Kim’s Ascent into Heaven

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Don’t get me wrong, here…I love to be teased. But I am human. There’s only so much teasing a person can take before their hormones blot out every rational thought they might otherwise have. When that point is reached…watch out. All hell could break loose. And believe me, over the years I’ve had moments where I’d been overly stimulated to the point where I tried to do things that were physically, humanly impossible…and almost accomplished them. Under this type of stimulation, the old cliche of sex on a swinging chandelier would seem perfectly reasonable…and doable. Such is the power of testosterone.

For instance, I can recall one particularly hormonal night when a young “lady” teased and seduced me mercilessly in my car throughout an entire forty mile trip while I drove her home from a night club back in my misguided – though delicious – youth. By the time we got two-thirds of the way there, I was a drooling wreck. I had no choice but to pull over and plead with her to stop or I’d go crazy…and quite probably drive us right into someone’s living room. She did me one better. At least it seemed so at the time.

Wordlessly, she pounced on me, tore at my shirt and pants, and proceeded to use every part of her body to make every part of my body burn and explode. The rest, as they say, is history. But the point of this little trip down memory lane was to illustrate my previous statement. So, let me just say that I learned a lesson that most memorable night… that the human penis was not meant to spend five plus hours thrusting in and out of a tight vagina…no matter how stout and staunch it is, and no matter how lubricated said vagina might be. Not to mention another thirty to forty-five minutes in an even tighter opening…besides being sucked and stroked and nibbled and…well, you get the idea. Suffice to say…my proud bayonet was battered and sore – irritated beyond words – for days afterwards. Simply bathing it was excruciating. Not to mention the strained, burning groin muscles. Anyone who’s ever watched Tim Conway do his “little old man” walk has a pretty clear picture of how hilarious I looked trying to motor about for those painful few days.

That amusing picture having been unbiddenly thrust upon your recoiling brains, you’d think that a much older and wiser Thomas Michael would have the wisdom not to repeat such errors. A man of my…shall we say, maturity…should know that he can’t possibly repeat such unwise acts without tempting fate. Even if I was still in my twenties I should know better than to risk the Tim Conway shuffle again. But, taking into consideration that two decades have passed since that night, one would think I’d have the common sense to max out any future liaisons at perhaps half that time…on a really good night…and only if loaded up with a truckload of stimulants, and following the tryst with an equal amount of pain killers. Alas, wisdom appears not to be my strong suit.

This brings us to the delectable Kimberly. Although the surface of this incredible creature is one of self-doubt and unjustified self-consciousness, beneath that surface smolders a white hot sexual dynamo. Her desires are varied and endless, her fantasies intricately intense. She is the chameleon of sex, adaptable to any situation, any sexual scenario. She is the perfect sex partner, giving and taking pleasure in equal amounts. To see her smile and lick the tip of her finger is to break out in sweat. To watch her tease you as she licks her own juices off the tip of that finger is to feel an unrelenting surge of blood in the veins of your manhood. Once she realizes you adore her body…desire it…need it…you are hers for the taking. And she will cater to your every fantasy, while somehow fulfilling all of her own along the way.

Thus, we arrive at last night. But let me begin my tale earlier in the day, for in reality she had spent the entire day teasing me. The teasing was mild at first…a wink, a sly smile, a lick of the lips, a quick stroke of her fingers on my lower abdomen…all could be construed as innocent to the unknowing eye. Kim and I both knew better.

The teasing escalated throughout the day. The winking eyes took to caressing my body boldly and without guilt. The sly, licked lips helped themselves to my own with increasing frequency, her tongue becoming bolder with each kiss. But when I tried to kiss back, she’d pull away, giggling or just grinning playfully. Her lightly stroking fingers lost their quickness and lingered where they stroked. Often, those fingers covertly squeezed whatever intimate parts of me might happen to be turned away from prying eyes. On several occasions, my buttocks were fondled in public, and a quick, accurate palm slipped deftly between my legs and cupped the warm softness it found there. At such times, Kim’s eyes twinkled mischievously and her smile bordered on lewdness. The warm softness cupped in her hand remained warm, but not soft.

