Julie and Her Teacher Pt. 02

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This is part 2 of my first story. I would suggest reading part 1 first. Please tell me what you think! 🙂

All characters in this story are 18 years or older.


I got butterflies in my stomach walking up to Mr. Johnson’s class the next day. I chose to wear a tight, white, mini skirt and a form fitting black shirt. He was standing where he always was outside the class room holding the door open. But when I got to the door, he didn’t say anything to me. Just half heartedly smiled at me.

‘Oh no.’ I thought. I sat down in my seat and tried my best to focus on his lesson when class started, but my mind kept going back to that awkward greeting. ‘Did he change his mind about seeing me again?’ ‘Did he regret kissing me yesterday?’

I tried to make eye contact with him but he wouldn’t look in my direction. It wasn’t looking good. Eventually we started doing some class work. It was quiet and he was making his usual rounds about the room. I could feel him walking up my row from behind. When he got up to me he placed his left hand on my desk.

“You doing okay?” He asked.

I thought he was talking to me, but I looked up and he was talking to the girl sitting to the right of me.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” She said.

I was starting to get a little annoyed, but when he started to walk away and lifted his hand from my desk, there was a little folded piece of paper where his hand just was. I quickly covered it with my hand, slid it onto my lap, and discreetly scanned the room to see if anyone saw. I was worried the note might say that yesterday was a mistake, but at least he was finally acknowledging me. I put down my pen and opened the note in my lap where it was hidden from everyone. It said to stay after class, although that didn’t really clarify what his intentions were. I wanted to confirm with him that I read his note and would stay, but he still wouldn’t look at me. So i just went back to my work.

Time seemed to pass incredibly slowly. The bell finally ringing was like music to my ears. I packed up all my things so it would look like I was leaving to everyone. I got out of my seat right when the last few kids were heading out the door, but I just stood there next to my desk. Mr.Johnson walked towards the door and said goodbye to the last people leaving. Once they were gone, he closed and locked the door. He turned around and looked at me for the first time since I walked in. He let out a breath and smiled.

“Hello Mrs. Henderson.” He said while unbuttoning his shirt cuffs and slowly rolling them up to just below his elbows.

“Hi.” I giggled while nervously playing with my fingers.

He slowly walked to the back of the room and started walking up my row, coming up behind me. Standing behind me, he took the back of his fingers and lightly ran them up and down my arms. I felt his nose on the back of my neck, he was nestling his face in my hair and breathing in deep. It gave me shivers. Then he gently pushed my hair

to one side and started kissing the back of my neck. I closed my eyes and slightly leaned my head back.

“Mmm.”, I moaned. He put his big strong hands on my belly and gently pulled me back against him. “I was afraid you changed your mind.”

When I said that, he took his left hand and turned just my head to face him. He kissed me hard. I managed to turn my body around and wrap my arms around his neck. We started making out. He was rubbing and squeezing my body all over. When our tongues finally touched, we were so turned on knowing there would be no interruption this time that our tongues started attacking each other. He grabbed my ass and hoisted me up making me squeel. I roughly landing right on his now very obvious erection which made me moan into his mouth and wrap my legs around him tightly. He walked us over to his desk and laid me down on it with a loud bang, never breaking our kiss. I could feel him grinding his dick against my pussy. His pants and my thong were not a strong enough barrier to feel how hard he was, or for him to feel how wet I was. As his kisses moved down to my neck, he started tugging his tie loose and off. When he stood up, I followed and started lightly kissing his neck all over white he breathed heavy and unbuttoned his shirt. When he undid all the buttons, he spread his shirt apart but left it on. I couldn’t help rub his torso all over once he revealed his glorious muscles. His chest was so broad and he had a nice tan too, it was practically emitting warmth despite the classroom being chilly. I looked up and he was staring at me, his mouth slightly open. Our eyes were locked on each other while I listened to him unbuckle his belt. Whether or not he planned on it, I was getting my hands and my mouth on that thing.

