Seducing Mom

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Eleanor sat upright abruptly, she was flabbergasted and at a loss for words, instinctively reaching for her wine glass while her brain attempted to process what she had just been told. A lifetime of liberal thinking and open-mindedness had not prepared her for what her son Ryan had just divulged.

Over the years she had been completely open and approachable with her children, both of them able to come to her and discuss any problems or questions they had without her making any kind of personal judgement. As they got older and asked questions, she would answer truthfully, never dodging the subject, no matter how potentially embarrassing their query may be.

Taking a large gulp from her glass, she pondered as to how she should respond to his statement, should she remonstrate with him or try to laugh it off, did she take it seriously or was he in fact, pulling her leg and winding her up and his words were some kind of perverse joke.

It was her own fault that she now faced this dilemma, with the day being as hot as it was, they had started drinking far too early. Ryan at nineteen and Jemma at twenty-two were both old enough she had told them, to take responsibility for their own alcohol consumption.

It was the first full day of their holidays; they had not managed one last year due to work commitments and so this year she had splashed out on a villa in Spain. Unfortunately, she had not listened to her own advice and had drunk more than she should have done. It was too hot to eat a proper meal and so they had had a light lunch and dinner but because of the heat, the drinks kept flowing.

As the evening drew to a close, they were all tipsy with Jemma finally calling it a day and retiring to her bedroom. Eleanor and Ryan continued out on the patio as the evening cooled, discussing a variety of subjects, often going off at tangents and laughing and joking all the while. He would return to university this autumn, continuing to study law, something he had set his heart on at an early age. And then at some point, the topic turned to his love-life or lack of it.

‘Don’t you think it’s about time you found yourself a girlfriend who lasts more than a few weeks.’ His mother had teased.

What she had said was correct, Ryan had been in quite a few relationships, none of which lasted longer than a month, most only lasting a couple of weeks. The problem he had found, was their lack of maturity, more concerned with their friends and being seen in the right places and less interested in the relationship.

‘I can’t see the situation changing for the foreseeable future,’ he responded, ‘The type of woman I would like just isn’t out there. Tell a lie, they are I suppose, but are just not available.’

Eleanor laughed at the way Ryan responded to her question, he never had been one to give you an easy answer, in short, he would make a perfect lawyer.

‘Rubbish,’ she shot back at him, ‘We live in a town with hundreds of young women, you’re trying to tell me that not one of them takes your fancy?’ But Ryan just shook his head.

‘So, tell me, what is it you are looking for, surely it can’t be that hard to find someone?’ Perhaps, she thought later, she should not have asked, she was not prying, she was just interested and wanted to see her son happy.

He took a moment, his finger resting against his lips as he gave it some thought, a glint of mischief in his eyes as he spoke. Well, she needs to be in her mid to late thirties or even early forties, slim, but with a nice figure, it shows she has taken care of herself over the years.

‘She is incredibly attractive with auburn hair and a great sense of humour. But she has a maturity about her, she is caring and approachable, and as sexy as hell’.

It suddenly struck Eleanor that apart from the ‘sexy as hell’, he could have been describing her, but she shrugged it off as her vain imagination.

‘Surely you’ve seen someone that you find attractive, though I can see your problem with the age group you’re aiming at,’ Eleanor said, suddenly getting a fit of giggles at the thought of her son fancying older women.

Ryan sat calmly watching his mother laughing, the slightest of smiles playing across his lips, ‘There have been a few that I’ve considered and wondered what my chances would be, Carol for one.’

It took Eleanor a moment or two as she tried to put a name and a face together with his description of his perfect woman, and then it hit her, a look of shock on her face, ‘Do you mean, my Carol?’ By that, she meant one of her friends who was married with two children.

‘Then there is Alice, Donna, Amanda, oh and Joanne, we had better not forget Joanne, she is definitely, one hot lady,’ Ryan had continued with a chuckle.

