It Begins With a Moan

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I was sitting in a burger getting quick bite to eat before heading home, just relaxing and killing time with a little people watching. Watching the young frazzled looking mother with her little son in mismatched shoes tugging at her hand waiting impatiently for his ‘chickie nuggisss’ to be ready, taking in the trendy teenagers sitting so close all mushy eyed at each other, admiring the distracted tall dark and handsome who kept glancing at his phone while ordering. My eyes roam to the man in baseball gear behind him in line taking in the dirt ground into the side of his leg and hip when I hear very sexual, very female moaning coming from the man with the phone. My eyes swing back to him; he is turning red fumbling with his phone when he drops it, immediately covering it with his black boot muffling the moans. He looks at the cashier gives her a shrug and an embarrassed smile. The man in line behind him is smiling at his back, the mushy eyed teens are staring, the young mom looks shocked covering her son’s ear with one hand while pulling him to her hip, effectively covering his other ear.

The man hurriedly bends to pick up his now quiet phone, (I can’t help noticing what a nice ass he has behind those blue jean pockets) pays for his food and as he turns around he catches everyone in earshot looking at him. I remain staring at him, taking in his reactions, from the ‘yea, buddy’ smirk at the man behind him to the embarrassed grimace that starts at the staring teens and deepens at the young seemingly offended mother. However, when his eyes meet mine, having watched this transition of emotions, I burst out laughing. Which, for some reason, breaks the tension in his shoulders but gains me a glare from the young mother. He smirks and gives me a shrug as he walks to a secluded table to wait for his order.

I continue my people watching as I finish the last of my meal, always returning to that man. I wonder what the sexual moaning was all about, it didn’t appear that he was watching pornography, it was like he was texting someone. Constantly typing and smiling at his phone. I don’t know why but I’m curious, really curious.

After throwing the wrappers in the trash I approach his table, he is so into his phone he doesn’t see me standing there.

I want to slide into the booth opposite him. Wanting him to look up startled, slightly glassy eyed, to finally focus on me. “Can I help you?” he’d ask shifting uncomfortably, not like he’s embarrassed though.

“I’m sorry to interrupt,” I gesture to his phone. “But I have to ask, monsters of cock porno what was the moaning all about?”

He stares across the table at me before answering that it was a friend of his, they were playing around. I ask what kind of friend that would be. He shifts and mutters something but all I catch is, “…wish it were with benefits.” I have the feeling he may just have a raging hard on under the table causing his uncomfortable shifting.

“I can take care of that for you,” I say.

He stares at me trying to figure out exactly what I mean. He takes off his backwards facing fitted baseball cap to smooth his dark hair before fitting it back on. I can see he’s hoping I mean one thing but obviously not wanting to offend all he says is, “Sorry?”

I slide off my flip flop, reach my foot under the table, ease it between his legs, resting the arch of my foot on his hard on. “I can take care of this for you,” pressing his cock with my foot.

Just feeling how hard his cock is under my foot has gotten me wet, all hot and bothered even.

His eyes close and he says, “Are you serious?”

Oh lord. Am I ever! I nod with a naughty little smile, slip my flip flop back on and scoot out of the booth indicating for him to follow me. He hesitates only a second before scooting his own sexy ass out of the booth to follow me.

I take him out to my car, drive the half block to my apartment, bring him inside, guide him to my bedroom, and push him onto my bed.

I climb up his body, sliding my hands up his hard on to his chest, and ask him, “Are you ok with this?”

To which he replies, “Oh yea.”

Now the gloves are off. I am so horny. I know he is too. I lean down to devour his mouth as I tear at his clothes, off comes the black tee-shirt, breaking contact only long enough to push it over his face, the boots each hit the floor with a thump, the blue jeans are unbuttoned and hitched under his ass as I hook my toe over the waistband and push them down his legs. His hands are pulling my own black shirt over my head, he bites my lip as his hands tear my print skirt and panties down my legs.

Clothes fly everywhere, bras, boxer briefs, everything comes off. Hands are everywhere, grabbing, kneading, feeling, lips and teeth too. Somehow I am under him and we are sideways on the bed when I feel the tip of his cock pressing against my clit, searching. I reach down to guide his cock into my opening. He eases it in all the way to the base and holds there for a breath. naught america porno I can feel the pulse of his cock as I stretch around him. Mmmm it feels wonderful; I moan and arch my back under him. Oh I need this!

