Shelly Seduces Daddy Ch. 04

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Shelly and daddy had been sharing their secret for some time. She was now back at school for her sophomore year at college and would come home on the weekends and when mom was away, she shared daddy’s bed. When mom was home, daddy would sneak into her room occasionally in the middle of the night… never as often as she wanted. When he did, they would cuddle on her bed. She would kiss daddy while he played with her, tugging at her boobies, suckling them, fingering and licking her cunny while she sucked daddy’s cock… her cock. But, Shelly always wanted more. She wanted daddy to fuck her but he was reluctant with mom just down the hall. On the few occasions he did put himself inside her, she found herself clawing and bucking wildly, so much so that daddy would stop and tell her she was too loud and that she would wake mom. In fact, even when daddy was fingering her she would have to kiss him as she came to keep from making too much noise.

Mom was the problem but next week she was to be away on business and Shelly intended to make the most of it.

On Saturday night, daddy came to her room to ‘tuck her in.’

“Daddy, mom’s leaving Monday morning, right?”

“Yes kitten. But she’ll be back before you get home next weekend.”

“I think we should take a ‘sick’ day. You could stay home from work and I could stay here rather than return to school and we could play all day.”

“As much fun as that sounds princess, I have to work and you have to attend school. We’ll have plenty of play time on weekends your mom is away.”

“But daddy… please?”

Daddy kissed a disappointed Shelly goodnight and headed toward the door, turning off her light but leaving the door ajar, just a little, so the light of the hall filtered in.

That night, Shelly awoke and headed to the bathroom down the hall. She heard conversation coming from down the hall in her parent’s room and crept to their bedroom door.

“Are you sure you don’t want me to finish you Mike? After all, I got mine.” Shelly’s mom said somewhat snidely.

“I’m sorry Cathy. I’m not sure why I’m having so much trouble these days.”

“It’s Ok sweetie. I’m know you’re under a lot of pressure at work and you must be exhausted at the hours you’re putting in. Perhaps you should see your doctor. Maybe you have low testosterone levels. You know, their calling it ‘Low T’ syndrome on the TV. I don’t think you’ve cum in a month.”

Shelly smiled to herself. ‘I make daddy cum all the time. He just doesn’t want to cum for mom anymore.’ Shelly, snuck back to her room and contentedly fell off to sleep. She was not returning to school tomorrow. On Sunday, she convinced her mom she was coming down with a cold. Daddy knew otherwise.

“Shelly, you can’t skip classes.”

“But dad, this is our chance to have a couple of days alone. I’m staying home. It will be just this once. I promise.”

The next morning Shelly bounded out of bed. She had heard mom leave earlier and thought she might fuck daddy early and convince him to stay home and play. On reaching his room however it was obvious that he had left already as well.

Shelly crawled into his bed… their bed (at least for the next few days) and snuggled under the blankets that still held the last remnants of his body heat. She smelled his pillow and moistened at the whiff of his cologne that it harbored. From down the hall she heard the ding of her phone. ‘Madie,’ she said to herself. She tried to ignore it but it rang repeatedly and she reluctantly abandoned the comfort of daddy’s bed and headed to her room.

‘whr r u btch? U missed the train.’

‘getting in the shwr. M is OOT. Staying home for a few days.’

Her phone rang. She looked at the screen and saw her best friend’s picture.

“Mom left this morning.”

“WTF! Why aren’t you screwing you know who?” Maddy was in the library and whispered so no one else could hear.

“I tried but I couldn’t convince him to take the day off.”

“Girl, you’re not trying hard enough. You have got to button that shit down tonight.”

“Oh, I intend to.”

Throughout the rest of the day, Shelly periodically texted her dad with double entendres to pique his interest. He had warned her about blatant sexting and how it might be discovered by mom so she had to be creative.

‘Wait until you see what you’ll be eating for dessert daddy.’

‘I can’t wait princess. Really looking forward to a tasty dessert from you.’

About two hours before daddy returned home, Shelly set her plan into motion. She melted some dark chocolate and dipped some strawberries. She located a bottle of Prosecco and put it on ice and put the strawberries, iced champagne, and two glasses in the living room near the sofa.

