Dinner Party

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As the door opened and the servant with his stoic expression stepped aside to allow me entrance, another moved forward to take my coat and wrap. Only the best of service for the elite and well to do.

Escorted to the main hall I followed the stiff backed butler and moved into the first tier of the crowd, greeting and being greeted by those I had met briefly or perhaps only known by reputation or name.

I’m not usually one for social dinner parties, but the firm had insisted that I attend at least two a month through the holiday season. It was all part and parcel with my new promotion, or so I was told. Working for a third generation law firm, it was to be expected, but I loathed these gatherings, never sure what kind of image I was to portray. Tonight I had gone for elegant, and judging by the smiles of approval from some of the gentlemen, and the sneers from their ladies, my choices were on the mark. I had given my word that I would come and there I was, on time, and polished to a soft glow.

I had decided on the black crepe silk with the halter cut bodice. The collar was two inches high and covered in small burnished gold beads, making a lot of jewelry unnecessary, so I had settled on the small amber drop earrings that seemed to compliment the dress and catch the light as they moved. The body was tailored to hug every curve and slit to mid thigh in a daring attempt at sexy. I felt decadent in it, loving the feel of the silk against my skin. So much so that I wore very little underneath. The style of the dress left the shoulders and back bare, so there was really no way to wear a bra, and on a whim I had worn the black thong my sister gave me for my birthday. My only concern was that the delicious brush of silk across my bare ass and nipples would make my enjoyment of it far too apparent for conservative company. Who needed a man when you had unlimited champagne and the sweet caress of a silk evening gown, right?

Having spent an extra twenty minutes fighting my hair into a sleek french twist, the annoying little escapee’s that spiraled golden along my temples and neck made me growl and huff in soft frustration as they fell over one eye. Checking my watch I noted I had at least another two hours to be polite, before I could slip back to my place and have that nice warm bath I promised myself. Mr. Driscol, one of the senior partners, came to my rescue and started the round of introductions, mercifully leaving me to fend for myself after a brief tour of the room.

I must admit, there was something about moving through the crowd, knowing how little I was wearing, that was exciting to me. It was as though I had some delicious secret and I wore a mischievous smile and almost dared those I spoke to, to guess what it was as I met their eye. After about half an hour of the usual mingling my attention wandered over the crowd. Hearing a rich and definitely male laugh over the din, I searched the faces for the most likely source. Making it a game of sorts to pass the time until dinner was served.

I felt a warmth move over my exposed back and I turned to meet the most intense, dark brown eyes. His gaze raked over my body in a leisurely assessment that sent my system on a slow burn. I felt my skin ripple as though his eyes caressed its surface and my heart fluttered beneath my breast. One moment. One long, very warm and pleasant moment, we were locked together in some silent connection. Then, he disappeared as though he never existed, blending into the crowd. I blinked and felt myself shudder. Frowning I searches the crowd but there was no sign of him. I could feel my nipples strain against the silk as though anticipating someones touch.

I had never had such a strong reaction to a man, especially when he hadn’t even laid a hand on me. I heard my soft, nervous laughter, though it sounded hollow to my ears. Deciding I needed a drink I caught the arm of one of the roving waiters with a tray full of sparkling something in crystal flutes. Choosing one, I thanked him and moved toward the soft strains of music. Stepping through an archway into a smaller room with a bar and hired piano player, I fell into place near the curve of the baby grand, listening to the conversations around me.

Lifting the crystal to my lips I caught his gaze again. This time he sat across the room from me. Those dark, sultry eyes staring unblinking in my direction, while an older white haired gentleman talked to him intently. Bolstered by the wine in my hand I sipped the golden liquid and returned his bold stare.

Some men are just born to wear a tuxedo. Dark hair falling unfashionably long against broad shoulders this man fit that image with an odd sense of rebellion. For some reason that made me smile, as though we shared something in common. A secret that the others were just not privy to.

His grin was quick and infectious as I felt myself return it, lifting my brows as I sipped my drink. Realizing I was staring I turned my attention sarıyer escort back to the conversation around me. Too late to run, I found Mrs. Driscol had joined me and was trying her best to introduce me to one of the younger, conveniently single, lawyers in the firm. Smiling politely I made small talk then excused myself stepping around the end of the piano thinking to find an excuse to introduce myself to the dark eyed man. I drowned my disappointment in the last of my drink as I saw he was no longer there.