Kim knows how much I adore her round bottom, and at least a half dozen times she bahis firmaları purposely rubbed it against me, usually pressing it up against my crotch, pushing into me, rubbing from side to side just a little. Once, after kissing me, she quickly turned around, putting her back to me. She grabbed my hand as if to begin walking off with me in tow, but then stopped short so that I ran into her. In the ensuing collision, she raised my hand up under her skirt and brought it to rest on her soft bottom. With her own hand she pressed mine into her sweet, warm behind, then quickly darted away, laughing, once again pulling me along after her. My fingers instinctively flexed to fondle her fine derriere, but they were too slow. They would have to be patient. I knew they would get their chance.

And so the day went. At every possible opportunity, Kim found some way to tease me with some part of her body. Kissing, touching, whispering…she spent the day bedeviling my overheated libido. By 6 PM, I was not unlike the drooling lad of two decades earlier. My body – every part of it, not just my genitals – was overheating, vibrating and crackling with that harbinger of procreation called lust. And Kim was keenly aware of it. After all, that was exactly her intent.

By the time we reached her place, Kim was basking in her triumph, knowing full well all she had to do was go upstairs to her bedroom and I’d follow her at warp speed to make mad, passionate love to her. But, what she didn’t realize was that she’d done her job too well. All I needed was one more, minute stimulus to plunge me over the edge. And that stimulus was not long in coming.

The innocent act of a horny woman ascending a flight of stairs proved to be the final straw. Not so much Kim just walking up the stairs…but the way she walked up them. And then, of course, there was that incredible ass…swaying seductively from side to side as she went from step to step. It looked like a juicy apple beckoning me to bite it…to lick it…so slurp up its sweet juices.

My heart started to pound out a 70’s disco beat in my chest. That pounding went all the way up into my temples. Looking back and down, Kim saw me staring at her bottom, and wiggled it one more time, a wicked, lip-licking grin on her face. That wiggle was Kim’s last tease for the day.

When she saw me barreling up the stairs at a pace that would make a marathon runner wheeze, her eyes got wide as saucers and she laughed nervously. She thought I was simply chasing her to the bedroom. She tried to run up the remaining stairs, kicking off her heels to gain speed. She didn’t stand a chance. She made it only about halfway up the stairs before I pounced on her.

Still thinking I was only playing, she collapsed on the stairs, laughing hysterically. I wasn’t laughing. Yes, I was grinning…but it was the satisfied grin of the predator catching its prey. Without the slightest hesitation, I went for Kim’s round, succulent ass.

She squealed with delight as I hoisted her skirt up to uncover her bottom and started kissing and nibbling her cheeks. But it was when I reared back and grabbed her panties to yank them down her legs that she realized she wasn’t going to make it to the bedroom…at least, not for the foreseeable future.

By this point, Kim was becoming as heated as I was. She happily assisted me in getting her panties all the way down and off her legs. Smiling, I lifted her panties to my face and sniffed them, leering at her. Then I licked them briefly and tossed them back down the stairs. Kim had begun to shudder…an excited quivering from her head to her toes.

I briefly thought about removing her skirt, but didn’t want to waste any more time. I was too eager to smell her, to taste her. I wanted to plunge my mouth between her quivering thighs and lick until she exploded. I wanted to bury my face in her ass and devour it like a candy apple. And that’s exactly what I did.

I lunged at her now naked ass…diving single-mindedly, like a kitten pouncing on a ball of yarn. Kim had fallen on her belly on the stairs and was squirming as I again hefted her skirt up above her waist. Her laughing and writhing under me had the wonderfully erotic effect of making those huggable cheeks jiggle ever so delightfully. I kissed and licked and sucked at her naked bottom, slowly working my way down between her thighs. When she noticed what path my lips and tongue were following, she scrambled to give me every bit of assistance she could. In a heartbeat she was on her knees on the stairs, then instantly standing, bent over with her legs spread, bottom wiggling with unbridled glee. She bent her knees slightly so she could thrust her behind backwards. She wanted to make absolutely sure her dripping treasure was completely accessible.

My fingers dug deeply into her cheeks as I got down on my knees on the stairs behind her. I only had to look slightly upward, as her incredible tush was right there in front of my admiring eyes and drooling lips. I wanted to admire it longer, kaçak iddaa but my mouth was hungry. The brain signals to my lips and tongue overrode the ones to my eyes…and my face shot forward.

