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Every one referred to us as a beautiful family. Dad and I were the “tall, dark, and handsome” end of the deal. Mom and my stepsisters were the “holly shit they are gorgeous” end of it.

Mom had adopted the sisters before she divorced her first husband then married Dad. My father had adopted her daughters. We had been a family for eight years.

I was in my first year of Community College. My older sister Abby was in her second year at the same college. My younger sister Lydia was a high school senior.

Abby and I lived at home, partly to save our parents money, but mostly because we wanted to.

That summer a nice family trip to the beach had changed my life. I was in waist deep water watching the girls on the beach and caressing my semi-hard dick when suddenly my sisters attacked me. They climbed all over me trying to dunk me under. I was much bigger than either of them but their combined efforts made it a fairly even war. I managed to hold my own for a while.

Then my hands accidentally ended up full of tit. The tit belonged to my older sister Abby. She continued the game as if it did not matter to her where my hands went. My concentration wavered between winning the game and grabbing more tits. I was in danger of losing.

My younger sister Lydia quit the game when I managed to pick her up and throw her into a wave. I did not think it was getting smacked by a wave that made her quit; I lifted her by putting my arm between her legs. The process of throwing her resulted in my hand making hard contact with her pussy. She now stood six feet away and watched her older brother and sister continue their play. She looked confused.

My hands found Abby’s breasts and hard nipples repeatedly and hers soon found my erection. The third or sixth time her hand gripped my dick my hand was on her crotch, I ejaculated.

She kept on playing for a few moments then apparently realized what had happened. She came to my very rigid body and hugged me as she pressed her thigh on my rapidly shrinking dick. Between kisses she whispered, “I win.”

As I watched my sisters leave the water I was catatonic. My intelligence level had sunk to the level of slime mold. I had felt up my older sister’s tits and pussy and repeatedly gotten away with it. My sister had squeezed my dick and had made me cum.

A large wave slapped me on the back of the head and brought me back to my senses. I allowed the waves to swirl me around for a bit as I lowered my swimsuit allowing the water to rinse out my cum. I was strangely calm for the rest of the day.

I had always loved Abby dearly because she had never treated me as her bratty little stepbrother. We had been at times each other’s best friends. We often found ourselves holding hands and although that never lasted long we always regretted separating them.

We kissed on the cheek often, on the lips on special occasions but all of those things were also true for my mother and little sister.

Yet the week after our beach war my outlook on life changed and I began to use Abby in all my sex fantasies. I became very much aware that the sexiest, most beautiful, most desirable females in the world lived in my house. The slightest display of anything a nineteen-year-old boy would see as erotic triggered a raging boner. That meant I had one all the time.

Dad pulled me aside for a talk. I relaxed a bit when it became obvious he was not going to kill me. He said Mom and the girls asked him to have a word with me. My boners were a distraction to all and Lydia was particularly embarrassed.

He said that my reaction to beautiful women was normal, even if they were my mother and sisters. He suggested that until I had better control of my dick I should wear jock strap under my gym shorts. He admitted that there were days he had to wear one too.

I said, “But Dad, they are the ones causing the major distractions!”

Dad laughed and agreed. He added, “However, gentlemen are cool and you and I are gentlemen. We handle anything with grace. We cater to the sensibilities of ladies. We may have to run to the bathroom to jack-off but that is what true gentlemen do.”

I was reminded again why dad had always been my hero.

My new philosophy became “gentlemen handle it.” Some days I had to wear a jockstrap and underwear, but I managed.

Abby was not always helpful, however. Sometimes she took a bit longer than necessary to cover an “accidentally” exposed tit. The back of her hand would make “accidental” contact with my dick as we walked past each other. Some of her kisses included a quick darting tongue. My groans would send her into giggles. It was infuriating but I took it like a gentleman.

I did notice that Dad would often be at half-mast. I also noticed that not all of those semis were caused by Mom. Abby was on his lap often.

As time passed and I made more contacts at the college I started getting laid more or less regularly. My sexual tension at home eased and I could go commando on most days. My sister Abby had a steady street blowjobs porno boyfriend and most of her teasing stopped.

