I Learned To Love Giving Head

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In my Thirties, I met the man of my dreams. He was tall, incredibly handsome, viciously sexy, and for some insane reason, completely and totally devoted to me. He touched me in ways I had only read about in bodice-ripping romance novels. The truth of our sex life, was better than most people’s fantasy. We enthusiastically performed acts on each other we had only giggled about on the Web, or seen loudly but apathetically portrayed in porn. I found myself interested in exploring new things. I even found myself craving his body in ways I had avoided at all costs in the past.

In comparison, my previous experience with relationships might as well have never existed, but for the anatomical information I had gained.

I wanted to taste his cock. There, I said it. I wanted to slob his knob, eat his meat, slurp the gherkin, whatever my twisted mind could call it, I wanted to do it, to Him. The first time I saw his cock at full mast, I was terrified. Horny, but nervous. It was the largest thing I had ever seen in the light. I know, I know, but really, trust me when I say, names have been omitted to preserve the privacy of the tragically small dicked. I must have dated them all. I recently latina fuck tour porno measured His cock at the peak of an erection. Eight and a half glorious inches. All MINE!! I was shocked at myself! I could see myself choking on it every time I closed my eyes. Who knew!?

I gathered the courage to share my desires with Him. He told me he would LOVE for me to do whatever I wanted to his body. He would be only too happy to let me learn to suck his dick. And so, one night, in the heat of passion, outside the bar where I worked, I made my first attempt. The cab of his truck seemed a “naughty” choice for my first blow job. He responded with a surprised smile, and a laugh of encouragement when I lowered my head into His lap, and clumsily took his half-hard cock in my mouth. It was new and different. I had no idea what to do next. I felt the texture against my lips and tongue, savoring his musky maleness. I watched his reaction to different things I tried, and continued if his response seemed positive. Just as he gently offered a suggestion, the bar manager approached the truck, and offered a few suggestions of his own. I decided to look at the situation lezbiyen porno as a learning experience, instead of an audience. Finally, after employing most of the advice, I had Him fully erect. Surprised by how horny it made me to do this in front of my boss, I got carried away. I drove my head onto his turgid member, and promptly gagged loudly. We both laughed, the bar manager laughed, he followed us home, but that is another story.

Looking back, in retrospect, as I sit critiquing the blow job technique of the latest “porn star”, I smile when I realize how patient, and forgiving my Beautiful Man must have been. I definitely got an “A” for enthusiasm, but the venue and technique were less than ideal. Since then, I have made many attempts to improve the skill with which I ravage Him in my mouth. As always, I watch his body for my cues. I feel myself get wet when he fights himself over the urge to grab my head in both of his huge hands and face-fuck me with total abandon. I make the fight very difficult for Him. His animal nature comes raging forth when I take all of him into my mouth and throat, close my lips and suck him as hard as I can. I love the way liseli porno His muscles ripple when I pull deeply. I can feel the rush of his blood against my tongue. It pulses with his need.

Again and again, I plunge onto his rigid, throbbing cock, the smell of his maleness increasing with his effort. It is the effort of sweet restraint. I gaze up at him with wide, expectant eyes. He moans loudly as he realizes I am as hot as He is. He sees me wildly masturbating with one hand, cupping his swollen balls in the other, my head bobbing back and forth along his length, swinging my long red ponytail back and forth like a lure. At last, he can’t hold back. He grabs my ponytail, and swivels his hips into action. I moan with unexpected pleasure as he presses my head, deeper, and faster. I feel myself gather to come. It builds with insistent pressure. I feel the first pulse of his hot jelly slide down my gullet. He backs up and plunges again, and again. Jet after jet flows hotly from his shaft as he moves in and out of my hungry mouth. I suck him as hard as I can, so I’ll be sure to get every last drop. I worked hard for it. As I come, still suckling Him, he reaches over my back in a caress, and slips a finger into my tiny backdoor. I lean back and call out wildly as I climax. I feel my ass clamp down on his finger as my sopping wet pussy pulses with my orgasm. His seed runs down my chin.

I smile at my Beautiful Man. He smiles back. He knows I will learn a new trick for next time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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