Library Fantasy

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**Everyone in this story is over the age of 18**

I walk up the steps of the two story library, the back of my school girl skirt flipping up with each step. We agreed to meet here, our perverted minds needing satisfaction. I walk in and scan the area, seeing where you are at. I check my phone and see that you tell me to go upstairs, to the archive section as it’s a little more private. As I’m walking to the stairs I can see my outfit has gotten everyone attention; plaid green short school girl skirt, tight white low cut top with knee high socks and white tennis shoes and of course pigtails and no panties of bra on. My nipples poke through my top as my big tits jiggle with each step.

I walk up the stairs, my cunt juices starting to flow. I scan the area as I reach the last step and see you over in a corner. Your gaze meets me and I can instantly tell you love my outfit. Your eyes go from my face down slowly to my feet, your eyes getting big when you see my tits. I walk over slowly, feeling your gaze on my thick pale shapely thighs, my skirt is so short that the tattoo on my upper thigh is clearly visible.

I walk close to you but stop at a nearby bookshelf. You continue to watch me as I pretend to browse for a book. I grab one and flip through it, then it “accidently” slips through my hands and falls. I bend down to pick it up, dramatically pushing my ass out so that my skirt flares up giving you a clear view of my ass and pussy. I hear you gasp and I make sure to take my time in picking the book up, rising slowly and returning it to it’s place. I turn around to walk to you and see that you are grabbing your cock through your pants, the aching being too much for you. I giggle and bite my lip.

When I get close enough you reach out and grab my wrist. There’s only a few people left in the library since it’s close to closing time and they are all downstairs so you aren’t worried about people seeing us. You tell me I look amazing and that I was a bad girl teasing you like that. I giggle and tell you that you liked it. You stand up, your erection evident through your pants. You grab me hard and pull me in, kissing me hard. Shoving your tongue deep in my mouth as I moan against you. Your hand playing with my pigtails, the other reaching up my skirt to grab my thick ass.

You break the kiss and look at my face, telling me how gorgeous I look. That ataşehir escort I’m the sexiest school girl you’ve ever seen. You lean down and kiss my neck gently. Then you bite it hard making me moan loudly. Your hand moves from my pigtails to my tits and you squeeze each one hard as you leave an angry hicky on my neck, marking you naughty school girl lover as yours. Your other hand is spreading my ass, your finger going from my dripping cunt to my tight asshole. Circling it and spreading my juices on it.

You push me onto the table so that I’m sitting on the edge. You take the finger with my juices on it and put it to my lips. I suck my juices off eagerly; excitement overcomes you and you grab my face and kiss me hard. I pull away and ask you to sit on the chair. You look puzzled but do as I ask since you know it will end in pleasure for you. I get onto my knees and crawl under the table. You look down and watch me settle on my knees between your legs, my hands pawing at your pants. Unzipping your pants fast and pulling them and your underwear down enough for your cock to pop out. Your precum glistening in the light, dripping like a faucet.

I grab your hard cock gently, my small soft hands making you moan softly. I lean forward and lick your delicious precum off the tip, looking up and locking eyes with you. You pull your phone out and start snapping pictures. Telling me how hot I look and how you have been dreaming of me and my body. I giggle and then suddenly shove you in my hot wet mouth, still looking up at you. You grunt loudly, your hands in my hair as you watch me devour your hard cock.

Slowly taking you inch by inch, sucking hard and swirling my tongue all around. Then faster, taking more of you. Without notice I shove you in my throat, deepthroating all of you making your thighs shake as you moan loudly. I start fucking my mouth and throat with your hard cock, licking all over and sucking hard. I pull your cock out and let my spit dribble down onto the head of it, then shove you back into my mouth. Loud slurping noises fill the room as I run my long sharp nails down your thighs, making you moan loud. I start massaging your balls as I bob my head as fast as I can.

All the movement allows one of my big tits to pop out of my shirt and that pushes you over the edge. You grunt loudly and grab my head, your cock getting even harder as kadıköy escort you start shooting your hot cum into my mouth. I look up and can tell you are fighting to keep quiet as I suck every last drop. Right before you stop I pull your cock out and stroke a little more cum out, shooting it onto my lips and cheek.

