Invitation Only

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It was very dark by the time she opened the door of the black cab and stepped onto the rain-slicked street. London in October is sometimes warm and dry, but this year it was cool and wet. She paid the driver and stopped to appraise the unimposing, white-walled Georgian house sat amongst a terrace of near-identical dwellings; it wasn’t exactly what she’d been expecting. She pulled out the black and silver invitation and checked the address. It was definitely the place.

She climbed the wide stone steps and knocked hard on the shiny black door. Almost immediately, a broad-shouldered, smartly dressed man opened it and stood silhouetted against the warm glow of light and conversation emanating out into the street from inside. He saw the invitation and nodded, bowing his head to write something on the clipboard he was holding, before stepping aside and gesturing her inside. He looked her up and down like a robot; no hint of emotion playing across his face. This was unusual for Lyla because, although she was not super-model pretty, she always got men’s attention. She had a mouth that was slightly too large for her face, but it was framed with full, red lips. Her hair was dark and long. She nearly always wore it twisted up, but tonight she hoped it would be pulled out and allowed to fall down the sloping curve of her bare back. Her eyes were green; striking, and her breasts were large and pale; their creamy fullness over-flowing from the top of her satin blouse. It was red, like her lipstick, and she wore it tucked in to a hip-hugging pencil skirt.

The invitation said nothing about dress code beyond ‘smart- ladies must wear heels, gentlemen must wear shirts’. She had responded by dressing like a slightly over-sexed secretary. She was even wearing underwear; albeit only stockings and a suspender belt. Her 5-inch, red suede heels clicked the wooden floor as she crossed the threshold. As the doorman took her coat, anticipation created a warm, tingling between her legs; the night was young, and so was she.

There were well-dressed people everywhere; evening gowns, shiny shoes, glittering jewellery and, of course, more heels; most of them obscenely high. An innocent stranger brought in off the street may not have even noticed the subtext, but it was there. Lyla saw it; the subtle bump of suspenders underneath skirts, the peeking crests of lace lingerie, the odd studded dog collar and several explicit props idly left beside flutes of champagne and scotch’s ‘on the rocks’. Lyla was impressed by the class and formality of the occasion; she wanted to be fucked, of course, but she wanted to be seduced and titillated first; delaying the inevitable was part of the fun. Like a cat with a mouse, she wanted to play with her prey before she devoured it.

The party was just kicking off, and talk was generally banal; Lyla could not spot anyone quite as self-assured and mischievous as a play mate ought to be. Still, there were plenty of attractive guests, both men and women, and she hoped the alcohol and sexual tension would simmer along nicely as the evening progressed.

By nine thirty, Lyla was growing a little impatient. The woman she was talking to was pretty but not particularly interesting; she was wittering on about her job while Lyla played with her wine glass, searching for some distraction that would allow her to politely slip away. The woman’s saving grace was the fact that her blouse was black and slightly transparent, she was braless and every time she turned slightly towards the light, Lyla could see her bare nipples poking expectantly through the sheer material.

Lyla started to play a game to amuse herself; she moved in front of the woman and tried to coax her into better light; she placed a gentle hand on the woman’s arm as she talked and deftly steered liseli porno her until she had a clear view of both erect nipples and the dark circles of their areolas. As the woman talked about how much she enjoyed working for a modern, up-and-coming company, Lyla reached out slowly and softly undid the top button of the woman’s blouse. That shut her up!

The woman must have been staring at her, but Lyla was focused on her chest; she ignored the woman’s silence and calmly scooped one small, pert breast into her hand, releasing it from the woman’s blouse. Then, as if it were the most natural thing in the world, she lowered her sensuous mouth to the hard nipple and licked it unhurriedly. The woman gave a sharp intake of breath and the nipple in Lyla’s mouth got even firmer, pressing up against her teeth like a teat to be suckled. Lyla drew back, observing the woman; her head was thrown back slightly and the long stretch of her neck was bare and arousing. A blonde man sidled up to them and hesitantly exposed the other breast. The woman didn’t move; encouraged, he began fondling her soft flesh and twisting the nipple between his thumb and forefinger.

Lyla drifted away, not wanting to draw too much attention to herself; people had started to watch the pair and the woman was making small moaning noises and tickling the nape of the man’s neck. By the time she left the room, a small crowd had gathered and other guests were starting to imitate the scene before them.