Famished lips made contact with the sweet folds of her sex…and I was its prisoner. My hands worked their way from cheeks down between thighs to help my face burrow in. I sniffed her glistening pussy. I nuzzled my face in it. I sighed throughout. The warmth of her sex, it’s fragrance, its moistness…all conspired to keep me nuzzling in it’s silky folds, sighing and moaning between her legs. I was in Heaven…a hot, wet, silken Heaven. And I had no desire to leave it any time soon. I can only chuckle at myself as I picture it. I imagine I must have looked like a male dog sniffing excitedly at his bitch’s tantalizing backside. But, hey, it worked for both of us.

Apparently, just having my moaning face nuzzling in her patch wasn’t enough for Kim. I couldn’t help but smile as she started gyrating her nest into my face, becoming insistent that I do more than rub my face in it. I was only too happy to comply. Without any further hesitation, I hunkered myself down for a long, delicious taste of Kimberly pie.

So there we were, Kim bent over on the stairs, grinding and pushing her succulent flower into my face, and myself on my knees behind her, mouth wide open, tongue getting busier and busier in those sweet pink petals, lapping and sucking for all I was worth. I can’t think of a more rewarding way to spend a lazy late afternoon than heartily licking between Kim’s legs while her lush round ass bounces and cavorts happily before my admiring eyes. If there truly is a Heaven, then doing what I was doing – for all eternity – must surely be it…or close to it. Ahh..if only it were so.

Although my neck was craned backwards in order to allow my mouth to get where it had to be, I hardly felt the dull ache. My thoughts, my desires…my needs were right there at the tip of my tongue…and nothing else mattered. I so wanted to lick her pussy and ass at the same time, and if these wonderful circumstances could possibly have any negative aspect whatsoever, it could only be that I had but a single mouth…a solitary tongue.

As my tongue had more and more of an effect on Kim, her gyrations became more pronounced, and while one of her hands was needed for balance on the stairs, the other reached back and snared a handful of my hair. Her fingers worked themselves into my blond locks, bunching them up in her palm and holding tight. Clearly, I wasn’t going to be able to remove my face from between her thighs without taking a very high risk of acquiring a bald spot. But she needn’t have worried. I was so into the scent and taste of her (not to mention the sight of that magnificent ass taunting me from above) that I had no desire or intention of moving a centimeter from where I was. No…I was there for the duration.

Kim’s delectable patch was getting juicier by the nanosecond. Her constant gyrating was grinding that slick wetness all over my face. I was desperate to please her, and I kept my lips and tongue busy sucking and licking for all I was worth. My face became drenched, especially from the tip of my nose to the bottom of my chin…wet, sticky and dripping. I lost all coherent thought as I became a licking machine. I ran on instinct alone…my mouth on autopilot….and hyperdrive.

When Kim’s motions became more rhythmic, and her moans louder and more frequent, I knew I was about to savor an abundant cascade of sublimely sweet juices…and I worked even harder to make that happen. My tongue lapped with the speed of a hummingbird’s incessantly beating wings. I reached a hand up between her legs and lightly caressed her mound just above her burning clit. Feeling her dripping all over my face, I moved as far forward as I could, easily finding that sizzling bulb with my lips and tongue.

Somehow, I needed to devour that bulb….suck it and lick it and nibble it….lap at it and take it into my mouth. As my mouth encircled it and began to suck and nip at it, I could actually feel the trembling in her thighs. The sides of my face vibrated as delicious shock waves raced up and down Kim’s legs. I could no longer see her ass, but I pictured it in my mind…knowing it was bouncing and quivering with the ever quickening movements of her hips and thighs. Oh, how I would’ve loved to watch her bottom wiggle as she came. But, I had my hands full enough as it was. I had work to do.

Kim’s breathing broke down into short gasps, and her moans sounded like mournful spirits circling above us as we fused together on the stairs. In her excitement she yanked on my hair, but I barely felt the pain. I was too busy savoring her orgasm as she exploded into my mouth and onto my face. Spurred on by my success, I sucked hard on her clit. I let my teeth lightly squeeze it as I sucked…and I moved my face all about her dripping folds for maximum stimulation. Standing on tiptoe, Kim bounced her bottom onto kaçak bahis my head as she pushed her pussy into my face, her burning cavern trying to capture my head and suck it inside her.

