Moving Closer and Closer

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All participants are over eighteen. The story deals with the burgeoning relationship between step father and daughter. If you don’t like the topic, stop reading and move on. No need to share negative thoughts with us.


I was looking forward to being home soon after a week long business trip. My children, Mike and Kim would be waiting for me and the gifts I always brought home with me. Anticipating the hugs and laughter we would share was making me so anxious to be home with them. Although they were actually my step-kids, I thought of them as my son and daughter and couldn’t love them any more if I had been their birth father.

The kids were eighteen and fifteen, Mike being the younger. I planned on taking a few days off to spend with them. We always had a movie night the day after I reached home. Kim would cuddle up on the couch with me while Mike would sprawl out on the floor lying across the huge pillow and wrapped in his favorite blanket, his since childhood.

Oh, yeah, and maybe my wife would be there too. I wouldn’t be disappointed if she wasn’t.

Kim was the love of my life. She was the one who would greet me when I returned home. She would listen to the war stories of my sales trips. My daughter would ooh and ah at the appropriate points. She would congratulate me on my wins and commiserate over my losses. Kim would laugh at my stupid jokes, tell me hers, and we would enjoy being together.

Sitting, watching whatever TV had to entertain us, Kim would bring me up-to-date on the family gossip and local news including what she and Mike were up to at school.

All this would happen while we cuddled on the couch. Things changed right around Kim’s eighteenth birthday. My wife’s arguments with me had hit a crescendo and we had started looking for excuses to stay away from one another. She would go to visit family and friends in nearby cities often staying away for days at a time. No one really missed her.

Cuddling with Kim became a daily affair. After dinner she would go upstairs and change into her sleeping wear, an extra small t-shirt and full sized panties. Mike would generally go to friends’ houses or to his room to play on his gaming system.

On the couch together, my arm around Kim’s shoulders, I would begin to rub her shoulders and what parts of her back that I could reach. Over time, Kim adjusted her positions, cuddling closer to me so I could extend my rubbing to the bottom of her back.

I had always been obtuse in dealing with women. Coming from an abusive home with a single father, I had confidence issues my whole life. Especially with women. It would always shock me when a woman came on to me during a social setting. Even though my daughter and I were convinced her mother was cheating on me, I wasn’t able eve gelen escort to pick up women in order to cheat back.

It never dawned on me that my daughter was being more sexual with me. She kept moving closer and closer during our cuddling sessions which were any night my wife wasn’t at home. I kept rubbing her back as far down her back as my arm would reach. At her lower back, I would always stop when my fingers reached the waistband of her panties.

As part of her getting close, she would use her hands on my leg to support herself. It didn’t occur to me that she had started rubbing my leg through my jeans. Starting at my knee, her hand would slowly, agonizingly slowly, move up my thigh until she was close to my crotch. After some sessions, I began to grow an erection, the head of my cock pushing against the denim fabric of my jeans. It was an uncomfortable feeling but I didn’t do anything to stop it. I assumed Kim was not aware of what she was doing to me and it wasn’t uncomfortable enough for me to stop the cuddling. My hand on her back still stopped at the waistband of her panties. My mind’s eye saw me reaching further but I didn’t want to risk Kim realizing I was developing a sexual feeling for her. We could have gone on like this forever as far as I was concerned.

Kim obviously had different thoughts. I only went on extended sales trips one week per quarter. The rest of the time, I was a nine to fiver, Monday through Friday. Generally, whenever my wife was away on one of her trips, Kim would meet me at the door. She would stand on her tip toes and hug me and give me a kiss on the lips. I would hug her back rubbing my hands up and down her sides, from her waist to just below her lovely tits.

Again, over time, the kisses would become longer and longer, becoming more passionate. At times, I would feel her rubbing herself against my groin and even felt the tip of her tongue against my closed lips. Breaking away at that point, I would go to my room and change from my working clothes to my jeans usually leaving my work shirt on but not tucked into my pants and unbuttoned a few buttons.

This seems the right time to describe my daughter. She was beautiful to me, not drop dead gorgeous to others but generally seen as quite attractive. She stood about 5’6″ and weighed about 130 pounds. Her breasts, I later discovered, were a 34C and her ass was especially firm and inviting. Long medium blonde hair that truly appealed to me.

I wasn’t anything special. I was about six two and out of shape. I had a beer belly, big size 15 feet, and an average sized cock. All my life I had wished I had been born with average sized feet and a huge cock. Oh well. It is what it is.

Things began to change one movie night. fatih escort We were on the couch, my legs extended outwards and across the ottoman. Kim was lying spread out on the couch with her head lying on my stomach. She began to get restless as her chin kept nudging my belt buckle.

