Set Up

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Not a great deal of story to this one, Enjoy!


To say my new ‘girlfriend’ Clara was a kinky one would be a little bit of an understatement. We’d met online, I had an ad in a kink friendly dating site and hit it off right away. We went on a couple of dates but she said I would have to wait to sleep with her. She gave me a blowjob a couple of times and let me finger her but said sex with her would have to wait. I found out why later though.

“So I won’t even see who I’m having sex with until you edit the video?” I asked.

I was naked, already hard from Clara sucking me and was knelt on my bed with a blindfold covering my eyes.

“That’s right sweetie, you’re going to fuck her a few times this week while I watch and record then we’re going to watch the video together while we have sex. I’ll be letting you save all your stamina for her too,” she replied.

The whole concept of having sex with another woman in front of my girlfriend, even one of two weeks was one of fantasy, Clara told me she enjoyed watching, was one of her kinks and would join in later.

“This just seems crazy, I mean, I’m worried you’ll get jealous or something and hold it against me later,” I replied, my heart pounding and cock throbbing despite my fears.

Clara responded by kissing my neck from behind and reaching to gently stroke my cock.

“The only thing I’ll be holding against you is my body. Trust me okay?”


“I’m going to make sure she’s ready, wait here and no peeking.”

I stayed in place for what felt like ages but I’m sure was only a minute or so. I heard soft footsteps then felt a woman get on my bed with me. Clara kissed my neck from behind me again and whispered in my ear.

“She’s nice and wet, reach out and feel how nice her ass is then I’m going to guide you inside her,” she said.

I did as I was asked, her ass felt pretty good, nice and firm. I held on to her slim waist as Clara led my cock to the mystery woman’s pussy. She swirled it round her labia, coating the tip of my cock in her juices then told me to push into her. Her pussy felt amazing, I gave her gradual thrusts, getting deeper with each one until I had all 7 inches deep inside her. The woman moaned quietly, I could hear her breathing heavier so I increased my pace until her moans got louder too. Soon the sounds of our bodies slapping together filled the room , I wanted to last longer but I never could with doggy, I groaned that I was getting close.

“Cum in her sweetie, she’s on the pill,” said Clara from behind me, grabbing my ass.

After a few more thrusts I felt the woman cumming and I couldn’t hold back anymore and pushed in deep as my cock exploded in her, spraying my seed into her pussy. She pulled away from me as I caught my breath, I felt her climb off the bed then Clara spoke to me again.

“Leave your mask on, I’ll suck you clean while she gets cleaned up to leave,” she said then took my cock in her mouth.

She sucked me gently, licking the rest of my cum and juices from the woman then slowly took my mask off as she kissed me. We were alone in the room.

“Did you enjoy that sweetie?” said Clara.

“I did, can’t wait to actually watch it.”

“You will, couple more sessions for my tape then we will watch it together.”

“When’s she coming back?”

“Her anime porno pussy feel better than mine huh?”

“You’re terrible at teasing, you always have that little smile on your face when you’re kidding. Besides, I’ve only been in you with my fingers,” Clara laughed.

“Well, horny man, she’ll be back tomorrow. Cuddle with me for a bit before I go?”

“You could always stay.”

“You know I can’t, I have nothing here and I’m working tomorrow.”

“I’m teasing, thank you for tonight, like my wildest fantasies coming true.”

“You’re welcome sweetie, remember, showered by the time I get here at 6 tomorrow okay?”

The next night, Clara arrived right on time and greeted me with a passionate kiss. She set up her camera beside my bed and had me strip and lay down as she tested the angle on her video camera. The anticipation and excitement had me getting hard before Clara even touched me.

“Well, someone’s eager,” she said with a grin.

“Will I get to see her this time?” I replied.

“Nope, patience horny boy. Camera angle is good, up on your knees, you’re taking her missionary this time, you get to suck her lovely nipples and eat her first. Let me put this on you.”

Clara put the blindfold on me again and I waited for the woman to get on the bed. I got the hint when I felt her foot rub my thigh that she was ready. Clara whispered in my ear from behind.

“Lean down, show me how good you eat pussy, I’ll give you some nudes if you impress me.”

My cock was throbbing already but I took my time. I leaned on top of the mystery woman and kissed her neck, leading a trail down to her pert breasts and sucked each nipple to hardness. She was moaning softly which turned me on even more, I kissed my way down her body until I was between her legs. She was already soaking wet, I kissed and licked all around her pussy before slowly making my way to a broad tongue lick over her labia. She tasted amazing, I slowly parted her lips with my tongue and licked and tasted her, listening to her moans to find her pleasure points. By the time I focused on her clit, rasping it with my hardened tongue, she was breathing heavier and grinding her hips on my tongue then gasped ‘oh fuck yes’ as her first orgasm washed over her. I took the hint to stop licking when she pulled away from me and wiped my mouth as she caught her breath.

“Good, now since you’re still nice and hard and you’ve made her nice and wet, show me how good you’d fuck me,” said Clara.

When I got into position, the woman reached between us and guided my cock inside her, she felt wonderful, I pushed in slowly to savor the feeling then began to thrust slowly to enjoy her tight warmth. I lasted longer than I did when I had her doggy, I even made her cum again before I felt the familiar tingling as I got close. I held back as long as I could then groaned as I pushed in deep, my cock swelling then spraying my seed into her pussy. I stayed on top of her, thrusting slowly until I was spent then rolled over onto my back as I caught my breath.

“Tha… that was amazing,” I gasped when I could eventually speak.

“By the grin on your lover’s face she agrees. Stay there while I help her get up,” replied Clara.

I felt the woman getting up off the bed, she leaned over and kissed me on the cheek then I was alone. asyalı porno I rested until Clara came back, she took my blindfold off and smiled at me as she buttoned up her blouse. I looked at her confused.