Smelling mom while fucking daddy was the last thing she wanted. She stripped her parent’s bed and made it with silk sheets she found in the hall closet. Daddy bought them for mom a couple of years ago but she hated them. Shelly overheard her telling daddy brazzers porno that she felt like a slut when they slept on them. Shelly smiled to herself. Being a little slutty was exactly what would make daddy fuck her. Daddy’s gift to mom would now be hers.

Shelly showered and shaved her legs and pussy, tending to her perfectly quaffed runway that she knew daddy liked. While showering, she played with herself. She inserted two fingers into her twat and rubbed her clit. She also washed then fingered her bum hole and hoped daddy would play there as well. She blew out her hair and left it long and wispy. She put on light eyeshadow, mascara, and blush, and completed her makeup with a soft red lipstick. She strategically placed her perfume to entice daddy to all the places she wanted to be kissed. She put on a purple thong, then, she went to daddy’s closet and selected a button down white shirt. She rolled the shirt sleeves slightly to mid-forearm and buttoned one button just above her navel leaving the rest of the buttons undone to expose her cleavage, navel, and nether regions. Several weeks ago she had convinced daddy to let her get her navel pierced and she now sported three small diamonds hanging from a silver chains that were daddy’s gift to her. She looked at herself in the mirror. She exuded sex.

She checked the clock. ‘Perfect. He should be home any minute.’

Shelly headed downstairs to the living room. She surprised herself at how far the cork flew when she opened the Prosecco. When she popped the cork, a little champagne spurted from the bottle and she immediately likened it to daddy’s cock when she made him cum in her mouth. She giggled as she poured two glasses of bubbly then lit some candles she had spread around the room.

As she finished, she heard the garage door and daddy’s car drive in. A couple of minutes later the door to the kitchen opened.


“I’m in here daddy.”

As Mike rounded the corner, coming into the room, his eyes widened. “Wow!” was all he could manage.

Shelly was propped on the sofa, her shapely legs tucked under her. Her hair was draped over her left shoulder, her father’s shirt creeping up her thigh, giving just a hint of the thong beneath. Her right breast was bared and visible, her nipple almost completely exposed. On the coffee table in front of her was a platter with several chocolate dipped strawberries and she held a champagne in each hand. She smiled up lovingly as daddy approached and handed him a glass of champagne.

Mike sat next to her as she looked seductively into his eyes and drew from her champagne glass. He too sampled his bubbly as his eyes took in her lovely form.

She reached up and took his glass and placed it next to hers on the table in front of them. Then she returned to him and placed her arms around his neck and drew him to her for a kiss.

Shelly reached into daddy’s shirt pocket and extracted his phone. She pressed the volume-down button until the ringer was completely silenced then placed the phone on the table next to the glasses of champagne. Shelly looked into daddy’s eyes, her lips mere inches from his, and she softly spoke. “This week there will be no interruptions by mom. I am the only woman in your life and you are mine and mine alone.” And with that, she kissed him again, deeply, passionately, wantonly.

Mike surrendered and enjoined her lust. He cupped her jawline, his fingers entwining the hair at the nape of her neck as he consumed her and she him.

He disengaged from her kisses and caught the scent she had placed behind her ear. He kissed her there, his kisses soft and moist against the flesh of her neck. His hand found her breast and cupped her, kneaded her. He unbuttoned the last button of his shirt and he placed his palm to the flesh of her breast, rolling her nipple between his thumb and fore finger.

He kissed the base of her neck and she moaned into his ear. “Do it daddy. Put your mark on me. There’s no one here to see it but me and you.” “Sssssst!” She gasped at the sting of her father’s love bite and a wicked smile came to her face as she thought about how jealous Maddy would be of her. She brought her hand to the back of his head and pulled him to her, encouraging his vampirish feeding from his daughter.

As he sucked and nibbled at her flesh, Mike’s hands roved down the front of her abdomen, toying with her piercing then settling in on the lace thong covering her womanhood. He slid the lace to the side and inserted a finger into her hot wet cunt as he bit her again.

“Oh God!” Shelly gently fell backwards, pulling her father with her. He inserted a second finger and thumbed her clit and she shuddered. Her hips writhed in rhythm to his probing of her.

Satisfied he had marked her as his, Mike relinquished her flesh and found her waiting lips. He kissed her wetly, deeply and she sighed into his open mouth as her body was overcome with her first orgasm. She arched her back and castingcouch-x porno her pussy tightened around his fingers and he smiled knowing he had wrecked her.