“Daddy”, she said, “your jeans and belt are hurting me. Can’t you go and change out of them?” Pressing pause on the movie, I agreed to go up and change. Mike got up at the same time and went upstairs to the bathroom.

Changing my clothes, I decided to just leave on my boxers and to put on my big, furry, house coat. As I was passing the bathroom, Mike told me the movie was boring and he was going to play his latest game for a while. It was fairly late in the night at this time and I assumed he would play until he fell asleep.

Back downstairs, I returned to my place on the couch and Kim cuddled up to me again. My feet back on the ottoman, my robe fell open across my legs. Kim snuggled in closer saying, “I love your robe, Daddy, it’s so soft and inviting.”

Putting her head down in my lap again, Kim began to rub my legs where the robe had parted. Her hand slid, little by little, further up my legs to my thighs, nudging the robe open even more.

To my dismay, I began to feel a throbbing in my cock and felt it getting harder and harder. Without being too obvious, I attempted to move it away from my daughter’s head.

Surprising me, she asked me, “Daddy, please rub my back.” Without hesitation, I reached under the blanket covering her and began to rub up and down her back using my fingernails to delicately scratch her skin. She had loved this since she was a little girl.

Murmuring a hang on, she reached down and pulled the back of her t-shirt up to her neck exposing more skin on her back. Urging me to continue, I complied. I was caressing her up and down her back, hearing her moan and sigh. From her neck down her body as far as I could reach, back and forth, up and down.

Kim adjusted her position on the couch. Her head was closer to my throbbing cock at this time and her hand was still caressing my thighs but reaching closer and closer to that growing organ of mine.

She muttered something about me continuing with her back. So I did. Lightly scratching her skin from her neck to, what I soon realized, was further down her back than before. I continued scratching and caressing further down her body until my fingers touched the waistband of her panties. I was somewhat surprised that my fingers were able to go further down and past her waist.

Previously, she had been wearing full sized panties with a regular waistband and covering all of her bottom. She must have changed them when I was upstairs as she was now wearing halkalı anal yapan escort a lower slung pair of panties.

My hand kept caressing lower as I searched for her waistband. It wasn’t very long before my hand was actually caressing the cheeks of her ass and my fingers sliding across the cleft of her bum. I yanked my hand back up her body as if I had been burnt.

“Daddy”, murmured Kim, “rub my bum some more, it feels so good.” I hesitated and she reached up and pulled my hand further down her back almost to her curvy ass. In a daze, I complied with her request and began to caress that wonderful butt of hers. Down one side of her body and across her cheek, grasping it and squeezing it, before sliding across the cleft between her cheeks and on to the other side duplicating my efforts from the other side.

She squirmed a little and afraid, I had misinterpreted her wishes, I yanked my hand further up her back almost to her shoulders and there I stopped.

“Keep going”, my beautiful and sexy daughter whispered to me. She continued rubbing my thighs as my hand returned to its former course. Scratching gently from her shoulders down one side until my hand was able to squeeze that enticing ass of hers. Then, fingers trailing across her backside to the other cheek, stopping scratching just long enough to squeeze the other cheek before sliding back up to her shoulders and down again.

I was so enthralled by what I was doing. Gradually my fingers were stretched out and they grazed the sides of her firm tits. My entire focus was on the feelings I was generating between my daughter and I.

My focus was so strong that I was taken by surprise when my daughter’s hand wrapped itself around my tall standing cock. When it dawned on me what was happening, my hand stopped again. I was in shock.

Again, Kim murmured for me to continue and after a moment’s further pause returned to caressing her back but spending more and more time on rubbing her generous ass. I reached further down and was rubbing between her cheeks and thighs, just brushing the curly pubic hair between her legs.

Kim was stroking my cock, up and down. We weren’t saying anything to each other just moaning and sighing as our hands were caressing each other’s body.

I was taken by surprise when I felt the cum building up in my balls and beginning its path to ejaculation. I was so shocked that there was no attempt to hold it back or to warn her.

I looked down to see my cum squirting out of the head of my cock and over Kim’s delicate little hands. She kept stroking and a few squirts escaped her hands and landed on her face.

Both of us were surprised with the strength of my spurts. Kim released her grip on my cock and sat up quickly. “Daddy, you got it on my face,” she said in a horrified voice. “That’s gross.” She jumped to her feet and ran away to the bathroom.

There could be more to this story if readers are interested. Vote and leave any constructive criticism. If you don’t like the topic, don’t waste your time telling me about it, just move on. Please vote.

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