Skin in the Game Pt. 01

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First warning: Cheating! Infidelity! Extramarital affairs! There is a lot of it in this story. It will not be avenged. Almost none of cheaters will be punished. Some folks hate that. If it annoys, troubles, bothers or infuriates you, please skip this winding tale, and take a look at one of my earlier works (the “Finding Our Way” series or the standalone “Rewriting Us.”) If you don’t mind such complications mixed into the Mom/Son incest genre, please read on to the second warning…

Second warning: This story is long by Literotica standards (just under 57,000 words, including this intro,) and it’s only Part 1! There is plenty of sex right from the start. But if you are pressed for time, or just don’t care for these stories to be long, then I’d suggest “Finding Our Way,” as it is episodic. Maybe a given episode will wrap up quickly enough for your tastes. Of course you are very welcome to dive into this, and see how you like it.

So if you are no hater of the cheaters, and you like a good long mom/son yarn…Enjoy!

Oh yeah! And please rate and post comments! They make all the difference!

Skin in the Game (Part 1)

Only Fiction

“Betty!!!” Leanne Halliday called in warning. “I hate to interrupt, but I got a…” A moment later she made a sharp bellow in her neighbor’s bedroom doorway. “Holy fucking SHIT! Jay?!”

Jason Halliday couldn’t remember ever seeing his mother like that before. She stood ramrod straight with arms and legs locked; hands in fists. Her face was flushed. It made a striking contrast to her navy one piece dress. Her deep red hair looked like fire, but those emerald eyes burned in outrage and fury. She was beautiful. He’d tried not to see it before that day. It never worked, least of all this time.

But being balls deep in Betty Fortescue made it weird.

“Mom?” he choked out the words. His neighbor’s long neglected quim squeezed and pulled at his manhood. That made it feel even better…and now weirder!

Betty still bounced her hips. The bob-haired brunette couldn’t stop. She kept emptying and refilling her vagina with Jay’s erection. She gaped over her shoulder at Leanne. Parts of her brain screamed she should stop. Of course she should stop fucking her friend’s son right in front of her. But her round soft hips kept moving, and young Jay’s hardness held firm to the delight of other parts of her.

“Leanne! I’m so…I…I!”

“Get off him, goddamnit!” the redhead roared. This finally shocked Betty enough to bring the ride to an end. (It had been such a delight until her best friend appeared) “Stop fucking my son you fucking bitch!” Leanne was paralyzed except for her mouth and vocal cords. But her words had the effect of finally rolling Betty off of Jay.

Jay’s release from Betty’s depths made a slurping sound that filled the room. Leanne saw Jay’s glistening towering cock. It seemed like the biggest thing in the room. In the whole world, the shocked mother thought. In a distant part of her mind she could understand Betty’s reluctance to climb down from that thing. But the thought was rushed away by resentment bordering on horror.

“I can’t believe what I’m seeing here!” Leanne meant the situation, but Betty looked at Jay’s cock. Her face took on a longing expression. “I can’t fucking believe you would do this to my SON! I thought you were my friend!”

“I am your friend, Leanne! I’m so sorry. It—”

“Do this to me?” Jason blurted. “Just because she was on top when you walked in doesn’t mean she was doing all the doing, Mom. A few minutes ago she was on all fo—”

“Shut UP Jay! Shut up this motherfucking second if you ever want to see the light of day again!” Betty looked at Leanne’s son with a smile on her lips and respect in her eyes. (Or was that awe?) “Wipe that smirk off your face, Betty, and look away from my boy.”

“I’m not a boy anymore, Mom! I’m twenty-two years old for crying—”

She silenced him with a glare.

“I’m sorry, Leanne. When you said ‘motherfucking second,'” she was looking down at the sheets bunched in her lap. “I thought about how pissed off Nate would be if he saw this scene. He always lorded being the oldest kid in the cul-de-sac over Jay when they were boys. Now…”

All three felt the tickle of a smile, but Leanne would show none of it. “Screw you, Betty. I can’t believe I was actually running into this to warn you that Nick is coming home early.” The mention of Betty’s husband brought a new hush. “Roy called ahead to tell me the game ended early, so he and Nick are already on their way home. I could hear you squealing from my driveway…oh gods, I’m gonna be sick! I figured I should give my friend a heads up.”

Whatever blood had remained in Betty’s face up to this point had fallen away. Jay seemed to shrink at the mention of his father, Roy.