This brings me to my present predicament. I was getting undressed getting ready to go to bed when I suddenly remembered that I had borrowed a CD from Abby and just walked into her room to return it.

I froze on my tracks two steps past the door. Abby was naked on her bed. She was masturbating at a leisurely pace. She was staring at my dick as it rose, escaping through the opening of my boxer shorts, exposing its head.

The motions of my sister’s hand on her pussy mesmerized me. The hand pinching her nipple riveted me. I was not aware that I had started to stroke my exposed dick.

She motioned me to close the door behind me. I did so, assuming it was OK for me to remain in the room.

She resumed masturbating and so did I. We kept our eyes on each other. Suddenly her body arched off the bed and she moaned. That did me in and I shot my cum all over the place.

I recovered quickly, took my shorts off and used them to wipe my cum off the floor. One blob landed near the bed. As I rose after cleaning that one up I took the time to get a good look at my sisters naked body. She had one knee up, slightly to the side. I had a clear view of her treasures. She smiled and held her pose for me. She was magnificent and I told her so.

Oddly, for a girl that had just masturbated for me, she blushed.

I quickly gave my sister a soft kiss on the lips, said “Thank you,” and left her room.

Before I closed the door I heard her say, “Anytime.”

We had taken a step that could lead us anywhere.

We had one college class in common and once a week on Thursdays we studied together. Most of the time we concentrated on our studies but some nights we ended up talking more about our love lives.

She, of course, could have any guy anytime but boyfriends did not seem to last very long. She said the special guy in her life was just out of her reach.

Over time our conversations began to center on our sexual likes and dislikes, on good lovers and bad lovers. We each knew every one the other had fucked and there was the occasional, “Ooh, how could you?” taunts. I was not surprised that I had many more sex partners than she did. I had a lot of weekend affairs and she had her four former steady boyfriends and one she would not name.

One night I idly asked her who had been her best lover ever. We had been doing some real studying and her mind was trying to absorb book data.

She shocked me when she said, “Mom.”

My reaction told her I had not suspected and she proceeded to swear me to secrecy. She said over and over she could no believe she let that slip.

I asked her “How did it happen? When did it happen?”

She said that was a story for later, gave me a borderline passionate kiss, and then went to her room.

I had just learned who that secret lover was.

That night I was masturbating to images of my mother and sister in sexual embrace, but before I was done my bedroom door opened and Abby said, “Save that. Come to my room in five minutes.”

In four and a half minutes I was walking through her door. She was again naked and was gently caressing her pussy. She motioned for me to close the door and sit at a chair she had placed near the foot of her bed. Before I sat she told me to take my shorts off.

I was fully hard again before my bare ass hit the chair. My sister propped her head up with pillows so she could see me play with my dick.

We masturbated. We managed to last longer than we did on our first occasion but not by much. Some of my cum landed on her bed and as I cleaned it up with my shorts I had a clear view of her glistening pussy. I could smell her sex.

I again gave her a soft, loving kiss. This time, as I leaned over, I gave one of her tits a squeeze.

On my way out I reminded her I loved her.

She said, “Again Thursday.”

During the week I looked a lot more closely to the interactions between Mom and Abby. What I had seen between them all my life took new meaning. We had all enjoyed full lip kisses but the ones between them lasted a bit longer. At times I thought I saw the signs of a tongue darting in and out. Their hugs were aligned so that there was breast-to-breast contact. Each broken embrace resulted in a hand brushing a breast.

My biggest surprise was that Mom and Abby treated Lydia to the same kisses and caresses. Everybody caressed everybody’s ass but mine. I whined about it to Abby and before the week was up Abby started to openly caress my ass and Mom soon followed suit. Both began to sit on my lap and both ignored my rising cock under them.

While looking at my family I also noticed that Mom had her hand brush Dads dick often. It looked accidental so I had never noticed it before. I saw Dad’s hand stray to Mom’s ass and tits a lot more often than had previously registered in my brain. In fact I saw that Dad’s hand student sex parties porno seemed to always be in contact with Mom’s ass.

My biggest eye opener came when we were in the den watching TV. Mom often sat on Dad’s lap. I had never paid any attention to them before as the shows progressed.