Eleanor was stunned, every one of the women he had named was either friends or associated with her. She could understand him having the hots for Joanne, she was thirty-seven but looked like she was thirty and was a fitness instructor at the local gym. Her body was toned sex izle to perfection and her chest really was a lot more than a handful, and she supposed most of the men in town lusted after her. The other women though, she just classed them like herself, as middle-aged and whilst they had all been pretty when they were young, the years had caught up with them.

Once she had got over her surprise she was intrigued and sure now that he was intentionally pulling her leg. What else had he never told her, she wondered, all of this being something that her son had kept secret from her and so she decided to humour him as they continued their conversation. They had carried on drinking, Ryan getting from his chair as he topped up their glasses and Eleanor noting that he was slightly unsteady on his feet, she was about to tell him to slow down when she realised she was in no better a state.

‘Right,’ she laughed, ‘If you could have just one of them, which one would it be?’ She was sure he was going to pick Joanne, in his position, she would. ‘Just wait till we get back and I tell the girls,’ she was thinking when he delivered his answer.

Ryan kept his face emotionless, even though he wanted to smirk, he was not as drunk as he appeared and had slowly but surely, brought the conversation around to this point. ‘Well, if I could pick only one… would have to be my favourite,’ he paused for a few seconds watching her lean forward slowly as she anticipated his answer, ‘It’s the person I think about the most when I imagine the perfect woman… has to be…..YOU,’ he said, embarrassing her.

And that was why Eleanor was flabbergasted. When finally, she found her voice, it came out sounding slightly high pitched and strangled, ‘You fancy me……you have actually thought of sleeping with me?’

Ryan looked a little flushed ‘Who said anything about sleeping, you said if I could ‘have’ any woman…… then my choice would be you.’

He had got her, she had asked the question, and as she had brought him up to do, he had answered her truthfully. Her mind was in turmoil, how should she act, what should she say? Ryan had more or less said that he wanted to have sex with her. She fumbled for words, stammering and stuttering until the most obvious obstacle sprung from her lips, ‘But……But……I’m your mother!’

Ryan had waited, fairly sure he knew what she was going to say before she said it. ‘But you are also a woman, are you not? Are you a mother first or a woman first?’ he asked her.

Eleanor knew he had got her again, those were her own words spoken long ago when she was explaining something to her children, ‘I am a woman and a mother’ she had said, ‘But I will always be a woman first, with dreams and desires, and a mother second.’

It was something Ryan was able to do, he watched, and he listened and then he filed it all away until such time as he needed it to win a debatable point. As her children grew up, Eleanor would impose rules, telling them that if they could put forward a reasonable argument as to why her rules were wrong, then she would acquiesce and change her mind. Jemma had never got the hang of it, preferring to argue the toss and then storm off when she did not get her own way. But Ryan was different, he would go away and think about it, perhaps an hour later, or even the next day, he would come back to her and put his case, remembering words that she had spoken in the past and forgotten to help him win his argument, and he was good, winning far more than he lost.

‘It’s wrong’ she stammered ‘And it’s against the law’.

He watched her face closely, ‘Have you ever smoked weed mum? Have you ever broken the speed limit?’

He already knew she had, both, ‘Are not each of those things against the law, but you still chose to do them.’ ‘Dad was wrong for you, but you still made that choice, even though gran advised against it.’ It had been over ten years since his mother and father had split, a marriage definitely not made in heaven as Ryan still remembered.

Eleanor was flummoxed, no matter what she said, she knew she would never win this argument with him but for the life of her, she could not see an easy escape route.

Ryan was in his element now, his words silky smooth as they twisted and embraced his mother.

‘Let us imagine a hypothetical situation’ He began.

‘You are in a room alone and bound to a bed, naked except for stockings and suspenders. A hood covers your face and you may not utter a word upon pain of death.

‘You lay there listening, all your senses alive when you hear the door open. Someone enters, a man, a woman. You have no idea. The mattress moves as the person joins you on the bed and then a finger softly caresses your nipples as they become hard and erect, the tiny goosebumps around your areole getting harder as that first sense of arousal begins.’

He paused for effect.

‘A mouth kisses your neck, your shoulders and then your breasts, the warm lips suckling your sexmex porno teats.

