Jasmine , Jay – The Most of a Mess

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These stories are loosely based on my own personal experiences in a rollercoaster relationship…

Yes, it had always been a mess. From the first time they met up until this point, Jay and Jasmine shared a somewhat toxic connection. There was no physical violence. Neither one of them spoke to the other in a hateful manner. What made their connection volatile was their own inhibitions.

Just months before this night, Jasmine had left a pointless relationship with a spoiled, 30-year-old boy to be freed from his dependent grasp. Almost immediately, she had found herself back into the arms of her forever lover.

Deep down, practical Jay was a dreamer. He had dropped out of university after a 4th year to pursue filmmaking. If anything, Jay’s passion carried over into their intimate moments and turned Jasmine on even more. If only that were all. Jay’s eyes were an unfathomable shade of blue. Jasmine could hardly look him in the eyes for more than a few seconds at a time. He always smelled so clean and felt so soft to her. More often than not, Jasmine would fall victim to the ensemble of wavy, ash brown locks that he let fall as they please and his soothing tone of voice. Everything about the man was enchanting to the point that reason was no longer a priority.

That is exactly what she envisioned being under when Jasmine left her “friendsgiving” soiree. Though she received plenty of attention from the guys-new and familiar alike-Jasmine could not help but to mentally sing the praises of the one who balanced her. If only he could see how much the other guys wanted her. She wore a figure-hugging dress, ruffled and flared at the bottom to accentuate her round derrière, and salmon colored to bring even more life to her radiant bronze skin. Jasmine often changed up her look, but this particular night she chose to wear her hair in an updo-her natural coils and curls framing her face. The shape of her eyes was alluring to even the most unsusceptible of men and women. Standing at 5’10”, she was barely under her 6 foot tall Romeo. Still, she was on a mission to prance into his night in her four inch platform heels.

“Jay,” his girl muttered slowly one the other end of the line, “Did I wake you?”

“No, cumlouder porno you didn’t wake me. I am surprised to hear from you though.” He slowly began to snap out of his near to slumber daze.

“I’m coming to see you now. My driver should be here in 5.” Jasmine never asked. After all, Jay should never have a reason to say no.

“Good. I can tell you’re drunk, so I’m glad to hear you’re not driving,” he stated with purposeful judgment.

The call ended and a few minutes later, Jasmine came almost tumbling into Jay’s modest studio apartment. He would always leave the door unlocked when he was alone, of which Jasmine did not approve. It was ok because he would always make her feel safe and secure. Jasmine, sobering steadily but not enough to kill the buzz of endless cranberry & vodkas, looked up to see that thoughtful look that always convinced her to remain in his presence for the night. Though they were now both in the same space after a two week hiatus, neither had intentions that solely consisted of repairing what may never be fixed.

“Hand me a beer?” Jasmine tried with little to no certainty.

“I think you have had enough tonight,” Jay declined as he popped the top off of a bottle of brew. “How about we take a second to talk about what’s been going on.”

“How about we fuck instead?” Jasmine replied with more confidence than her previous request. With that she slid her heels off one by one, leaving them by the sofa. She followed her lust into the kitchen where Jay stood, already gaining an erection from the assertiveness of his only girl.

Jasmine led with a deliberate gaze that was followed by soft, teasing kisses. The body heat quickly generating from their loving contact got her hot enough to gently grab the hardness in his shorts. Playing no games, she took hold of Jay’s right hand, dragging him to the bedroom. He reciprocated by taking her light frame by the waist and laying her on his low sitting bed. While intensity grew butterflies in her tummy and wetness in her sexual core, Jasmine was sexually invincible from the liquid courage. Jay lit a couple of candles to add to the mood, then went to join his sweetheart on the sheets. They shared czech amateurs porno minutes of aggressive touching and kissing before he made a suggestions.

“Let’s go to the shower. I want to take that sexy dress off of you, wash the makeup off of your flawless skin, make love to you, then tuck you in and kiss you goodnight.” That was enough to make love stir within Jasmine’s heart while she continued to get wetter and wetter.

Once they were both in the steam of the sizable shower that stood in his small bathroom, Jay began by admiring every inch of his lover’s brown skin. He took a bar of soap into his hands and traced over her prominent collarbone, down the curve of her lower back, and up between her pert breasts. He had always praised her chest as divine artwork. Jasmine could not help but to shiver with sensitivity from every touch. She couldn’t wait anymore and decided to take a risk by turning around and kneeling to please Jay orally.

Taking one hand behind his thigh to steady herself and the other around the base of his dick, Jasmine wrapped her full lips around Jay’s perfect hardness. She swirled her tongue around the head, tasting his arousal as it dripped onto her tastebuds. In a stunt of bravery, she took her right hand from the safety of his leg and wrapped it below the left. Squeezing firmly, Jasmine twisted and sucked until Jay’s penis was at full mast.

They were not going to waste these precious moments of sensuality. Jay switched up the scene by positioning himself in the tub, carefully bringing his lady down with him. He sat her on his legs, right in front of his erection, kissing and grabbing her neck with enough force to send chills from her clitoris to her shoulders. Hovering her slim body above him, he slowly wriggled himself inside of Jasmine. Her moans increased Jay’s blood flow to the point where he know he would not be able to last.

Once inside of her tights walls, Jay grinded inside of Jasmine as she gyrated against him in ecstacy. He knew exactly how to get his one and only to the climax. With one hand, he began to rub on her clitoris with enough pressure to make her squirm. With the other hand, Jay grabbed her breasts, fondling czech casting porno her nipples until they were firm. Jasmine’s genuine cries of pleasure drove Jay to the point of explosion. His breathing became heavier on her neck, water dripping from the perfectly formed coils on her nape. She wove her delicate fingers between his, a signal that their bodies were in sync. Moments like this, the insecurities and shortcomings that plagued their relationship were merely specks of dust. The gratification that Jasmine and Jay experienced when their bodies met almost felt larger than life.

As the steady shower streamed and splashed, so did Jasmine’s lovely juices as she met her peak. Her sultry voice let out a final exclamation as she lost control of her body. Getting to that desired point, Jay prompted Jasmine to finish her man in her mouth. A stream of his seed painted the side of her cheek before she could guide his girth into her throat, but Jasmine was quick the catch the rest of Jay’s eager orgasm. No doubt, she swallowed it all.

After drying off and putting on one of Jay’s cotton t-shirts, Jasmine fell into deep thought. Watching him in his before bedtime routine, she could not help but to mourn on the time that the couple did not spend sharing each other’s lives. Her mind wandered as she wondered if things could ever be stable between the two. As a dark cloud of sorrow formed, ruining the excitement of the moment, Jay picked up on Jasmine’s quiet whimper.

“What’s wrong, Love? Did I do something wrong?” he worried, rushing to her side to wipe the tears. “Should we not have done this?”

“Maybe we shouldn’t have,” Jasmine struggled, “Maybe this was a huge mistake! Just like every other time I give in. What am I doing here?”

As much as the words pained Jay, he knew that his own actions were the major contributing factor to the continued confusion between the two of them. Jasmine was perfect in more ways than she knew. He just could not bring himself to put all fears aside and commit to making her happy, though it had always been what she deserved.

As Jay cradled Jasmine in his caring arms, tears continued to stream effortlessly down her face. His own eyes began to well.

“I love you. If I don’t ever speak to you again, I just wanted you to know,” Jasmine confessed. With that, she drifted rapidly into a deep sleep. Jay would not dare disturb her slumber. Instead, he focused his eyes on his undeserving treasure until he too drifted into his dreams.

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