Seasons with Samantha: Autumn

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Ass Hot

This is the second part of my Seasons With Sam series, as with the first part Summer this has been revised but nothing’s changed except the title and the some grammatical errors.

Story first, sex second.


Extract from the Video Blog ‘Relationships’ Part 2 by Bryce Dawltry.

There’s a song, maybe you know it, by a band called The Buzzcocks. There’s a line that goes ‘Ever fallen in love with someone you shouldn’t have fallen in love with.’ That’s essentially my relationship with Sam, she fell in love with me when she shouldn’t have because I didn’t love her back the same way.

My name is Bryce Dawltry and the dumbest thing I ever did was fall in love with a girl called Samantha Wyllie.

When I didn’t really love her at all.

Chapter 6: All The Evil.

It had been almost a fortnight since Bryce and Sam had been together and they were thinking about what to do after the summer. When they returned home they told Mary and John about their plans to find an apartment together, they were a little scared about letting their daughter go but they knew there was no-one better than her cousin to protect her.

Ever since they came back Sam and Bryce hadn’t been able to keep their hands off each other, alone with Mary and John at work they had resumed their lovemaking session from the Lake House. At least it was lovemaking for Sam, she was overjoyed to have finally found someone she wanted to spend the rest of her life with, Bryce on the other hand, still couldn’t see that far into the future.


I loved Sam, I always have but I wasn’t in love with her like she was with me and I hated it. I wanted to feel the same way, to hold her in my arms and know I wouldn’t see anyone else but I didn’t.


With help from Sam’s parents Sam and Bryce managed to find a few good apartments but with the rent and deposit resting on their shoulders they had to get jobs, Sam managed to get a waitressing gig down at a local cafe while Bryce had his friend Jonathan Moreno put a good word in for him at the town’s hardware store.


I’ve mentioned Johnny before, said he was my best friend, we’d known each other since primary. I was one of only a few people that knew about Johnny’s past, he doesn’t like to talk about it since it was a difficult time for him, still is. He’s the oldest of three children, he has a brother, Vincent, who was two years younger than him and a sister, Lori, two years younger than that. Their mother ran out on them when Johnny was 8 leaving them to grow up with an abusive and violent father, when he wasn’t using Johnny or Vincent as a punching bag he was doing unspeakable things to Lori. There was one night, when Johnny was 17, that is now referred to as ‘All The Evil’ that everything kicked off, fed up with how his father was treating him and his siblings, Johnny tried to stand up to his father, it didn’t go well. Johnny ended up nearly getting the shit kicked out of him, his father would have killed him if not for Lori attacking her father with a hammer, it wasn’t fatal but it got his attention. Johnny was drifting in and out on consciousness and it took him a good ten minutes to regain composure, when he did he saw his father assaulting his sister in a way no father should ever do to their daughter. He managed to pull him off her but then the beatings started again and this time Lori was stuck, traumatised on the floor. By a stroke of luck he managed to grab the hammer Lori had used and hit back, only he hit back several times, by the time he fell into unconsciousness from sheer exhaustion his father was dead and his head destroyed. When Johnny woke two days later he was told Vincent had run away, no-one knew where he was, Lori was in psychiatric care for what her father did to her and would remain there for several years and that he was to be questioned over the murder of his father. Johnny wasn’t convicted since it was self-defence but now, with no parents, a missing brother and a sister two steps away from being a vegetable, it was only Johnny. He has nightmares about ‘All The Evil’ which keep him up at night, we use to meet up in the city centre at about 1, 2 in the morning and mess around.


Bryce was starting his first day at the hardware store, it was a Monday so it was mostly quiet. When he arrived he found Jonathan and another boy messing around in the kitchen area of the store, Bryce didn’t recognize the boy but he approached them anyway.

“Bryce, how you doing?” Jonathan welcomed his long time friend.

“Alright Johnny, not much happening though.”

“Ah it’s Monday morning, most cunts are at work, it’ll get busier this afternoon but not much. Oh Bryce this is T.J. Gallagher, a friend and fellow worker, T this is Bryce Dawltry, he’s been through a lot with me so treat him well.”

Bryce and the other boy shook hands. “T.J., that stand for something?”

“Tyler, but I forget what the J stands for, Jacob or Jarvis, something beginning with J a. Your surname’s Dawltry right?”


“You any relation to Caleb Dawltry, around your fake hospital porno age, brain problems, has a sister called Billie?”

“Yeah he’s my cousin, our fathers were brothers. I don’t see much of them though.”

