My Aunt, My Love Ch. 03

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The rest of the day we spent lounging around the pool, enjoying cooling dips. We dined with aunty going topless but wearing a scandalously little brief thong. I wore, as instructed for “formal” evening wear, the black thong.

After a lovely meal, washed down by a glorious Spanish red – I had been unaware there was such a thing – Aunty Pat let me watch two of her videos from her lingerie modelling days. I found both hugely arousing and we spent some of the time – when I could drag my eyes from the screen – kissing and caressing each other.

Later, as we rested in each other’s arms after a passionate bout of love-making Aunty Pat informed me that her pool lady, Rosita, would be at work in the garden the next day.

“Do you want me to make myself scarce?” I asked.

Aunty Pat laughed: “No, not in the slightest. You can wear the saucy little posing pouch while you work on your suntan, it will amuse Rosita. But I have a confession to make, regarding my little pool girl.”

I half suspected what was coming, but as innocently as I could, I asked: “What’s that, aunty?”

“Well, sometimes Rosita and I go to Lesbos, if you get my drift – and don’t looked shocked, darling, you’ve just seen me making love to some gorgeous models on my videos.”

“So Rosita’s a lesbian?” I asked, feeling disappointed, though why the hell I should care I didn’t know – I was making love to the most superb woman in the entire world, the fact that her pool girl preferred ladies should have meant nothing to me.

“Well, I think she goes both ways, but I’m not sure,” said aunty, as she flicked out the lights and we cuddled before falling into a deep sleep brought on by hours in the sun, many lengths of the pool, some excellent red wine and an exhausting fuck.

The following morning, I tried to give aunty a “dawn breaker”, but she pushed me away. “I much prefer a mid-morning fuck, darling, save yourself for later.”

But she did permit me the eroticism of a shower with her, our soap-lathered bodies sliding against each other sensuously, my erection pressing into her buttocks for much of the time as I soaped her front. Then she turned me round and pressed her 40-inch breasts against my back as she soaped my front, spending quite an amount of time on my cock and balls!

After an excellent breakfast – don’t let anyone kid you that ex-models can’t cook! – I went out into the sultry Spanish sun and clad in my illegally tiny red posing pouch, I began to work on my tan.

Some time later, Aunty Pat arrived, her body gleaming from the application of sun tan lotion. She was wearing a broad-brimmed sombrero, a tiny little g-string that just covered her pubes and a warm smile.

“Tony,” she said, “say hello to Rosita.”

I stood, hugely aware of the fact that my cock was straining to escape the satin cage around my groin and looked into the face of an extremely pretty woman, brown-eyed who I took to be in her mid-20s (she was, in fact, 24).

“Buenos dias, senor,” the lady with the close-trimmed, jet black hair said, taking my hand and shaking it firmly. She was wearing a gleaming red PVC bikini top and hot pants made of denim which hugged her lush little arse, white sox and gleaming white Nike trainers. She had bakırköy escort a deep brown sun tan.

“I’m afraid Rosita speaks only two languages,” my aunt informed me, “Spanish and sex, so I will translate the Spanish bits.”

“Tell her she’s beautiful, aunty,” I said, as I resumed my seat and lay down on my belly, hiding my burgeoning erection, but, of course, totally revealing my naked buns.

Rosita chirped away in Spanish. “She says you’ve got a great arse,” said my aunt.

Then she gave Rosita instructions in fluent Spanish and while the Spaniard went to commence her poolside duties, Aunty Pat walked to a large floral garden and began to water the plants, bending from time to time to allow me stunning views up her legs to her hardly-covered pudenda.

While Rosita was occupied on cleaning leaves from the pool with a long basket-like contraption, I climbed from my recliner and walked over to aunty and placed my belly and groin against her suntan lotion-covered back.

Provocatively, I placed my hands in front of her and cupped her full, firm and naked breasts, finding her nipples erect like buds. “I need to fuck you, aunty,” I whispered, trying to get my head around the brim of the sombrero. “It must be mid-morning and you did promise!”

