Couples Massage

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As we drive up through the grounds of the country estate the sun is shining. The grounds look great for a run and as soon as we’ve dropped our bags in our room we get changed into our running gear. We walk down to the foyer ad at the entrance we go our separate ways. As I run up through the forest I see you up ahead, I love watching your bottom in your running trousers. As I catch you I tell you that we’ll have to head back to have a shower before our massage is due.

We get up to the room and as we stretch and have some water we look round at the beautiful room with a four poster bed. It was a good treat to have. You walk into the bathroom and into the shower. As you wash off I feel a bit frisky and climb into the shower as well. I offer to soap you down and you stand washing your hair whilst I soap you, running my hands over your breasts and stomach. I pay special attention to your bottom and playfully run my fingers over your mound. You slap my hand away and tell me I have to wait. I wash up and get out as you finish in the shower.

We head down in our robes, I’ve booked us a couples massage, the two of us and two masseurs. We’re introduced to a man and a woman. The man looks toned and athletic, tall and handsome. The girl is petite with flaming red hair. They take us through to the room. There’s two massage tables placed alongside each other. They ask us to undress to wear we feel comfortable and they step out of the room. We’re both naked under our robes and shrug at each other before climbing onto each bed. We both assume that he will be massaging me and her you. As they ankara escort come in though he moves to your side and places a towel around your middle and she comes to me.

They both start on our backs, we’ve turned our heads to face each other and smile. They work to soothe tight and sore muscles. You notice that the lady massaging me is very pretty, mid-twenties with perfect looking skin. You get some butterflies in your stomach as you fantasise about taking this further. I’ve glanced over at your man and he’s very handsome, just the right amount of stubble and powerful toned arms. I know that you would definitely be interested in him. They work to our lower backs and then begin on our feet working their way up our legs. Normally I’d expect to see you feeling a little sleepy by this point but I notice that you have that look in your eye. As they work up our thighs they apply a little more oil. They ask if we’d be happy to remove the towels and we say yes. They begin to work on our beautiful toned bottoms, making big circles. You know he’s trying to get a glimpse of your most sensitive parts as he does big circles of you bottom. As I lay down I place my cock facing down the table between my legs. It’s getting harder by the second and my masseur has notice. I notice little nod from your masseur which means that they must have agreed something between each other.

My masseur is doing small circles around the base of my bottom wear my hamstrings attach. My masseur brushes accidently against my cock and I know yours is getting closer and closer to touching you. I look over at escort ankara you and you smile. You can feel yourself getting more and more turned on, everything’s tingling in anticipation. My cock is getting very uncomfortable now, rigid against the bad. My masseur pours more oil onto her hands. She continues working my arse as she slides her hands up the length of my cock. I moan involuntarily. She continues to work my length slowly and very deliberately. You glance over and can’t really see what’s happening from your angle but one look at my face tells you all you need to know. I’ve become a little caught up in things and a little groan next to me brings me back from my daze. I notice your masseur has one hand underneath you toying with you, rub persistently. You’ve lifted your bottom up a little to allow him easier access.

My masseur asks me to roll over. As I roll she removes her uniform and is standing in little see-through boy-shorts. She cradles my cock in her hands, cupping my balls with one hand and stroking the length of my shaft with the other. Pre-cum is leaking from the tip. The oil on my cock and its hardness make it seem huge. You breathings becoming shallower as he brings you closer to the edge. As if he can sense what is about to happen he stops. He asks you to roll over and reluctantly you comply. He is down to his boxer shorts and there’s a huge bulge in the front of them. He comes and stands at you side and as he plays with your breasts you free his monstrous cock and give him a blow job. I glance over and enjoy the view. My masseur places the tip of my cock ankara escort bayan to her lips and slides her mouth down over my cock. She scratches and tickles my balls as she gives me head. I run my fingers through her red hair. Your masseur is rigid and holding the back of your head enjoying every second of what I know to be an fantastic blow job. He draws away from you and for the second time you disappointed. He moves down towards your pussy and lowers his head, flicking his tongue over you causing your bottom to rise off the bed in ecstasy. My masseur has moved round to the side of the bed. I toy with her touching her through her knickers before sliding them down. She has a perfect red triangle of hair. I notice that she’s very turned on.

You’re enjoying every second of his attention. He pulls you further down the bed so your bottom is on the edge. He pulls you close as he enters you with his massive cock and you scream in purest pleasure. My masseur has climbed on top of me and placed the tip of my cock at her entrance. She sinks down on top of me taking all of me. She sits up her pert breasts bouncing as she rides me. You don’t want to be out done and tell the masseur to lie on the bed. You straddle him taking his full length and gleefully moaning as you feel him fill you. He reaches up and plays with your breasts as your grind round in circles on his cock, milking him for all his worth. My whole body feels as though it’s on fire and the room fills with four people’s moans of pleasure. My masseur is getting close and she sits onto me grinding against me as she cries out, the first to orgasm. This pushes me over the edge and I come inside her. This spurs you on as your orgasm hits the convulsions inside you grip him and push him over the edge. We collapse exhausted before looking at each other and begin to laugh.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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