Secrets Untold Ch. 02

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When I woke up the next morning, Rachel was still in my arms sound asleep. Slipping out of bed I decided to let her get as much rest as possible.

I went into the bathroom and got two aspirins from the cabinet and placed a glass of water beside the bed.

I took a quick shower to wash away the sleep. Wrapping the towel around my waste I brushed my teeth. Walking to the closet as quietly as possible I grabbed a pair of loose fitting jeans and a white shirt. I slipped on a pair of work boots and made my way to the kitchen. Being the first one awake I put a pot of coffee to be made and pulled out some things to make breakfast.

I saw my son leading his sister into the living room to watch tv. Rubbing her eyes with her teddy bear in hand she sat next to him in front of the tv.

I continued to make breakfast while the kids watched cartoons. As I was flipping a set of pancakes Rachel came up behind me and wrapped her arms around my waist. She kissed my shoulder, “Goodmorning, baby. Thanks for putting the aspirin by the bed. I didn’t expect to get that drunk with Grams.”

Turning to face her spatula in hand I gave her a gentle kiss on the lips. “It’s ok I think it’s actually what she needed. I know she’s been trying to be strong since Grandpa died but last night she seemed to let a lot go.”

I didn’t think telling Rachel about my talk with Grams was a good idea. Especially talking about the picture I found. At least not now. As my sister helped me set up the table for breakfast the kids ran into the kitchen taking their seats at the table. When we all sat down we started to talk about what are plans were for the day.

Grams entered the kitchen holding her head. She was wrapped in a long silk robe. Grams walked over to the table after taking some aspirin and kissed Mickey and Rebecca on the head.

She sat beside Rachel and began to eat some breakfast and they talked about the funeral and what would happen at the wake and who would be there. Not once did she look at me.

Once we finished breakfast Rachel washed the dishes as Grams dried them. Mickey and Rebecca went back to watching cartoons in the living room. After kissing my wife I kissed Grams on the cheek, “I’m going to go for a walk on the lake. I’ll be back in about an hour.”

“Okay, honey. Make sure you’re back in an hour or we will be late to the funeral.”

With that I left to clear my head. As I walked I saw all the spots me Rachel and I had spent hours making out, holding hands and watching the sun set together.


When I returned to the house from my walk I had a little extra time. So I took a longer shower thinking about how Grams had yet to say a word to me. I shaved any excess hair from my face and brushed my hair back.

Wrapped in a towel I walked out of my bathroom and into the room. Walking to the closet I picked up my suit and laid it on the bed.

“I take it you had a good shower.” I almost jumped out of my skin. Turning around I saw my grandmother slipping into my room. She shut the door behind her and came to sit on the bed.

“Shit Grams, you scared the hell out of me. Is everything ok? I thought I was good on time.”

“No, you’re fine. No need to rush.” she ran her hands over her skirt to get any wrinkles straightened out. mobil porno That’s when I truly looked at her outfit. She was wearing a tight fitted pencil skirt with a black button up shirt tucked in. The gold belt that was wrapped around her waist accentuated her hips and ass nicely.

She must have noticed me checking her out because when I looked up at her face she had a small smirk on her lips. I quickly went back to paying attention to my clothes. Turning my back to Grams I slipped on a pair of boxer briefs under my towel and pulled them up my body. Removing my towel I laid it down on a chair in the corner of the room.

I took my pants and slid into them. Taking my button up and pushing my arms through the sleeves I saw my Grams looking around my room at all my old trophies from my athletic competitions. I buckled my belt to hold my pants up nicely. Pushing my tie under the collar of my button up I then reached for my shoes and laced them on.

When I got up again my grandmother was at my side. She stood in front of me and began buttoning my shirt. Picking up my cuff links I put them on as she fixed my tie for me. After folding my collar in place she placed her palm on my cheek and gave me a gentle kiss on the cheek.

“You remind me so much of your grandfather when he was younger,” she picked up my jacket and slipped it on me. “Handsome, loving, and always strong.”

After running my fingers through my hair once more I took Grams’ hand as she led me out of the room to head downstairs. Standing at the top of the stairs she suddenly turned around and kissed my lips passionately. I slipped my arms around her waist and pulled her against me. I spun her into the wall and licked her lip yearning for entrance which s soon granted. I pushed my hand up her thigh under her skirt and wrapped one of her legs around my waist. There was something about her touch that made me feel intoxicated. It drove my lust for her through the roof.

“Michael, we are going to be late!” Rachel yelled from the kitchen downstairs. I broke the kiss and turned to reply, “Alright, I’ll be right there.”

Grams continued to nibble on my neck. I didn’t know what had come over her but as soon as I faced her again her tongue was in my mouth. Simply overwhelmed with a need for her I responded to every touch and kiss she had to offer.

I slipped my hand between her legs and rubbed her clit through her panties, “Mmm Michael, that feels so good. It’s been so long since I’ve been touched like this. I saw the picture in your room. You found it, didn’t you?”

Nodding my head I looked her in the eyes, “What does it mean? Explain this to me please? Grams?”

“Beth. My name is Beth. I love you kids more than life itself when your mother died there was no one to look after you. I was afraid if I told you the truth that you would remember me as the woman your mother hated.” Turning away from her I ran my hand through my hair and took a deep breath. I knew this was coming. In my heart I already knew who she was. When they told me the story 10 years ago I knew the emotion behind their eyes was too intense for the story to not be personal.