Lyla went upstairs, passing empty rooms, and found an unoccupied balcony. She lit a cigarette and, leaning against the cold stone of the house, she dragged heavily and concentrated on the delicious tingling in her clitoris. She wasn’t a lesbian by any stretch of the imagination, but sex is sex; Lyla could see the sexuality of women and she enjoyed exploring it; sucking so brazenly on a stranger’s breast in a room full of people was a turn on. Full stop. She lifted her skirt up slightly and pushed her free hand up the length of her thigh. She could feel the faint warmth and moisture of her pussy, aching as it was to be touched. Hesitating ever so slightly, she pulled her hand away and sighed at her impatience.

” Think you may have started something downstairs…”

There was a man standing in the doorway, his hands in his pockets and a delighted gleam in his eye. Lyla could see the shadow of dark stubble on is chin, and an elaborate tattoo peeking out from behind rolled-up shirt sleeves.

“Well someone had to… ” Lyla took another drag on her cigarette and looked out over the dark gardens below.

“Agreed, and yet you’re missing it… seems a shame for the spark to miss out on the fire.”

“I’m just letting it catch…”

“Hmmm,” his voice had a hint of laughter in it; she couldn’t tell if he was mocking or congratulating.

Lyla stubbed her cigarette out and flicked it over the balcony. Tattoo was blocking the open French door, leaning lazily on the door frame and watching her with a mixture of curiosity and unashamed lust. Behind him, three figures blurred into the semi-darkness of an empty bedroom; their bodies swayed and melted into one another as they kissed, caressed and slowly undressed.

“Excuse me,” Lyla gestured for him to step aside. He smiled and stood firm.

Suddenly, and without warning, he grabbed her wrists and threw her back against the cold stone. Lyla gasped in shock and struggled angrily against his weight, but he pinned her easily. This was not the way it was done! This uncouth animal clearly had no idea about how to play the game; he saw something he wanted and was trying to take it.

“Take.. your… hands… off… me,” she was breathless from the struggle and her words came out in ragged, husky scraps. He reacted meet suck and fuck porno by holding her by the neck and kissing her mouth hungrily, smearing her lipstick. His rough stubble grazed her chin as his tongue opened her full lips, invading her mouth and sucking greedily on her tongue. Their bodies pressed against each other and Lyla’s pussy, betraying her completely, oozed slightly at the feel, smell and taste of him.

His hands found the hem of her skirt and pulled it roughly up, exposing the pale flesh of her thighs above the lace band of her stockings. Lyla was still resisting but the struggle was becoming more and more futile; as her skirt gathered around her waist, her newly freed legs opened instinctively; the moment he placed both hands on her buttocks and pulled her savagely towards him, she knew the battle was utterly lost. He removed her suspender belt and started to undo her blouse but, clumsy in his haste, he broke the top button. He smiled and tore the rest of the red satin open, revealing Lyla’s wonderfully firm breasts. He moaned at the sight of them and she felt the hardening length of his cock press against her thigh. He descended on them like a starving man; squeezing the full globes and biting her nipples so hard he left teeth marks. He pinched both between his fingers until Lyla cried out and pushed against him in pain. He stopped and took each nipple into his mouth one at a time; sucking and licking so expertly Lyla felt a tear of sticky sap leak down her inner thigh.

Lyla impatiently reached for the buckle of his belt; unbuttoning and unzipping until his rock hard cock stood proudly before her. She knelt to take it in her mouth and heard his sharp intake of breath as her warm mouth enveloped the sensitive helmet and the stiff shaft slid into the depths of her throat. Lyla’s head bobbed steadily as she worked on him; lapping up the first beads of pre-cum seeping from the tip, and coating his length in glistening saliva. She squeezed his testicles with one hand and felt his stomach muscles tense at the sensation. He undid the clip holding her dark hair up away from her neck and she felt it fall sensuously down her back. Then he grabbed the back of her head and moaned as she sucked and licked.

