Satisfaction Ch. 01

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Scott looked at the date on the calendar. Summer vacation was already halfway over. “Jesus, how did that happen?” he muttered as he opened the refrigerator door. Thank God there were a few beers inside–working his summer job as a landscaper really fried him on hot days like this. So he was only nineteen–he was the only one home, and nobody’d miss one can of beer. He popped the top, listening to the cooling sizzle, then gulped down a few swallows.

“Hey, what are you doing?!”

Cassie came around the corner, fixing her eyes on him in mock scolding. “You better hope Dad doesn’t catch you.”

“That’d be pretty hard since he’s at work.”

“Okay, you better hope he doesn’t count the cans.”

“Ah, chill out. It’s fucking hot out there and my ass is dragging.”

“Yeah, I know.” Her voice lowered to its usual tone. “I was dying too.”

Cassie worked as a lifeguard at the county pool. She might have been roasting in her chair out there, but her shorts revealed that she had a great tan to show for it. “Going out tonight?” she asked.

“No. When school’s out you can’t buy a date.”

“Tss,” she said. “I can’t buy a date when school’s in.”

“The hell you couldn’t.”

“Yeah, right, I’m Miss Stay at Home. Seems like all the guys only want the supersluts.”

“That’s not true. Besides, the guys that want the supersluts, you don’t want. Unless you like being treated like shit.”

She sighed and opened her purse to find her lip gloss. “Well, all I know is I’m the only virgin in the entire school.”

“Good. Keep it that way.”

“Oh, yeah, that’s easy for you to say. You’ve probably done a million girls.”

“Shit, no. Only three.”

“Well, that’s three more than I’ve had.”

“What, you want three girls?”

“Asshole,” she returned, smiling. “You know what I mean. I mean, I’ve been on the pill forever, I’m ready to go, but…nothing!”

“Hey, you’re only eighteen. Why does it have to happen right now?”

“Cuz I want it!” She laughed, and then looked at him for a moment. “Scott…”


“What’s it feel like?” Suddenly she looked shy and innocent.

“God, Cassie, I’m not gonna talk to you about this!”

“Oh, come on. I’m just asking.”

“Besides, I don’t know how it feels for a girl.”

“Well, what’s it feel like for you?”

He sighed, then finally said, “Good. Damn good.”

“Aw, man, I wish–“

“No you don’t. I’m telling you, the guys you think you want’ll just use you and dump you.”

“Well, if I could find a guy who wouldn’t do that–but it doesn’t matter anyway. I’m not exactly what you’d call hot.”

“What the hell! Yes you are!”

“Yeah, sure.”

“No, you are.” Suddenly he was looking at her closely. Somehow the skinny girl he had used to torment by calling her ‘Casshole’ had morphed into a gorgeous young woman with a beautiful face and a knockout body. He’d never even noticed before. “Babe, you are seriously hot.”

She blushed and looked down.

“Hell, any red-blooded man would want to fuck you. You’re my sister and I’d want to fuck you.”

The words were out before he even realized what he’d said. Now his face went red–but his cock was twitching. God, it was true! He would fuck her if he had the chance!

“Would you?” she said softly, her voice feathery.

He drew his breath in. If he said this now, he couldn’t take it back. But God damn it, he did want her. Her eyes were looking into his intently, and he thought he saw a little glimmer there. Jesus, did she want it too?

“Yeah, I would,” he said finally.

“Wow,” was all she could say.

He put the beer down and said, “C’mere, Babe.”

She took a tentative step toward him. He grabbed her by the waist and plopped her down on the counter, with her legs apart a little, and stood between her knees. czech casting porno Her butt was back on the counter, so his cock was nowhere near her pussy, but it was almost fully hard. Her beautiful thighs were spread apart–for him. He almost couldn’t take it. Slowly he leaned down toward her, and as she closed her eyes, his lips met hers. He could tell she’d been kissed before; she knew how to kiss him back, and she did, lazily, drowsily almost. His lips tingled, and he opened them a little and slid his tongue out. Immediately her tongue came out to meet his, and the tips of their tongues circled slowly. He put his hands on her legs just above her knees. God, his cock was aching, his nipples were tight, he’d never been so aroused before!

He drew back and looked into her eyes. He saw she was excited but a little nervous. “Tell you what,” he said. “Why don’t you just think about it, and then if you still want to, tell me.”

Mutely, she nodded. There was fire and thrill in her eyes. He knew he’d better get out of the kitchen before he just threw her down and slammed her right there. So he grabbed the beer can and threw it in the trash, then went upstairs to take a shower.