Then the pounding begins, he slides in and out hard and fast, I bring my legs up to wrap around his ass as I reach under his arms to hold onto his shoulders for dear life. But I want more, I let go and widen my legs as far as they will go, positioning myself so when he slams into me his pelvic bone crushes my clit. Over and over I cry out. Oh! It feels so good, so intense.

But he changes position, sitting up he grabs my calves raising my legs straight up against his chest. He leans forward, bending me in half crushing my knees into my full breasts and continues his hard and fast pounding. I close my eyes to enjoy this new position, licking my lips I savor the pound of his heartbeat in his sweat streaked chest pushing against the back of my legs. The feel of the course hair on his tight balls slamming against my ass with each stroke. But I want more. I want to have my mouth on him.

I pull my legs apart, knocking his arms out from under him. As he falls against me I grab the back of his neck and crush his mouth to mine. Lips, teeth, tongue, in a wet sloppy devouring kiss.

He never stops pounding as my mouth moves to his shoulder then his chest licking, nipping, tasting the sweat off his skin. Oh my. I want more!

I brace my feet against the bed and push myself up his body. He rises up as his cock pops out of my sex, he reaches down grabbing the base to reinsert his glistening cock into me. But I take the opportunity to quickly slide all the way out from under him, turning as I do so to wrap my mouth around his wet cock.

I taste my own wetness, Mmmmm I moan.

He gasps at the sudden change, but grabs me under my ass to slide my sex, my clit, my wetness under his waiting mouth. His tongue is all over licking every little piece of me. Over my clit, into my opening, around my lips, back to my clit, down the outside of my lips, before locking his mouth all the way around my sex.

We lick and suck with complete abandon, holding each other one armed around the ass. I pump with my hand around the base of his cock, my lips meeting my hand to envelope every bit of him. I squeeze the base and hum around his cock. He flicks my clit, sucks my inner lips into his mouth pulling on them, presses and rubs my clit with the flat of his tongue.

I reach around nubiles porn to caress his balls and taint. He latches onto my clit sucking hard, pulling all the blood to that little nub of pleasure. I start panting around his cock, gasping and moaning. Keeping the exquisite suction on my clit he slowly and firmly runs his tongue across the tip of my engorged clit. My hand springs off his cock as I arch my back, lifting him, throwing my head back as I scream my sudden orgasm around his cock. He cuts off my scream when he rams his cock down my open throat.

I can’t breathe! I would panic if not for the quakes of orgasm wracking my body. He pulls out enough for me to breathe. Realizing he’s not going to hurt me I grab his ass ramming his cock back down my throat. Not comfortable, but I can do it. Unfortunately, this makes him gasp losing the suction on my clit.

He’s in a frenzy now. He flips me over and turns me roughly around. Reaching under me he jerks me to my knees, pushing my chest down to the bed. He grabs his cock, positions it and slams it to the hilt into my dripping sex. He pounds away slamming into me, he smacks my ass, hard! And again. I gasp and rise up at which point he grabs my hair. Pulling my head back he bites the side of my throat. All the while, not losing his hard and fast punishing rhythm.

He is panting and grunting into the side of my throat keeping me in a sitting position on top of him, my head pulled back by the handle of my hair. I can feel the head of his cock swell as he approaches his own orgasm. The angle and the engorged head of his cock rubs over my G-spot. I tilt my hips so he hits it square on. I moan as I bring my fingers to my clit. I want to cum as he cums.

He lets go of my hair, leans back spreading his knees wide for balance, grabs my hips and loses himself, giving me the chance to spread my own legs. I lean forward to brace one hand against the bed, one hand still between my legs playing with my sensitive clit. He is grunting and muttering, “Oh fuck, oh fuck.”

I feel my second orgasm approach, heating my body, my eyes closed and lips sealed against my Mmmm Mmmmm Mmmm moans. He squeezes my hips pressing his thumbs into the meat of my ass as loses rhythm. He’s there; I flick my clit hard, sending myself over the edge with him. I can feel his cock pulsate as he pumps his cum into me.

I moan out loud, startling myself I flinch. Coming back to find myself standing at the edge of the booth of the man with the phone. He looks up at me. Did I imagine all that? Oh lord I am breathless, sweating, I can feel my heartbeat in my clit, I am incredibly wet, my knees are weak. I collapse into the booth opposite him, glassy eyed myself.

He looks as confused as I feel and says, “Can I help you?”

Realizing that’s exactly how my oh so erotic daydream started I burst out laughing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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