The Bad Sister Ch. 01

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I’m not what most people would describe as typical, or normal for that matter. My almost six foot frame has a few extra pounds but I’m not fat. My fine blonde hair has long given way to the dyed black color it is now, sometimes streaked with any color I can boost from the store. One week it’s green, the next it’s blue. This week it’s purple. My nails have to be black and my make-up has to be overdone. I lighten the naturally light skin-tone of my face to directly contrast with the black eyeliner I apply way too liberally. I get asked all the time if the way I look keeps the guys away. If it does, my 36D “girls” make up for it. I long ago stopped wearing a bra, or any type underwear for that matter, and the natural bounce in my step caused by the black Belleville army boots I wear seems to draw guys to me (or them) like a moth to a street light.

On the other hand, Jeff is one of those guys. You know the type. Standing well over six feet tall with washboard abdominal muscles covered by the smoothest skin and the lightest blonde hair, hauntingly deep blue eyes that seemed to change color with his mood, wide strong shoulders that made him look as tough as he is, and long, strong arms that seemed perfectly suited for holding the female body. He always smelled intoxicating, whether he was wearing the best cologne or if he just got done playing basketball for hours. Then there is his face. Oh my God, his face. The word ‘handsome” would be jealous looking at him. Everything was in perfect proportion and placement, nothing too big or too small. All of this was framed with the most beautiful, shoulder-length blonde hair. He was a living, breathing god. I have seen women walk into parking meters when they passed him on the street. Any woman, and I do mean any woman, young or old, would give anything to be with him, some to just be near him. The great thing about this is that I’m one of those lucky women. The bad thing is that Jeff is my brother. The strange thing is that I didn’t notice any of this about him until the beginning of the summer.

Growing up we paid little attention to one another. Let’s just say our social circles never crossed. He was the jock that lettered in 4 sports. I was the first girl in high school to get my lip and tongue pierced. He was the class President. I won every rainbow party I went to. He earned a 4.0 GPA. I had to fuck the math teacher to prevent me being held back. He got a full scholarship to an Ivy League university. I got turned down at the local Community College. The only time he had ever seen the inside of a jail is when he came with our parents to get me out. We were so polar opposite that it was laughable. Even mom had trouble believing we were twins and she gave birth to us, 2 minutes apart, almost 19 years ago. Yes, you read that right. Jeff is my twin and to make matters worse, I’m the oldest.

It had gotten to the point that the only time we seemed to talk was him asking me how many different guys I had that week or when I asked him when he was going to get some pussy from that stuck-up, snobby, cheerleader bitch that he had been dating for over a year. He used to say that he was “saving” himself for his wife and I told him that if I only had one that week, it was more than he had in his entire life. These little barbs were our way of communicating. Somewhere deep inside we loved each other though on the surface you couldn’t tell.

My friends were the first to notice Jeff. They started asking me questions about him. They asked if he was dating or what he did to keep himself so perfect. They started telling me that they would fuck him in a second even after I told them that he’s a virgin and saving the jewels until he’s married. My best friend told me that she could get him to change his mind. Somehow I doubted even her 34DD’s could cause him to change his mind. I guess it was about this time that I started seeing Jeff for the incredibly handsome man he had become. Then the dreams started.

The first time I had a dream about him was right around Memorial Day. My dreams are usually mirrors of my life. Not quite roman orgies, but damn similar to them. That first dream about him was so real that I awoke in a sweat, my fingers dripping and my sheet soaked. Despite the content of the dream and the condition of me and my bed, I cursed myself for thinking this way. Why in the hell was I dreaming of a jock? I had never given them a first glance, let alone a second. He was the exact type of person that I was rebelling against. Mainstream society sucked and he embraced it with his conservative, ivy league attitude. I hated everything he represented. Why then were my fingers dripping, my bed wet from my ass to my knees and my nipples so hard they hurt? I passed it off as a weird dream but this wouldn’t be the last time I had it. Practically every night, irregardless of how well I got screwed that particular day, I had the same dream, resulting in the same thing. Even though my days were spent no where near him, my nights were spent under him in my fantasy. It was then that I started noticing the things in pendik escort him that I described earlier. I thought that I must be really wasted to be thinking of my own brother. Still, the dreams continued.