He threw his clothes off, turned the water on, and jumped in. His cock was so hard it hurt, screaming for some attention, so he started stroking it, circling the head with his fingers. Oh, God, she was so sexy! He started pulling on it, thinking about how she’d looked on the counter, with the little crotch of her shorts barely covering her pussy…and his cock exploded, shooting sperm up into the water. He blew his breath out. At least he had come, but it wasn’t going to be enough. All he could think about was Cassie’s pussy. He had to have it. Christ, he hoped she’d let him!

>>++<< Two days later, he came home to find himself alone in the house. Cassie hadn’t said anything, but every time they looked at each other he saw her cheeks get pink, so he knew she was thinking the same things he was. Just as he was about to go upstairs, he heard the front door open and Cassie came in, still wearing her bathing suit. It was a little green bikini, not demure but not sleazy either; it just fit her well and showed off her fine body. He tried not to stare at her lean thighs, her flat stomach, the tops of her tits jiggling as she walked. “How you doin’,” he said. “Good. How about you?” “Good.” They stood there for a moment, just looking at each other. Cassie’s cheeks got pink again. Finally she said, “Scott…” “Yeah.” “I’ve been thinking…and I want to.” His heart started thumping. He wanted to just grab her and rip her bikini off, but he managed just to say, “Good. So do I.” “Okay,” she said softly. “Well, Mom and Dad won’t be home for three hours.” “Okay, but I mean, I’m pretty gross right now. I have suntan oil all over me.” “Well then,” he said, “I guess it’s time for a shower.” “Okay, let me get ready.” He laughed. “No, I mean together.” “Oh,” she giggled. He came up to her and picked her up by waist and carried her up the stairs. Why the hell was he being so romantic? He never was with any other girl. But Cassie was his sister, and he wanted to take special care of her. He set her down in the bathroom, turned on the shower, and pulled his shirt off. Cassie stood there looking shy. “C’mon, Babe, take off your suit. Let me see you.” She giggled again, then slowly unhooked the top of her bathing suit and slid it off. Her tits were gorgeous, firm and round with puffy pink nipples. His cock stiffened, making a tent in his jeans. She turned and pulled her bottoms off, revealing her shapely hips. He had to bite his tongue to keep from saying, Whew. “So?” she said, turning around again. “What do you think?” “I czech couples porno think you’re the sexiest bitch I’ve ever seen.”

“Well, aren’t you going to take your jeans off?”

“Yeah.” He unzipped them and started pulling them down. He was pretty good-looking, and the landscaping work had given him firm muscles and a decent tan. When he pulled his boxers off, she could see his swollen cock standing straight up. Not that it was huge, but it was nice-looking. “So what do you think?” he said to her.

“You’re pretty sexy too,” she answered, smiling. “No, you’re really sexy.”

“Okay, then, let’s get in.”

They entered the shower and she reached for her shampoo. “Uh-uh,” he said. “That isn’t how it works. We’re going to wash each other.”


“I’ll wash you first.” He took the shampoo, put a little in his hand, and started lathering her hair. “Ooh, that feels good,” she said. “I love it when I’m at the salon and the hairdresser washes my hair.”

He worked his fingers against her scalp and she curled her back and raised her shoulders. “Mm, you could do that all day,” she said.

“Oh, no, I have a lot else to do,” he answered. “Is it clean?”


“Okay, rinse it out.”

So she did, tossing her head under the water to get the suds out, then smoothing her hair back with her hands. Standing there in front of him, she looked so gorgeous, he couldn’t wait to touch her. He grabbed her body wash–he knew it was hers because she guarded it with her life–poured some into his palm, and rubbed it till it foamed. Then he put his hands on her shoulders and started washing her. He really wanted to get to her tits, but that would be tacky, so he did her arms first, then around her collarbones. The slippery skin felt delicious under his hands. Then he went lower, and finally had her tits in his hands. Her nipples went hard, and she let out a breath.

“You like that?”

“Mm, yeah.” Her voice was purring.

He soaped around her tits, enjoying the feel of them, letting his thumb graze a nipple now and then to make her twitch in pleasure. Then he moved his hands down and ran them over her waist, her stomach, her hips, her backside. God, her pussy was right there waiting for him! But first he crouched down and did her legs, bottom to top. Finally he was there, and he slid his hand down around her pubic bone and over her cunt. The hair was clipped short, but not shaved. He approved of that–shaved pussies belonged on porn stars, not beautiful, classy girls like Cassie.