My body rubbed against his as I slid off the desk. I got down on my knees while he pushed his pants and briefs down to his ankles. My god when his dick popped out, I just stared for a moment. It was the biggest one I had ever seen. Granted I hadn’t backroom casting porno seen that many before, but I could tell he was very well endowed. It felt big when he was grinding it into me but I wasn’t expecting this. It was so long and thick. And the way it was pointing right at me, staring at me in the face, I couldn’t believe it was all for me! The second I touched it, I heard him let out a long moan. It was as hard as a rock and almost difficult to pump. There was some beads of pre cum at the tip so I wiped it up with my thumb and lathered it over him, making it easier. When I starting slowly jacking it, his stomach muscles tensed up, and when I lightly licked the head, his whole body jerked forward. I licked his opening, then finally put the whole head in my mouth, swirling my tongue around it before working my way down, keeping a vacume tight suction. My hands were holding on to the back of his knees. He was moaning and grunting. Every time I got to the bottom, I’d twist my head in different directions before coming back up. His head fell back and he squeezed his eyes shut while he ran his fingers through my hair, petting my head.

“Ahh yeah, suck it honey.” He sweetly moaned.

I forced it further down, taking the initiative to start deep throating and he cried out. All the sudden he pulled out and his hands were under my armpits. He lifted me up and sat me back on the desk. He kissed me and lifted up my shirt a little. He bent down and started kissing and licking my belly. When he stood back up and pulled my shirt all the way off, my hair fell in a mess all over my face. I blew it out of my face and shook it behind me, making me giggle. But he didn’t. He had a serious, lust filled look on his face and started attacking my neck again with sucks and bites, making me giggle even more from the tickle of his 5 o’clock shadow. While he did that, I reached behind me and unclasped my bra. I pulled it off as he backed away from my neck, and he faltered when he saw my tits. He immediately took one in his mouth like there was a magnetic force pulling him to it. I fell backwards and he followed. He bit and sucked on my nipple so hard, while squeezing and tugging on the other and then alternating, moaning every now and then. I felt like I was in a trance.

When he stopped, he took a hold of the top of my skirt and the straps of my thong and pulled them both off in one motion. Laying there on his desk, being fully naked and so exposed to him gave me the chills. My nipples were hard, my pussy was wet and aching, I was ready.

Suddenly I felt something soft and wet on my clit and I cried out. He was eating me out. I wasn’t expecting that. None of my ex boyfriends ever did that, so I’d never felt that before. He was going back and forth from licking and sucking on my clit to shoving his tongue in and out of my hole. I was fascinated at the feeling. Just having someone’s mouth on my private area period made me feel incredibly violated, but in such a great way.

“Oooh, Mr. Johnson!” I whined.

He wrapped his arms around my thigh and squeezed as he shoved his face into me and grunted. I shut my legs tight around his head and started pulling at his hair. He reached up and pinched my nipples for second before sticking one finger in me and then two. He was shoving them in and out of me at the speed of light. All I could do was lazily moan as my eyes started rolling to the back of my head in pleasure. He crawled back up my body and kissed me hard. I could taste my own juices in his mouth.

“Turn around.” He whispered against my lips.

I flipped over onto my stomach with my feet on the floor and he started fondling my ass.

“God…I’ve been dreaming about this ass all year.” He said before slapping it. “Even before then.” He continued.

‘Huh?’ I thought.

Then i put it together that he must remember me from when we met my freshman year. I smiled at that and then squealed when I felt his teeth bite my ass. He spread my cheeks apart, but I felt the head of his dick probing at the wrong entrance. I shot up.

“No, no, no!” I pleaded.

I tried to reach behind me and push him away but he grabbed both my wrists and forced me back down, holding them above my head. He continued to push it in and I screamed. He quickly let go of my wrists to cover my mouth with his hand.

“Shhh.” He whispered in my ear and kept slowly pushing it in.

If it were anyone else, I would’ve absolutely refused! But I didn’t wanna ruin this so I stuck it out. Luckily, up until now I had gotten so wet that it was providing a good lubrication, but was still excruciating. I started screaming into his hand again and he froze in place.

“Relax.” He whispered in my ear.

My hands were clenched in fists, so he used his free hand to unclench them and flatten them on his desk in an effort to make me relax.

“Breathe.” He whispered in my ear again.

I took deep breaths but my hands clenched up again, so he bangbros porno again flattened them. Then he started moving again. I forced myself to do what he told me by keeping my body relaxed and taking deep breaths. Eventually he got past the tight ring of muscles. Beyond that wasn’t near as bad. He stuffed his dick in all the way until finally he bottomed out. I felt painfully full. He slowly started to pull out almost all the way, then shoved it back in a little faster this time. When he bottomed out again, it shockingly started to feel kind of pleasurable. It burned, but good way. I was surprised when a little moan escaped from my mouth into his hand.

