Deb Does Anything

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Deb was very cute about 5’5”, maybe 115lbs with brownish blonde hair, green eyes, nice full breasts and a tight little ass. We met online and had one chance meeting at the grocery, we set a date. It didn’t take long at all to find out that we had major chemistry. I picked her up from her apartment, she was dressed in tight jeans with a sexy top that revealed just enough to spark interest… I decided to Deb to a quiet mom and pop Italian restaurant. Great food, however the whole ordeal of eating food quickly became pointless. The wine was flowing, our eyes connecting, the chatter commenced. I cannot tell you if it was three bites or four, but picking at food, that just doesn’t quite satisfy the type of hunger that was brewing between us. The go boxes really couldn’t come quick enough… but little did I know.

Seconds into the parking lot, we near my vehicle and the fireworks ignite. We are all over each other, deep kissing, tongues searching, hands moving all over each other. Seconds turn to minutes, I have Deb push up against my truck going at each other totally oblivious to the world around us. This goes on for some time, when finally we come up for air and notice we have captured the attention of a few onlookers. Laughing we hop into the car and right back at it… deep kissing, my hands searching her body, feeling her firm breast, grabbing her nice ass… I can feel her sucking my tongue as if she was sucking a cock. Excited I begin to move my hand down toward her crotch, wanting to get in her pants so I can finger her… she stops me. Wow, I think, I am so fucking horny it’s crazy. I couldn’t believe she was stopping me. I keep my cool though and try again moving my hand lower… Denied!! WOW, again I am freaking! But little did I know…

She stops kissing me, looks me in the eye and she says “we can’t do that”. I’m blown away, thinking wow, WTF, is this my luck??? I no more get the thought into my mind and she is grabbing at my zipper. Moments later she is flopping my hard, throbbing, 8″ cock from my pants and plunges me down her throat… “Oh fuck”, her mouth is so hot, wet, and inviting. She is so fucking eager, and seems so turned on to have me down her throat. She begins working my meat, stoking it, pounding my cock down her throat, over and over again. I can hardly believe, she is so thirsty, on fire, she appears starving, almost desperate for a drink of cum. Enjoying this intense mouth fuck, I finally realize we are still in the parking lot and still being watched.

I start my truck and somehow navigate my way out of the parking lot with Deb’s sweet mouth latched onto my throbbing cock. She is working my meat hard, deep sucking and pumping her throat up and down. She moves up my cock now and begins licking, teasing, sucking the head, while I try my best to keep my vehicle on the road. Her tongue is so fucking wet and so fucking strong, she is tearing up my aching cock with her tongue, licking, teasing, then slamming me down her throat. So fucking sweet, I can feel her hunger for cock milk, wanting it pouring down her throat. She works my aching cock over and over again, licking, tugging, sucking her lips tightly over the head and then deep down her throat again and again. I’m loving every second of her mouth fuck, finally I can stand no more and I EXPLODE a huge load of cum into her mouth and she gobbles every last drop. I can hardly imagine how turned on she appears by my cum, almost as if she were having an orgasm herself!

I am amazed, I’ve been with a lot of women and this blowjob was top shelf!! But little did I know at the time…

The halkalı bdsm escort blowjob was awesome. I find a nice secluded area to park. We get out of the truck with the remaining bottle of wine from the restaurant in tow. I set the tailgate down, lift her onto the tailgate, then open the bottle, take a drink and hand her the bottle. We chill out under the stars, talking a while and listening to music. It is no time at all and Deb is pounding my cock down her throat again. This time while laying down in the bed of my truck, she gets my pants off and she goes to playing, sweet slurping and sucking, her mouth all over my cock. She moves down licking my balls while stroking my meat with her hand, deep sucking and tongue all over me… it appears she cannot get enough cock and my cock is fucking impressed!! Slurping, sucking, pounding me deep… She is so into this, I can see her wiggling as she sucks me, almost grinding her hips, like she is fucking. She starts stoking my cock with one hand, cupping my balls with the other, lips locked hard to the head of my cock sucking and swirling her tongue. She starts pumping my meat, building her rate of stroke faster and faster, jerking me off while sucking. Her hands are so strong, she has hold of my thick shaft, pumping, stroking me so fucking fast, she is forcing the cum up from my balls by gentle squeezing them while she locks her lips onto my cock. It’s too fucking good… BAM!! I release another load of cum streaming into her mouth. She loves this, it’s easy to see she has a real taste for cum, she eagerly drinks it down.

