Diplomatic Service

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Although the diplomatic life has its allure, by the most part, we are underpaid civil servants who sacrifice our livers in the name of patriotism.

That having been said, occasionally there is an upside to the lives we lead. Due to budget constraints, the country I represent closed down all the diplomatic missions in a certain region of Latin America, leaving only one embassy to work out of. My job was to sell off the different properties we had in each country. As you can imagine, the bureaucracy involved in selling government property is never-ending, especially when dealing with a myriad of local laws which need to be adhered to. Here’s my story of how such an unpleasant task transformed itself into pure unadulterated pleasure.

Against my better judgment, I landed at one of the smaller countries I was sent to on December 29th. For the readers that aren’t well acquainted with Latin American culture, the month of December shouldn’t even show up on a calendar. Nothing gets done in December. Even government offices are completely shut down for weeks.

That having been said, after I settled into my hotel room, as the Americans say, I “let my fingers do the walking” and perused the yellow pages for a real estate agent. I had an appointment for 3:00 pm at one of the properties with the previous tenants (who had rented it out when we closed the mission). He would be handing me over the keys and what not, and I decided I should kill two birds with one stone, and right there hand it over to the real estate agent. It took several attempts but finally got an answer at one of the companies. The lady who answered sounded courteous and well educated. After I introduced myself and told her of the purpose of my call, she regretfully informed me that almost all her agents where on holiday, and that she was sick beyond belief, but that she would send someone to meet me at three sharp at the address I gave her.

I took a short nap, then showered, dressed and made my way to the house. The other party was already there, and as we did the walk through, I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was indeed a pretty nice property. As a residence fit for our ambassador, it had four nice size rooms, den, living & dining room, a library/office, servant’s quarters, pool and pool house. Apparently, our government had left a few pieces of furniture which we inventoried and signed off on. While we were filling out forms, the person I believed to be the real estate agent walked in. Simply put, she was a “girl”. Over twenty-one but not a day over twenty-five. None of that fancy apparel either. She wore jeans and a form fitting black top. Little make up, brunette, shoulder length hair, maybe 5’5”, small breasts, slim waist, great behind, fairly long legs. Pretty face, but by no means a traffic stopper.

She introduced herself as Maria del Sol, and I asked her to give me a few minutes while I finished up with the other people. We placed the million or so keys in each door, bid each other farewell, and were now ready to go through it all over again with this little lady.

As she and I spoke, şirinevler escort I found out she was the receptionist at the agency and that as soon as the holidays were over, a “real” agent would handle the sale of the house. Her frankness and easygoing approach immediately appealed to me. We walked through the house, signed off on the paperwork, and I handed her the keys. As we were locking the gate behind us and I was getting into my car, I noticed she started to walk down the street. I told the driver to pull up next to her, and I rolled down the window and asked where she was off to.

“I’m off to get a cab.” She replied.

I offered her a ride, and as she climbed in, I asked where she needed to go. She was heading back to the office to drop off the keys and paperwork, and then heading home. I told her to tell the driver where to go.

As we where driving in the almost deserted city, we got into small talk. She was 24, still in college because she started late due to lack of money, and living at home. When we arrived at the “agency”, I asked her if she would show me somewhere where we could have a drink and maybe get something to eat. She seemed elated.

After she dropped the stuff off and climbed back in, she said we should go to TGI Fridays. I was hoping for something a little more tropical or local, but hey, it seemed she had her heart set on it. The driver got us there in a flash, and we sauntered over to the bar. As the bartender asked us for our order, I looked over at her, and she asked what I was up for. I never drink anything other that Absolut on the rocks with two lime wedges (I can’t afford Grey Goose). She went for a screwdriver and we were off. This girl could pound them down. We ordered some appetizers and the drinking continued.

I found out she had gotten out of a two yearlong relationship a month ago because her boyfriend had cheated on her. As the conversation wore on, the more she appealed to me. Understand that it takes more than a pretty face to get me going. She was very intelligent and well spoken. Her reasoning superb.

Fifteen drinks later, I was honestly not feeling any pain and I had a buzz going, but was still relatively in control. She seemed fine. She slurred a little, but was still with it. The bar was starting to fill up, we had to speak louder and louder each time in order to be heard over the music and others, so we eventually decided to leave. I paid the tab, we got back into the car and I asked her “where to now?”

“How about dancing?”


“Yeah, dancing.”

Why is it that all women love to dance??? Personally, I hate it. Anyway, a small sacrifice now might provide a big pay off later. She new a place we could go which also seemed remarkably close by. It was starting to fill up, but we got a good table. She ordered a half bottle of vodka with its other accoutrements and as soon as a song came on to her liking, off we were to the dance floor. I tried unsuccessfully to keep up with her song after song, but after half an hour threw in the towel. We şirinevler elit escort were both sweating profusely. As I excused myself to go to the bathroom she suggested we just get out of there and go somewhere else.

I paid the bill, we got back in the car and as we were leaving I said we could anywhere else but that I had to get a shower, I just didn’t feel comfortable any more.

