Deidre Comes to Pismo Beach Ch. 02

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Life on the Central Coast of California has been rather interesting these past several weeks. It all began with a visit to a clothing-optional resort. My steady lady, Catherine, and I drove north three hours to experience two days at the Lupin Lodge Resort in the Santa Cruz mountains. One of the guests I met is a lady named Deidre. She and her husband, George have been members for about five years.

I met Deidre in the resort’s pool. She was sitting on the pool steps and whistled when she saw the purple cock ring around my cock and balls. I remember her winking as she splashed water onto her huge saggy tits. I guess that’s why I remember Deidre so fondly. I love big boobs.

George and Deidre are also diehard RV’ers who own a huge fifth-wheel trailer. They enjoy coming to Pismo Beach with their rig. I received a call from Deidre yesterday saying they were in town for three days and staying at the Pismo Coast Village RV Park. The RV park is less than ten minutes from my house.

Since Catherine is down in Southern California visiting her daughter, I decided to visit Deidre and meet her husband George. I was looking forward to seeing her perfectly styled gray hair and large pendulous breasts.

When I arrived at the Village RV park, Deidre was topless, sitting in front of her trailer. She mentioned at Lupin Lodge that she and George try to look for clothing-optional trailer parks. If the park isn’t clothing-optional, Deidre might sit outside topless anyway. She loves the warm sun on her boobs.

Deidre introduced me to George who loves to tinker around the trailer. I was expecting to meet one hulk of a guy since Deidre herself, is five-foot-ten with a 40E bust. It turns out that George is three inches shorter and has a bit of a belly. Deidre told me she has been trying to talk George into wearing a cock ring and since I wear one, maybe I could encourage him to try it. He finally agreed and Deidre wanted to know if we had a local adult store in Pismo so she could buy one. We do; it’s Diamond Adult World and good friend is the assistant manager.

I took Deidre to Diamond Adult World yesterday to look for a cock ring and some lube. While we were shopping, I convinced Deidre to try on one of their corsets for herself. Well, one thing led to another and we found ourselves alone in the back office. I helped her fit into a kelly-green corset and she had me demonstrate the proper way to wear a cock ring. With both of us naked, sexual tension was in the air. We ended up giving each other fabulous orgasms using hands, lips and tongues. It was a delightful way to spend the afternoon.

When I dropped Deidre back at the RV park, we made plans to meet at the clothing-optional section of Avila Beach. I am supposed to look for her pink umbrella somewhere near the big rock outcroppings. It’s 9:45 AM as I drive north on Highway 101 toward Avila. I have my backpack containing water, sunscreen, and a towel. I am wearing a pair of old cargo shorts, my purple cock ring, baseball cap and flip-flops.

By the time I make it Pirate’s Cove at Avila Beach the sun is shining and it’s quite warm. Once I find a parking space, I head out to the sand. It doesn’t take long to spot Deidre and George because the bright pink umbrella stands out from the crowd. I walk by several ladies sunning themselves, most of them with shimmering boobs covered in sunscreen.

By the time I get to Deidre and George my cock is nice and hard. I’m not the only one with a hard cock. George is laying on his back and Deidre is sitting next to him with her hand wrapped around his shaft. I do as double-take as I watch Deidre hold the base of his huge cock. He looks to be at least eight inches with a wide girth. Deidre has her hand full, that’s for sure. She looks my way and waves with her other hand.

“Oh, hey Rob, I’m glad you could make it. Throw your towel next to mine and get rid of those shorts. This is my day for two cocks.”

George raises a hand to acknowledge my presence, otherwise he just lays there enjoying his wife’s attention. I comply with Deidre’s wish and unbuckle my shorts, letting them fall to the sand. My purple cock ring highlights my balls and hard-on. Deidre licks her lips as I place my towel next to hers and sit down.

“Hey Rob, take a look at this.”

She slides her hand up to George’s tip to reveal his green cock ring. He has it wrapped around his shaft and balls just the way I like it. I also notice George is completely shaved. No hair on his shaft or above his cock. I didn’t realize they were so progressive. After showing me her prize, Deidre slides her hand down George’s shaft and begins to jack him off. She slides her hand up to his tip and back down again.