‘The mouth works its way down your body, over your ribs, across your belly, your mound, and then you can feel the hot breath on your vagina as your legs are spread and the person slides between them.’

Ryan stopped for a moment as he watched his mother, his words were arousing, her thighs clamping together and her nipples two prominent protrusions in her one-piece swimsuit.

‘Who is this person you wonder, male, female, young, old, black, white?

‘What you do know is that your arousal has increased, and then fingers spread your labia and a tongue penetrates your vagina, licking and lapping, teasing your clitoris until eventually, you climax.

He paused again, letting his words sink in.

And then finally you realise that it must be a man as his penis penetrates your vagina. He fucks you slowly and tenderly, all the while making sure your needs and desires are fulfilled, you can feel his cock inside your fanny, your hips rising to meet his as your second climax approaches.

‘Your orgasm is astonishing as you writhe beneath him, only he doesn’t stop, he keeps on fucking you until you climax a third time and then a fourth as finally, you feel his shaft explode inside you and his hot sperm coats your love passage.’

Eleanor’s breathing was ragged, her nipples prominent and her chest rising and falling rapidly, Ryan able to notice the damp patch that had appeared between her legs. He let her digest his words before he continued.

‘It is the best sex you have ever had; never before have you been so totally satisfied, or a man considered your needs to such an extent.

‘You feel him untying your bonds, waiting to see who he is, desperate to experience making love with him once more. Slowly he removes your hood and you find yourself staring into the face of………. your Son!’

Ryan waited patiently for fully a minute before he spoke again, ‘So, what would you do mum?’

Eleanor did not know what to say or do, over the years when she had spoken to her children about sex, these were the words and descriptions she had used, this was how she had explained things to them, creating images and using phrases they would encounter as they got older.

Ryan put his glass down and stood, walking over to his mother and kissing the top of her head, ‘It’s probably time that I turned in before I get too drunk,’ he said as he walked slowly towards the kitchen entrance.

Eleanor was hot and horny, and she wanted to fuck, If Ryan had asked her to join him, at that very moment she would have said ‘yes’. Her nipples ached for attention, her quim was wet and open, ready to accept a cock being thrust into it. She stood unsteadily, not because of the drink, but because her body was demanding sex, the idea already in her head that once in her room and naked, the rubber dildo secreted in her suitcase would be put to good use.

Ryan knew that in all probability his mother would be feeling aroused from his words, which was why, once he was in his room, he changed into shorts and t-shirt and shimmied out of his ground-floor bedroom window and secreted himself amongst the shrubs and bushes. He was fairly confident that he knew what his mother was going to do and so waited patiently.

Her room was next to his on this side of the building and so all he had to do was to watch and wait, hoping that his words would have had the desired effect and that him mum was going to put a show on for him.

It was not a long wait as suddenly his mother’s bedroom light came on as she entered, Ryan moved into the shadows so that he could better see into the room, hoping that she would not close the blinds. Thankfully, as the villa did not have any nearby neighbours and also coupled with the fact that Eleanor was in a rush, she left them wide open as she removed her swimsuit.

He got an instant hard-on as he gazed at his mother moving around the room naked, she went to her suitcase and extracted a long pink object. Ryan’s pulse increasing as he instantly recognised what it was, one of her toys that she had brought with her. As she lay down on the bed, which was square on to the window, he got a perfect view as she took it in her mouth, moistening its length before then rubbing it against her vagina.

Pushing down the front of his shorts he removed his erection, pulling the skin-tight and teasing its plump head as he watched her slowly ease the pink dildo into her fanny.

Eleanor was trying to think of men she knew, even males on the tv whom she found attractive as she slid the pink cock into her quim, but each time, the vision behind her closed eyes evaporated, to be replaced by an image of her son as he knelt above her, his hard cock pointing skywards as he masturbated and kept her waiting. She cupped and rubbed her small breasts, twisting and pulling at her nipples as she aroused herself, the dildo sliding faster and faster into her cunt, her juices sikiş izle making it slick as she pummelled her genitals.

