In the Week of The Dark Moon

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I am always horny in the week of the dark moon. I can’t help it, it’s my nature. I simply have to deal with it, even if it gets me into trouble…

My husband, bless him, knows this and tries to accommodate me the best he can. Take the other day for instance…

We were enjoying a rare day off with each other. It was a Tuesday and we had nothing to do except be at home together. I slept late and then had a long leisurely bath while he pottered about downstairs. I lay back in the hot bubbles and closed my eyes, soaping my body idly as I relaxed, smoothing the slippery lather over my legs and stomach with my hands. As I lay there dreamily with my eyes closed, my hot soapy hands started to gently massage my breasts, stroking the soft heavy fullness of them. Feeling their weight, pushing them together, stroking the erect rosy nipples it wasn’t long until the familiar dull ache of arousal flowered deep with in my pussy. As one slippery hand played with my nipple, the other one found its way downwards, eager in its quest to touch, tease and rub my now throbbing clit. My index and forefinger took a sneaky dive into the depths, wriggling cheekily as my hot juices coated them. I groaned to myself, imagining a huge rampant cock filling me. I clenched my thighs together, trapping my hand as I clenched and unclenched my muscles and rocked against it the friction causing me to come immediately, my body spasming and trembling, my breath coming out in shirt sharp gasps into a final high cry as I climaxed into my first explosive orgasm of the day.

I finished my bath and walked into the bedroom, a naughty little smile playing about my lips. I dressed carefully in a short full skirt, push up bra and oversized pink shirt tied up at the waist but unbuttoned. I’ve always been proud of my cleavage and I had every intention of showing it off that day!

I went downstairs and kissed my husband good morning, pretending not to notice the long lingering look he gave my uplifted bosoms peeking out from the shirt. As the morning progressed those little kisses and long lingering looks were happening rather a lot and, as I caught his eye for nth time that morning his intentions were abundantly and arousingly clear. As I felt my pussy get moist and the excitement start to build the doorbell rang.

We both groaned at the same time, the sexually charged tension broken. ‘Shit!’ I swore ‘I forgot the man’s coming to fix the boiler today’ Damn! My husband let him in.

When the boiler man was left to his stranded teens porno own devices out in the front porch where the offending boiler lived, we pushed the door to into the house and tried to carry on normally, playing on our devices only a few feet apart. It didn’t take long, however, for the tension to build again. He kept stealing glances at me, and after each glance, just a little bit more breast got uncovered as I made subtle moves and readjustments to make it so… Finally, he groaned wordlessly, threw his phone aside and made a grab for me, I leant forward , practically causing my escaping breasts to succeed in their bid for freedom, and eagerly turned my face to his ‘I want you so bad’ I said huskily. Snapping, he groaned again, roughly grabbing the back of my head as he captured my mouth with his.

Kissing me fiercely, hungrily plundering my mouth with his tongue, his breathing coming out as gasps as he pulled my whole body into his so I could feel his hard firm arousal pushing into my groin. Totally forgetting that there was anyone else in the house, I whimpered as his hot moist mouth left hard damp kisses down my throat, making their inevitable way to my eager and waiting breasts, finally clamping down on the erect point of my nipple.. sucking and nibbling firmly and urgently it wasn’t long before my man’s attentions were causing the most stimulating of messages to race down the between my legs. With a sheer moan of pleasure I threw my head back and, as I did, I caught a movement by the door. My heart lurched briefly, Oh My Gods, the boiler man!

But I was feeling soo naughty by this time…

I closed my eyes and pretended I didn’t see him. I was aware of him silently standing there, clearly not knowing what to do so I decided to have a little play. I kept my head and neck back so he got a proper view of what was happening to magnificent breasts… then, very slowly, I brought my head up and opened my eyes. Looking directly at him, I could see our visitor was immobilised, his mouth slightly open with a slightly confused look in his eyes. This did not detract from the fact that he was a rather attractive young man, tall, blond, muscly, nice blue eyes… mmm I thought to myself, you’ll do.. ‘Hi,’ I said sultrily… I stroked my husband’s head as if to say it’s ok I’ve got this. He slowly let my nipple go and looked around at the bemused and, I noticed with some satisfaction, rather aroused plumber…