Before the night was done, she sucked me off a third time! Little did I know…

Honest, no lie… I couldn’t help myself, was I going to see her again, “Hell Yes!!”. I really wanted to pay her back for the great cock sucking, and nail her with a great fuck. Little did I know. The next day, the very next time I saw her she came by my house. Ten minutes later, I am down her throat on my couch. Serving my cock to her mouth over and over again… she is loving it and so fucking thirsty it’s just unbelievable!!

This goes on for at least 2 weeks, she is always over to my house and I’m mouth fucking her constantly. Anytime I want, in the kitchen, on the couch, in my truck, the back porch, in the bathroom… anywhere and anytime, she is so open to my cock and always thirsty, always!!

After 2 solid weeks of mouth fucking Deb again and again and again. Suddenly, one night she is sucking my cock in front of a sparkling fire I’ve built in my living room fireplace, when she decides to let me fuck her. For a second I didn’t know what to do… I can fuck her. Suddenly it clicked, I can fuck her! I wasted no time at all diving into her pussy, like a hunger dog, I began lapping and sucking on her clit. This was the first time I saw Deb completely naked, she had a nice pretty little pussy, with small thin pink lips, she was super wet and nicely trimmed with only a small patch of hair over her clit. I licked her with my tongue and she tasted great, I buried 2 fingers into her pussy and she moaned and met my fingers by pushing against my thrust. I began finger fucking her, while getting a real good taste of her sweet pussy. Then I move and flip over her, straddling her head, I begin fucking her mouth while I’m fingering and licking her from above. She was so hot and dripping wet, so I took my time deep fucking her mouth while I fingering and teasing her clit. After a couple of minutes Deb begins to push her pussy aggressively onto my penetrating fingers, I can fill her pussy halkalı elit escort start to tighten and she begins to orgasm on my tongue and fingers. I throw my fingers deep into her pussy grinding them deep and hard as the waves of her orgasm lets loose.

I can stand it no more! I want to fuck this girl now, I have been mouth fucking her for weeks, I am so ready to destroy that pussy. I move over her in a military style push up position. I thrust my big cock into her wet pussy and begin my push up fucking. Slowly moving my cock deep into her pussy in and out, in a push up motion, fucking her, meat to pussy, no other touching, just my hard cock penetrating her wet pussy as I hover above her, pushing up and down, slowly working that pussy with my cock. I keep slow and deep thrusts at first, building my thrust rate as she moans. Deeper and harder building and building, pushing up and down. I can tell, she is really into it now, moaning and grabbing at my ass. I move, throw her legs over my shoulders pinning them, I start hammering her now. Slamming my cock hard into her pussy, pounding it deep. I can hear a slap against her pussy as I hammer and hammer… faster, harder… She begins thrusting into me, meeting my hammering with her hips. She pushes and grinds as she explodes into another orgasm. She grabs and pulls me into her forcing my cock deep inside.

I let the waves of her orgasm subside, making sure to allow my cock the pleasure of feeling her pulsating pussy as she cum. I tell her to flip onto her knees so I can get her from behind. I throw my cock into her, grabbing her hips and pulling her into my cock. I begin pounding my big cock deep into her dripping wet pussy dogging style. Thrusting, pulling her into my large cock, force feeding her pussy my meat. I take my time enjoying a few minutes of the crackling of the fire and forcing my cock deep into her pussy. Then I reach my left around so I can reach her clit, I start fingering her clit as I fuck her from behind. it only takes a minute or two and she is thrusting her pussy back onto my cock in another violent orgasm. I slam my cock deep, grinding into her allowing her to enjoy the release.

