Son’s Mother Ch. 03 – The Conclusion…

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All this led up to their wrestling moment. She now had her legs wrapped around his right leg, and he was tugging on her and throwing her off balance, but she kept clasped to his leg. Then he realized she was getting off on this! It was undeniable! She’d been exposed to his incest porn, and like him, it had become a deep, shameful obsession within her, he believed.

In time he tugged one way and she lost her balance toppling over on top of him. He was on his back and now she was on her back on top of him! He could hear her ragged, aroused breathing, and sensed her heart beating wildly, as he reached around to grapple her waist…

As they lay there catching their breaths, her son reached around and slipped his right hand into the waist of her tight pants, resting between her flesh and jeans. He could feel the top of her nylon panties under his fingers. He heard her gasp slightly. Then with his left hand, he reached and unsnapped her jeans. He could hear the zipper come undone slowly. She lay there in silence. With her pants opened, he slipped his right hand lower and lower, slowly. He began rubbing her damp, pantied cunt! His mother began breathing rapidly. He couldn’t believe he’d gotten this far! This was an extremely horny situation, and he was careful and slow about it.

He was slowly moving his hand over her panties, could feel her pubic hairs and pussy mound through them! His cock was upright and hard inside his pants, between his abdomen and his mother’s ass right on top. It felt erotic as hell even though they were both still wearing clothes; he felt the sexual heat of having his hard cock against his own mother!

After a time, many minutes, in which he had been slowly massaging her pantied crotch, his mother slowly dismounted and went to the couch, not meeting his eyes. Her son got up and sat next to her. The room was bathed in an ominous silence. He waited a few minutes. His mother remained sitting stranded teens porno and not saying a word. He put his left arm around her, again slowly, and then leaned over and kissed her cheek. At the same time he began rubbing her thigh.

Within a few minutes, as he kissed her cheeks and moved to nuzzling her neck, he slowly worked his right hand into her panties. He felt the amazing texture of his mother’s pubic hairs, and lightly trailed a finger down and over the contours of her pussy lips. Ever so slowly, he began moving his fingers over his mother’s hot little cunt! His heart felt like it was going to explode. His mother began to moan ever so slightly. Then he slowly entered her vagina with his middle finger.

He held it motionless for a moment. He didn’t want to do anything his mother was uncomfortable with. Then he heard her whisper, “oh…god…” as she put her face into his neck. He began moving his finger over her labia. She was wet with arousal. Then, slowly, he began to move it in and out of her. There was a slight sloshing sound as her pussy began to lubricate. His mother began to wail lightly. Then her breathing got heavy; she exhaled loudly as her son finger fucked her and played with her wet cunt. She startled him when she suddenly pecked him quickly on the cheek, before burrowing her face back into his neck!

He waited a moment, and then he reached with his left hand, lifted her head to face him. She was looking down and away but he held her head and kissed her on the lips and then gingerly slipped his tongue into her mouth. She began to return his advance, meeting his tongue with hers. The pace quickened until they were engaging in an obscene and prolonged French kiss!

Maria was now moaning audibly into his mouth as her son continued playing with her cunt. He was now rubbing her clitoris, making her body quiver and shake with the carnality student sex parties porno of what it was they were doing together. She’d been fighting the impulses of a growing sexual desire towards her son since the shocking day she’d found his incest porn. It unsettled her, but within a few days, she’d return to the material.

She had been taking the reading material to her bed when she could, and masturbated to the lewd and perverted stories of mothers and sons committing sexual acts with each other. She’d become extremely hot and perverted, fingering and bringing herself to climax! She became very eroticized by the porn and her son’s lewd, secret, kinky desires! She couldn’t stop fantasizing about incest, her growing perverse desires and thoughts of sexual play between mothers and sons!!

Now she felt her son’s fingers going in and out of her pussy. She was allowing him to put his tongue into her mouth as he finger fucked her! Her breathing was now raspy and loud. She wondered briefly how far she should allow this to go. This was definitely perverted but Maria was so turned on she continued to let her son feel her up, finger-fuck her, and stick his tongue in her month.

She began moaning, humming into his mouth and this turned her son on more. He’d gotten her jeans down, they slipped to her ankles, and now she had one leg out. Slowly he guided Maria to lift one leg over him, and now she was sitting astride in his lap, facing him. Their genitals were touching. Maria was breathing heavily. Her pussy scent, her arousal, was in the air. Her son inhaled slowly, luxuriating in the intense feelings brought on by her sexual odor…the way he’d gotten off on her used panties months before. But this was muskier. Hornier!

Now that he had her in his lap, he reached for the buttons on her blouse. When he’d unbuttoned it to the waist, he reached in and pulled up on submissive cuckolds porno her bra, exposing her tits. He ogled, wide eyed, at the sight of her medium sized tits! He looked up into his mother’s eyes and she looked away quickly. His mother’s face had reddened. He looked back at her tits and leaned forward. He began licking them lightly. He could feel his mother’s body quiver as he ran his tongue around her nipples! He sucked them ever so gently into his mouth, sucking the right one for a minute before switching to the other.

He felt the wetness of his mother’s cunt as he began manipulating her back and forth on his cock. Maria looked down in shock that her son’s cock was rubbing against her bare vagina. They were going too far, she thought. But she was so horny she began moving around on his cock anyways.

Slowly her son raised her up a little, grasped his own cock and placed it right at the entrance to Maria’s hot cunt. Then, just as slowly, Maria allowed herself to be lowered onto it. Her pussy was slick with cunt juice; her son slid effortlessly into her!

It was thrilling! Her son had never felt so sexual, so horny and aroused in his life!

They began fucking slowly, his mother rocking back and forth. Soon her son was ramming his cock up into her. Now she was bouncing up and down, whimpering while her cunt and his cock made loud, audible swishing sounds in the room; their genitals sliding up and down and in and out of each other! Her son’s arousal increased as he watched his mother’s tits bounce with every upstroke of his cock into her! Maria buried her face back into her son’s shoulder, whimpering, trying to keep from getting too loud. She was ashamed, embarrassed and horny, all at once!

He had her panties in his hand and as she had her face in his neck, it afforded him a lewd, secret moment; he quickly sniffed his mother’s panties while they were fucking!

In an instant Maria’s orgasm came quickly and violently. She screamed loudly as she came, tightening her cunt around her son’s cock. Her son, feeling her quivering and tightening, responded by releasing hot spasms of cum over and over into his mother cunt, holding her hips tightly, finding her mouth in the last moments and thrusting their tongues together as they came.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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