You look down at me and tell me I’m amazing and that I’m such a cum slut for you. I lick the cum off my lips but leave the small amount on my cheek to dry. I crawl out from under the table, brushing myself off as you stand and push me onto the table. You kiss me hard and spread my legs, my short skirt revealing my glistening cunt. You drop to your knees and kiss my inner thighs. I lay back onto my elbows, resting my feet on the edge of the table so that you have full access to my cunt. You bite my thighs, leaving little bite marks.

You then dive in, sucking my clit into your mouth as you tell me how good it tastes and how I’m so wet. You start lapping at me, like you’ve been starving for my juices. I look down to watch you, your beard soaking up my juices. I start to move my hips, humping your face and getting my juices all over you. You slip one finger inside my cunt, getting my juices all over it. Then as you start to tongue fuck me hard you slowly slip it into my ass. I start to shake and grab the back of your head. I bite my lip so hard it hurts to keep quiet as I start to fuck your face as you tongue fuck my pussy and finger fuck me ass. I cry out softly as I flood your face with my cum, my body shaking.

You lap up all my juices, cleaning me up. When you’re satisfied that my pussy has been cleaned up you stand, and I can see that your beard has been thoroughly soaked. You lean down and kiss me, your wet beard against my face, letting me smell my juices on you. I can feel your dripping had cock against my thigh, your hands grabbing at my tits. You stand back up and pull me to the edge of the desk, my ass hanging off the edge. You spread my legs wide and push them to my chest exposing me tight wet cunt. You grab your cock and shove it inside my tight wet hole fast and start pounding me like an animal. My tits are jiggling as I feel you stretching me out, moaning softly.

You tell me I feel like heaven and that you’re addicted to my cunt. That you love how tight I am, like a virgin every time you fuck me. You’re pounding me so bostancı escort bayan hard that the table is squeeking, neither of us caring at this point if anyone can hear. I reach down and start rubbing my clit fast and hard. You suddenly stop and I grunt in frustration. You slowly pull your cock out of me, as I beg you not to stop. You smile as your cock plops out of me, reaching down and rubbing my cunt juices on my tight asshole. I bite my lip, knowing now what you intend to do.

You press your hard cockhead to my ass as I start to rub my clit. Gently you push your cock into my tight ass. I gasp and dig my nails into your thighs, telling you to go slow. Even going as slow as you are, you’re stretching me out and I love it. You grunt, saying my ass is tighter than my virgin tight pussy. Slowly inch by inch as I continue to rub my clit. Finally you’re balls deep, your pelvis resting against my ass. You look down and see your cock deep in my ass, telling me how sexy I look as you start to move slowly.

The discomfort subsides and I start to moan loudly. My cunt juices are literally dripping, small amount running down onto your cock. You start to speed up and I start to shake. You tell me to cum, to cum while your daddy is fucking your ass. You know what it does to me when you call yourself daddy, making my thighs shake as I whimper. You then pull your cock out of my ass and shove it into my cunt hard. You fuck me hard for 4 strokes then pull out and shove yourself back into my ass making me scream. Back and forth, over and over, going from my tight cunt to my tight ass.

The pleasure is too much and I start to shake and tell you I’m cumming. You shove your cock in my asshole and pound me hard, telling me to cum while daddy is in my ass. My cunt clamps down and you grunt, telling me that you’re going to fill my ass up. My back arches as I keep cumming begging you to mark my ass. Mark my ass daddy. You grunt loudly and I can feel your hot cum filling up my ass. Stroke by stroke giving me all you have left.

When you’ve given me all your cum you collapse on top of me, both of us breathing hard. You look down at me and tell me I’m amazing, kissing me hard. Your cum now dried on my cheek as my ass start dripping your cum as well. You bite my neck and stand up; You pull your pants up and help me up. I fix my skirt and shirt, and whisper that your cum is dripping out of me. You gasp and bite my neck again. I giggle and we walk to the stairs hand in hand. As we leave an older librarian looks at us with a disapproving look. We both laugh softly as we walk out, headed out to dinner with your cum dripping down my legs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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