kissed and drifted back to slumber land.

The next morning Margie woke me by sucking on my nipples until I was on the verge of cumming. I had no idea until then that they were that sensitive.

Once she noticed I was awake she wrapped her hand around my shaft and said, “Come on let’s get in the shower first before the hot water is gone.”

We wrapped up in robes she had and padded down the cold stairs to the bathroom and turned on the hot water.

Soon we were engulfed in clouds of hot steam and were soaping each other up and washing all the fun parts. Soap covered boobs and buns so slick and warm under my hand.

Margie took a razor, soaped my cock and balls and very expertly shaved them smooth and hairless. I looked so bare and open, smooth as a little boy escort keçiören but with a nice big hard cock. And I was harder now than ever.

Next it was Margie’s turn and I followed her lead and soaped her bush up before carefully shaving it naked and smooth. It looked so delicious that I couldn’t resist. I wrapped both hands around her bare ass and sucked her clit and lips into my mouth. As Margie was holding my head and pushing her pussy against my tongue the shower curtain opened and her mom and granddad were there smiling and nude as well.

“Can we join you?” Ann asked.

“Sure!” Margie said as she held me to her newly shorn pussy.

I was too far gone to mind being watched and just sucked and licked harder.

Soon the large shower was full of slick hairless bodies entwined together.

Margie had cum on my tongue and as I was preparing to stand up Ann asked if I would shave her. Still on my knees I said why not and took the soap and razor to her day old stubble.

It was far easier to smooth her and interesting to see the differences in appearance of her pussy. Her lips were larger and puffier and her clit was hidden unlike Margie’s clit that stuck out when she was aroused past her lips like a little cock. Margie’s inner lips also were longer and protruded past her outer lips like curtains, which I found so sexy.

I gave Ann a little kiss on her clit and said all done.

I started to get up and George asked if I was interested in shaving one more. I was a little hesitant but Margie egged me on. She handed me the razor back as I soaped him up and smoothed him.

I reached up without another thought and took his hard cock in my hand and moved it around as I shaved him. Just doing that made me hornier and my cock twitched. I would not have thought that holding another cock would interest me at all. But as I moved around and his cock slid back and forth in my hand I found I enjoyed playing with it and seeing the soap disappear as I shaved him.

When I was all done I ran my hand all over his pubic area and over his balls and up to his shaft. He moaned as I encircled his shaft and I started to pump back and forth slowly. The ladies were watching us now as George leaned back against the wall to enjoy my touch. I continued slowly stroking his shaft running my hand over the head at the top of each stroke and used my other hand to massage and play with his sack. It was so mesmerizing to see his bare shaft bob and twitch and feel it alive in my hand. My member was twitching against his leg as I leaned in and studied his cock up close.

“Go on kiss it,” encouraged Margie.

I was committed now, I had to find out what it tasted like and felt like. I slowly opened my mouth and kissed the head making George moan out loud. I opened my mouth farther and let his shaft enter my mouth fully savoring the taste of his bare cock as it slid over my tongue. I could only get about half of it in my mouth before I withdrew and started sucking and bobbing. This was great I thought; giving a blowjob is as hot as getting one.

I concentrated on pleasing George and soon had each of his bare cheeks in each of my hands pulling his shaft to me as I tried to suck his balls through his shaft. I was soon rewarded with a nice load of thick white cum spurting onto my tongue as his shaft pulsed. That set me off and I spent my load on his leg.

I was a little embarrassed after he finished cumming in my mouth that I had shot off on his leg but Margie took me in her arms and kissed me shooting her tongue in my mouth to swirl her granddaddies cum around. “That was the hottest thing I have ever seen,” she said as she took my shaft in her hand and pulled me out of the shower toward the living room. Ann was on her knees licking my cum off his leg. Ann and George were also wrapped up with each other and showed no signs of getting out of the shower.

Margie asked “Was that your first time you had sucked a cock?”

I somewhat reluctantly said yes. “Well I hope that you enjoyed it as much as I did, from the looks of it you seemed to get off on it just like I do.”

“It felt so hot and warm and alive and when he shot off in my mouth I couldn’t help cumming.”

“Well now you know why I enjoy sucking you so much, I always cum when I give a guy a blowjob,” Margie said smiling.

I placed both hands on her shoulders as we got to the couch and guided her down on her knees in front of me as I sat and said, “How about showing me?”

Margie smiled wickedly and said, “My pleasure, lay back and relax and let me have my way.”

And that was the beginning of a very nice weekend at the farm. Thankfully not the last one either

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