He broke his kiss and kissed her cleavage on the way to her breast. He teased her nipple with his tongue as she came out of her post-cum haze. He took her nipple between his lips and pulled. He brought his hand from her twat to her breast and kneaded her as he suckled her like a new born. She reached down to his hand and coaxed it to her lips where she caressed his two fingers with her tongue. She took them into her mouth and tasted herself as he switched his attentions to her other breast.

He continued to kiss down her belly and her hips gyrated beneath him. When he reached her navel he looked into her eyes with a sly expression and grabbed a glass of Prosecco from the table. She squirmed as he filled her navel with bubbly liquid gold then ravished her, licking and sucking it from her, playfully tugging at her diamonds with his lips. She sat up slightly and took the glass from his hand and drew a large sip into her mouth. Then she leaned forward and kissed him, sharing the drink between them.

He took the glass and placed it back on the table and she lay back again as he continued to show her oral attention. He reached under her bottom and grabbed the waist band and freed her cunt of its lacy covering. It lay there before him, beautifully shaved with a trimmed patch of hair over her mons. He looked down at her and for a second got lost in its beauty. Here was his daughter willingly splayed before him, her perfect tight teenage pussy begging for his attention. Her pink thin labia glistened in the candlelight. Her clitoris, peeking out from its hood, was already engorged and wanting his lips. He kneeled on the floor and angled her bottom toward him. He caught her stare as he slowly advanced upon her, his fingers dragging her inner thighs encouraging her to spread her legs widely. Her natural pheromones wafted through his nose causing him to firm and release his first bolus of pre-cum.

He extended his tongue, splitting her slit from back to front. She moaned. He purposely rimmed her anus with his tongue and she squealed with delight before gasping as the broad stroke of his tongue bathed her labia in saliva. The tip of his tongue swirled briefly around her engorged clit before retreating. He licked her again and again, starting at her anus, diving into her slit between her labia and encircling her clit. She thrust her hips at him with every stroke and her breathing deepened and her pulse raced.

He inserted two fingers into her vagina and aimed upwards to find her ‘G’ spot.

“Oh fuck,” she cried as daddy fingered and ate her.

He could feel her vaginal muscles spasm around his fingers and was amazed at how she could tighten her pussy around him. She was thrusting wildly now and he knew she was ready.

He took her clit between his lips and sucked, his tongue dancing wildly over its surface. With his free hand he reached up and grabbed her tit while his fingers furiously rubbed her ‘G’spot.

Suddenly, she drew in a deep, ragged, breath then stopped breathing. Every muscle in her body contracted simultaneously and she unleashed a flood of cum into his waiting mouth. Again and again she was wracked by her orgasm as he devoured her pussy so as not to waste a drop of her elixir.

Just as suddenly as she had spasmed, her body relaxed. She was breathing again. She was barely aware that her father had kissed his way back to her breasts then on to her waiting lips. Her arms came up to encircle him and he lay there in her embrace. She could taste her cum on his tongue and this only made her love him more. She was already in heaven, and the night was just getting underway.

They lay together, kissing and cuddling, while she recovered. He retrieved their champagne and a treat and he fed her while they shared kisses laced with Prosecco, chocolate, and strawberry. As she emptied her glass, he poured her some more. She began to feel giddy, laughing, smiling, playful but soon realized she was lightheaded.

‘Fuck,’ she thought to herself as she kissed him. ‘No way you’re going to pass out before you fuck him.’ She put her glass aside and instead concentrated on long, deep, wet kisses. Her almost nude form was chilly but she snuggled into her daddy’s loving embrace and the warmth returned.

While kissing she reached down and began stroking his cock through his Dockers. She deftly undid the belt buckle and lowered his zipper all without missing a kiss. She retrieved his weapon from his briefs and stroked it with her hand. Now it was her father who sighed as they kissed. She tugged at him again and again and used her thumb to distribute the pre-cum she had milked from him over his crown. She asked him to sit up and he complied. She kneeled down before him on the floor and removed his shoes, trousers, and briefs.

Mike looked down at clips4sale porno his daughter, the love of his life, as she continued to milk his rod. Glints of candlelight radiated from her blonde hair. She looked up at him with adoring eyes as she extended her tongue to retrieve a drop of dew from his slit. She used her tongue to spread it across her now glossy lips.

