Craig and Leslie Meet

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It was a cold snowy Friday night, Craig decided to head to the bar to have a few drinks and relax. He sat down at a table near the corner and ordered a few pitchers of beer. For some reason that night he was drinking the beer like it was nothing but water. He got down to his last pitcher and just happened to glance towards the other side of the room. He noticed a striking woman by the name of Leslie sitting at another table glancing over at him. She smiled at him, he smiled back, then she turned away.

Craig couldn’t keep his eyes off her legs. She was wearing a short black miniskirt with a slit on the side that went all the way up to her thighs. Right then and there Craig knew he had to have her. Little did he know Leslie had been eyeballing him all night and felt the same way too. Then all of a sudden Leslie came over and asked Craig if he would like to leave and go to her place, Craig agreed. Leslie and Craig got into her Saturn and were on the way to her house. Craig kept glancing over at her. She would glance back. Many things were running through Leslie’s mind. She was kind of scared but excited, yet she reached over and grabbed Craig’s leg.

He was in total shock. A few minutes later they pull up at her house and decide to go inside out of the freezing cold. As Craig shuts the door behind him and turns around. Leslie just dove at him sucking and kissing his lips. He realized that Leslie wanted this as bad as he did and they journeyed they’re way upstairs. Craig started kissing her passionately on the lips and moving slowly to her neck. This set Leslie off. She was getting really excited at this point. Craig slowly started taking off her shirt and bra. beylikdüzü escort His eyes grew big as he liked what he had just seen. Leslie pushed Craig down on the bed, and climbing on top of him.

As Craig started slowly kissing on her neck he started massaging her nipples between his fingers. Leslie moaned with a passion, placing her hands on top of his massaging her breasts until her nipples were rock hard. Now Craig was getting anxious and decided to put one of her nipples in his mouth. Sucking profusely and licking in circles around her erect nipples…

Leslie is moaning softly in a height of pleasure. She says softly to Craig “it feels so good, please don’t stop” Leslie starts to unbutton Craig’s shirt while he’s working on her nipples. She caresses his chest as she moves down to start on his pants she can feel his nature rising. She pulls Craig’s face away from her chest moves him back up to her lips. Kisses him gently yet very passionate.

Who is this beautiful stranger I am about to make love to? She wondered. She didn’t really care she just wanted him so bad. Never had Leslie had want for someone like this before. She didn’t think Craig had ever felt this way either from the little conversation they did have. Leslie let all her inhibitions go as she ripped off his shirt and started kissing his chest biting his skin and nipples but only playfully. She finishes unbuttoning his pants and takes them down and throws them on to the floor. She feels his hard cock through his boxers she can’t wait to have it in her mouth. She takes his boxers down to his ankles. She licks the tip of it just teasing him.

She beylikdüzü eve gelen escort is hoping he will make more noise because that really turns her on. She keeps licking the top and eventually puts it into her mouth moving down…further…further until she has his whole cock into her mouth. Moving slowly at first then faster and faster. He starts to moan a little. She keeps on going she wants him to let go in her mouth. She is thinking how much fun this is. She starts to play with his balls while sucking his hard cock. He doesn’t last long after that. He cums in her mouth and she is sure to swallow every last bit. She lays back by his side and kisses him on the cheek and sucks on his neck a little and hopes that maybe he will return the favor.

It takes Craig a few minutes to recuperate from what he had just undergone. Never in his imagination would he have thought this could happen to him. Craig rolls to his side and starts to take off Leslie’s miniskirt. While doing that he starts thinking to himself, “damn this girl is a dream come true.” He removes her miniskirt and her panties and feels a tremendous amount of heat coming from her special place. This really excites Craig. He takes his finger and starts massaging her clit in circular motions, occasionally going inside and rubbing some of her juices on the outside.

Leslie is getting really excited now, moaning louder and louder as he works his magic. Leslie gets more excited with each and every stroke. Spreading her legs farther and farther apart. Craig gently kisses her on the lips, moving down to her neck and breasts. teasing them, moving down beylikdüzü masöz escort and down till he reaches her hot spot. By this time Leslie is on fire and about to go any second now. Craig gently takes his tongue and starts massaging her clit. Sucking and teasing her Leslie cant hardly control herself anymore. Screaming and moaning with such a passion. She has never had anyone turn her on the way Craig has done.

Craig moves back up to Leslie’s lips he kisses her she can taste herself on him. she doesn’t care. She whispers to him we aren’t quite finished yet she put her hands on his manhood making sure he was nice and hard she rolls him over gives him one last kiss on the lips before she climbs on top of him. He helps her

slide his cock in her wet and wanting pussy. She moans as he starts pushing inside of her. It takes a while to get it all in since she hasn’t had it in a while. She starts to move up and down slowly she is moaning out loud. Craig is holding on to her thighs while she is riding him. When she is about to cum she stops… She leans down to Craig and says it’s your turn to make me scream me.

He likes the feeling he gets when she says that. She gets off of him lays down on the bed spreads her legs and he gets inside of her. He pumps inside of her faster and faster while she holds on to his arms squeezing hard. He moans and they both cum at the same time. He stays inside of her while he goes limp slowly still moving back and forth.

He gets off of her and they kiss and touch a little more before they fall asleep in each others arms. Craig wakes puts his boxers on and walks into the kitchen to find Leslie making him breakfast they eat…he showers and they exchange phone numbers and she takes him back to the bar where his car is. They smile at each other feeling a little awkward he kisses her not wanting to leave he gets out of the car and goes to hers. As Leslie drive away she wonders will I ever hear from this man again. She hopes so. That was the best sex she had ever had.

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