“You like it?” He whispered. “That’s my girl.”

He took his hand off my mouth and straightened up, taking a fist full of my hair with him and pulled tight. Then slapped my ass harder this time.

‘Jeez. What happened to my sweet Mr. Johnson?’ I thought.

He starting pumping again, increasing the pace. We were both roughly grunting for awhile from such a frictional intercourse. His grip on my hair lightened when he bent down to kiss my lower back. His facial stubble was scraping me again but it didn’t tickle this time, it felt nice as it was making its way up my back. His mouth was against my ear again, breathing heavily into it, giving me goose bumps and his tight grip of hair returned. Him stuffing his dick in and out of my ass felt so fucking good! I couldn’t believe that I was actually on the verge of cumming from anal sex. I could barely breathe, let alone speak.

“I…I’m…gun cum.” I managed to choke out.

“Not yet, baby.” He said.

He stood up, letting my hair go and pulled out of me. I suspected that he wanted me to turn around, but I was spent. I couldn’t move, I just laid there trying to catch my breath. He grabbed me beneath my shoulders and stood me up, turned me around, sat me back on his desk, and pushed on my shoulders so that I would lay down. He put his hands under my knees, lifted my legs apart and bluntly shoved himself all the way into me. That woke me up! I had been so distracted by my newly discovered pleasure from anal sex, I had forgotten that my pussy was in much need of attention. His “handy” work down there earlier was nothing compared to what my cunt was aching for. It desperately needed a big, rock hard filling and Mr.Johnson was more than accommodating. He was stretching me out to the max! Again, giving me that painful but fantastic burning feeling. It took all I had not to cry out and scream down the classroom. Instead, all that could be heard were both our pantings and hushed moans as he thrust in and out of me. I laid my arms above my head and arched my back with my tits jiggling in the air. It was a raw site to see.

“You’re so fucking tight!” He growled.

He let go of my legs and laid down, putting all of his weight on top of me, crushing me. I wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his back, tightly holding onto him for dear life like a koala while he held onto the edges of his already banging desk.

“Take that dick, babygirl!” He hissed in my ear.

At this angle, I could see his ass muscles clenching with every powerful thrust and I could see the muscles of his broad back contorting through his shirt. I could smell his cologne, which I breathed in deeply. His stubble was scraping my cheek as he grunted like an animal in my ear. I was in pure ecstasy! And I never wanted to stop. He lifted his head to kiss me and tugged my bottom lip with his teeth when he pulled back. Then he let go of the desk with his right hand and wrapped it around my neck, choking me. He was full of surprises that day, but I was loving all of them.

“You’re mine.” He spat. “Say you’re mine.”

It took me a second to register that so he tightened his grip on my throat.

“Say you’re mine!” He growled.

“I’m…your…sss.” I choked out.

“Say my name.” He said.

I opened my mouth to respond when it dawned on me that I didn’t know his name. We were both so lost in the moment, we forgot that since he was my teacher and I was his student, I didn’t know his name. He must have realized it and thought it was cute because the corner of his mouth went up a bit in a half smile.

“Todd.” He said.

‘Oh god, what a hot name!” I thought.

“Todd.” I purred.

He released my throat and wrapped both his arms under my back, squeezing me tight. We kissed hard, our tongues dancing together. The way we were holding each other and sucking each others faces off while he was ramming into me made it feel like we fuzed together. I started to feel that familiar tingling sensation.

“I’m…gunna…cum!” I whined against his lips.

“Look at me.” He said. “Look at me while you cum.”

I looked him right in eyes at first, but my pleasure got too intense and my eyes automatically squeezed shut.

“Look at me, look at me, look at me!” He quickly spat out.

I forced my eyes to stay open. beurette tour porno Looking straight into his eyes and the wild, lustful look in them made everything even more intense! My pussy clenched around him and waves of mind numbing pleasure

burst through me as I came all over his dick! I literally couldn’t not scream! His jack hammering into me made my scream choppy, like I was driving over speed bumps, but it still filled the room. He quickly covered my mouth with his right hand and pushed down to try and quiet me as I rode out the most powerful orgasm I have ever had. My eye lids drooped and my screams turned into long moans muffled by his hand as I started to come down.