I now push her down, flat onto her belly and I whisper in her ear “can you take me in your ass?”… she tells me she has never done that before. Normally I would ask if she would like to try, but for some reason, that isn’t how I felt at all. I waste no time at all and just took control, thrusting my cock deep into her ass. She gasps a deep breath, maybe wincing as I penetrated her ass. I start slowly moving, slow, short and deep into her tight ass, I hear her moan, she is gripping onto the air mattress with both hands, holding on for all she has. I can see her in the fire light, she appears unsure of what is coming next. I start deep fucking her hard now, increasing my motion. It does take long and I am pounding that ass and I mean hard! The more she grabs, holds and moans the deeper and harder I pound my cock into her ass.

She is learning to take my meat and that I will take, what I want, when I want it!! I’m relentless, I am punishing her ass for never being fucked before. Too, punishment for all the good mouth fucking she did for my cock. Within a minute or two of adjusting and her grip begins to loosen. She is being force feed cock and she is starting to like it. She begins arching her ass back toward my cock getting an angle she enjoys even more. I am pounding her, slapping my belly into her ass as I thrust my cock deep into her. Pounding and pounding, I can tell she halkalı escort is getting into this now, pushing against my cock as I thrust… I again reach a hand under so I can find her clit, I finger her clit and she explodes almost immediately!! Thrusting her ass as hard as she can onto my cock… I meet that by bury my meat deep, deep as I can into her ass.

My cock is aching for relief… I pull out of her ass, move to her and bury my cock down her throat. I explode a load of cum into her wanting swallow. I pour cum down into her throat and then collapse next to her in front of the flickering fire.

The next couple of weeks were awesome, Deb was a very good girl always paying attention to my cock and letting me do absolutely anything I wanted. I taught her to take a nice ass fucking and I was always meat mouth fucking her over and over again. I would spend extra time pounding out her pussy at night. I worked from home a lot and would make her come by when she left work to mouth fuck me. She would then drive home shower, change and come back for more. I would mouth fuck her before dinner and then hammer that pussy and ass as we went to bed! I would show up at her work and have her suck me off in the parking lot, or have her meet me for lunch in the park and throat fuck me. Deb loved cum and it really seemed like a huge turn on for her. She loved cock down her throat and she loved to fuck.

I’d known Deb about a month, when she shows up at my home as usual, she seems a bit different. I sit on the couch, flick on some porn and meat throat fuck her as I often do watching porn and letting her work my meat… enjoying her sweet thirsty sucking, I push her deep onto my cock as I burst my load down her throat. Afterwards she tells me that her sister got a new job and is moving in two weeks, leaving her no place to stay. I figured what the fuck, Deb is fun and awesome for my cock, so I offer that she can stay with me while things get figured out.

Cool… show she brings her things over. I now have access to her throat, mouth fuck, ass and pussy… anytime I want and I use it quite well. It’s hard to describe how nice it is having a cock loving woman like Deb around, but I can tell you it was working out for me. Deb having worked with her sister, also had a job change. She was now contracting work, which required travel. So off she goes for her first assignment. Of course while she stayed with me, I had let Deb use my computer for email and such. We met online and had since agreed not to meet anyone new, we were now dating each other.

I begin perusing my computer. I looked at my browser history and noticed Yahoo mail sessions. At that point I guess it dawned on me that I really like Deb, but I really didn’t know much about her. Suddenly it dawned on me that my cock has said she can stay with us, my other head did no checking at all. I click into her email and it logs me right in. Up until this point I had a real thing for Deb, she was hot and so fucking awesome to be around especially for my cock!! I wasn’t expecting the emails to someone states away and her using the term “I love you”, and this only a couple of days before leaving on her trip. Wow… I was kind of blown away!!

That changed things significantly for me… of course I could confront her and send her away. However, I’m not sure that my cock would be happy about that. I contemplate this over the next few days, thinking about what I should do. Before I was thinking the possibility of relationship, now that seemed completely off the table for me! Here she moved into my place, yet still in love with someone else. I basically came to the conclusion that I would push her away. So when I mean push, I mean,. see just how far I can push her… literally!! I began to think of every kinky, freaky, controlling, sexual situation I could create and I will pull Deb in to see just how far she will go.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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