Shopping Trip With Mom

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Every Friday my sister used to get off work at noon time and my mom and I would always go pick her up. I usually looked forward to these days because usually the three of us would go out for lunch. One Friday about three years ago my mom and I left as usual but half way down town we got a call from my sister saying she was going to have to take the bus home later since she had to work late. My mom and I decided that since we were already half way in town we might as well keep going and do some shopping.

“The Bay has the type of panties I wear on sale now,” my mom said as she headed into the store.

The chance to be with my mom while she shopped for panties made me feel anxious as hell and I eagerly followed behind. A few minutes later I was standing in the middle of an ocean of lingerie. My mom was flipping through a rack of satin panties and after checking for a few sizes she headed towards the dressing room. I sat outside but luckily from where I was sitting I had a perfect view of my mom from the knee down. I could hear my mom undoing her fly and her shorts fell to the floor. Next came her black panties. The way they fell tot he floor gave me a perfect view of the white stain her pussy had left on them. Unfortunately she noticed this too and kicked them over on them selves. My mom emerged from he dressing room with three pairs of fresh new panties in her hands. After paying for them we visited a couple more stores and then left.

Later that night after my mom had gone to bed I went into the hall and opened up the over flowing laundry hamper. Lying directly on the top of the pile was my moms black panties. The view of them lying on the floor in the changing room ran through my head and my cock began to stiffen. I took the panties back to my room and sniffed my mothers perfect scent while I masturbated. I was almost about to cum when I heard a door open. My mom had woken up or something and was probably coming down the hall to go tot he bathroom or something. I quickly stuffed the panties under my pillow and czech streets porno pulled the pillows over my erect cock.

“Honey what are you still doing up,” my mom asked sleepily as she came into my room.

I stumbled with my words and managed to spit out some week response about watching a good show on TV.

“Well before you do actually go to sleep put my panties back in the hamper,” she said casually.

“Wh-what panties?” I slurred.

Mom didn’t say anything she just walked right over to my bed and pulled the panties out from my pillow.

“These ones,” she said while holding them with one finger.

My heart felt like it had packed up and left my body.

“Don’t bother trying to explain. I know what you do with these,” she said. “I think we need to do something about this,” she added.

I sat up on my bed and did my best to keep my cock covered. “Like what?” I asked.

“Well maybe we should get you some of your own,” mom said with a little bit of the devil in her voice.

The next morning almost as soon as my mom woke up she ushered me into the car and we headed back to the mall. By 10am we were standing in the same sea of lingerie as we had been in the day before.

“Just point to what you want and I will take them like I am going to try them on,” mom whispered.

I did as I was told and 10 minutes later mom’s arms were loaded with panties, stockings, and bras. We headed down to the men’s section and I grabbed a pair of pants and a sweater. Mom opened the fold on the sweater and stuffed the small heap of lingerie in.

“Just try on this sweater while I go look for a new butter dish,” mom said in front of the sales clerk.

I headed in the room and immediately stripped down. I tried on every single thing I picked out and in the end I had narrowed my “keepers” pile down to about 5 items. Mom came back a few minutes later.

“How does that sweater fit?” she asked while peaking over the door.

I was now dressed again czech taxi porno and was folding all the panties into the sweater again. When I left the room I left all the bits of lingerie I didn’t want behind.

“Whatever guy has to put all that away is going to be a little wierded out,” I told mom.

She laughed and then took the sweater from me.

“I will just go pay for the umm… sweater here and then we’ll go home,” she said while giggling.

Almost as soon as I got home I headed up stairs to do my business.

“Don’t wear them out too fast!” my mom yelled up at me.

It didn’t really dawn to me until this point how open I had become with my mom. I was now in my room about to masturbate with woman’s panties and my mom knew it. She was sitting down stairs knowing exactly what I was about to do. This turned my on incredibly and I immediately put on the baby blue thong I had bought. I rubbed my cock through the satin material until I could barely stand it any more. I cummed harder then I ever had before. I stripped the panties off and put them in the laundry hamper. I went back to my room to put away the rest of the panties and when I emerged mom was standing with her back to me in front of the laundry hamper.

“What are you doing mom?” I asked knowing full well what the answer was.

She turned and in her hands were the blue panties. She was licking my cum of the crotch.

“This is my reward for having bought all those things for you,” she said in her devilish voice.

‘The tides have turned,” I said in a joking voice.

Mom threw the panties aside and headed straight towards me. She grabbed my arm and pulled me into her room.

“Sit,” she told me while pointing to the bed.

I did, or should I say my cock did as I was told. My mom went into her bathroom and emerged a few minutes later wearing only a black softcup bra and no panties. One hand covered her crotch and the other hand was behind her back.

“Close your eyes,” she said.

Of digitalplayground porno course I complied. After what seemed like hours I felt something against my face. I opened my eyes and there was a pair of skin colored panties handing directly in front of me. They were so wet they were literally dripping down my face.

“Look what your panties did to me,” mom said.

I sniffed the panties and the thick smell of my moms pussy filled my head. I put my tongue out and just as I tasted her juices she yanked them away from me and threw them in the corner.

“You don’t want that. Here,” mom said.

She pulled me up on my feet and pushed me away from the bed. Then she laid down on her stomach and spread her legs wide. I had the perfect view of my moms hairy pussy. I could see little bead-lets of her juices in her hair. I could also see her pink anus which was parted slightly. I got down on my hands and knees and began to lick my moms privates. I started near her anus and circles around it. She flinched as I probed my tongue into the hole. Then I started on her mound. After just a few minutes my face was coated in her juices. Her bush was dripping and the blue bed sheets had turned dark with her juice. I could feel my self cum. I wasn’t even touching my self and I was cumming. My mom tasted so sweat it was amazing. I could feel her bucking and grinding her hips into my face. Each time she did with more power and more strength. Finally after half an hour of this her back arched and she began to scream. Her juices flooded my mouth and my face. I drank as much as I could but most dripped down my face on to the bed and on to her thighs.

After this my mom got up without saying anything and headed towards the bathroom. I waited for her to come back out but she never did. I retired to my room with the skin colors panties in hand and I slept the most peaceful sleep I had ever slept.

My mom and I never had sex or oral sex ever again. I knew she felt guilty for what she had done. She never talked about the night I ate her but she often talked about the panties she bought me. She bought me a few more over the time I still lived with her. She also used to wear and masturbate in the ones she bought me on a regular basis. I still used to sniff and lick the panties she wore during the day but I never cummed in them.

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