I stood up, smiling and holding student sex parties porno his gaze, I walked towards him, my finger on my lips as he was about to speak.. ‘shh’ I whispered as I stood in front of him. Still holding his gaze I watched the last remnants of confusion disappeared to be replaced by something else, interest, a glimmer of excitement even. My breasts, which had completely escaped their confinement by now, started to ache with desire as his gaze fell on their splendour. I could feel his arousal as I gently took his finger and started to kiss and lick the ends. Running my tongue around his tips, naughtily emulating fellatio, I never took my eyes from his as they widened in obvious lust I gave two of his fingers an extra lubricating with my mouth before guiding them onto my waiting erect nipple. I let his hand go and watched as his fingers started to caress, gentle at first then more urgently cupping my breast as his breathing became quicker and more ragged with each stroke. In the meantime, it might be wondered what my husband was doing during all this. Well, he’d only stripped off to his boxers and was quietly sitting in his chair, watching his wife be groped by a complete stranger. I stole a glance over, he seemed to be enjoying himself so it only seemed right to carry it on…

I focused on the rough feel of the young man’s hand as it tantalised my by now throbbing nipple. ‘Would you like to suck it/’ I whispered on his ear. Without further ado I grabbed his shoulders as his head shot down to claim my nipple. It felt divine.. and so naughty as I saw my husband stroking his erection. The plumber’s blonde head bobbed up and down as his tongue and teeth sucked and nibbled driving me into a frenzy. I grabbed his head deeper into my breast, ‘Harder!’ I hissed and as he obeyed, the sight of my husband taking his huge erect cock out of his boxers and masturbating sent me flying over the edge, shrieking as wave after explosive wave of mind blowing orgasm tore through my body, leaving me shuddering and shattered. I leant onto this surprising young man as though my legs would buckle as his mouth finished its tortuous work.. I was spent, or so I thought.

Well, of course, that wasn’t the end, I now had two extremely horny men to contend with.

When I came to, I realised that they were both watching me, as though waiting to take their cue from me. The rush of power that gave me, knowing I held two gorgeous men in my thrall, was heady submissive cuckolds to say the least!

With that in mind, and ignoring my husband for now, I turned towards the young man and, holding his gaze once again, I walked towards him. I heard his sharp intake of breath as I, so very gently, felt the bulge in his trousers. My fingers traced the outline of his rather impressive erection and settled at the tip, slowly caressing it. I felt the shockwave go through his body. I unzipped his flies and was gratified to note he went commando as his massive swollen cock sprang forward out of his flies, quivering and screaming for attention. It was beautiful. I leant forward and flicked the tip of my tongue around his swollen helmet, tasting his precum as I delved into the dimple..

I stood up and he sighed in disappointment. I took his hand and guided him over to stand next to the chair that my husband was sitting in. I put his hand on his swaying cock indicating that he masturbated while I knelt in front of my husband’s erect cock, taking it in my mouth while our visitor wanked as I sucked and nibbled, teased and tortured, stopping just before the point of release, My husband’s shakes and moans slowing as I then turned my attention to the very aroused young man next to us. His cock was long with a decent girth and suddenly I realised I wanted him to fuck me. I badly wanted him to fuck me. Hard. My pussy was dripping and twitching, crying out for that beautiful cock to fill it. I groaned, mid lick, just as he started to shake with my mouth’s relentless attentions. I looked into my husband’s aroused face and he looked back, understanding and agreeing to what I wanted immediately. Gods how could I not love a man that spoiled me so much…

I coyly looked up into this stranger’s face and said ‘Please fuck me’, and as I knelt in front of my husband, feeding his bursting erection into my mouth, that gorgeous young man did just that. His rampant cock slipped in and filled my pussy from behind, pumping into me hard as I deep throated my husband’s cock, moving in rhythm with each thrust. In unison, our mingled cries gaining in volume as each orgasmic sensation became more overpowering than the last, we finally, all three together, egged on by each other’s ecstasy, climaxed. Mind blowing climaxes that finally ended in that no space between sheer pleasure and pain… shuddering and disconnected, floating in a peace filled mist… until sleep either takes over or, in this instance, gentle realisation of what had just taken place!

Well, you might imagine some awkwardness after this naughty but spontaneous moment but no. We all literally smiled at each other, got dress and carried on with our day. He’d even managed to mend the boiler!

And he told me he’ll be back to check on it very soon…

We can’t wait…

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