My arms and legs grip on him loosened as my body tired and my pussy quivered, but I still hung on. He put his arm back around me and squeezed me tight to him again. He kissed me again but my tongue lazily kissed back. So we were back in the “fuzed” state, but he was doing most of the fuzing. Where as I was more like putty in his arms. He started fucking me faster (if that was even possible) and broke the kiss when his head shot back and his eyes squeezed shut.

“Fuuuuuuuuuuck!” He tried to yell as quietly as he could.

Suddenly I heard the door knob to the classroom twist. Whoever it was then knocked after seeing it was locked. I look up at Mr. Johnson but his head was still back and eyes were still shut. That’s when I started to hear a key turning, making my heart race a mile a minute! I know for a fact that he heard it too, but it didn’t even faze him! He just kept pounding away, too lost in pleasure to care. A man burst in the room. I recognized him immediately, it was my P.E. teacher! His mouth dropped slightly as he stared at his co-worker ramming his student into his desk. If I wasn’t mistaken, he smiled slightly. Then rushed out and slammed the door.

I turned my attention back to Mr. Johnson, who’s moans were getting louder and louder as if nothing had happened. I could tell he was going to cum any second. He quickly jumped off me and the desk, pulling me with him and pushed me down onto my knees. He started speed jacking his dick while aiming it at my mouth.

“Shit…aw…ah…AH!” He moaned.

Spurts of cum shot into my mouth as came, some landed on my face. His body jerked and twitched as his moans got quieter and quieter. I swallowed everything he gave me. What landed on my face, I wiped up and sucked off my finger.

“Shit.” He breathed heavily. “Who was that?”

“Mr. Rogers.” I said as I stood up and he pulled his pants back on.

“Fuck. Steve.” He said more to himself. “You gotta go.” He said to me as he buttoned up his shirt.

I grabbed my thong off the floor.

“Ah ah. This is going home with me.” He said matter of factly as he took it out of my hands and shoved it into his pocket.

I didn’t object. I just smiled and quickly got dressed as he fixed up his desk. I grabbed my bag and started to leave.

“Hey.” He said as he grabbed my upper arm and pulled me back again. “We’ll talk later, okay?” He said.

I nodded. He placed both his hand on the sides of my head and pulled me in for a quick kiss. I smiled and turned to leave but he then pinched my ass hard making me squeal and playfully smack his shoulder. He laughed and I finally made it out the door.

The hallway was empty. All the students were long gone so there wasn’t a soul in sight. It was dead quiet, almost creepy. Like out of a cheesy horror movie where a bunch of cheerleaders are trapped in a school with a killer. I felt the same cautious feeling the cheerleaders felt except instead of worrying that a killer could come around the corner at any moment, I feared Mr. Rogers could. Or any other teacher that would ask what I was still doing here so late. The sound of my flip flops on the tile echoed against the white walls as rushed to the girls bathroom. The only word to describe how I looked when I saw my reflection in the mirror of the bathroom is used. I was pantieless and my own juices were starting to drip down my leg. My clothes were disheveled, there were hickies on my neck, my makeup was smudged, my lips were bright red from kissing, the taste of cum was still in my mouth, my hair was a mess, and I could smell his cologne all over me. I was a mess. I smiled to myself knowing that Mr. Johnson was the one who did this to me, but I had to clean myself up.

I wiped myself dry after using the bathroom and adjusted my clothes. I went back to the sink to wash my face, gargled some water, and washed my hands. I didn’t bother re doing my makeup but I put some cover-up on my hickies and fixed my hair. I debated whether or not to put on perfume but decided not to because I liked having his scent on me. It was a little reminder that what just happened was real and something I imagined. I smiled at myself in the mirror when I thought about it but my smile faded when I remembered that Mr. Rogers had walked in on us and worried about what he was going to do. My mind also jumped to what this day would mean for Mr. Johnson and I’s relationship now and where we go from here. And how Mr. Rogers might affect that. I had a lot to think about. But the only thing running through my mind as I rushed out of the school was how I had just had the best sex of my life with the hottest guy I’d ever met!

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