My Brother and Me Ch. 02

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A couple of years ago, when I was 18 and my brother Kris was 20, he moved back into our shared bedroom. I started using him as a sex toy. While he’d be sleeping, I’d be mouthing his cock and masturbating him. I was unsure whether or not he knew what was happening.

A couple years later I got my answer to that question: he knew. Our relationship moved in a new and interesting direction in the following manner.

My twenty-first birthday was on a Wednesday that year, the date being the last day of June. Although Kris and I weren’t close, I sort of idolized him. We seemed to be getting along better now that he had moved out again. He was more easy going, and less cranky, probably because he had his own place and could live the way he wanted … simple stuff like smoking a cigar, leaving the toilet seat up, etc. without having to put up with a nag-fest from our mother and sisters. Maybe he was just glad of the fact that he could now sleep undisturbed, without me trying to get at his cock.

Anyway, the night of my birthday, at a family dinner, he said, “Hey Kurt, I was wondering if you’d like to go on a camping trip this weekend? Just the two of us. I thought I’d take my guns, and we’d do some target shooting. I know a place I think you’d like out in the desert, just up past Bishop. If we left early Friday afternoon, we could get there before dark.”

He also told me, away from the prying ears of the rest of the family, [all females], that he’d bring along some good cigars and whiskey, and we’d be able to do “guy stuff” without being nagged at.

I was really curious about his camping proposal and couldn’t help but wonder if he wanted to get me alone for some type of sexual reason. I was fairly certain that he knew what I had been doing with his body during his last stint of living at home … and I was hoping that we could get that kinky maltepe escort stuff out in the open [at least between the two of us], and that MAYBE he wanted more of it. So I said “Sure, Kris. That sounds like fun. I’ll have my camping gear together and be ready to go by noon on Friday.”

Right after lunch on Friday we took off for his camping spot, a six hour drive from our home town. We smoked a couple of his cigars as we drove along in Kris’s pick-up, and while we were getting along fine, it seemed to me there was a little tension between us. I wasn’t sure, but I’d bet it was of a sexual nature. However, I couldn’t think of a way to broach that subject, so I just sort of sat back to enjoy the ride.

We eventually reached our destination. It was early evening, and we set up a basic camp. As the sun set, we got a campfire going, lit some cigars, and broke out the whiskey. Kris kicked back and said “Let’s talk about sex.”

Right off the bat he told me “I know you were sucking on my schlong and jerking me off a couple years back, Kurt.”

“Uh, yeah, Kris, guilty as charged” I replied, unsure as to where I should go with this thread of the conversation.

“The fact is,” Kris stated, “A blow-job is a blow-job, and you were giving me some damned good head. I don’t know just what the Hell you were getting out of it, but it was great for me. Personally, I’ve never thought having some guy’s dick in my mouth was anything I wanted to do … but as the old saying goes, ‘whatever floats your boat!’ I just wish you had taken my load more than just that one time. I got tired of having my jizz sprayed all over my chest and belly.”

“Well, uh, Kris, thanks for the compliment … about me giving good head I mean.”

My brother then asked me: “Are you still interested in sex with a man, Kurt? Do you have a mecidiyeköy escort ‘boyfriend’? And what about chicks, have you gotten laid yet?”

“Well, uh, Kris to answer your questions: No, I don’t have a ‘boyfriend’; No, I’ve not had any pussy yet, but I’d certainly like to try it; and yeah, I am still interested in man-sex … in fact I am hoping you drug me out here to the boonies because you want me to suck your nuts dry.”

“Well Kurt, it’s your lucky day! I’ve got our weekend planned out, and based on how you just answered my questions, I think you’re going to be a real happy camper when you hear what I have in mind for us.”

Kris then told me his master plan: “I thought the two of us would just party here at camp tonight. I’m up for a good blow-job session, and I’m hoping that from now on you’ll start swallowing my load. If you’ll let me fuck you, I’d like to try that too, but I’m not going to force that unless you want it. Truth is, I’ve never been in anyone’s ass before, either a chick or a guy. IF I get drunk enough, I MIGHT go down on your knob, but I’ll have to think on that. I’ve never sucked a guy’s rod before, so if we get to that situation, you’ll have to give me some good cock-sucking pointers, so I can follow your technique.”

“Then,” continued my brother, “See that light over there?” (he pointed off at a flashing light maybe 10 miles in the distance … it resembled an airfield beacon, but was flashing red instead of green) “That’s a place called Janie’s Ranch, and it’s a whore house just across the Nevada state line. I figure tomorrow night we’ll go there, and your birthday present from me will be a cherry-pop session with one of the ‘working gals’ at that place. Let her make a MAN out of you!”

I enthusiastically told Kris “Okay, bro! You’re on!” At that time we got naked, merter escort and began our night of all-male partying.

First, I used my ‘famous technique’ to tease and stimulate my brother’s cock until he had a massive orgasm, of which I swallowed most of the hot seed he pumped into my throat. While we both rested from that, he was working lube around the rim of my virgin ass-hole, and opening me up with a couple of his well-lubed fingers. Then he used his big cock in my tight butt. It felt like he was using a battering ram to cleave my ass in two, but by the time he spewed a load of hot molten sperm deep into my guts I was feeling all right with it.

Kris said, “Man, a guy’s tight butt is different than a girl’s snatch … both are good in their own way.”

Kris then disappointed me by saying, “Sorry, Kurt. I’m just not ready to give any guy head, not even you, bro. I’ve never touched another guy’s male equipment, but I guess I’d be willing to give that ugly fuck-pole of yours a hand job, if that would help. Looks like those nuts of yours are swollen, and your pecker’s been stiff for an hour or more.”

“You’re right” I said to Kris. “I feel like I’ve got a bad case of blue-balls, and my sweet peter could really use some relief. If a hand-job is the best you can do, let’s do it now!” A couple minutes of stroking by Kris’ hand [Boy! what a wild sensation having someone else’s hand controlling your cock!] and I was spraying splooge like a fire hose.

Kris then said to me “It’s good some of that nut-juice got drained off. If you went into the whore-house so over-stoked with testosterone you’d probably shoot your wad while the whore was checking out your dick.”

“Checking out my dick!” I said to my brother. “What do you mean?” It seemed like I needed a lot of information about the ‘dos & don’ts’ of a whore house, so as we lay there under the stars, Kris brought me up to speed on whore-house etiquette. By this time it had gotten quite late, so I finally sucked him off one more time, and we fell asleep, each looking forward to the following night. I was feeling closer to my brother than I ever had before.

….continued soon

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