I wouldn’t mind a little action myself, so I scoot closer to Deidre and squeeze her right breast. I run my fingers around her stiff nipple. She smiles and reaches for my cock. In a moment, Deidre has both hands wrapped around two hard cocks. I continue to fondle her boob while she jacks us. George otele gelen escort and I enjoy her hand job for several more minutes before she releases us.

“That’s enough for now, I don’t want you two spurting your spunk all over the towels. Would either of you care to join me in the water?”

I would love to; however, George seems disinterested. He wants to relax under the warm sun. I volunteer as Deidre stands. She reaches down and grabs my hand. I stand with her assistance and we walk down to the shore. The gentle waves roll up the sand and depart leaving an uneven line of wet sand. We stick our toes in the water to test the temperature. It’s pleasant, given this time of year. We continue walking past the gentle breakers and out to where the water is above our waist. If Deidre wants to play with my cock out here, no one will ever know.

“Deidre, do you suppose anyone is out behind those big boulders?”

“There’s only one way to find out.”

We move out to where the water is just below Deidre’s tits and they start to float on the surface. We move around to the left and see a couple engaged in a slow fuck on the far side of a five-foot boulder. We watch the man press his lady up against the rock and lift her left leg with his hand. Standing in two feet of water, he pushes his cock deep into her pussy. He holds her tight against the rock while he slides his shaft in and out.

Deidre moves close to me and grabs my cock under the water. We watch the other couple grind together as she cups my balls and squeezes my nuts.

“I love playing with your cock Rob. I plan to give it plenty of attention back at our trailer.”

Meanwhile, the couple we are spying on, thrust their hips together in a wild frenzy. They are obviously close to coming. With a few more thrusts, he pulls out and grabs his shaft sending several ropes of cum onto her stomach and the triangle of pubic hair covering her mound.

We don’t want to interrupt their sexual tryst, so we turn around and duck under the water with just our heads above the surface. We float away in the opposite direction. Deidre tells me that she and George have made love out behind that same rock in the past. She wonders if they ever had an audience watch them. The thought really makes her horny.

We float around just outside the breakers for a while and then make our way back to dry land. I suggest a walk along the shore to the far side of the beach and back. Along the way, several people pass by walking in the opposite direction. We acknowledge our fellow nudists with a smile or hello. I receive a few smiles from the ladies when they notice my cock ring; a fact not lost on Deidre.

“You know Rob, there are a lot of women, including myself, that like a man who proudly wears a cock ring. I’m glad we talked George into wearing one. I know he’ll get a lot of attention.”

“I’m sure he will, especially with his large cock.”

“So, you noticed. I measure him occasionally just for fun. He’s just over eight inches fully erect and he knows how to use every inch.”

“You must be very happy and satisfied. I also noticed he shaves more than just his balls.”

“Actually, he gets his cock waxed. We have a close friend who owns a salon. George and I see her every three weeks or so when we’re not traveling. He was hesitant at first, but Andrea is very gentle with him and she gives him a hand job after she finishes.”

“Wow, George gets a happy ending every time he gets his cock waxed?”

“Every time. That’s how I manage to keep him nice and smooth. That and my blowjobs. You can tell by the amount of hair on his chest, that he used to have a lot of hair down there.”

“And tell me, do you get the same treatment from Andrea?”

“A lady never tells. Let’s just say, we never go anywhere else for our grooming.”

Deidre and I reach the west end of Pirate’s Cove and turn around to make our way back to George. We pass many of the same people walking in the opposite direction. Walking along the shore is a popular activity. We arrive back to the big pink umbrella and George is sitting up watching the waves. Deirdre and I plop down on our towels.

“Did you two see anything interesting on your adventure?”

Deidre responds, “Oh just the usual. A couple was fucking out behind our favorite rock. Rob got a lot of appreciative stares at his cock ring. I think you and I need to take a walk later, so the ladies can see your new ring.”

“I have to admit, I’m getting used to it. I like the fact that my erection never seems to go away.”

The three of us relax and enjoy the warm sun on our bodies. I lie back and nod off for an hour. When I wake up, I feel a hand wrapped around my cock. Deidre grips my hard shaft with her right hand.

“Rob, you must have had a wild dream, because suddenly your cock sprang to life. You got an instant hard-on. I couldn’t resist stroking you, I love a hard cock in my hand.”

“I wish I could pendik escort remember what I was dreaming. It doesn’t matter, I love the results. I wonder what time it is?”