“Well look who realizes they’re a pair of assholes!” Leanne flared anew. And again, Jay was taken at how lovely she was in the full flower of her righteous anger. He let it pass without a word. “Now get your ‘fully-grown-man’ ass into your clothes and the Hell out of this house. I will deal with sexmex porno you at home.” Jay pulled up his pants. He got out while the getting was good.

She turned to Betty, about to tell her to never darken the Halliday doorstep again. But the curvy neighbor jumped in first. “Thank you for trying to warn me, Leanne. I know you hate me right now, but I’ll find a way to make it all better.” She got up and pulled on a lacy pair of panties.

“How in this shitty stupid world do you think you’re going to do that?”

“I don’t know yet. But I will.” The two women stared at one another for a count of five. “But first I’ve got to change these sheets.”

They both wanted to laugh. It had been a good friendship before this. But Leanne was too raw to give Betty a chuckle.

Jay’s swollen dong had left Betty’s pussy vibrating like a ringing goddamned bell. But she knew better than to let it show.

Storming out, Leanne passed a knocked over kitchen chair. She assumed Jay must have done it in his retreat. She’d learn different in a few days.


Roy Halliday arrived home and was oblivious to the tension between his wife and son. His company softball team had lost. He didn’t want to talk about it. He ate some leftovers and went up to sulk in front of the television in his bedroom.

No one had spoken since then, so Jay approached his mom.

“When are we going to have the big talk, Mom?” Jay asked after three silent hours in the Halliday home.

“What do you mean?” Leanne asked without looking up from her book.

“I mean, when are you going to sit me down and give me an earful about how mad you are? I want to work through it so we can get to details for the trip to the cabin at the beginning of August.”

His mother sighed, a bid for patience. “I’m not planning a big talk with you, Jay.”

“Is this a ‘Wait till I tell your father about this’ sort of situation?”

She slammed the book in her lap, and turned with blushing rage. “You’re pretty fucking glib for someone who has torpedoed my closest friendship!”

Jason went pale.

“You said it yourself,” his mother rolled on. “You’re twenty-two, a grown man. What am I going to say to you? Should I wag a finger at you? Would a tongue-lashing or a spanking make an iota of difference?”

Jay bit his tongue to stifle his thoughts of tongue-lashings and spankings. He wouldn’t dare interrupt.

“How will a big talk undo the damage you’ve done? I can’t look at you right now. How can you think there is going to be a trip to the cabin in a few weeks?”

She looked back at her book, but made no pretense of reading.

“I’m sorry that what Betty and I did hurt you so much. It was only going to be a one-time thing, and obviously neither of us intended for you to find out.”

Leanne threw up her hands, and cried out, “Great! Thanks! That makes me feel better!”

“My point is that it wasn’t about hurting you or doing something behind your back. It wasn’t about you at all. It was never meant to impact your friendship, and it doesn’t have to. What needed to happen happened. If you can find it in your heart to forgive and forget, I promise that I will not lay a finger on her again. Like I said, it was a one-time thing.”

Leanne made fists in her lap and stared at them. “Are you really still that naïve, or do you just think that I am?”

“Look, what happened was —”

“I don’t want to hear it!” she shouted, shook her head and covered her ears. There was also an electric itch in her groin. She did want to hear it. But there was no chance in Heaven or Hell she would listen to his explanation right now. The pain and shock were too raw.

He held up his hands in surrender. “I guess it’s too soon. But I’m still your son, and I love you.”

Her head sank against her chest. “I love you too, but that’s not —”

“And Betty loves you too. Don’t answer now. Give it time. You’ll see that nothing has changed except for your feelings because of what you saw. And you can settle your feelings knowing that what you saw won’t happen again.”

“Whatever, Jay. I don’t want to discuss this with you anymore.” There was silence between them. Then she added, “At least not for now.”


“And, by the way, we will not be telling your father.”

“And the family trip to the cabin?”

Leanne rolled her green eyes. “You never stop pushing. I expect your father will try to back out of going like he has the last three years. For now, I’m not the least bit inclined to fight with him to get him to go up there. And if we don’t go, you don’t go.”

“No, I don’t —”

“Don’t push your luck here, Jay. The reservation isn’t for a few weeks. For the moment, I can’t see how I’d be willing to go along with it. Give me some time and space to calm down. Otherwise, I’ll cancel the trip for certain.”


A few days later, Jay interrupted Leanne’s workout.