Just as I set the empty glass down I felt another flute of champagne slide over my bare shoulder. Shivering I turned to take it from his fingers with a soft smile, trying to steady the tremor in my voice.

“Thanks, did I look thirsty?”

“Mmn more, determined to watch the carnival through a pleasant haze.”

I felt my legs go liquid. The deep timber of his voice made my chest tighten and my mouth go dry. Sipping the wine slowly I decided this evening had far more potential than I first thought. At this rate I might even stay through the boring dinner. If there really was a God, he would seat me at least close enough to watch this man for the next several hours.

He gave me a sly look, lowering his eyes as though he could hear my thoughts, then casting them up at me at an angle before stepping away. I felt the familiar heat of desire coil in my belly as his fingers brush my hip. No names no pick up lines, this man was unreal. My eyes followed him hungrily and I tried to look casual as I followed him at a distance through the crowd, curious to see if he was with someone. He edged past a few people who greeted him warmly, nodding to them before looking back at me, an unspoken challenge in his eyes. I lifted my brows and followed. What else could I do? This was the most fun I had had in ages. He worked his way through the room to the dining room and slipped past the servants rushing by to make sure the last minute details were under control.

Mesmerized, I watched with amused fascination as he moved from table to table fingering the name cards till he found what he was looking for. With a soft curious laugh I stepped closer to the door leaning on the frame as he pocketed the card and moved toward another table. Switching the seating to suit him he went back and replaced the missing card and lifted a finger to his lips to signal that I should keep our secret. Laughing softly I nodded wondering just what mischief he was up to. Had he changed the seating so the hosts ex wife was seated next to his current one? Oh..that thought could make dinner ever so interesting. Laughing softly, I turned back to the room. Oh, yes I was staying for dinner.

I looked for my partner in crime but he had again vanished into the crowd. How a man so blatantly different than those around him could disappear so completely was beyond me. Resigned to wait for the dinner announcement I found a quiet corner to occupy and watch the room. When I felt someone step up behind me I could only hope it was him. As I started to turn I felt his breath against my ear..his voice having the same effect on me it had before.

He whispered softly, “I hope you wont rat me out.”

I smiled and started to turn when his hands settled at my waist, drawing me back against him preventing the movement. The feel of his hard body pressed against mine from behind was enough to cause my throat to tighten and I heard my words forced out in a soft throaty whisper.

“Now, why would I do that?”

“Mmnn why indeed..when I think you will be pleased with the results.” “I hope, you will.” “Will you?” My heart beat against my ribs like a bird caught in a cage and I could hear the smile in his words. He knew what he was doing to me. I grew warm and moist as my ass rubbed against him. I felt him swell and grow hard as his fingers traced the soft curve of my spine, conveniently left bare by the cut of my dress.

Sipping my drink to disguise the way my hands were shaking and whet my throat that had now gone dry, I spoke softly.

“I suppose it depends on who’s card you switched and why, doesn’t it?”

His laugh was deep and soft against my ear before I felt his lips touch my bare shoulder. Then the air was cool against my skin as he moved away, gone before I could steady my nerves enough to turn and look. I caught sight of him once more before dinner and he lifted his finger to his lips bidding me to be silent with a wicked grin. I felt my nipples grow taunt and fevered as his eyes moved over my breasts, his smile of approval slow and sensual as he met my eyes once more.

Mrs. Driscol swept up beside me and I was saved the embarrassment of trying to walk on my own. She drew me along with her toward their table and I watched with quiet amusement as she frowned not finding my name where she thought it should be. No doubt ensconced between she and the young lawyer she felt I should “spend some time getting sefaköy escort to know”. I looked up toward Mr. Secretive who stood patiently, waiting for me to join him. I apologized to Mrs. Driscol and said it must have been a mix up but that I did not want to hold up dinner. Leaving her in a lite snit, I moved forward toward the cocky smile and casual sense of triumph that seemed to roll off his form. He drew out my chair and introduced me. Glancing back to my intended seat I saw a stunning brunette sit down beside Mrs. Driscol. Obviously not happy about the changes, she glared daggers at me before falling into conversation with the young man to her left.