“It’s getting close to 1:30. George and I were talking about heading back to the RV park for some lunch and other activities. Of course, you are required to join us, I’m not letting this cock get away without a sample or two.”

I can’t refuse Deidre’s offer, especially after yesterday’s exploits at Diamond Adult World. The three of us put our clothes back on and drive back to Pismo Beach. I follow them down the road and park in the guest parking area.

George mentions that he has another trailer repair project to work on and asks for my assistance while Deidre prepares lunch. She works up a nice salad with fruit on the side. She says she wants a light lunch, so we won’t be too full to play around. My cock twitches when she mentions we are going to play around.

After helping George outside, I enter the fifth-wheel. Deidre stands at the sink facing away from me. She’s wearing an apron and nothing else while slicing up strawberries. I have a nice view of her rear end. I am so captivated by her large breasts that I haven’t paid enough attention to her wide derrière. She has strong thighs that lead up to a nice rounded ass. Her ass cheeks slightly droop with several dimples. They are perfect to grab.

I walk behind Deidre and press my semi-rigid shaft into the cleft of her ass cheeks.

“I know it’s you Rob, welcome back to our home away from home. I hope you won’t be wearing those shorts much longer.”

I wrap my right hand around her midriff under the apron and massage her tummy while I whisper in her ear, “I sure enjoyed our shopping yesterday, I hope there is more of the same today.”

I rub her soft ass cheeks and smooth thighs, moving my hands up her pooch of a stomach and massaging the bulge of supple skin. Deidre turns her head halfway and gives me a soft welcoming kiss. We linger for five seconds.

Deidre returns to coring the strawberries. I move my right hand higher and palm the underside of her right boob. I lift her flesh, feeling the massive weight.

“If you insist on feeling my tits, at least give my nipples a little attention.”

I listen to Deidre and move both hands higher and use two fingers to run soft circles around her bright pink areola. I move my fingers back and forth over her soft nipples turning them into a hard nubbins. I lightly pinch and pull her nipples.

“Mmmm, you’ll get your reward later. “

Deidre asks me to open a bottle of wine and directs me to the bottle opener. I remove the cork just as George comes into the coach. He grabs three wine glasses from the cupboard and pours the wine as we toast their visit to Pismo Beach. When lunch is complete, George takes the initiative to clean up, and I volunteer to assist. Deidre is pleased because she wants to freshen up in the bedroom.

George remarks, “I’m happy you agreed to join us this evening. It’s been a while since Deidre has had two cocks to play with.”

We finish washing and drying the dishes just about the time we hear Deidre return. We both look her way. Our jaws drop and our cocks rise. Deidre is gorgeous. She is decked out in her new kelly-green bustier cinched at the waist. Her huge breasts flop over the top with her pink nipples pointing directly at us. The combination of her tan skin, green lingerie and pink nipples is intoxicating. The bustier holds up black stockings that accentuate her pussy to perfection. We see her inner labia glisten with moisture already.

“Like what you see boys? Care to join me? Drop your shorts and follow me.”

She beckons us to the bedroom. Our shorts drop to the floor revealing two hard cocks encased in rings. We follow our stiff shafts as they lead us to her.

Deidre sits back on the king size bed and motions for us to stand in front of her, shoulder to shoulder. She reaches out and grabs our engorged shafts with both hands. She seems pleased to be holding a cock in each hand, one is seven inches the other is eight. Both of us have cock rings around our shaft and balls. George is completely smooth; I have a small patch of hair above my shaft.

Deidre pulls us closer to her lips. She is wearing red lipstick and her lips make a perfect ‘O’ as she closes in on my cock first. I feel her tongue move forward as she sucks me into her mouth. A warm wet feeling surrounds my cock. Deidre bobs her head again and again while she squeezes my balls with a firm grip. After several minutes Deidre moves up and releases my shaft with a pop.

Still holding my cock at the base, she sucks her husband into her mouth with the same force she used on me. Her other hands grabs his ball sack and pulls down drawing a loud groan from George. She attempts to deep throat his eight inches as I watch in amazement. She nearly succeeds in swallowing his entire shaft. Deidre bobs back and forth rus escort a few more times and releases George with a very satisfied grin.

“Ahhh, so tasty. I must admit, two cocks are better than one.”