She closed her eyes and exhaled a little sigh, leaning her hips toward him, and opened her legs a little. Her pussy lips were soft and he could feel the tip of her clit between them. He couldn’t believe he was doing this–standing there stroking his fingers over his sister’s soapy cunt, making her bite her lip in pleasure. He was ready to take her right there, but he didn’t want it to be like that her first time. Their first time.

“Oh my God, Scott, that feels so good,” she said, tipping her head back.

“Does it? It’s gonna get better.” He could probably have made her come, but he didn’t. He wanted her hot and ready for him. “Now it’s your turn to wash me.”

“Okay.” She turned around, rinsing the suds off her body, then rubbed his bar of soap between her hands. “Now, where to start?”

“On my hair, you dope.”

“Oh, shut up,” she said casually, smiling, rinsed her hands and got the shampoo ready. He bent down a little so she could reach his head and let her rub the lather through his hair. She curled her fingers and washed his scalp with her nails. He liked that feeling too, although he would never admit it.

“Okay, it’s clean,” she said, so he rinsed and stood before her, letting her look at him. It was obvious she liked what she saw. She soaped her hands czech estrogenolit porno again and tentatively started at his shoulders, like he had done to her. As her hands ran down his arms, goose bumps raced across his skin. Her touch was gentle and sweet, and he shivered with enjoyment. She washed his chest, his back, his behind, his legs, and then stopped.

“Well, there’s still one part you didn’t do.”

She looked down, then up again. “I don’t know how,” she said.

“Oh. Well, just start with your fingertips. From the bottom to the head.”

She laughed nervously, extended her fingers, and his knees buckled as her fingertips touched his shaft. She looked up, worried, then realized he liked it.

“Keep going, Babe.”

Slowly she ran her fingers up, then stroked them over the head. “Oh, God,” he said, his eyes sliding half-closed.

“Is that how you like it?”

“Oh, yeah.” He let her pet him some more, then said, “Now curl your hand around it, and go up and back.”

She did it gently, then a little more firmly, and he felt the blood rush from the rest of his body and fill his groin. If she did it any more, he knew he’d come, so he took her hand away. “Babe, you’re getting me too hot too fast.”

“Oh,” she said, blushing.

“Let’s get out and I’ll dry you off.”

He got out, grabbed her towel, and held it open for her. When she stepped into it, he wrapped it partway around her and started rubbing and blotting her all over. She shivered when the terry cloth ran across her nipples and when he patted her cunt with it. “C’mon, Scott,” she said, “let’s go.”

He grabbed her, whirled her around, and pulled her to her bedroom. Her bed was neatly made, so he threw the covers down and lay her on the bed, coming down on top of her. Her legs parted a little, and he maneuvered his cock between them so his shaft touched her clit. “Aaah,” she said, opening her legs wider.

He couldn’t believe how good she felt. The other girls he’d been with were okay, but everything about Cassie felt so right: the velvet texture of her skin, the shape of her curves, her soft tits under his chest. He pressed his pelvis into hers, rocking a little, rubbing his shaft over her. Her pussy was wet and throbbing, her hips moving hesitantly against his. They lay like that for a few minutes, their motions becoming stronger, till finally she burst out, “God, Scott, stop teasing and do it!”

Breathing hard, he raised up and took his cock in his hand, rubbing the head around her opening. She was panting, spreading her legs for him.

“Okay,” he said, and pushed gently, easing his head into her hole. Her eyes went closed and she let her breath out hard.

“Is that okay?” he said. “I’m not hurting you, am I?”

“God, no, come on, I want all of you.”

So he slid the whole way in, and they both moaned. “Good?” he said.

“Oh, yeah. Give it to me.”

He lowered himself down to her and began to move, slowly and evenly, to give her a chance to get accustomed to it. But he couldn’t help himself, he had to start thrusting. Cassie rode with him, and his mouth found hers, and they rubbed their tongues together, sighing into each other’s mouths. Jesus, it had never been like this!

He moved harder and she matched his strokes, undulating beneath him. He could feel her start to tremble, then shake, and then she cried out, “Oh God, Scott, that feels so good!” and he felt her pussy snap around him, then burst into thumps. “Aaaah!” she shouted, her body pushing up into his, and her pleasure brought him to climax. He pumped into her quickly, screamed, and let his cock burst inside her, filling her pussy with his sperm.

They were both sweating when he pulled out of her and gathered her into his arms, catching his breath. She cuddled into him and kissed his shoulder.

“You okay?” he asked.

“Oh my God, I never dreamed it’d be like that!”

“Hey, Babe, anything for you.” He stroked her cheek with his finger.

“You’re sweet.”

He couldn’t believe he’d just fucked his sister, came in her pussy, and she’d loved it. Oh, man, there was no way one time was going to be enough!

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