Very impressed with his clever tactics I turned and smiled, leaning close to speak under my breath. “My..arent you full of surprises.”

He gave me one of those heart stopping smiles and whispered softly as he held my chair for me.

“I’ve yet to truly begin.”

Swallowing a laugh I sipped my water as everyone made small talk. Falling into conversation easily with an older couple at our table, I tried not to glow with the arousal that thrummed beneath my skin. Just as the soup course was cleared away I felt the warmth of his hand slip beneath the slit of my dress. Warm fingers kneading and caressing my thigh, slowly working higher as he laughed and carried on casual conversation. I gripped my fork, eyes shifting toward him, brows lifting, and got only a polite inquiry about my dinner and another wicked smile. His eyes sparkled with enjoyment of the game. I knew I couldn’t let him win that easily…and the challenge was set without a word spoken.

Shifting in my seat I recrossed my legs, capturing his hand between my thighs. Tightening the muscles I squeezed his hand and he arched a brow, head turning toward me in surprise. Smugly I gave him a sensuous smile and sipped my wine. He laughed out loud and nodded; one point in my favor. Pretending some interesting topic he needed to discuss with me quietly, he laid his arm across the back of my chair, fingers playing lazy circles along my bare shoulder. His voice was pitched low and even, and he knew damn well I couldn’t hear a word he said with his warm breath on my neck and his lips so close to my temple. The roar of my blood drown his words out completely as it rushed through my body, causing the tips of my breasts to engorge and strain against the silk, the rhythm echoed in a hungry throb between my legs. Vaguely his words sunk into my lust filled mind, whispered so softly I don’t know if I heard him or if my body just responded automatically to his words.

“Part your legs for me. I want to feel you.”

I felt my legs slide apart as his hand moved up to caress the moist silk of my thong. Swiftly drawing it aside I drew a sharp breath as his fingers plunged into me. Slick and hot, I tightened instinctively and heard his soft moan as he lowered his head and closed his eyes. He looked up at me, a new fire burning in his gaze. No longer a challenge but a need, a hunger that both thrilled me and frightened me. His fingers moved inside me, thumb torturing the throbbing bud of my clit as I shuddered and felt the blood rise to my face. Looking toward the other occupants of our table I saw they were blessedly unaware and lost in their own conversations. Closing my eyes I fought the raw desire that burned through my blood. Each movement of his hand forcing me closer to abandon, knowing I couldn’t do anything to stop it and could not afford to draw attention to it. Feigning concern his head bent close to mine, voice whispering against my ear.

“Cum for me. I want to feel you, and know I brought you there.” “Don’t hold back, just do it, now..cum for me now.”

His words broke my restraint and I felt my body surge and shudder, a soft gasp escaping as my head fell forward, hands braced on the edge of the table. Unable or unwilling to care what the others thought, I slowly became aware of his arm around my shoulders and that I was leaning against him. I heard one of the ladies agree it was dreadfully warm in the room and someone handed me some water. I looked up and he smiled softly at me, holding the glass to my lips as I drank. I didn’t know whether to kiss him or kill him, doing neither as my shaking hands took the crystal goblet from him. Muttering soft thanks and apologies to the others I righted myself in my chair and stole a glance at him. He grinned and I knew I had to revenge myself somehow.

Rejoining the conversation I stayed close to him, his arm around me as though we had been that way all our lives. I waited until he was engrossed in conversation and then caught his eyes. Running my tongue over my lips, I smiled and his words faltered. Knowing I was having the effect I wanted I purposely ate very slowly, eyes locked to his. Soon his face was flushed and he was clearing his throat. When I was sure I had his attention I drew the edge of my glass down my throat letting it trail silivri escort over my cleavage lightly before setting it down. His eyes followed the path of the glass and I excused myself to the others. Turning to whisper to him softly before standing I said huskily against his ear.

“I want you inside me..now.”