She plied his crown with loving wet kisses, each a little bolder, a little more enveloping until his cockhead was nestled completely between her lips, her tongue swirling around it, her hand stroking his shaft. Having his musk in her mouth caused her to salivate wildly and she let it drip from the corners of her mouth to run down his shaft to her waiting hand. She released her grip on his shaft and swallowed him whole and he shuddered as she raked her nails along his inner thighs.

He watched in awe as his daughter’s head bobbed up and down on his shaft, swallowing him to the hilt. She let her hand drop to his scrotum and massage his testicles, awakening his sperm and readying them for the coming journey.

He began to thrust back at her and she knew what was coming. She withdrew, leaving his cock standing at attention before her, the candlelight twinkling off its moistened shaft.

She rose up over him and squatted and took his shaft in her hand, guiding it to her sex. She rubbed it back and forth along her slit moistening her labia and his tip with her juices. Then she impaled herself upon him. She gasped as he hilted in her pussy. She held him there, barely moving as she leaned in and embraced him in a kiss.

Slowly, she began grinding herself against him, pulling forward only to rub her clit and labia along the roughness of his member on the return. He brought his hands to her hips, guiding her slide as they kissed. She increased her tempo and force and she felt herself nearing the edge. Her father latched onto her breast and suckled her like a newborn. This put her over the edge and she could no longer control her thrusts. Like a wild animal she jacked herself off on her father’s dick.

As she came, she grabbed him with her pussy, and he could feel the warmth of her cum coat his shaft. It was all that he could do to hold back from flooding her with his load. Her thrusts eventually slowed as they kissed and she felt his tightening embrace letting her know that she was loved and protected by this man from whose loins she had come. He left his shaft inside her as she nestled into her daddy’s chest and rested from her ordeal.

Once recovered, she removed him from her and returned to her position on the floor. She eagerly cleansed his cock of her cum and orally refreshed his hard on. This time it was she that fed him a strawberry, making sure that he had to kiss her to get the last bite from within her mouth.

She stood and cast off his shirt. Now totally nude, she turned slowly so he could appreciate his daughter’s… his lover’s body in the candlelight. Then she kneeled on the sofa next to him and faced the wall. She stuck out her ass seductively and looked back and smiled at him. “Fuck me daddy, please?”

He wasted no time and approached her from behind. He kneeled behind her and slapped her ass cheek, She recoiled at the pain but then squealed in delight. He kissed her ass cheeks and toyed with them. He began at the small of her back and plied soft wet kisses down her crack. He stopped at her anus and rimmed her causing her to push back until his tongue started spreading her asshole.

He licked her twat and she cooed. Then he reversed his position, grabbing a glass of champagne, as he positioned his head directly beneath his daughter’s cunny. He looked up to see her clit and labia before him. He reached out with his tongue and lashed at her flesh. Then he reached up with the champagne glass and poured it down the crack of her ass. She giggled as the bubbly ran down her crack, over her anus, along her slit and straight into her daddy’s mouth. When he had consumed it all, he cleansed her of the last few drops. Then he withdrew and stood behind her, a raging hard on in his hand.

She looked back at daddy and smiled a wicked smile. “Come fuck your little girl daddy.”

Mike approached her and rubbed his cock head along her slit, moistening himself. Then he mounted her.

“Ohhhh fuck me daddy,” Shelly said. And daddy did.

He pounded up and into her, again and again. With each stroke her ass met his hips and his balls slapped her clit.

“Oh God, Oh God, Oh God,” Shelly cried out as her climax approached.

Mike grabbed her by the hair and pulled, causing her to arch her back even more, changing the angle at which she was being fucked and increasing the pressure against her vaginal walls.

“Daddy, daddy, daddy, daddy,” Shelly chanted with every thrust.

Suddenly her rearward thrusts became ragged, uncoordinated, as she was consumed by yet another orgasm.

Mike pulled further on her hair until her face was looking directly up at him and he could see the ecstasy in her eyes. He bent forward and kissed her and she reached up and placed her arm around his neck.

Shelly looked up into daddy’s eyes. “Cum for me daddy. Cum inside your little Shelly. Make me yours.” Then she kissed him, a deep, longing kiss.

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