“I love you so much. Nothing Mom said could have changed that. You should have told me. You lied to me. Tell me the truth, I want to know everything. Now!” mofos porno My anger was slowly building. I was mad she kept this from me, I was mad they didn’t come out and tell us 10 years ago but I was mostly mad at myself for wanting her so passionately right now. I felt like a terrible person for wanting her, yearning her especially on the day of my grandfather’s funeral.

She placed her hand on my cheek,”Tonight after the kids go to bed I will tell you everything. Please, Michael understand I was just trying to protect you.”

I walked past her and headed down the stairs stopping midway, “Tonight I expect answers. Not some of them either, I want to know everything.” I saw her nod and I continued down the stairs.


I stood on the porch while my children skipped stones by the lake. It broke my heart to see my daughter so heartbroken. I looked at my son and was proud of the boy he was becoming. He was doing everything he could to bring a smile to his sister’s face.

The wake had just ended and Rachel was saying goodbye to the last few to leave. A few friends from our past who we told over the years about our relationship and actually supported us.

“Hey baby,” my sister wrapped her hands around my waist and kissed the back of my shoulder “Are you ok? You’ve seemed out of it today. I know you miss grandpa but everything will be ok sweetheart.”

“I know it will. It’s not that, it’s just… I’m worried about Grams, that’s all.” I sighed and draped my arm around her waist and kissed her forehead. I tilted her head up and kissed her gently. Gently quickly turned into passionately as I bit her lower lip pleading for entrance.

I backed her into the house and against the wall near the kitchen. “Baby, oh Michael… Where… Are.. The.. Kids..?”

I lifted her up and wrapped her legs around me, “They are skipping stones by the lake. It’s fine.”

“Mmm Michael. Take me please.” As she ran her fingers through my hair I knew we wouldn’t make it up stairs so I placed her on the kitchen table. I ripped off her panties and shoved them in my jacket pocket. Pulling up her dress I raked my nails down her thighs.

Unzipping my pants I took out my cock and rammed it deep into her cunt. Rachel wrapped her arms around my neck and used it as leverage to bounce against my cock. She threw her head back and moaned loudly. I saw something move from the corner of my eye and turned to see Grams standing there watching me fuck Rachel roughly.

I licked my lips and fucked Rachel harder as I looked at my grandmother. Pulling my cock out of my sister I yanked her by her hair to get her off the table and kneel in front of me. She instantly took my cock deep in her mouth. I fucked my wife’s face hard and fast.

I looked at my grandmother and grunted hard. I came down my wife’s throat. Looking down at Rachel her eyes were closed savoring the taste of my cum. She always loved tasting my cum.

Seeing her lick up the small amount of cum from her lip turned me on again but I knew the children would be in soon so I zipped my pants back up as Rachel straightened out her dress.

When Rachel walked out of the kitchen Grams was no longer in the doorway. Rachel went outside to get the children ready for dinner. I went up naughty america porno the stairs and into my room to prepare for dinner. I left on my suit pants and button up but removed my jacket and tie. I took Rachel’s panties out of my pocket and smelled her arousal on them before throwing them into the hamper.


Dinner was relatively quiet. I knew the children were still upset from the funeral and Rachel was concerned for Grams. Grams was quiet all day but I knew it was probably because she was anxious about our upcoming conversation.

After dinner I did the dishes as Rachel got the children bathed and ready for bed. I stood alone in the kitchen caught up in my own thoughts. Why did Grams kiss me? Why did I push up against her? She seemed extremely excited when I was pounding into Rachel earlier. She gasped when I rammed my entire 9 inch cock down Rachel’s throat but of course she didn’t know how wonderful Rachel was at deep throating my cock. Six months after marrying her she discovered how much I enjoying getting sucked off and perfected to give me what I loved most.

I suddenly felt a pair of hands sliding up the front of my button up. Assuming it was Rachel I wiped my hands and turned around and saw Grams no more than two inches away from me.

“Does she always submit to you like that?” She seemed to have a look of sorrow and envy. Her hands were now resting on my abs right above my belt. “It seemed like she was use to doing what you tell her. The way you grabbed her hair….”

“I think I’m the one who should be asking the questions. Now tell me about the picture. What did you mean earlier?”

She turned her back to me. “Your mother found out William and I were together. One day after school he had me bent over the hood of his car. Your mother came home early from soccer practice and saw us. She spent hours yelling at our parents about what was going on between us. When our parents called us down to talk about it she walked by us saying she hated us. Our parents, your real grandparents said they didn’t understand our love but didn’t want to make us suffer by denying our love. Your mother never spoke to me again after that. She would let William and I see you kids until you were children and then we had a blow out fight. She said she was hoping it was a phase but since it wasn’t she didn’t want our influence in your lives.”

“When they passed away there was no one else to care for you and it had been so long, neither one of you remembered us or what we looked like so we just told you we were your grandparents. We looked old enough and figured that it would be best for you both since your mother felt so strongly about our taboo influence.” She sighed heavily and I turned her around into my arms and kissed her passionately while rubbing her back. She had been crying while speaking to me. So I wiped her tears away with my thumb.

Breaking the kiss I looked into her eyes and smiled at her with all the love I could give.

Hearing Rachel begin to come down the stairs we broke apart and I continued to work on the dishes. Grams wiped her face and blew her nose.

When I my wife walked in she saw the our grandmother was crying. Immediately rushing to her side she spoke to her,”It’s alright Grams we are here for you. I promise Michael and I will be here for you to do whatever you need.”

Grams looked at me and said “Whatever I need?”

I looked at them both and nodded my head while wiping my hands with the dish rag, “Yes, whatever you need, from either of us, we will do for you.”

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