The Halliday house had its own workout room. Leanne and Jay had enjoyed the room together most days since his return home for summer break; a nice way to enjoy some mother-son stranded teens porno time. But after discovering Jay with their neighbor, Leanne did her intense routine alone. Had it been three days now? Four?

When they’d bought the house it had been a home office so her husband, Roy, could preserve time with his family. He’d bring some of his work home so he could get things done for his business and still be nearby for Leanne and Jay.

A few years ago — while Jay was still in high school — Roy cleared out the spare room, opting to spend more time at work.

After some dinner-table negotiations, Jay dragged his workout equipment up from the basement. They designated it the workout room. Leanne made use of Jay’s equipment, even adding an elliptical trainer and stationary bike.

Jay went off to college, but his mother kept using it for herself. The results were indisputable. Leanne was already a lovely creature. Her body got sleeker and harder every summer that Jay returned from school. But these results went unacknowledged by her husband. Boys and men gawked at her in the mall and at the pool. Roy said nothing.

Now Jay was home for another summer holiday. His degree was nearing completion, but the apartment situation had fallen apart. The easiest (and cheapest) solution was to return home for the summer. So he was back for the time being.

Pumping iron alongside her in the workout room, he seemed to see her — really see how firm and tight she had become. But she could not stand to look at him since seeing him naked and coated in Betty’s wetness. So he was banned from working out with her.

Roy was at his company, Halliday Supplies, most of the day. When he wasn’t working he was running the amateur softball team with Betty’s husband, Nick. When he was home, his mind drifted to work or the team or the television screen.

He didn’t see at all what she had become.

She pushed herself extra hard on the elliptical. She hoped to burn away the anger and humiliation. Her phone pinged to signal a new message. She climbed off the machine to look at the screen. It was her neighbor. The slut, she thought. Obviously wants to apologize again. She deleted the message without reading it.

She took a swig of water, climbed onto the stationary bike and pedaled hard.

She felt something akin to heartbreak about Betty. Their friendship had been precious to her. They’d shared deep secrets, and found a common lonesome ground when it came to their husbands.

Nick had been losing interest in sex for years. He complained she was putting on weight. His preferences seemed to be shifting towards the string-bean physique from magazines. Ironic, considering he was a meat-and-potatoes man judging by his mid-section.

To Leanne’s eye (and Jay’s as well, she supposed) Betty’s curves had only sweetened over the years. She had a softness about her, but it was a far cry from being overweight. It seemed doubtful that it could truly be about Betty’s body. Maybe Nick lost interest in sex in general like Roy.

Roy was in okay shape, though no one would call him inspiring. Also, he wasn’t complaining about Leanne’s physique. (One look at the redhead’s hard body left nothing to complain about!) But he’d been drifting away for years. In a molasses-slow disappearing act, he was ever less and less there until he might as well be gone.

The two women commiserated at the men in their lives drifting away. It had become especially bad over the last few years. The men had become unsatisfying even when they managed to “show up” in the bedroom.

So, she’d been happy for her friend when she heard calls of passion drifting from her window! Their husbands were away, playing softball. That meant Betty was finally getting the right kind of attention from someone who knew how to give it to her.

When Roy called to say the softball game had ended early, she knew she had to warn her friend. She’d tried calling first, but there was no way Betty could hear a phone over her own cries of pleasure.

So Leanne sprinted to her friend’s house next door. She knew she would end up seeing something. She could almost admit to herself that she wanted to see what the neighbor was doing. It could be nice to get an eyeful of someone getting fucked like she wished to get fucked.

After entering the doorway, she called her friend’s name. She could see Betty rising and falling onto a pole of veined flesh. It was — be honest with yourself — breathtaking. Betty’s young stud gripped her ass tight, guiding her up and down with commanding force. She felt her own body self-lubricate at the sight. Penises are generally unattractive, but this one was built to please.

She licked her lips, and tilted her head to the side to see if the boy-toy had looks to match what stretched Betty.

And she saw. She couldn’t believe it was Jay! What a shock. What a betrayal. Why couldn’t she —

The door to the workout room rattled with a rapid knock behind her, interrupting her thought.

“Mom!” Jay called through the door.

“You can use it when street blowjobs porno I’m done.”

“It’s important.”

She sighed. “Ok. Door’s not locked.”

She could hear the door open, but only slowed her pedaling. She heard her son enter the room, but he didn’t speak right away.