About mid-summer, I started noticing Jeff become even more distant than normal. Even the shots he took at my lifestyle stopped, though my shots at his didn’t. His responses to mine became the same three words. “Fuck you, Jenni.” Up until a few weeks earlier, the only time I ever heard him say anything near that caustic was when he broke his arm in our junior year of high school, and even then it was one time. I knew something was up, not that I really gave a shit, or at least I tried convincing myself that I didn’t. What finally convinced me that Jeff was different was when he, for the first time ever, turned down our parent’s invitation to go hiking in the mountains. He loved to hike. To pass this up is like asking a rich person to give up money. Jeff even raised his voice to mom when she questioned his not wanting to go, which is also a first for him.

The night of our parents heading off to their mountainous nirvana, I came home to an apparently empty house. The wicked side of me thought for a minute that he had changed his mind and was using the absence of the parental units to finally blow some seed into the Barbie doll he had been dating. I thought I would try to find out if I was right but when I walked down the hall, Jeff’s door was wide open. Still hoping he forgot to close it I peeked in, but the room was empty. That’s when I heard someone dive into our pool. Being the bitch I love to be, I walked outside hoping to find them doing something so I could break it up, but I saw only Jeff floating on his back in the center of the pool. I walked over to the brick edge of the shallow end. “Hey Tard!” I yelled, using one of a string of names that I knew he hated being called.

“Go away, Jenni. I’ve had all I can take of you bitches this week.”

Why I didn’t tell him to piss off and go back in the house like I normally would I’ll never know. Something in his voice struck a chord in me that for some reason made me feel bad for him. What I said next is so much out-of-character for me that I wondered where it was coming from, even as I was saying it.

“Are you ok, Jeff?”

“Why do you care? You’ll just throw some stupid-ass wisecrack and tell me to grow some balls like you always do.” For the first time in a long time, I felt bad. He was right. Up until he said that, I was planning on doing exactly what he thought I would do.

“I don’t know why I care, but for some reason I do.”

Jeff opened his eyes to study me. I guess he saw something different in me.

“Jen, can we talk? I really need to ask you something.” he said, his eyes seemed so sad and distant, something I wasn’t used to seeing in him. “Why not go get your suit on and get in. This might take a while.”

I agreed, thinking to myself how confused he must be to be asking me, of all people, for advice. I got all the way to my room before I remembered that I didn’t own anything remotely close to a swim suit. I rarely went in the water because the chlorine took out the color I put in my hair. So I put on the closest thing I had that could pass for swim wear, a pair of lime green boxers that one of my “friends” left as a souvenir and a yellow Slipknot T-shirt. Even I would never be caught wearing those in public. Jeff, on the other hand, didn’t even notice. He was back floating with his eyes closed, but had drifted to the deep end. I took the opportunity to jump in right beside him, cannonball style. When I resurfaced, Jeff was hacking like a three pack a day smoker, exactly the effect I was going for. After he flushed the water from his lungs, he said nothing, going back to quietly floating.

“What’s wrong Jeff? Is it her? Are you fighting?” I said, unable to remember her name, mostly from my not caring what it was. I thought I might be right, judging by the general dislike of women in general he was having.

“No, we’re not fighting, we broke up.” That was the last thing I expected to hear. Even though I liked her about as much as flies like Raid, I really thought that the next wedding invitation I would get would be theirs.

“No shit!? Damn Jeff, what happened?”

“You’re not going to believe this one.”

“Jeff, look at me, I have black and purple hair and a yellow and green suit on. Why would you think I wouldn’t believe you?” He glanced my way and grunted what passed for a laugh.

“I guess you’re right.” he said as he righted himself in the pool and faced me. “When Gail and I first started getting serious, she gave me the ‘I’m saving my virginity for my husband’ speech. I even went along with it. We did stuff, you know, but we never went all the way. When I told her that I was a virgin too and that I was willing to wait for her, it made our lives so much better, or at least I thought it did.” he explained. I drifted closer to him and stood as we were now in the shallow end of the pool, listening to maltepe escort his story.

“What happened? Let me guess. You caught her with another guy?”

Jeff’s face elongated, his expressive eyes showed the pain I knew he had to be in. He opened his mouth as if to say something, turning away from me slowly. I knew I was right.