“Shame really, Caleb’s a good friend of mine, I actually dated Billie for a while.”

“Well you probably know them better than me. Shouldn’t we be working here?”

“Fuck it.” Jonathan spoke up quickly. “The bosses know there ain’t much to do in the mornings they don’t give a fuck. I need a smoke I’m going outside.”

T.J. and Bryce followed Jonathan outside to the garden area of the store, Jonathan takes out a cigarette and lights it. “So how was your holiday with Sam?”

“Uh it was good, not much to do but nice to get away, just the two of us.”

“Who’s Sam?” Asked T.J.

“My cousin, although she’s more like a sister to me.”

“Lucky, I’ve got a sister but she’s more like a ghost the amount of times I see her. I take it you’re pretty close then.”

“You fucking bet they are.” Jonathan chipped in with a lecherous comment.

“Fuck off Johnny. I love Sam alright but she’s still my cousin.”

“Well sorry Bryce but I assumed since you weren’t with anyone you might succumb to temptation all alone with that hot piece of ass.”

“JOHN. Seriously stop that.”

“Lighten up Bryce. You know I’m only joking.” Jonathan turned to T.J. “I like to tease Bryce, he hasn’t had any action in so long it gets funnier the longer he waits.”

“Fuck you Johnny, it’s only been seven months since I broke up with Paige…”

“Still funny.”

“…And I’m not seeing anyone else on my own accord. I’m done with relationships for a long while.”

“Oh god not this again. Be warned T you get Bryce started on relationships he’ll go on and on.”

“Really, what’s your problem with them?”

Jonathan threw his hands up in defeat and walked away.

“Relationships only hurt people, no matter what you do you’ll only get hurt or hurt someone else. They never work.”

“You’ve never been in a fucking relationship.” Jonathan yelled across the yard.

“What about Elizabeth, what about Paige?”

“A real relationship, you went out with them just to fuck them they don’t count.”

“Don’t count my ass.”

T.J. chuckled “You really are Caleb’s cousin aren’t you? You share the same cynicism as him. I have to disagree with you about relationships though, I’m actually getting married next month.”

“Married? Let me guess, you knocked her up after one date so you’re doing the ‘right’ thing.”

“Almost, we’ve been together seven years, I knocked her up two years ago, we have a daughter and I’m doing what I want to.”

“Seven years? So you’ve been with each other, since… how old are you?”

“Almost 20.”

“Since the start of high school. How the fuck did you manage that?”

“Relationships work when you want them to.”

Jonathan came back, he threw his finished cigarette on the floor. “We’re done for break, the first customers are here. Get to work.”


T.J. was a mystery to me, he went against everything I thought about relationships, he was proof they do work. He became a close friend at the store and even introduced me to his fiancée and daughter, he really did seem to have a hand on everything. More than I did anyway.


Around the middle of July Bryce and Sam were invited by Sam’s band-mate Rachel McCormack to her cousin Daniel’s party, not having anything else to do they decided to go to it. They arrived around the middle of the party, most people were already drinking, drunk enough to dance without care but not drunk enough to fall over each other. Sam left Bryce to talk to Rachel and more of her friends so Bryce spent the night chatting with different people he knew around the house, one such person was a massive surprise.

A girl’s voice behind Bryce caught his attention. “You seem familiar. Have we met?” Bryce turned around, there he saw his cousin Billie Dawltry sitting by a table.

Bryce hugged Billie “Hey Billie, God I haven’t seen you in years.”

“You should visit more often.”

“I know but I’ve got so much free time I don’t have time to do anything if you get me.”

“I know, so what you up to these days?”

“Not much you know, taking a year out before starting Uni, not much else happening.”

“You sound just like my brother.”

“How is Caleb by the way, how’s he coping with the brain problems.”

“Well, he’s coping. He dropped out of school as well as soon as he heard about his brain and started writing, he’s quite successful but he still has headaches.”

“At least he’s surviving. Is he here?”

“Nah, Cay’s not a big fan of parties, too many people faking sympathy.

“So you here alone or..?”

“No actually I’m waiting on my friends, I came here with a boy in my Uni, Vincent Moreno.”

“Vincent? I know him, well I’m friends with his brother, he hasn’t heard from Vincent in ages, he ran away after Johnny killed fake taxi porno their father.”

“That explains a lot actually, Vincent’s always been a little odd.”

“Well it was nice catching up, but I’ve got to get back to Sam.”