Outside, Ryan was ready anytime she was, bringing himself to a peak and then letting it subside before increasing his arousal once more. He had been nervous out on the patio around the pool, wondering what his mother’s reaction would be when bit by bit he had told her he wanted to have sex with her, but it had gone far better than he could have imagined.

Eleanor was arching her body, her face screwed up in anticipation as her climax approached, she had given up trying not to focus on Ryan, instead, she now embraced the idea as she imagined it was her son sinking his flesh into her as she orgasmed, a blinding light exploding in her head and her body shaking as she gasped and panted, the dildo being rammed into her cunt as hard and fast as she could.

Outside Ryan had ejaculated, his cock twitching and becoming hyper-sensitive as he wanked furiously, several spurts of semen flying from its tip. He’d tried to keep still for several seconds as he pointed his phone at the view through the window, snapping off a couple of photos and horrified when he realised he had forgotten to turn the flash off and it lit up the room. Thankfully, his mother was too engrossed to notice as he pulled his shorts up and moved back into the shadows.

He waited until he saw her settle and draw a thin sheet over her naked body before turning out the light. Another ten minutes should be ample he thought as he kicked his heels and then made his way quietly around the villa to the side that overlooked the pool and patio. A window on one of the rooms was open as he poked his head inside and whispered ‘Pssst.’

Jemma sat up in bed as she watched him climb through her window, totally unconcerned that she was naked. In the dim light of the moon, she asked him how it had gone as he ditched his clothes, Ryan holding up a circled finger and thumb to signify that everything was OK before slipping beneath the thin sheet and joining her.

His hands cupped her tit’s and squeezed, pushing her nipples nearer to his mouth as his head dipped and he sucked on her teats.

Ryan remembered back to how it had started just over eight months ago, both of them regularly dated other people but none of their relationships ever seemed to last. There had been a few times when something nearly happened between them, but they never quite got it together, that was until one night when she returned home upset, another relationship having bit the dust.

He held her tight until the tears stopped and then got them both a drink from an already opened bottle of wine. Their mum was in bed, hopefully asleep, as they sat and talked quietly to each other, Jemma berating her ex and Ryan commiserating and telling her the bloke must be a jerk for letting someone as gorgeous as her, slip through his fingers. Drinks finished he continued to cuddle her until suddenly he released her and made to get up.

‘What is wrong?’ she asked, not wanting him to move, she was enjoying his arms around her.

‘I’m sorry Jemma,’ he said, looking embarrassed and apologetic, ‘But I can’t carry on holding you, it’s affecting me,’ his head and eyes indicating his lap.

Joanne could not believe it; her brother was getting aroused just by holding her? She was shocked, but at the same time, she recognised that the germ of a thought, suddenly tangible in her brain was slowly beginning to blossom. In any other place and at any other time, she would have dismissed the thought out of hand as outlandish and disgusting. But the argument with her ex and the few drinks suddenly had her dithering. There was no denying that Ryan was good looking, even if she had never thought of him in those terms before and it was sex, not a relationship, not a commitment, just pure and simple sex.

The more she thought about it, the more the thought began to appeal, what had she got to lose, it wasn’t as though he was going to go around bragging about it afterwards she was thinking just before she threw herself at him, their mouths locking together as he felt her hand go between his legs and stroke the length of his cock.

Ryan could not believe what was happening, whilst he had occasionally imagined his sister naked, that was all it had been. Never in his wildest thoughts had he ever considered that she may actually harbour a similar desire. One of his hands slid under her top and pushed her bra out of the way as he fondled her breasts before slipping under her skirt as it headed for her fanny.

It had not taken them long before they were both naked and lying on the rug in front of the fireplace as Ryan’s cock slid into her fanny, making her gasp as he began fucking her. He had kept her entertained for the best part of the next two hours as he fucked her, constantly changing positions and making her climax more times than she had ever done before.

Back in her bedroom in Spain, she watched him slide beneath the sheet, knowing exactly where he was heading as she lay back and opened her legs wider, finally feeling his hot breath on her pussy. She closed her eyes as he went to work on her cunt, pulling her labia wide as his tongue sunk into her soft pink sensitive flesh.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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