As I said this, my stiffening cock sprang free from its confining posing pouch and pressed against her cream covered buttocks.

“All right, you impossibly randy young man,” she laughed, “but first I’ll finish this.”

Then she rattled off some Spanish to Rosita, who in turn replied in her native tongue, words which were totally incomprehensible to me.

“I’ve told Rosita we’re going upstairs for a fuck – and Tony?”

“Yes, aunty,” I said, absent-mindedly rubbing my hard-on against her creamy bottom.

“I’ve told her she can come up and watch when she’s finished getting the leaves from the pool!”

I gave a little start. “Christ, aunty,” I remonstrated with her, “I don’t know what I’m going to be like in front of a fucking audience.”

Aunty Pat laughed: “The audience won’t be fucking, she will be watching, silly. We’re going to be the ones fucking. And in case you’ve got a problem, here’s something to help you keep it up.”

And with that, she stepped out of her little g-string and placed it on my face, the damp, aromatic material arranged across my nostrils. Rosita called to aunty, who translated.

“She says you are a great big pervert – now, off you go, and on the way walk past Rosita so she can see that delicious stiffy you’re sporting.”

I did as I was told, g-string on my face, penis swaying above my heavy-hung balls and Rosita stared directly at my cock as I passed her. She jabbered something in Spanish.

From where she was playing the hose over her flower garden, Aunty Pat called out to me: “Tony, Rosita says she’d like to suck that, but only after it’s been up my cunt. So I guess she does go both ways, like I said last night!”

Upstairs, I arranged a couple of large towels on aunty’s bed, then propped myself up on two large pillows and played with myself. After a few minutes, when I was rock-hard, I removed aunty’s g-string from my face and placed it against my dripping başakşehir escort cock head. Soon the little garment was even more sopping wet.

Aunty Pat arrived, naked, her body gleaming with protective lotion and laughed: “Oh, I see he’s wearing a hat!” And with that she bent over, still standing by the side of the bed, opened her mouth and took my g-string covered cock in her mouth and gave it a suck.

“Christ, that thing’s wet,” she said, pulling away and then using her teeth to drag the garment from my turgid member. Then she knelt up on the bed and resumed her fellatio on my swaying stiffness, allowing me to run a hand over her arse crack and press my fingers into her moist minge.

Just then, Rosita arrived in the doorway. She was still wearing her white sox, with the little red pompoms at the heels, and her blazing white Nike trainers, but apart from that was nude! The sox and trainers only served to highlight her nudity.

I drank in Rosita’s brown-as-a-berry body and noted that her nipples were dark brown, almost black and it was hard to tell where her nipples ended and her large areolae began. She had a little sprout of dark black hair at her mons, but the rest of her pussy was shaved. She was fingering herself.

“We have company, aunty,” I whispered, but aunty still performed her oral adoration of my cock, as Rosita moved closer to the side of the bed, her eyes glued to the tableau of aunt sucking nephew’s cock. I was thoroughly enjoying what Aunty Pat was doing to me, but I couldn’t tear my gaze away from Rosita’s lithe, smooth, brown body.

Then aunty withdrew her mouth and straddled my cock, squatting above it. “Time for a little fuck, and don’t come till I say, OK?” said Aunty Pat as she lowered her pussy, impaling herself on my eight inches of urgency.

For a few moments, Aunty Pat thrust up and down on my rigidity, then pulled away and knelt off to one side of my sweat-stained body. Then she spoke a few words in Spanish and Rosita stepped forward, placed her mouth over my helmet, which was now pinkly naked, owing to the fact that aunty’s cunt had pulled my foreskin back, and sucked sweetly.

“I reminded Rosita that she said she’d suck you only after your cock had been up my cunt,” said Aunty Pat, as her pool girl worked on my erection.