“Oh is Sam here? I’ll have to catch her before she leave.”

“I’ll send her over your way. Nice seeing you again.”

“Same here cuz.”

Billie and Bryce hugged each other quickly then Bryce left back to Sam, she was with Rachel McCormack and a shy girl, Leanne Martin — both of whom were in Sam’s band — and another boy Bryce didn’t recognize.

“So, little brother, who was the girl you were chatting up?” Sam asked with just a hint of jealousy in her voice.

“That was our cousin, Billie.”

“Billie? I haven’t seen her in years. Remind me to talk to her before we leave.”

“Sure.” Bryce turned to the new boy. “And who are you?”

Rachel spoke up. “This is James Morrison, he’s a close friend.”

“Rachel helped save me from myself a long time ago. I owe her everything.”

“Really? You two..?”

James and Rachel looked at each other embarrassedly. “No.” Said Rachel after a few seconds too long. “No there isn’t, we’ve been friends a long time but we’re not planning on going further.”

“Well we’ll see.”

“JAMES. Don’t say that.”

James looked at Bryce with a look reading ‘You get what I mean?’ Bryce only nodded. Rachel turned to Sam.

“So did Rent-Boy leave you a message as well?”

“Yeah, it fuckin sucks.”

“Who’s Rent-Boy?” Asked Bryce.

“Marcus Renton.” Answered Sam. “Remember that bass player I told you about, the one that broke his arm?”


“Him, he was in our band but he phoned us a few days ago saying he can’t play anymore. It’s a sad thing because he was one of the best bassists’ we’ve ever had. But we can use Leanne until we find a new one so it’s not all lost.”

“Why’d you call him Rent-Boy?”

“Mostly to piss him off but also because he’s gay. Don’t worry little brother, he’s open about it and doesn’t mind the jokes but we do enjoy ripping him.”

The girls laughed and drank in memory of the friend, now gone in a figurative sense.

The night went by quicker than Bryce had expected, he, Sam and their friends drunk, danced and laughed with each other, Billie joined them for a while — Vincent oddly nowhere to be found — before leaving to wait for her friends. After a few hours the party was winding down, most people were too drunk to do much else except fall down and sleep, the gang of five hid in the corner. James reached into his pockets and pulled out a small bag full of a leafy green substance, immediately everyone knew what it was.

“Jesus James. Where the fuck did you get that?” Bryce asked, shocked at the bag of weed in front of him.

“I use it as a substitute so I always have some on me.”

“Substitute for what?”

“Coke.” James didn’t even blink, he just openly admitted that all while rolling a joint. “I told you, Rachel saved me, a lot of shit happened to me when I was younger. After my brother killed himself I got caught up in a bad crowd and one thing led to another, I don’t like to talk about it.”

Rachel put her arm over James’ shoulder, she obviously knew about his past.

“I have a friend like you, Johnny Moreno, his past was pretty shit as well.”

“Moreno? I knew a Moreno in my bad days, cunt called Vincent.”

“You know Vincent?”

“Knew him, he was with me the whole time I was high, helped me pay for my addiction. But despite his so-called friendship it was what he did that made me realise I’d gone too far.”

“What’d he do?”

“Got a girl fucked on drinks and drugs then fucked her unconscious body in an alleyway.”

“Jesus. Honestly though I’m not surprised, Johnny’s always warning me how bad his brother is. I think I heard he’s here but I haven’t seen him.”

James put down the fourth and final joint. “If he is I want to avoid that motherfucker like the plague.”

Putting the past behind them the gang each took a joint from James’ stash, all had hits apart from Rachel, like Sam she was from a Catholic upbringing but she wasn’t as liberal as Sam was, as the weed got to their heads the conversation turned — again for Sam and Bryce — towards religion.

“I’ll tell you where I stand.” Said James in the middle of the conversation. “I’m not religious, no fuckin way, but I do believe everything has a purpose, so many things happen, good, bad, great, shit, so many things happen that I can’t just accept that it’s all random. Everything happens for a reason, good and bad it’s still a reason. For example, my brother killed himself so that I would fuck up my life and I would fuck up so that I would finally realise how important Rachel is to me.”

“My dad shares the same view.” Piped in a blushing Rachel. “Only he believes it’s all the work of the Lord.”

“Nice to see the good reverend has some sense, I don’t buy that everything is the work of some old bastard in the clouds. family stroke porno But I also can’t acknowledge that everything is for chance.”