“All during our relationship she told me she was a virgin and was saving herself. I believed her. What else could I do BUT believe her. I went over her place last week. I knocked on the door but no one answered so I went around the back by her pool. As I got there I saw him laying on one of their chaise lounges. She had her hands on his chest and she was slamming her ass on him so hard it sounded like she was getting spanked. She was fucking him like a porn star! Moaning like one too.”

“Who was it? Do you know him? It wasn’t your friend Matt, was it? He’s always said that he’s gonna fuck her if you ever leave her alone long enough. Was it Matt?”

“No, it was Chip.” he said, looking down at the water.

“Chip?” I said, not immediately recognizing the name. Then it hit me like a hammer. “Isn’t Chip her brother?”

My heart jumped into my throat. My mind immediately went to the dreams I had been having all summer. I felt my face flush and my nipples harden. I tried to say something, anything. My mind was not functioning except to replay my fantasy as I looked at Jeff.

“Yes, her brother.” Jeff said, his voice low and gravelly.

I saw that he had brought his eyes to my chest. My eyes lowered to where his gaze landed. When I focused on my chest, I realized that the T-shirt had become practically transparent from the water and he could easily see my big dark brown nipples, made even darker because they were now hard. My brain reacted and I lifted my legs, allowing my chest to go under the water. I got myself together quickly, trying not to look like I had gotten turned on.

Clearing my throat, I asked, “Did they know you were there? Did they see you?”

Jeff hesitated, seemingly getting himself together as I had just done.

“No, as soon as I realized it was them, I backed up and peeked around the corner of the house. I don’t know why I didn’t kick his ass or say something. Hell, I don’t even know why I stood there and watched. I just couldn’t do anything but watch them. I wasn’t mad or anything. I just stood there and watched the show like I paid to see it. She must have come four times in just a couple minutes, moaning how good it was. Then he grunted something and she got up off him and put his cock in her mouth and sucked him for a few seconds. He pulled it out of her mouth and shot all over her face.”

I absorbed his story. Without thinking, I said, “Damn, that was so hot. I have goose bumps.”

“That’s my problem. Even though I’m thoroughly pissed at her for lying to me, it weirds me out that I got the same reaction then that you did now. I must be a tard. Who in the hell gets turned on watching their girlfriend do her own brother?”

I thought for a second, forming the question in my mind before I said it. “What weirds you out more? The fact that you watched her fucking someone other than you, or that she was fucking her brother?”

Jeff looked at me right in the eyes. “I don’t know.”

“Well, what was your first thought when you realized what was happening?”

“My FIRST thought?” He got all solemn-looking.

“Did I stutter?”

Jeff’s eyes lowered to the level where my breasts were and swallowed hard.

“I thought of you, of those, um, your….oh hell. I don’t want to talk anymore.” Jeff stood to get out of the pool and as he walked by me I grabbed his hand.

“I’ve thought of you too.” My response was like I was on autopilot. I no more intended to admit that to him than I planned going to a Yanni concert.

Jeff turned to face me again. My heart was racing.

“What do you mean?” he asked, his words damp with excitement.

I gathered myself, suddenly feeling vulnerable, yet almost giddy. It was a strange feeling. This chick doesn’t do giddy.

“I’ve been having this dream all summer. We were lovers. Not just fuck-buddies, but real lovers.”

“Then it WAS me.” he said, almost under his breath.

Confused, I asked, “What was you?”

“I thought that all those times I heard you calling out my name in your bedroom you were dreaming about another one of your boyfriends. I sometimes joked to myself that it was me that you were dreaming about. I even thought about you when I…” Jeff stopped before he said what I knew he was going to say.

I looked at my tall, incredibly virile brother in the eyes. My heart was no longer beating, merely vibrating in my chest. I knew what was going to happen next, and there was no way in hell I was going to stop it.

“It was you.”

Jeff walked toward me. For some unknown reason, I was getting nervous. As he got nearer I thought there was now no reason to be hiding the fact that I was turned on, allowing my feet to touch bottom kartal escort and once again support my weight. Jeff offered his hand. I eagerly stretched mine and grasped his large yet gentle hand. As I finally raised myself to my full height, Jeff reached for and grasped my other hand, holding me away from him. He opened his mouth as if to say something. His hands were shaking, as were mine. I slowly drew myself closer to him, stopping about a foot away. Words were not going to be necessary. I saw in his eyes what he wanted. I told him with mine he could have it.