I began to sit in a chair that was to the side of the couch where Mom and Dad sat. I could keep an eye on them from my new seat. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Mom move Dad’s shorts up and to the side freeing his cock just as she sat on his lap.

In a brilliant revelation I knew his exposed dick was making direct contact with her pussy.

Mom squirmed on his lap for a few seconds then sighed and sat still. Dad’s cock was in her pussy.

I left the den and hurried to my room, I had an emergency masturbation to perform.

I wondered if Mom had allowed me to glimpse the incident on purpose.

My permanent erection returned.

Thursday night I went from the shower to my sister’s room. I was again early but she was ready for me. I closed her door behind me and removed the towel from around my waist.

That night the chair was right next to the bed. Without a word we started masturbating. I was close enough to hear the sounds of her hands working her pussy. I was sure she could hear my hand working my dick.

Sooner than either of us wanted it was over. My cum flew onto the bed, some landing on my sisters abdomen. The instant she felt its warmth on her body she climaxed with a long moan.

After catching my breath I used the towel on the cum on her bed then I cleaned the cum on her abdomen. I do not know what possessed me but I quickly bent over and licked and kissed the spot where the cum had landed, then leaned over and planted a kiss on each tit before kissing her lips.

She shuddered and sighed.

I left her with an “I love you” and went to bed.

We knew we had crossed a line. We knew another step had been taken. We also knew neither of us would step back.

That week Abby and I sought each other’s touch. We held hands and we kissed when the opportunity arose. She ground her ass on my lap even when Mom was around.

At the college we went well out of our way just to catch a glimpse of the other. An impartial observer would have easily seen two people madly in love with each other. We managed to keep things a secret at home from all but one.

The following Thursday I went into her room before I was sure everybody else was in bed. She was waiting. The chair abutted the bed and was placed even with her pussy. I sat facing her.

We were reluctant to jump to the masturbation. We spent a while caressing our sex and just looking at each other. I suddenly found myself leaning over and kissing her. What was going to be short sweet kiss turned to many sweet kisses. My free hand found a tit and was caressing it, adoring it. Her free hand had moved around and was fondling my ass as I slowly masturbated.

A sudden cum hit her. Our kiss went from sweet to passionate. The hand on my dick went into overdrive. I started to shoot my cum all over Abby. I made an attempt to move back but she held me in place.

After recovering from my climax I took the towel and dabbed my cum off her body. Each spot I cleaned received a soft, wet lick and a lingering kiss. Some were on her cheek. Some were on her tits. One was just above her pubic mound. I left it for last.

Abby had resumed masturbating furiously by the time I got to that one. I kissed all around it while allowing her room to operate on her cunt. As I gently kissed her inner thigh she roared into a major cum. She thrashed and moaned loudly. She collapsed with a sob.

I resumed kissing her lower abdomen. I kissed her inner thighs. I kissed her pussy. There was an aftershock left in her body. I kept kissing her pussy until it passed.

I turned to the head of the bed and kissed her. I went to my room and slept soundly, even though I knew we had taken another step towards the forbidden.

Three nights went by before we resumed our tryst. We both knew we had no chance to make it to the following Thursday. During those three days we did our best to torture the other. When out of sight from the rest of the family Abby would flash me a tit, whenever I sat across from her I would move my shorts to one side and give her an unimpeded view of my dick.

We had always sat next to each other at the dining table. Several times during each meal my hand found her pussy and hers found my dick for a quick feel. Dad and Lydia were oblivious to our games. I thought Mom was suspicious of something but after a day or so she seemed satisfied that things were OK.

Our next session jumped barriers almost immediately. As I leaned over to kiss Abby hello she reached out and grabbed my dick. I had to concentrate not to shoot off right then. I allowed myself to just stand and enjoy the feel of her hand on my cock for a few moments then I leaned in and submissive cuckolds porno over to reach Abby’s pussy with my hand.

I had just inserted a finger in her pussy when I felt her mouth close around my dick.

I froze. Suddenly no part of my body existed except the part in her mouth. She sucked, she licked, and she rubbed the head around her face. I was overwhelmed. She started a loving blowjob but that quickly changed into and attempt to swallow my dick. I warned her a millisecond before I came. She clamped her lips just behind the head of my dick and allowed it to fill her mouth. When my last drop was out she swallowed.