He sat upright in his chair and I laid a hand on his shoulder smiling softly as I stood and moved toward the corridor. I thought he would wait and perhaps meet me there but before I could get through the door I felt his hand on the small of my back guiding me from the dinning room gently. No sooner had the door closed but he turned, his body pinning me against them. I smiled slow triumph and he arched a brow. Gripping my wrist he turned and looked around almost desperately. I tried to suppress the laugh but it escaped and he growled tugging me down the hallway toward the first door he saw. I found myself in a large butlers pantry, forced against the wall. His thigh pressed between mine lifted me onto my toes as his hands gripped my wrists pinning them to the wall. I could barely breath and the uncontrolled lust in his eyes was reflected in mine.

He took my mouth roughly. Desire like a demand as his tongue parted my lips. I met his need with my own, heated and urgent as our tongues explored and coaxed the flames higher between us. My hands went to his hair, curling into the dark silken strands. Fingers gripping lightly as I felt him lift me off the floor. His hands moved up over my bare ass, drawing my skirt up around my waist to free my legs. He didn’t take the time to remove the thong, forcing it aside as I felt his fingers bury themselves deep inside me for the second time that night.

Gasping I moaned, head falling back as his mouth moved lower over my throat and down to seize my nipple through the silk. One arm wrapped around the small of my back like steel, the other hand working between my legs till I felt him shudder and moan unable to wait any longer. I reached down between us loosing his pants, drawing him free of them, my fingers encircling his thick shaft as I brought his other hand up to my mouth, suckling my taste from his fingers. His eyes met mine and for a moment I heard his breath catch in his throat. Then he was inside me, no teasing no coaxing, one thrust buried to the hilt. I cried out in pleasure and wrapped my legs around his hips, arching my back to force him deeper. He laid his head in the crook of my neck and drove into me relentlessly, groaning as I tightened around him in response. My hips bucked wildly to meet his thrusts, hands moving down to his neck, aching to touch his skin but we were both too far gone. Like a raging fire it consumed us and I felt him surge inside me. He cupped my face bringing my eyes level with his and whispered gruffly. “Look at me..” I opened my eyes, trying to focus, my whole being alight and ready to flame. He met my eyes, holding my gaze and I saw his smile broaden as he watched me orgasm. I shuddered, tensing with a soft cry and felt him flood into me with a force that took my breath. Clinging and shuddering he held me so tightly I couldn’t breath. The room spiraled as I gave him my weight, still spasming around him tightly.

He set me on the floor supporting me with his body till my legs would hold me upright again. Leaning down he kissed me slowly, lingering as his hands smoothed my dress back into place. Whispering against my temple his words brought me back from the warm tingly place I was dwelling.

“The ladies room is two doors down, take a moment to compose yourself. Ill wait in the hall and escort you back, hmm?”

Nodding I tried to slow my heartbeat and move casually out into the hall. I stepped out and looked around, I suppose afraid we had drawn a crowd. Seeing the hall was empty I stepped down and into the restroom closing the door. I leaned there for a few minutes, closing my eyes. My hands wouldn’t stop trembling. I moved to the vanity and sat down, looking up at the mirror. I saw my face was flushed, my lipstick gone..but it was my eyes that seemed so different. Leaning close I looked deeper and yes, they seemed more alive. Shaking my head softly I finished “composing myself” as he put it and slipped out into the hall, half expecting him to be gone.

He was there. One shoulder leaning against the wall as though he alone held its weight. He smiled at me and murmured “beautiful” taking my arm to lead me back to the table. We made no excuses..and no one asked for any. I suppose it was all explained in our eyes. We chatted through dinner and too soon found it was over. The party moved into the other rooms and he stayed close, getting me a cognac as we stood near the piano. He traced my jawline with his fingertip lightly and laughed leaning close to whisper.

“I don’t know if you will believe me, but…I never do this. Ever. There was something about you. I..I don’t know how to explain it.”

I smiled and shook my head softly. “Neither do I, but I wont apologize for it. I can’t.”

He seemed to like that and nodded softly. I saw that a few others were leaving and looked at my watch. It was pushing midnight and I smiled up at him and said with a bit of regret. “This is where I turn into a pumpkin.”

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