As if drawn together by a magnet, our lips inched slowly closer until at about 3 inches apart, we simultaneously crushed our lips together, each of us succumbing to one another like animals. Jeff’s arms surrounded me and crushed my body to his. Our mouths opened and we began exploring with our tongues. Our breathing became deep and ragged. I became conscious of his cock pulsating on my stomach right below my navel, my nipples boring holes into his chest.

Reaching between us, I pushed my hand down and cupped his cock. It curved down and onto his balls, still constrained in his swim trunks. Turning my hand slightly, I began rubbing the length of it from it’s roots to the tip, squeezing his balls when I got near them. Jeff audibly moaned every time I completed a stroke. I realized that we had parted slightly. Jeff’s hands were now snaking their way under my T-shirt, inching closer and closer to my chest. Drawing my head away from his, I grabbed the shirt and tugged it up and over my head and threw it in the water beside us. Jeff’s hands found and caressed my breasts lightly then he began running his fingers around my nipples.

“Pinch them.” I said as I began to insert my hands into his trunks. Jeff began lightly pinching them between two fingers.

“Harder!” I demanded. He did as I asked. My body began to burn outward from his twists and tugs.

I got my hands inside his trunks and tried to slide them down, but the friction of the water and the tightness of the trunks made it difficult, even more so because my body was weakening from the tugs and pinches. Finally managing to get them at least partially down past his cock, I glanced down past my tits and Jeff’s hands to see that his cock was doing exactly what I need it to do. I wrapped my hand tightly around it and began jacking off my ‘little’ brother, the water causing it to bounce in my hand. Jeff leaned over, causing me to lose my grip on him. He grabbed both of my breasts and squeezed them together as he began circling first one, then the other nipple with his tongue.

“Bite them Jeff, HARD!” I was begging now.

He opened his mouth, exposing his teeth and sank them into my nipple. The electrical connection being well established between my chest and pussy, I could feel myself getting warm between my legs, my juices flowing downward to meet the water in the pool. It felt as if there should be steam rising from where the two mixed.

I felt Jeff’s hands grasping the waistband of my souvenir boxers. Tugging them down over my hips and into the water, he ran a hand back up my thigh and cupped my sex in his hand. I sucked in my breath through clenched teeth as he inserted a finger between my lips and gently fingered the entrance to my hole. My legs involuntarily opened, allowing him easier access. I needed to feel his cock again. I pulled his face from my chest and leaned to one side to grab his cock again. Grabbing it with one hand and his balls with the other, I began kneading them roughly, first tugging his balls away from his body, then grabbing them and pressing them into his crotch. I pulled myself to him and smashed his cock between us as I rubbed myself up and down the underside of his shaft.

About then, I felt Jeff stab a finger inside me sharply. His long finger explored my vagina, much to my delight. He wasn’t as gentle as he had been at first with my tits. He seemed to understand now that I liked it rough. I pulled back slightly and began jerking his cock harder as he inserted another finger beside the first, causing me to moan deeply. I felt his fingers touch everything inside me. He was alternating between flicking my cervix, which drives me crazy, to rubbing the walls and every once in a while he would graze my G-spot, causing my knees to buckle. I felt his cock get hotter and harder. His finger movement became jerkier.

“Jen, I’m gonna come,” Jeff said, his voice tapering with every letter. I separated his hand from my pussy, leaned down and wrapped my tits around his cock, sliding my body up and down. Jeff grabbed my head, then my hair to steady himself. Waves flung from my body as I bobbed in the water. I watched as his cock head appeared and vanished between my bosom. I lowered my head and swiped my tongue across the head every time it appeared through my cleavage. I was nearing orgasm just from watching him titty fuck me.

“Here it is.” Jeff said, his words forced through clenched teeth. No sooner did he complete his sentence than he grabbed my hands, squeezed them together on my chest and thrust his cock hard between them. His come hit me in the chin, on my cheek, in my eye, and once I got close enough, in my mouth. His sperm tasted of salt and chlorine. Jeff’s grunts were in perfect time with his spurts.

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