“I had her take a couple of pictures for you, you should check your phone,” she said, smiling.

“You could always take your top off again and I could see for myself,” I replied.

“I have to go sweetie and you’d want to play. I don’t want to totally tease you. Same time tomorrow okay.”

I got up and showered before I looked at my phone, the pictures were great, Clara had really nice breasts and I stored the pictures on my hard drive for later. The next night, things went a little differently.

“She’s going to ride you this time, on your back,” said Clara.

“Are you okay? You seem a little distracted,” I replied.

“You are a perceptive one aren’t you. I’m fine, sorry, just had a rough day.”

“Is this still okay, I mean, we could just sit and talk if you need to.”

“Did you like your pictures?”

“Okay. Yes, they were beautiful, thank you.”

“Well get on your back handsome, think of them while I have her suck your cock.”

Clara set her video camera up, put my blindfold on then a few seconds later I felt a warm mouth envelope my already semi hard cock and sucked me to hardness. I felt the woman climb on the bed then she held my cock in place as she mounted me, guiding my cock inside her as she lowered herself onto me. She felt amazing, once she’d taken me fully inside her she began to ride me, using my chest to lean on as she pleasured herself with my cock. I always last ages when I’m being ridden but the woman fucking me knew how to make me feel good. I felt her rub her clit before she climaxed and that got me pretty close. She slowed down a little though and I heard her whisper ‘what are you doing?’ to Clara.

“What does it look like, it’s fine,” replied Clara.

Next thing I knew, Clara had straddled my head and lowered her pussy to my mouth. I didn’t need any more guidance, I started licking her, giving her the same enthusiasm that I’d given the mystery woman the night before. I heard Clara moaning then while the woman was still riding my cock, Clara climaxed, shuddering as she sprayed her cream into my mouth. Once she was done she climbed off my face and got off the bed again. When I felt the woman cum a second time she set me off too, I pushed up to her thrusts and groaned in pleasure as I sprayed my seed deep inside her. The woman stayed in place as we both caught our breath, Clara leaned over me and held her face close to mine to block my view as she took my blindfold off.

It took me a few seconds to register. I was still high from a wonderful climax and from another fantasy fulfilled, 2 women at once but then the shock hit me.

“A… Amber? Wh… what the fuck, what are you doing, ha… has it been you this whole time?” I stammered.

Amber was my older sister. Still is I guess.

“Of course it has, little brother, think we’d switch it up on you?” she replied with a giggle, smiling the whole time.

I looked over at Clara, she’d put her shorts back on and was smiling too.

“You knew?” I said to her.

“Of course she knew, I asked her to help me set it up,” replied Amber.

I was stunned. Amber and babes porno I were not really that close growing up, she was 4 years older than me so was already away living her life by the time I even liked girls ‘that way’ but there was never any fighting or anything, we were just a normal brother and sister. Or were.

“Wh.. why?” I replied.

“I found your profile on kinkfriends, I didn’t know it was you at first but I loved all of your fantasy writing. When you posted that pic of your ass I knew right away, that birthmark is one in a million, Mom and Dad used to tease you about it so much, you’d get so mad, little heart shape on your cute butt. Anyway, your story about wanting to live your fantasy of fucking your older sister. I read it 3 times when I knew it was you, made me so wet and I decided I wanted it too.”

“What if it was just fiction, pulling from things I’d never want to do?”

“Still feel that way?”

“I don’t know how I feel Amber.”

“I felt amazing, I know you wouldn’t have taken this step without help but you were wonderful sweetie. You’re still hard, do you want me to get off you, maybe get on all fours and you can fuck me again?”

“What about the video?”

“Oh this thing’s been broken for years, the light on the front is the only thing that works,” said Clara.

“So I’m guessing we’re not dating anymore?” I said to Clara.

“I uh, I’m married sweetie. He knows about us going for drinks but not about the blowjobs or uhm, me sitting on your face. He made me mad today, not about doing this, just something stupid and I was pissed off. Sorry I used you that way.”

“Is fine, another one marked off my list I guess.”

“For the record, if I was single I’d keep you, I’d even be cool about you fucking Amber.”

“I think I would like to take you from behind,” I said to Amber, she was gently squeezing my cock with her pussy.

“Thank you for today,” said Clara, she kissed me softly on the lips then left.

Amber got up and onto all fours, I admired her ass before I pushed my cock back into her pussy.

“Oh fuck that feels so good, nice and hard baby.”

Having already cum inside her I lasted much longer that time, when we’d both climaxed again we collapsed together on the bed, breathing heavily and just gazing at each other.

“What did you say to Clara to convince her to go along with this?” I asked when I could finally talk.

“Do you want me to eat your pussy again while you think about it,” replied Amber with a grin.

“You’ve slept with her?”

“Sleeping. Her husband is pretty open about her fucking other women, long as there’s no guy involved. He gets a pass to have sex with his guy friend in return.”

“Do you have a boyfriend?”

“No, haven’t for a few years now. I’ve been dating women but I’ve been exclusive to Clara for about 6 months, we were good friends and she drunkenly admitted she wanted it.”

“How did that lead to ‘help me fuck my younger brother’.

“Pillow talk, she saw me reading your stories and started quizzing me. It turned her on too, this week we’ve been having sex on our lunch breaks, she’s been insatiable for me.”

“So what now?”

“Now, I’m going to shower with you, then if it’s okay with you I’d like to stay the night. We can talk, cuddle, make love then call in sick tomorrow and spend all day in bed.”

“Well, I’m due a day off, my boss won’t mind.”

Amber is helping me with my writing now, she’s also determined to help me play out all my fantasies too, who knew my writing could get me into so much fun…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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