Roughly, he pulled her upwards by her hair and pressed her backwards across the stone parapet of the balcony; she helped him as he pulled her skirt off completely and smiled to herself as he descended between her legs. His tongue found her hairless mound and when it reached her aching clit, he immediately began licking along its length. The sensation was intense; he was holding her legs apart so hard that his thumbs were digging painfully into her thighs. Lyla barely noticed; his quick tongue was lapping at her most sensitive parts and waves of ecstasy were building. Her legs quivered and her head rolled from side to side; she couldn’t help but bite down on her lower lip and grasp his head; she could virtually smell herself leaking juices as he licked and nibbled. God it felt good! The moment he forced two fingers into her cunt, the looming orgasm hit, short but intense, making her gasp and jerk upwards. He grinned up at her as her orgasm ebbed and waned. Then his mouth clamped back onto hers and his tongue explored her mouth, giving her a taste of the sweet tang of her own pleasure, now pooling obscenely on the grey stone beneath her.

Usually, when she came, she felt somewhat satiated, but not tonight. The feel of his hard-on against the inside of her leg was almost too much to bear; as he penetrated her mouth with his tongue, he grasped the red heels of her shoes and twisted her legs outwards. Lyla wriggled forwards until she felt the bulging head of his cock nudge against the wet folds of her cunt. mobil porno Grasping it in one perfectly manicured hand, she guided it to her entrance and rolled her eyes as he inched his pole into the hot and throbbing darkness of her pussy. Deeper and deeper he pushed, invading; filling her completely with his tumescence. Everything seemed to slow down as the wanton savagery of their initial lust gave way; they both revelled in the delicious sensation of penetration, taking a moment to enjoy the feel of one another. Inevitably, the impasse broke as Tattoo began to move inside her.

He went slowly at first, his penis sliding in and out of her and gently stretching the thin, tight skin around her hole with each thrust, but then he began to go faster. Lyla could feel his balls press against her each time he entered, burying himself up to the hilt in her warm, moist flesh. She thought she might lose control at any second; the feel of his hard girth rubbing against the sensitive walls of her vagina felt incredible and she lost all perception of her surroundings; of where, and who, and why; there was only each liquefying thrust and the sweaty, insistent clamouring of two people entirely overwhelmed with lust. He was holding her by her ass cheeks, his engorged member plunging balls deep with each thrust and emerging almost entirely, coated in juices, before it vanished again inside her. Lyla gave as good as she got; holding her legs apart at the calves and matching his violent tempo.

There was so much lubrication that he slipped out of her a few times, only to have Lyla moan disappointedly and force his cream-covered tool back in with her fingers. His mouth exploring hers, his hands squeezing her buttocks, the piston-hard pace, the insistent rubbing… it all became too much. Lyla erupted in a monumental orgasm that made her cry out far too loudly; trembling and gushing uncontrollably, her cunt bucked and spasmed around his still-thrusting cock.

Tattoo stopped moving as Lyla slumped against his chest; her hair was loose and plastered to her skin with sweat; her eyes were glazed and unseeing. One of her stockings was torn. She could barely speak except to whisper ‘fuck, fuck, fuck’ very quietly.

“Turn around,” tattoo said, his voice hard -and demanding, “turn around.. I want to fuck you from behind.”

Lyla was not used to such plain instructions; there were no games being played here. The air was thick with the smell of arousal; she wasn’t entirely sure what he would do if she refused. But why would she? Slippery with sweat and other bodily fluids, she unfolded herself and stood up in her heels; he turned her around firmly and she put up no resistance as he bent her across the cold stone towards the damp darkness of the night. Holding her waist, he poked the end of his member between the sopping wet lips of her pussy; they parted like water and soon he was filling her again. There was no gentle build-up this time; it was brutal and animalistic from the start.

Lyla could hear the sensuous smack, smack, smack of his skin against her taut, exposed buttocks and his breath coming harder and faster. His hands found her breasts, swinging with each penetration, and began squeezing and kneading the soft flesh. Lyla was not as spent as she first thought; she was holding onto the lip of the balcony and finding the strength to push back against him, enjoying the rub of his penis at this new angle and gasping every time he reached the very deepest point within her. Suddenly, the pace increased and his hands found her hips, pulling her onto him in a blur of motion. When he finally came, she felt his enlarged cock spasm and disgorge its load into her; she imagined the jets of sticky seamen coating her insides, filling her. He collapsed onto her back, still inside, his breath coming in hot drafts against her neck.

“Now that’s what I call a decent fuck,” he whispered breathlessly into her ear.

“Just like the invitation promised…” Lyla replied, her voice husky. Tattoo laughed and slipped out of her on a torrent of warm sperm.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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