Then aunty tapped her employee on the shoulder, obviously a signal for her to withdraw. Aunty Pat then resumed her seat on my stiffness, plunging up and down about 10 times before once more pulling away and allowing Rosita to resume tasting my cunt-caressed cock.

Another tap from aunty, and the young woman stopped while my busty aunt resumed her place on my prick.

“This time I’m going to orgasm, darling,” aunty informed me, before translating for Rosita, whose fingers had resumed their snatch strumming.

This time, Aunty Pat lowered herself onto my chest and our mouths interlocked in a passionate kiss before she raised her upper body and rubbed her 40-inches of big boobed breasts across my face, making me suck and lick at her erect nipples.

At last this achieved the result that aunty was looking for, and she started moan and cry “I’m coming, oh fuck me you young stud, fuck me” before bebek escort shuddering and heaving to what sounded as if it was an immensely satisfying Big O. None of that, of course, required any translation for Rosita.

After aunty had rolled onto her back beside me, I pulled my foreskin back so it covered my cock tip, and then Rosita was jabbering away in Spanish to her boss.

Aunty Pat leant up on one elbow and smiled at me: “Rosita says she’d like to see you masturbate, she says that will excite her.”

And so I began to work on my stiffy as Rosita looked on with her big brown eyes wide and taking every stroke in. Soon I was nearing the verge of ejaculation. I looked at aunty in question and she grinned: “Go ahead, let it fly!”

With a moan, I felt the wondrous surge of spunk flood from my balls up my shaft and then – as I pulled my foreskin back from the helmet slighty – a large glob of semen spurted onto my belly, then another, then another and finally a fourth, dismal little glob.

Before I quite knew what was happening, Rosita had leaned over the bed and rubbed her pert young breasts into the gooey substances I had deposited on myself.

Then, to my utter amazement, she knelt up beside me, Aunty Pat assumed the same position on the opposite side of my body and Rosita raised her breasts for aunty to suck and lick!

When Aunty Pat had completed her task at the young Spanish woman’s almost black nipples and areolae, Rosita rubbed the palm of her left hand all over the sticky mess on my chest, until her palm was creamy and covered in my spunk.

She then ran her hand into aunty’s pussy, checking on her palm a couple of times before being satisfied that Aunty Pat’s pussy had absorbed the lotion.

Then Rosita lay back on the bed beside me, and Aunty Pat stood and straddled the lovely woman’s face, lowering her spunk-smeared snatch onto the pool girl’s mouth.

I watched in fascination as Rosita’s mouth hungrily went to work on my aunt’s pussy and realising that this was an all-girl affair, I climbed off the bed and walked down to the pool and plunged in for several cooling – and calming – lengths.

After my swim, I towelled down, covered my naked body in sun tan lotion and lay, face up on the recliner. I decided that the pretence of that ridiculously small posing pouch was now utterly unnecessary.

About 20 minutes after I had begun working on my suntan, the two naked ladies emerged from the house and hand-in-hand walked slowly down the pool steps into the shallow end.

I watched them, noting as I did that my penis was beginning to stir to life again. Then I saw aunty beckoning me into the pool, so I climbed from the recliner and walked down to join them, my penis growing ever-stiffer as I did so.

I waded over to where the two women were standing, a foot or so apart, smiling at each other.

Rosita gabbled out a couple of sentences and Aunty Pat smiled at me.

“Rosita says you’re very sexy, Tony,” she informed me, “but that she thinks I’m sexier. She hopes she hasn’t offended you.”

I smiled, then placed an arm around Rosita’s berry-brown smooth shoulders and kissed her on the mouth, detecting as I did so, a strong aroma of pussy perfume.

I next transferred my attentions to Aunty Pat and kissed her mouth, noticing once more a strong smell of pussy.

“Aunty,” I said, “will you tell Rosita that I think she’s very fuckable, but nowhere near as fuckable as you.

“Oh – and I hope I haven’t offended her!”

To be continued…

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