Deidre continues her rhythm of sucking me and then George and then back to me. Her routine lasts several minutes with verbal oohs and ahs. Our cocks are wet with her saliva dripping everywhere; we don’t mind at all. She holds our cocks close together and tries to stuff both tips into her wide-open mouth. Her tongue swabs around our glans. Deidre rubs our cock heads together, spreading wetness all around both tips. This is a feeling I’ve experienced only once before up at Lupin Lodge. She alternates sucking and tonguing us for several more minutes.

When Deidre is satisfied, she scoots up on the bed, ” Rob, come up here I want to keep sucking your lovely cock. George, honey spread my legs and eat my honey pot. You know what to do.”

We position ourselves on the king mattress. I move up so my hips are next to Deidre’s face. George moves between her legs to administer to her pussy. He licks her slit from bottom to top and sucks her pink flaps between his lips. Deidre sighs with delight and reaches for me.

“Gawd, I love sucking your cock Rob, come a little closer.”

I move my hips forward; Deidre grabs my shaft and swallows most of my thick shaft. Now that she has only me to suck, she steps up her oral assault. I’m sure George’s attention to her pussy is motivating her. Deidre’s fist tightens and she sucks harder. Her head is in constant motion bobbing up and down my shaft. Fingers from her other hand cup my balls and massage my sack. I get lost in the feeling as my cock hardens even more.

Deidre sighs, “So good, so good.”

It feels like she is nearing an orgasm when she requests a change. She releases my cock and looks down at George.

“George, honey, let Rob eat my pussy for a few minutes, he did such a wonderful job yesterday, I just want a little more now.”

I move down to George’s position and Deidre spreads her legs a little wider. I stare into a silky-smooth cunt with juicy inner lips hanging down.

George whispers, “look at those tasty inner lips. She likes it when I spread them and lick each flap. I suck hard on one side and then do the same with the other. This gets her really wet.”

George proceeds to show me how he attacks her pussy, pressing his face between her thighs and pinching her inner labia. He sucks on her pink flesh for several minutes and then I take over while Deidre thrashes her hips around. I spread Deidre’s lips and suck on her meaty cunt, savoring her taste.

George encourages me, “That’s it. Suck those flaps. Bury your face in that sweet pussy.”

I use my tongue to lick up and down and all around causing Deidre’s clit to reveal itself. I suck her hidden treasure between my lips. Her inner labia are engorged; my fingers spread them apart to reveal her pink flesh. I lap up her juices that flow freely from deep inside. Deidre responds to every lick. Her thighs quiver and her legs thrash about. George and I do our best to keep her in the center of the bed. I continue to lick the inner flesh and suck on her large clitoris.

“Keep sucking her Rob. I can tell she is ready to explode.”

Deidre’s hips are in constant motion as she takes long slow breaths. I draw her climax from deep within her being.

“Oh gawd, I’m cumming. Don’t stop, don’t you dare stop.”

I obey her command. My lips surround her clit as she rides through a wild orgasm. I suck harder and then it happens again, just like yesterday when I was fisting her. Deidre squirts a fair amount of her girl cum. Several spasms of juice spray in all directions. I’m covered in her wet, tasty, clear liquid.

Deidre continues to thrash about. George and I hold her legs in place, keeping her centered on the bed while she enjoys a mind blowing orgasm. Deidre revels in a long drawn out climax. Eventually, she settles down. George and I move back and lay side by side with her. She grabs my head and kisses me hard on the lips. She moves all over my face kissing and licking her essence. We are both covered in her juices. Deidre moves over to George and kisses him fiercely, snaking her tongue between his lips over and over.

Her breathing starts to return to normal. George was prepared for his wife’s squirting and uses a towel to wipe up perspiration and cum from his face, my face and Deidre’s entire body. He pampers her as she relaxes, fully spent.

The three of us cuddle in the middle of the bed. George and I massage Deidre’s fleshy tits. We move our hands lower, but her pussy is off limits for the time being. We concentrate on soothing Deidre and allowing her to come back to her senses. I look at George; his cock encased in his green cock ring is hard with pre-cum leaking from the tip. He gently strokes his shaft while rubbing Deidre’s nipples. I look at my own stiff cock and see some of my pre-cum leaking out. I grab my shaft and stroke my length. Deidre notices and takes a lick from each of us. I could sure use some relief and I bet George could too. After fifteen minutes, Deidre is ready to continue.

“It’s time to fill me up. Rob, stay where you are. George get that big cock ready too.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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