James ramblings had a profound effect on Sam and me, maybe everything does happen for a reason, Sam had used the same logic during our first time together saying that God had made it so we should fall in love. Admittedly I was still sceptical but I was starting to see what she was thinking.


After a few minutes of mindless chatter another girl, Natalie Adams, the girlfriend of party host Daniel, came up to the group looking worried.

“Hey guys, Rach, have any of you seen Danny?”

“What the hell has my brain-dead cousin done now?” Rachel sounded furious at Daniel.

“I don’t know Rach, I can’t find him.”

“Sorry but we haven’t seen him.”

“Right, thanks.” Natalie left in a hurry to ask more people where her boyfriend was.

“I swear my cousin doesn’t realise how lucky he is to have a girl like Nats. Flaming tard that he is.”

“That’s not a nice thing to say about your family.” Leanne spoke one of her few lines of the night.

“I don’t care Leanne, Daniel’s a fool, I’m surprised this relationship has lasted this long with him at the front of it all.”

“He’s got a good girl beside him.”

Everyone looked at me, Sam especially, my comment seemed to have struck a chord with her. Rachel shrugged her shoulders. “I guess.”

Suddenly there was a loud bang from upstairs, everyone still conscious in the house looked towards the stairs. Natalie came barging down and out the house, her eyes filled with tears, a half-drunk Daniel came bounding after her, nearly tripping as he tried to get trousers on in a hurry and also went out the house. They were followed by a nearly naked girl called Katie, a well known slut, everyone had a good idea what had happened and rushed out to follow Natalie and Daniel.

“Get the fuck away from me Daniel.”

“Nats, slow down will you, I’m sorry alright it was nothing. Nats I was drunk I thought she was you.”

“How could you think I that bitch, at what point did you think I became plastic.”

“Nats I was near unconscious on the bed, she said nothing and I assumed it was you I’m sorry.”

“Sorry doesn’t change the fact that you fucked her.”

Natalie said nothing else, she just turned and left Daniel standing in his driveway with an audience for his lowest moment. He slowly turned back to the house, Katie made her way through the audience and walked towards Daniel.

“Oh baby, you don’t need her. I’ll take good care of you.”

In that second something in Daniel snapped. He punched Katie in the face, breaking her nose.

“You stupid cunt, you’ve ruined the best thing I’ve ever had because you couldn’t go five minutes without someone fucking you.” Daniel looked up and saw the shocked crowd. “Shows fucking over, fuck off home all of you.”

Nobody was going to argue with him, everyone headed off home their own way. Rachel and James decided to walk back on their own, Leanne had an uncle nearby so she would head there and have her father pick her up, Bryce wanted to say goodbye to Billie but he just missed her leave with Vincent. That just left him and Sam to drive back.

“You good to drive?” He asked her. “I’m still a little zoned out from the weed.”

“No problem little brother.”

Sam gladly took the wheel of the car, the price for a drive home was that she would tease Bryce endlessly about his being a lightweight when it came to weed, she obviously being far more tolerant to it. Bryce took the teasing with a pinch of salt and joined in the laughter with Sam, however he found his eyes drifting down to her chest where he could see the edge of her bra cup. He thought back to the party and wondered if Sam had undone a couple of buttons.

The house was surprisingly quiet when they got back, Sam headed into the kitchen and found a note on the fridge from her father.

‘Sam, your grandpa’s in the hospital, nothing serious just a fall he had. Your mother and I are going up to see him and make sure he’s safe. We don’t know when we’ll be back, most likely tomorrow afternoon. Don’t stay up late and make sure the house is clean by the time we’re back. Dad.’

A wicked though was born in Sam’s mind; with the house to themselves for the next several hours her and Bryce could get up to some mischief. Smiling impishly she turned round and looked at Bryce, no words were spoken but Bryce could tell from the note in her hand and the look on her face what she was thinking. Sam dropped the note, ran up to her cousin, grabbed his face and kissed him hard, it had been so long since she’d had the chance to show him her love she was determined to make up for that.

Bryce himself was having a change of heart, all the guilt he’d had about stringing Sam along washed away, he shared her love, he had been a fool. Before Bryce noticed Sam had dropped her trousers and was starting on her panties, Bryce thought it stupid not to join her. He pulled down his trousers and boxers down with one move, his already hard dick waiting for the go-ahead from Sam. Looking down at her cousin’s excitement the smile on Sam’s face grew, she took Bryce’s cock with her hand and guided it towards her pussy, already dripping wet, she had hated how long they’d had to wait more than Bryce.

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