So, we headed back to my hotel and went up to my room. I sent her down the hall for some ice while I opened the minibar up and broke out the bottles. We served each other a drink and she asked if she could use the bathroom. “Of course”, I said.

After a few minutes, I heard the water going so I just assumed she was showering. I turned the TV on and channel surfed. Moments later she came out in one of the hotel robes rapped around her and I got up to catch my shower. Before jumping in, I trimmed my pubic hair, and then, let me tell you, I haven’t scrubbed myself so clean in years. My balls were pink by the time I got through with them.

I got into another one of the robes and came out to see her watching hotel pay per view porn. She was in bed, under the covers, enthralled with the on-screen action. She looked up and asked if I minded her selection, to which I only grunted “no”, slid my robe off and climbed under the covers with her.

I extended my arm out behind her, and she snuggled in close to me, and placed a leg up over mine. As we continued to watch, she gently started playing with my cock and balls. Between the movie and her touching, I was hard as a rock in no time. We commented on several of the scenes including an anal one, during which she asked if that appealed to me….was she kidding?! Of course it did, and I mentioned that I read a report somewhere or other that stated that approximately 30% of women who engage in anal intercourse can actually experience orgasm, to witch she said that she had an orgasm EVERY time she had anal sex.


As I was thinking about why I didn’t bring any lubricant and what I could use in it’s place, Maria del Sol re-arranged herself beneath the covers and took me into her mouth. Let me tell you, she took my cock like it was the last one she would ever hold, taste, or have to play with. She almost venerated it. And she didn’t limit herself to just the cock, she licked and sucked my nuts and that sensitive area between my sack and the dark hole. After a while, she started deep throating me, and I started feeling like the point of no return was almost there. I gently nudged her away, laid her back on the bed, and started gently kissing her neck, breasts, nipples, abdomen, and then her thighs, lower legs, ankles, the soles of her feet and toes. As I looked up at her, she had a glazed look over in her eyes as she met my stare.

I started back up in the opposite direction, and as I reach the top of her thighs, I started softly kissing and licking her outer lips, all the while avoiding her clitoris. I love performing oral sex on women, and one of things I have forced myself to do is to take şirinevler escort it s-l-o-w-l-y. No rushing. She was obviously enjoying herself. She was trying to adjust herself while lifting her butt off the bed so as to position her clit on my tongue, but had no luck.

I proceeded up to her breasts again, and then back down, and continued to just lick and suck her now-engorged lips and the area around them. By now, every so-often, I would actually just press my tongue directly on her clit, but would not move it. Then, milliseconds later, take it off and go somewhere else. This went on for about five to ten minutes, ‘till she said I was killing her. Then, I raised her feet onto my shoulders and started licking the whole area, from her clit all the way down to just about where her anus was. She was going nuts, to the point where she couldn’t keep her feet up any more. I then decided it was time, as I started homing in on her clit, I slowly inserted one finger in her cunt, but just the tip. Then, another. As my tongue increased in speed, my fingers arched upwards, and prodded deeper into her. She started moaning much louder, and then saying she was going to come, over and over again, and then, all of a sudden, just stopped making noise…completely.

Seeing as how I didn’t know or understand what was going on, I decided to continue, and increased my tempo. My fingers inside of her felt something similar to a balloon filling up with air inside of her, basically pressing my fingers more and more on what I thought was her g-spot. When, after about a minute or so, boom, a little squirt of liquid escaped her. Little in amount, but strong in trajectory. Then, maybe two or three seconds later, another, this time a little more fluid, and then, as I kept rubbing her, the floodgates opened. Wow! It was the most incredible experience I had ever had. But it didn’t stop. I kept going, egging her on, and she came again. As she settled back down to earth, and actually spoke, she said that had only happened to her once before, and that she was really sorry. I told her I could not have been happier. She said that despite her assurances to the contrary, her boyfriend didn’t believe it wasn’t urine, and that he thought he had gotten pissed on. Obviously, that always tended to inhibit her.

After a few minutes she asked if I had any condoms, and if so to put one on. She got up to the bathroom, and I remembered my condoms were in my toiletry bag, also in the bathroom. I gave her a few seconds, and then I realized she had left the door open and was just drinking water. I went in, stood behind her as I admired that cinnamon colored skin, smooth as can be, and that absolutely great hard ass. I rolled the condom on, and pushed up against her to kiss her neck.. As I was doing this, she reached behind and guided me into her cunt. I don’t know if she was the perfect height for me, or if she knew exactly how to assume “the position”, or if I was just desperate to blow my load, but those five minutes have been the closest I’ve come to absolute glory. Her image on the mirror, as her face contorted, the hands on the marble clutching, the motion of the great ass sliding back and forth, the smell of sex in the room, all of this combined, let to both of us having mind-blowing orgasms.

Totally spent, we both went back to bed, shut off the TV, and fell asleep. The next day, was even better, but that’s part II. Stay tuned…..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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