My legs could not hold me up. I had her move over and give me room on her bed. I surprised her by giving her an open mouth tongue filled kiss, even though her mouth was coated with my cum. I kissed her face, her neck her shoulders. I scooted down the bed and made love to her tits.

I resumed my journey and rubbed my face on her pubic mound. I placed my arms under her thighs and dove at her pussy. She climaxed on my tongues first contact with her clit and continued climaxing until she begged me to stop. I kissed my way backup her body. As my semi-hard dick went past her pussy it peeked inside. Abby moaned.

I would only need another five minutes and I would have been able to fuck her. I decided that was a decision that needed to be made with clear thought.

I kissed her goodnight and went to my room. Yet, we both knew we would take the last step.

The days after had us taking chances. Mom caught us in deep kisses twice. Her only reaction was to wait then kiss us both.

On Wednesday night as we watched TV Abby sat on my lap on the recliner. When Mom lifted up to get Dad’s dick out of his shorts Abby did the same to mine.

Mom was not wearing panties. Neither was Abby. I could feel her pussy getting my cock wet. I reached under her nightgown with my arm away from Mom and Dad and masturbated her.

Her orgasm would have alerted the others except my Dad groaned and Mom began to giggle. Apparently Dad had ejaculated on her ass.

Mom stood, grabbed Abby’s hand and stood her up. She looked at my exposed dick then pulled Abby towards her room. Dad followed them out and went to his room.

Lydia was on the floor looking at me. “Don’t get your hopes up. I am a lesbian.”

“Hmm, I guess I knew that. You do not need to worry about me. I do love you however so remember that.”

“You love Abby.”

“Yes, very much. But that doesn’t mean I do not love you. It’s just a different love.”

“So if I sat on your lap you would not try to fuck me.”

“No, I would not.”

She stood and sat on my lap. I kissed her softly, lovingly. My cock was still semi-hard but did not return to fully erect even after she ground her ass on it.

I hugged her to me and asked, “Do you have a partner?”

“I have a favorite but not a partner.”


She smiled and gave me a soft kiss on the lips then stood without answering and went to her room.

I soon went to mine and slept well.

The next day I gave Mom and both sisters long sweet kisses in a full embrace. Abby and Mom expected them and returned my love. Both were surprised when I did the same to Lydia and were shocked when Lydia enjoyed my attention. She whispered to my ear, “I wish you were a girl.”

I gently swatted her butt and she pinched my ass and ran away. I chased after her and caught her before she could duck into her bedroom and I began to tickle her. She sank to the floor laughing and I sank down with her; she ended up in my lap. I kissed her cheek and she kissed my lips. We embraced.

“When I am ready to lose my virginity I want you to do it. I have already asked Abby. She said it was a good idea.”

“It would be an honor for me.”

Lydia kissed me and stood. She lifted her gown and flashed her pussy at me then ducked into her bedroom giggling.

Abby was coming down the hall and said, Get ready, we have classes in less than an hour.”

I stood, hooked her into my arms and kissed her. I lifter her gown and began to caress her bare ass. She moaned and pressed her body to my rapidly rising cock. We heard Mom say, “You have classes,” as she walked by.

We went to class.

Thursday night I was startled to find Mom sitting on my sister’s bed when I went in. I started to leave but Mom told me to stop and wait, she was just leaving. My sister was as naked as I usually found her. Mom may as well had been too as her nightgown was very short at the top and bottom. I could see most of both tits and I could see there were no panties over her pussy.

Mom was holding Abby’s hand. A loving smile from each told me everything was fine. Mom gave Abby a long sweet kiss, a tit a squeeze and stood to leave.

Mom walked to me she gave me a hug and a very sensual kiss. She whispered two words, “Make love,” accenting the word love then turned and left, closing the door behind her.

I knew something very important had just happened but my mind could not fully grasp it. I was dimly aware my towel was gone. I knew I felt Mom’s gentle touch on my dick. She may have pressed her body to it.

But every pore of my body was aware that my naked sweet Abby was waiting for me in bed. I loved and wanted her so much that all rational thought was suspended.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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