Finally, she looked over her shoulder to ask, “What’s so important, Jason?” He was staring at her ass, framed as it was in her tight workout shorts. She was bent over the handle bars like Betty had been bent over Jay a few days ago. The sight had locked her son’s brain long enough for Leanne to see.

He snapped out of his trance, and looked at his mother’s face at last. Before she could decide how she felt about this, he said, “Betty’s been trying to reach you.”

Leanne climbed off the bike and faced her son. “I’ve got nothing to say to her.”

“Yeah, so she called me.”

“That fucking bitch has got some nerve! She’d better never come near you again, Jason! She’s got no business talking to anyone in this family!”

“Well you’re going to want to hear this: Nora Walker knows about what happened the other day. She was there. Knocked over a chair when she ran out.”


“Leanne, thank goodness you called.”

“You called my son, Betty. After what you’ve done, I’d think you’d have sense enough to leave him alone.”

“No. Of course I wasn’t—”

“Never call him or me or even Roy again.”


“If you look out your window and see that my house is on fire you can call the fire department. But I’d sooner go up with the house than take a call from you.”

There was a pause as Betty took the blow of that one, but she found her voice quickly enough. “Jay must have told you about Nora, otherwise you wouldn’t have called me back. So you know I didn’t call him to chase him. I never chased him.”

“Yeah. Still think there’s a chance in Hell of you making things good again?”


“Whatever, Betty. How do you know Nora was there?”

“Neesa told me.”

“What? Neesa Marks knows!”

Neesa Marks ran her own exercise studio next door to her husband’s sporting goods store. The studio employed a handful of instructors, but she still taught aerobics four days a week. This was no bubble head aerobics bunny. She was a dark brown skinned beauty with a conservative haircut and a stunning body. She backed that up with a quick business savvy and a wry sense of humor. There was no one in the neighborhood Leanne held in higher regard. She would have found Neesa intimidating. But the fitness bombshell always brought a disarming warmth and confidence.

Leanne felt ice in her guts. The idea that Neesa knew drove her shame deeper than she’d thought it could go.

“Nora was shaken up,” Betty answered. Nora Walker was the wife of Pat (“Pat the Pig” to some.) She was a short slender school teacher with hazel eyes and long brown hair. She was shy; spoke rarely with her soft voice. But Nora had a hard stare when she saw something she disliked or distrusted. Betty’s house stood between Leanne’s home and Nora’s. “She confides in Neesa,” continued Betty. “They’re like…like you and I were before I messed everything up.”

“So then Neesa called you?”

“I called her. I wanted to tell her I wouldn’t be coming to her class. She could tell over the phone I’d been crying, and she already knew everything.”

“Fuck,” Leanne gasped into the phone. “I mean, I already hated the idea of Nora knowing, but…you know…it’s Nora. With Pat-the-Pig for a husband, she’s not going to look down on anyone. But Neesa knows? What the Hell am I going to do?”

Both women were quiet. Betty gathered her wits and courage.

“I know you don’t want to see me or hear me, but you used to welcome my advice as much as I valued yours.”

Leanne said nothing. She did wonder what Betty would suggest, but she’d bob for apples in a vat of acid before she’d ask.

From one house to the other, across unseen connections, came Betty’s sigh. Then she said, “It’s not clear that you have to do much of anything yet. Remember what we told the boys when they’d come to us in confusion or a fight? ‘Use your words.’ We should sit down and talk with Nora and Neesa. Let’s see what they think they know. If they know as much as it seems, then we figure out how to contain it.”


“I am one of the women who knows about the incident, and I do want to keep it from spreading further.”

“Okay. Damnit. You’re right. Do you want to arrange it?”

“It’s the least I can do.”


Betty called back thirty minutes later. Nora and Neesa were both able to make time the very next day. It was Neesa’s day off from the studio, and she was willing to put off her chores for a neighbor in a panic. Nora had time since it was summer vacation, and her husband wasn’t around.


Leanne told Jay about the meeting the next day. “Betty is bringing Nora Walker. Oh, yeah, she’s bringing Neesa Marks too because she knows already. She’s hoping to contain this mess and repair our friendship.” She stood tall and straight over her son. Her chest held high, and her chin rose. She almost dared him to interrupt her declaration. “If you’re here at the same time as Betty, I may murder her. Get out of here before she comes over. Don’t come home until I send an ‘all clear’ text. Here’s some extra cash.”

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