I have no idea how long Kim climaxed, but it was a good one. She squealed, shrieked and even howled her pleasure. Her thighs squeezed my head while her carpeted slit pounded my face mercilessly. Every time her orgasm began to subside even the tiniest bit, I would renew my oral assault on her clit, and the face thumping would begin anew. I thought I might drown there between Kim’s legs, but I didn’t panic, because I couldn’t think of a happier way to go. I just kept my mouth open and swallowed quickly – sometimes defensively – between licks. So delicious was it that I could feel a throbbing erection between my own legs, threatening to erupt and stain my pants. I remember vaguely wondering how long that pulsating chubby had been there, straining mightily against denim.

Apparently, Kim was looking down between her legs, watching me eat her, because she saw the massive erection threatening to tear through my pants. She not only wanted to see my excited member, but she wanted me to have as much pleasure as she was receiving. So, still in the throes of her orgasm, she gasped, “Tom…oh my God, honey….kiss my ass! Bury…your face…in my ass and…lick me! Stroke yourself…stroke your cock… while you…lick…my ass. Aim it….toward me. Hurry, honey! Get…that cock…of yours….out of your pants and play with it…for me.”

I needed an orgasm in a big way, and I knew that burying my face in Kim’s incredibly sexy ass would surely lead me in that direction in a heartbeat. But I didn’t want to leave her still contracting pussy unattended. So, when I took my head from between her legs, I put one hand back between them and easily slipped three fingers up into her dripping cavern. With the dexterity of an entire traveling mime troupe, my other hand unhooked my belt, unzipped my pants and – working from hip to hip – in no time lowered my pants and shorts all the way down to my knees. We were both amazed at what sexual tension and desperation could accomplish. I will be proud of those dextrous moves as long as I live. That talented hand then firmly grasped my throbbing tool and began to stroke it with purpose.

Since both my hands were occupied, I had no free hands to spread her awesome cheeks. It didn’t matter. I pushed my juice-slickened face into her ass, moving it all around and side to side, slowly forcing it between her buttocks…deeper and deeper. Although I did remarkably well under the circumstances, Kim wanted my tongue deeper than I was getting it, so she stood up as much as she could while still keeping her balance, and reached back to spread her cheeks. She held herself open like that, spreading her legs even wider for better balance, while I dined on her now perspiring ass, licking the sweat droplets as they formed. The ones I initially missed, I captured with my tongue before they could dribble down to her slit.

She stood there, hands firmly pulling her cheeks apart, and moaned as my lips and tongue savored the moist warmth deep inside her crevice. She squirmed around my plunging fingers, the deep thrusting of them keeping her still dripping sex very interested indeed. She bent her head just enough forward to eye my throbbing muscle as it prepared to set free it’s molten load. She watched as tiny drops of dew formed on the tiny slit…hinting at the volleys to come.

“Oh, God, Tom!” she cried, “I love when you eat my pussy and then my ass! God, it drives me crazy!”

That was all I needed to hear. With a shudder and a chill tickling down my spine, I moaned loudly into her ass. The warm air of my sighs and moans flowed down to her pussy, where my fingers were drilling for oil. Again I moaned, and this time I fell forward, losing all strength in my legs and back, my panting face falling forward into her succulent behind. I came…a teeth-clenching orgasm that strained every muscle in my body from my jaw to the tips of my toes. I would later discover that this was only the beginning.

The only muscles in my body still working were my exploding cock, and the arm and hand partly responsible for that explosion. I gasped and moaned into Kim’s ass as my clenched testicles and spasming shaft sent spurt after spurt of hot cum upward. I didn’t know at first why Kim was once again experiencing orgasm, but what had evidently brought it about was the fact that my first five or six ejaculations had been strong enough to send my milky fluids flying several feet to the waiting Kim. Watching those spurts of pleasure, and feeling the warm droplets dancing against her skin, was enough to re-ignite the fire between her legs.

With searching tongue and gleeful smile, Kim felt the sticky fluid spattering onto her face and neck…exactly as she had hoped would happen. She only managed to capture a few drops with her tongue, but licked hungrily at the larger number of droplets that were scattered around her mouth. For a guy with his face buried between his lady’s cheeks, my aim wasn’t half bad. I not only savored my own orgasm, but thoroughly enjoyed Kim once again coming…this time around my probing fingers.

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